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Did Feminism cause the transgender!!!!??? Article By Michael Biggs

I like Michael. What’s not to like? He is delightful. Flamingly homosexual (in the right company), good sense of humor, lively conversationalist. He is a must-have invite to your first dinner party and will probably bring some wine. Anyway, he gave me a shout-out so he must be a genius, am I right? Of course […]


Let it begin. #WAXMYBALLS

New York Times reports on risks of breast binding

Media coverage of the transgender movement overwhelmingly skews to focus on males, even though ‘TRANS WOMEN ARE (purportedly) WOMEN!’ One might imagine that the typical overrepresentation of default male perspective would be reversed in reporting on the Gender Identity movement whose adherents demand social recognition as the other sex, but that isn’t the case. In […]

Blood on his hands!

Piers Morgan reportedly caused untold deaths and suicide of the most vulnerable population on earth: pornsick heterosexual white men. Oh well.

Biology Denialism: It’s Your Civic Duty

“5 Common Misconceptions Of Sex: The body is either male or female Intersex people are not common If you have XY chromosomes you are male Testosterone is a male sex hormone Trans women are biological men” LOL. The Stars: Belgian Model Hanne Gaby Odiele- biologically male with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. CAIS is an inherited […]