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TERF Is A Slur (TRA diss track)- Grace Adetoro

TERF is a Slur right TERF is a Slur right (you see) TERF is a Slur right (i didn’t want to have to do this) TERF is a Slur right (but i feel like) TERF is a Slur right TERF is a Slur right (i’ve been left with no choice) TERF is a TERF is […]

Media Blackout on Dana Rivers “Michfest” Murder Trial

Anyone got anything on the Dana Rivers case? No one is reporting on it. Next hearing 8/28/2019 9:30am Receipt of Doctor’s Report. Insanity defense? No one knows, because no one is reporting on the case. For anyone new to the transgender war against the lesbian community, Dana Rivers aka David Chester Warfield was a California […]

Lesbians lead EuroPride march

Bye Felicia

Finally found time to listen to the BBC HARDTalk interview with Ruth Hunt, the outgoing Chief Executive of Stonewall UK. Hunt, 39, is a Catholic lesbian and Oxford University graduate who was promoted to head Stonewall after the org achieved its goals of legal equality for lesbians and gays. She had previously served under various […]

Manchester Enterprise Academy “Horrified” by prospect of positive lesbian and gay role-models talking to students

UK- Mr. Stephen King, history teacher and (amazingly) head of the Manchester Enterprise Academy’s ‘diversity ambassador team’ commented from an official school twitter account that he was ‘horrified’ by a school guidance packet from parents group Transgender Trend which recommended that secondary schools seek out positive gender-nonconforming lesbian and gay role-models to speak to students. […]

What men who identify as lesbians think homophobia is

Damn. This is great: For men who support women

Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members

A New Zealand Lesbian Rights group has been banned from Wellington Pride activities because the group has no male members. The Pride committee deemed the Lesbian Rights group discriminatory of heterosexual males who might wish to join. Read more about this development here: In related news, Pride London has vowed to “drive out the hate […]