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Google censors Mumsnet Feminism board from search results

Mumsnet users discovered they can no longer locate the feminism board via Google search. The change appears to have taken place on Friday August 16, 2019. Read more here:

Nine months after WordPress censored report, police raid home of predator Jessica Yaniv

In November 2018, censored popular long running lesbian feminist blog GenderTrender, taking the blog offline and preventing transfer of the site to another host. They did so to cover up #MeToo allegations against tech wizard Jonathan (now Jessica) Yaniv and his long history of sexual predation against minor females. WordPress also stealthily entered accounts […]

Morgane Oger provided cover for sexual predator Joanathan Yaniv (because Feminists made him do it)

Canada– In a bizarre new blog post Morgane Oger, Vice President of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, blamed feminists for forcing him to cover-up predatory sexual crimes against minors committed by Jonathan Yaniv, the man who filed sixteen Human Rights Tribunal cases against women who were unwilling to wax his balls. Yaniv began […]

Google launches Gender Emojis

Apparently the emojis will include the international gesture for transgenderism, as demonstrated below by Dr. Kate O’Hanlan during her keynote speech at Gender Odyssey: Google Emoji Boss Jennifer Daniel: “Gender is not a haircut but at emoji size that seems to be a primary signifier to communicate what may be an impossible task as it […]

Another case of Mermaids CEO Sue Green using police to harass critics

Fascinating account by Miranda Yardley, the first transsexual to be prosecuted for “transphobia”

Spoiler: The case was thrown out. This is a fascinating account of Yardley’s legal harassment by Helen Islan, the volunteer marketing director of Mermaids, and the curious involvement of the West Yorkshire police. Read more here:

Top 100 words in profiles blocked by terfblocker

From here: