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Let it begin. #WAXMYBALLS

Police Response to Jonathan Yaniv

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Transwoman in B.C. women’s prison files complaint over requirement that he demonstrates expression consistent with stated belief that he is transgender

A male murder suspect fighting extradition to the US filed a human rights complaint against the women’s prison where he is housed complaining that he was forced to sign a contract agreeing to uphold a transgender persona as a condition of being kept in the female estate. The contract states that he must “demonstrate gender […]

Morgane Oger provided cover for sexual predator Joanathan Yaniv (because Feminists made him do it)

Canada– In a bizarre new blog post Morgane Oger, Vice President of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, blamed feminists for forcing him to cover-up predatory sexual crimes against minors committed by Jonathan Yaniv, the man who filed sixteen Human Rights Tribunal cases against women who were unwilling to wax his balls. Yaniv began […]

Another case of Mermaids CEO Sue Green using police to harass critics

Fascinating account by Miranda Yardley, the first transsexual to be prosecuted for “transphobia”

Spoiler: The case was thrown out. This is a fascinating account of Yardley’s legal harassment by Helen Islan, the volunteer marketing director of Mermaids, and the curious involvement of the West Yorkshire police. Read more here:

Man in schoolgirl outfit attacks and chokes Feminist speaker in Argentina

Read more about the attack here: Trans Activists claim the male -who clearly ran forward to violently assault the speaker! was himself the victim:

Scottish Justice Minister confirms: Male sex-offenders recorded as Female

Scottish Minister of Justice Humza Yousaf, the top official responsible for all legal and criminal justice systems in the country, confirmed in Parliamentary testimony that male criminal suspects have the option to compel the legal system to record their sex as “female” on the basis of “self ID”, which requires no transgender medical history or […]