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Blood on his hands!

Piers Morgan reportedly caused untold deaths and suicide of the most vulnerable population on earth: pornsick heterosexual white men. Oh well.

Julia Beck testimony at Congressional hearings on the Equality Act

Biology Denialism: It’s Your Civic Duty

“5 Common Misconceptions Of Sex: The body is either male or female Intersex people are not common If you have XY chromosomes you are male Testosterone is a male sex hormone Trans women are biological men” LOL. The Stars: Belgian Model Hanne Gaby Odiele- biologically male with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. CAIS is an inherited […]

Google launches Gender Emojis

Apparently the emojis will include the international gesture for transgenderism, as demonstrated below by Dr. Kate O’Hanlan during her keynote speech at Gender Odyssey: Google Emoji Boss Jennifer Daniel: “Gender is not a haircut but at emoji size that seems to be a primary signifier to communicate what may be an impossible task as it […]

Another case of Mermaids CEO Sue Green using police to harass critics

Damn. This is great: For men who support women

Fascinating account by Miranda Yardley, the first transsexual to be prosecuted for “transphobia”

Spoiler: The case was thrown out. This is a fascinating account of Yardley’s legal harassment by Helen Islan, the volunteer marketing director of Mermaids, and the curious involvement of the West Yorkshire police. Read more here:

Debate: Does Trans Activism Negatively Impact Women’s Rights?

Rational Space Network hosted debate between Meghan Murphy and Julie Rei Goldstein held on March 15, 2019 at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

Man in schoolgirl outfit attacks and chokes Feminist speaker in Argentina

Read more about the attack here: Trans Activists claim the male -who clearly ran forward to violently assault the speaker! was himself the victim:

Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members

A New Zealand Lesbian Rights group has been banned from Wellington Pride activities because the group has no male members. The Pride committee deemed the Lesbian Rights group discriminatory of heterosexual males who might wish to join. Read more about this development here: In related news, Pride London has vowed to “drive out the hate […]