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  1. Thanks Blue. I hope to improve. I actually have no idea how to follow it. Several people have subscribed but I have no idea how they did it or what that does for them. Presumably they get emails, which just sounds annoying, but whatever floats yer boat. If I figure it out I’ll let you know.

  2. Hahaha so typical terf behavior.
    Always have to focus on the little barely there
    Negative light on transgender
    Cis should be all tagged with chips. Yes how many of your supposed innocent woman raped thier young male students?
    How many of you dangerous cis woman throw babies in wal mart bathroom garbage cans?
    How many woman have even taken part in sex based infanticide?
    How much longer do we have to deal with thi
    well to bad every is waking up to the fact yoiu terf aim to hold woman in the position your vagina puts you in. Your ideas of sex based diacrimination is making you all look like bigots. Way to fight a war terf . No one will listen to you so post fake stories in the news.
    Tell the governemt in california you had more signatures than needed to only be caught in a scan lllolol. Brilliant.
    Its not going to be long before some upset person is going to hunt you down like the weak woman you are and kill you. And it might even be a cis man. Your so smart
    Terf == fascist

    1. Holy fucking shit Neil,
      I literally just posted a comment about how far trans will go to validate their sexual fetish by comparing it to the effort Robert Hansen put in abducting women and hunting them down to get his jollies.
      You just threatened that we (as ‘weak’ women) would be hunted down and killed.
      You literally made my fucking point.
      Kudos, you sick fuck!

      1. I’m really bummed that I stumbled across this blog this morning, but now I have to say something. Why are you people blogging about your hatred & disgust of trans people? Why are you devoting a whole blog to calling out individuals in the media & turning it into some sort of ridiculous ideal? Don’t you have better ways to focus your energy? I’m a trans woman, I was on hormone therapy for 8 months & have recently quit for health reasons. This was my personal choice. I still identify as a trans woman, albeit a queer one. If I ever decide to identify as a man, I’ll accept that as gender fluidity & identify as a man. These are personal choices, it doesn’t mean I’m a fraud, it doesn’t mean other trans people are any less real. There’s so much intimate reasoning & feeling behind every person’s gender identity & sexuality, you could never possibly know, which is why we must listen when others express themselves. Doubting, skepticizing, & laughing at a person’s expression of identity is disgraceful. Please, do not call trans a fetish!! Let me emphasize: DO NOT CALL TRANS A FETISH. You are erasing the identities of a diverse & marginalized group of people, & that is wrong. I’m not a ferishist– but you are if you stick your nose in other people’s private business!& this added to the weight of a morning that was already a bummer just because when I walk outside, people look at me & treat me like you just said, as someone who is sick & fetishistic. Gender identity & sexuality are two separate things, please take a fucking gender 101 class & stop confusing them together. I hope this helps you be empathetic. For the stray reader, seriously, what are you doing on this phony, hateful blog?????

  3. Dear mr. O’Donell:
    You will almost certainly ignore this message because I am not one of your constituents, and – also damning – I am a woman objecting to the presence of people born male in female bathrooms and locker rooms.
    I saw your speech online and I agree that transgender people need to be protected. But so do girls and women. I know. I was bullied and sexually harassed as a girl. I had bruises on my breasts and butt from classmates who felt entitled to touch and to hurt. The only reason I was not raped at 15 was violent self defense.
    Adults should have protected me. They didn’t. Instead, my male coach entered the girls locker room and watched us in states of undress. He raped two of my teammates and impregnated one who was only 15. My principal backed him.
    Girls and women deserve safe spaces away from our abusers, too. Please don’t take them away from us. Instead, I suggest the creation of family style spaces. For dorms, allow an option for private dorms in mixed gender spaces. But please do not open women to potential abuse by criminals who may lie about their transgender status to gain access to potential victims.

  4. Firstly, from your lack of given name in any of the posts I have read or observed aside from your given username, I suppose I’ll just address this to GenderTrender.
    Good morning, I am Autumn, an eighteen year old woman who lives in Canada. I have been reading and watching your blog for several weeks now, and while I cannot speak for life in the united states, and truly hope never to be able to, I have several comments to make on your blog. To start, I agree an follow with the dictionary definition of Feminism. I love all people in the world. From all walks of life, all religions, all sexual orientations, any aspect that normally sets them apart for other people. I do not believe in hate, that hate can truly solve anything. I have several transgender friends, who have transitioned from both male to female and female to male, and I can honestly sincerely say that not one of them has ever spoken a word about how transitiong for them was part of a huge plot to “destroy what it means to be a woman”, or from the perspective of the FTMs, ” escape misogyny.”. That’s not where being transgender comes from, its a true desire from the heart to be part of something you never were. It’s not a sexual fetish, its not a pick-and-choose life. When they transitioned, they fully accepted that they were taking all the shit that came with the gender they wanted to live within. That means accepting street harassment, the posibility of abusive relationships, the possibility that estrogen may cause life altering problems that can in the long run significantly shorten your life span and even increase your risk for life threatening diseases and conditions. That really doesn’t sound like something someone out to ruin the lives of women would decide to do. Not to mention that a grand total of zero of them are social justice activists, and at most say that they believe in equality for everybody but that is not their passion to fight for it. I don’t see how you can assign a “grand transgender agenda” to all trans people because you see a few people exhibiting anti-feminist traits in America who happen to be trans. Some people are assholes, no matter what their other personal traits are. The obvious next argument is to say that you weren’t necessarily reflecting that all trans people are part of this agenda and just the people you perform extensive and thorough research on. This doesn’t make sense when paired with the context of your language and attitude towards transgender people. You often operate on beratement, insult, and hate. Which in and of itself is not only hypocritical in nature but is counter productive, and also gives the entire feminist movement a bad name for an other wise amazing movement that could really seek to equalise life for all people within our respective nations. All of this really won’t encourage a broad social movement but rather instead, a small corner of people who share the same specific and defined views as you, easily drowned out in the general noise of society. But I digress, I truly do believe that everyone has the right to express their views and have their respective say in politics and government no matter who they are or how few they are. I do not harbour resentment towards you or any of the people who follow you or share your opinions, because that’s not who I am. I believe in spreading happiness and a stable comfortable life for everyone. I want to embrace this movement for what it is, but I do not believe in something that brings harm to anyone. Things do need to change in society. There are many problems faced by both men and women in everyday life. Too many homeless men who aren’t given their second chance to do things right, too many women who work two jobs everyday to feed the child their boyfriend left them with, too many transgender people who are totally excluded from society because no matter where they turn everyone seems to hate them for who they are. These problems can’t be solved by blaming anybody, as members of society we play a role in everything. Our ability to refuse to partake in these things, to protest the high schools who enact insane dress codes, to provide adequate help for single mothers who can’t possibly afford to get by, to open our doors to the millions of homeless men who wander the streets all across north America, is something we all have to help out with. In time comes better education, and better education leads to well rounded people with the ability to understand that being black doesn’t make you a slave, or being a woman doesn’t make you a housewife, or being a man doesn’t mean you have to be strong and emotionless and sit back and watch the world burn while you drink your evening scotch, or that transgender people and gay people aren’t inferior scum that should be spat on from the day they walk into middle school. But in a country where high school education can hardly be called an education, and way too few people pursue further academic pursuits, how can you expect them to be reasonable and open to these things? All in all I think you’re a very intelligent person, GenderTrender. And your passion for fighting for the rights of women will take you far in both your life, and the legacy you leave when you one day are gone. But I can’t whole heatedly embrace your movement when it involves hate towards a group of people, as much as I wouldn’t have been able to embrace anti Semitism in Nazi Germany when Hitler was telling everyone there was a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the working class. I hope for you a wonderful day, and thank you for taking the time to read my long winded Saturday morning rant. I’ll still be following your works, and would love to be given the opportunity to speak with you further. 🙂

    1. This looks like a ‘Not All Men’ post.
      *I love all people in the world* Why don’t you sing a song like a happy domestic handmaden too!
      That will fool all the women, good idea putting that in.
      *I believe in spreading happiness and a stable comfortable life for everyone*
      No, you seem to care more about spreading shit about the men s sexy feelings and this is the butter-up for your nasty homophobia coated in sugar..
      Men’s feelings rather than the women’s safety? This should be a non-issue – women are being hurt by men and you cared about ‘everybody’. Maybe just everyone male.
      *When they transitioned, they fully accepted that they were taking all the shit that came with the gender they wanted to live within.*
      No, out of narcissistic greed, Most never have bottom surgery because they like being men. Most today are basically shemales calling themselves women. Oh, it is not a slur, in porn, these guys market themselves that way, The straight guys are too homophobic to date each other and demand sex from lesbians. Look up cotton ceiling. They are demanding gay women -stop being gay and pair with them.
      *The obvious next argument is to say that you weren’t necessarily reflecting that all trans people are part of this agenda and just the people you perform extensive and thorough research on. This doesn’t make sense when paired with the context of your language and attitude towards transgender people. You often operate on beratement, insult, and hate*
      No one here is a ‘hater’, if anything, you showed up here to gay bash homosexual women exposing the truth, standing up for women’s safety is not ‘hate’, Lesbians not wanting sex with men is ‘Homosexuality’. Being homosexual makes you gay, not a -bigot- most of these guys are straight and autogynophilic, read about it. That is just a sad fact.
      *But I can’t whole heatedly embrace your movement when it involves hate towards a group of people, as much as I wouldn’t have been able to embrace anti Semitism in Nazi Germany when Hitler was telling everyone there was a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the working class*
      So lesbians are like the Nazi for rejecting males as sex partners?
      Are women being nazis because they wont enter a restroom with a man in there, and they don’t want to be alone in there -just in case??
      Who is experimenting on children an sexuality them?? Not the actual lesbians. Men calling themselves lesbians to hide pedophilia doesn’t fly with me.
      You are not a feminist if you put men first, your a faux-man-ist.
      Your entire post sounds like concern trolling
      Sugar coating male violence will not help, the women don’t want men jacking off to them in public places.

  5. Folks please don’t comment over here. I don’t usually see them and they don’t show up in the comment feed so no one else does either. Thank you.

  6. Wtf! Who wrote this garbage? Out of the 350 million people we have here in the US, there is only 700k of us transgender people. We are trying to live in this aggressive, stereotypical driven country of ours that’s mainly uneducated in the trans community. What we are not doing is trying to hurt anyone!
    This is absolute nazi style propaganda.
    You should really take this article down or leave it up for historical evidence of hate and propaganda towards the trans community.

    1. What article? Oh let me guess. You arrived here via an online male campaign to protest feminist blogs and have no actual idea (and don’t care) what you think you are responding to. All Hail the femulating male mindless overlord robot internet drones! lol Go You!

  7. “A former banker has undergone drastic surgery in order to look like a mythical beast….”
    “She says on her website: “I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F (male to female) transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind.”
    She also says she wants to be her “most natural self awareness as a mythical beast.”

  8. Just apologizing if anything from this desk was out of line. It may not seem like it…but yours truly is as mad as hell about this crap as others are. And sick of the dishonesty that has gripped some.

    1. You were autospammed due to the volume of comments. Sometimes it’s tempting to say “I agree” to all the comments or whatever but please keep it to a reasonable number or it’s too much. Thank you.

  9. Hi, Gallus…I was hoping to make a request but didn’t want to derail one of your threads to ask it. How do you feel about open threads or guests posts. I wanted to say something for a while now, but it was never on topic enough for me to broach it in the comments.
    And come next pay day, I will gladly donate!
    Yours, Bisexual stud femme and proud PERF, Joanna

    1. You can submit a guest post as a comment. I will read it and post it at my discretion. No payment is necessary. The tipjar is for people who support the blog.

  10. Hi Gallus. I follow your blog and shared a bit of my experiences with gender activism at my kids’ school in the comments section of a post you did a while back. I don’t expect you to remember as you have better things to do. I finally decided to write about my battle with gender insanity and Youth Trans Critical Professionals let me post it as a guest. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in reblogging it. I really want to encourage parents to keep watch over their children’s schools as the new year begins and I’m looking to share it anywhere I can. Thanks for everything you do.

  11. GallusMag,
    I was wondering if you could help me out. I have a friend who is showing signs of gender dysphoria and I wanna save him from the trans cult and to help him realize he’s just a feminine man. Are there any resources I can lead him go that aren’t conservative or pro-trans ideology?
    Thank you,

          1. ahh ok thank you 🙂 I wanted to send screenshots but cant figure out how to do it as a comment. Anyway, I was just feeling a little stressed after a convo between myself and this trans”women” who went ballistic on me because I said I don’t want males in female spaces. I am FINE with separate trans bathrooms, or another solution that meets the needs of trans people w/o trampling on my rights/womens rights. I was called a “c*nt” “stupid” and told I am the reason transwomen kill themselves, etc. I told them they proved my point with their aggressive comments and left it there. I never have been so viciously attacked online by a stranger before.

          2. Ugh. Sorry some asshole guy did that to you. You can upload the screen caps to an image hosting site and post the .jpeg in comments or you can submit them to one of the Terfisaslur sites. These men are deranged.

  12. GallusMag-
    Check out today’s Washington Post, the “Ask Amy” section. ” A transgender ‘man’s’pregnancy announcement leaves ‘his’ in-laws reeling”

  13. Hello, FYI: The man who wants to be known as Dana Rivers appeared in court on 3/30 and again delayed entering a plea. As per [Twitter], his next court date is April 20
    Oh, and Get on Gab or Minds.

  14. I’m not familiar with Alice Dreger; she spoke very recently at Wellesley in the face of pro-trans protestors. Here’s her account, courtesy of Hacker News, of all places:
    Reading this just further cements my disgust with the whole damfool trans cult, and my disappointment with friends who embrace it.

  15. It was like a dream. There was just an unfortunate event and setback where things did come apart, and there was a complication, I had to come back in for another procedure, but it was just all part of the journey. The good thing though is that it was only cosmetic and external so it wasn’t too dramatic

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