14 thoughts on ““Nineteen lives lost is one too many” – Angelica Ross

  1. For some reason, this did not sit well here, just with the intro alone. As anyone who has followed media reports, let alone the research at this site and others….it is apparent that when it comes down to the lives that ‘matter’, it is the trafficking, entertainment or other ‘underbelly’ of the society sections that do. If heaven forbid, one wants to operate like….oh, regular humans who do not put an elective first on the personal CV, they do not matter.

    If one finds that to be mean, all one needs to do is look at the record. But give it to the brigade, they went to Iowa and pulled more BS over the eyes, of a public that ‘wants to be fair’. Goebbels would proud to see his techniques at work.

  2. Angelica Ross seems a bit tipsy. Ah, well. It’s Emmy week

    Is Sarah Kate Ellis developmentally disabled, or is she just dumbing it down for her audience. Completely pointless appearance by her.

    Interviewer is former Grindr exec., now Advocate Magazine’s editor Zach Stafford.

    First up:
    Marianne Williamson. Marianne redirects the first question into an apologia/excuse for why the self-help guru held seminars telling gay men they could cure themselves of AIDS with positive thinking. Worked the Louise Hays circuit. Quickly degenerates into her cultish gibberish and psychobabble.

    Now a pointless appearance by a man who wants us to know he expects us to refer to him with they/them pronouns when he’s not around, apparently, the local IowaOne representative. Didn’t catch his name and I’m certain it doesn’t matter.

    Next up: Former PA-D congressman Joe Sestack. Military dude. He wants to put male criminals in women’s prisons and force transmen into male prisons. Wants to eliminate women’s homeless shelters.

    Now a straight woman with female pronouns (?!) – reporter at the local newspaper. Oops she forgot to give him an opening statement.

    With: Joe Biden. LOL he’s pissed.

    Biden: “And by the way, in prison: In prison the determination should be that your sexual identity should be defined by what you say it is, not by what in fact the prison says it is. In that case, also, you should be entitled to OGBYN [sic] … [trails off]”
    Hahaha! He’s done. Welcome to another 4 years of Trump. Free O.G. covfefe BYN services for all the men now occupying women’s prisons. Jesus. The idiocy.

    1. Dear Gallus,
      Can anyone hear me?
      Just as yours was on Gendertrender, my voice has been permanently silenced on YouTube for simply saying ~
      Trans “women” are men. Society is not required to participate in these men’s delusions and sexual fetish. Protect and defend the hard fought for rights of women.
      Where can I raise my voice someplace else?
      Cheryl Martin

  3. One hour in, the Advocate dude is back, with Senator Cory Booker.
    Christ, he can ramble on.
    Advocate guy asks Cory if he is going to decriminalize knowingly transmitting the HIV virus to unconsenting partners. Cory sidesteps it. “Need science based sex education”. Rambles on.

    Now the Iowa they/them dude again, with HI-D Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. No idea who she is. Lmao she’s actually discussing real national political issues. lol who invited her. She seems way too sane for this crowd. Oops here comes a ridiculous trans question (do you merely tolerate or truly accept trans people). Sidestepped. Very classy. Presidential.

    Back with Angelica Ross and reality show personality Karamo Brown. Isn’t Angelica an actor? Seems to have trouble with his lines. Pointless exchange.

    Now the straight woman reporter with female pronouns again, with CA-D Senator Kamala Harris. Kamala right off the bat with campaign pledges. All business. Impressive.
    First question: why didn’t she support free sex changes for convicted male criminals? Her client was the DOC so she had to defend their policy.
    2nd question: how will she ensure the judiciary will support the LGBT agenda.
    Refused to defend Prop 8. Will put “good people” into the court.
    Question 3: How to legally enforce opposite sex or non-binary gender markers for trans movement.
    She will appoint people in cabinet positions who support fake gender identities. Equality act, etc.

    Now at 1:40:00, with the Advocate/Grindr guy and Gay candidate South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg .
    Pete: “End the war on trans americans”. He would immediately fire any party member who discusses big hairy men claiming to be women.
    1st question: what is he going to do to stop the ban on gay male blood donation due to HIV risk?
    He would direct the FDA to reevaluate the ban.
    2nd question: Religious exemptions. He will “push back” through the “lens of compassion”.
    3rd question: LGBTQ healthcare. He will fund “health equity zones” to reach out to underrepresented populations.

    They/them dude with candidate MN-D Senator Amy Klobuchar.
    1st question: Free surgeries for transgender people? She would force Medicaid to cover and expand the ACA.
    2nd question: How to stop discrimination in services/wedding cake. She would appoint judges.
    3rd: Hate crime legislation.

    Some guy in the audience starts screaming “protect Trans sex workers” or something.

    Amy would reduce hate crimes by promoting gun control legislation. She is a very entertaining speaker. Really got the crowd worked up too.

    Back with the weird straight lady reporter (she her). and MA-D Senator Elizabeth Warren (she, hers).
    Oh my goodness. Warren kicks off with a solemn read-off of the names of the 18 black male murder victims who identified as transgender.
    1st question: Why did she change her opinion on free sex changes for criminal males?
    Warren- wants free sex changes for all via national medicare expansion.
    2nd question: what does “being moral” mean to you?
    Warren starts talking about the bible. On and on. lord.
    3rd question: October Supreme court case on job discrimination.
    Warren- have to get these rights via congress, not the courts. Also pad the courts with liberals.

    Grindr/Advocate guy with Former HUD secretary Julian Castro.
    Castro stumbles over “LGBTQ”. Will create a national task force to investigate the murders of trans women of color. Equality act. Roll back Trump policies.
    1st question: How would he eliminate church based foster care programs which discriminate against gays.
    He would make them illegal and fund more state run services.
    2nd question: Homeless LGBTQ
    Castro: he put into policy at HUD to eliminate women’s homeless shelters and he would re-instate that ban. Current HUD directer Carson should step down for saying homeless women don’t want to share rooms with “big hairy” male strangers. Honestly I just zoned out after a while, he is so boring.

    Gosh that was long. There will be another even longer (four hoursssss!) LGBTQ Forum with these same people in October.

    1. Lord…..this goes along with that BS that was on the BBC earlier this morning. In re: a ‘pregnant male’ and the fawning over of same by the BBC newscaster.

      If this tells you anything, my cat was just as flummoxed by what was said there, as I was when I clicked on that video link. And 4 hours more of this???????Shit, I would rather be stuck on the runway at LGA, on a shuttle flight from NY to DC , in a delay, for that amount of time, than sit through the inordinate amount of nonsense, being spewed by the brigade and fiends, I mean friends.

      1. They go behind the trans cult, we will lose the Presidency if not the House….instead they should focus on the Trump cult, and positive measures for healthcare, jobs, environment and global warming Russian and China hacking, Trade, and yes a basic jobs bill for Lesbians and Gays.

        I am SICK of them constantly advocating for trans at Female and Lesbian expense !!

        Shows they truly are in the pockets of big Pharma and Medical Industry!!

  4. Oh for fuck’s sake. The Democrats are so damned tone deaf. Performative wholeness loses elections. People are both confused by and sick of this crap mainly because it makes no damn sense. Elizabeth Warren is a very smart woman but it’s disheartening that she read those names that way. Even a cursory google search easily demonstrates that those men were not killed ‘for being trans.’ Most were either intimate partner violence, drugs and/or prostitution. In other words a weekend in any major city i this country. I know she knows this and hate that she’s doing this.

    1. Black American men who identify as transgender are at less risk of murder (even under dangerous conditions such as prostitution) than black American men in general. I often wonder if the emotional response to the invented epidemic is a form of sublimation of the actual epidemic of violence towards black males who are not trans, in the vein of the historic white tendency to prefer black males who are somehow disempowered, either through impaired physical development or feminization. It was interesting how little the audience approved of Booker’s plan for a national task force to investigate the issue. He seemed surprised. Paused for applause and got none.

      1. I agree. Anyone who has paid the slightest attention knows that the real ‘epidemic’ in murder is women of all races—especially black and black men. They don’t want a task force to investigate the issue because they know there is NO ISSUE. Eighteen dead black men in nine months? Nationwide? That’s a month in just a few big cities and everyone knows it. The cynicism is breathtaking.

    2. Abbie…..you are correct. If one were to look at some of the sites that list criminal records/pending proceedings…one will see that the nature, of the majority of the incidents, were rooted in a robbery, a bad drug deal, shoplifting, creating an unsafe condition on the street or a business, etc.

      There is another item: ask any cop, be he or she patrol-person or vice, they will tell you….off the record…more often than not….if a POC trans person is busted on the street, outright…it has to do with a prostitution charge. Trafficking. One of those areas that the brigade insists, many are ‘forced’ into. I put that in quotes, due to the fact that there is a twisted social reward involved, in the community…if one does this. A twisted badge of honor, if you will….for selling one’s self, because honest work will not get one a new outfit, HRT, elective body parts etc.

      [As things have it, that is also the same rationale, of the pimps and traffickers who ’employ’ these folks. Like what is said on the HBO documentaries about those maggots, which are sometimes used as filler, past 10PM-1AM]

  5. Dead black trans is a gift to the ‘movement’. Instead of looking at trans as part of a larger community that’s mired in poverty and violence they focus on dead trans. Better yet they can blame their murders on the ‘rampant homophobia in the black community’ as opposed to a systemic economic system designed for the express purpose of keeping black people out—white supremacy.

    Then they can use those crime numbers as a human shield to garner sympathy while hiding the fact that most trans are white and middle class.

    1. And as if to add more BS fuel to the fire, ABC on ‘Nightline’ last night parroted the same lines, with an entire program dedicated to the issue [it’s up on Hulu now, if anyone wants to watch and lose their dinner].

      What is really telling is that, in addition to this being a ‘gift’ to the community, as you pointed out Abbie, it also shows that among the brigade and their media toadies….that the only persons of color who truly do matter to them are either entertainers or felons. Anyone who is offended by that, too bad…..those are the facts of the case.

      It’s a shame that even what was at one time, a well respected news division, has become one of the house organs for the brigade. They make the case for some to turn in their licenses and go as broadcast indies.

    2. “Instead of looking at trans as part of a larger community that’s mired in poverty and violence they focus on dead trans.” Great point, I never really put much thought into this, but their go-to for any losing argument is always the body count. Even if “cis” women are murdered far more often, male pattern violence isn’t the problem. Instead it’s people who want to deny them women’s spaces. White middle class using black struggles for their own gain once again.

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