8 thoughts on “Google censors Mumsnet Feminism board from search results

    1. Duckduckgo is blacklisting kiwifarms since a few days. You know what will be blacklisted next..

      1. Agree. Google Apps has banned feminist website (Twitter alternative) Spinster. No longer accessible. Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, AOL has banned Kiwi Farms. No longer accessible. All in the last week.

  1. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I saw one article that indicated or suggested that Duck Duck Go actually uses the algorithm backbone from Yahoo or similar site, which is a big part of why there were problems. Supposedly a search that included the site name would still point to an appropriate thread. I cannot say for certain since I don’t use DDG (and don’t use AOHell). However, that COULD be something that others find useful…

    The censorship that goes on is absolutely appalling though. I am now at four months on my lock-out on Twitter because I dared to appeal a tweet that clearly did not violate the terms of service. I am tempted to delete it and quickly repost the screen-shot…the real irony was that the tweet in question pointed out the lack of due process in the removal of content and silencing of users who challenge the asshats like Jonathan Yaniv.

  2. 1. Searx is a way to get around Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo and the rest of them.

    2. This reminds me–some people apparently always use Google to go to websites, instead of simply typing “mumsnet.com” directly, but they don’t have to do that! If you could remind people of that, that would be great.

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