Dana Rivers. (David Warfield). 20/20 interview ABC network, before the murders

Anyone got anything on the Dana Rivers case? No one is reporting on it. Next hearing 8/28/2019 9:30am Receipt of Doctor’s Report.

Insanity defense?

No one knows, because no one is reporting on the case.

David Warfield, anti-lesbian warrior, on the river before he called himself Dana Rivers.

For anyone new to the transgender war against the lesbian community, Dana Rivers aka David Chester Warfield was a California teacher who “transitioned” on the job and was let go due to allegations of locking his students into a classroom and forcing them to listen to him explain his personal life. He received national news coverage after challenging his employer for discrimination. The case was settled. Rivers was quite taken with the idea of fame and had many highfalutin plans to parlay himself into a media career, none of which came to fruition.

Dana Rivers peekaboo bra Personal Website

Rivers was an organizer and participant in “Camp Trans”, the largest organized protest in transgender history. Camp trans was a campaign against the rights of lesbians to hold an annual women-only music festival called “Michfest” on private land. Dana Rivers and other Camp Trans protesters occupied the space outside the rural lesbian-owned property and traveled cross-country to harass lesbians whom, they believed, discriminated against men by excluding males from a private lesbian event on private land. Dana Rivers and fellow members of the Camp Trans encampment dedicated themselves to preventing lesbians from holding private women-only events on private property. 

Pornography “helped” David understand that he was a lesbian woman.

Major activist organizations HRC (Human Rights Campaign), NCLR (National Center for Lesbian Rights) and the National LGBTQ Task Force, among others, supported the campaign against private lesbian music festivals, declaring them offensive to men, who were excluded. In 2016 these organizations all supported a total boycott, sponsored by Equality Michigan, against any female artist that had ever, or may in future, perform at any woman-only or lesbian event. In a shocking twist, the Indigo Girls, who had headlined the event several times turned on their fan base and supported the blacklist against lesbian performers. This resulted in the end of their own careers. 

“Lady Dana Rivers”- David reinvents himself at various medieval LARP festivals.

After 40 years Michfest buckled under the pressure of the boycott and ceased to exist in 2016. 

A few months later, in November 2016, David Warfield/Dana Rivers went on to brutally batter, then stab, shoot, and burn two women who were long time Michfest attendees and their adopted son. David/Dana was charged with stabbing, shooting, and beating Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Benny, and then burning them. He has been housed in the Santa Rita Jail- allegedly in the women’s sector- ever since. 

David Warfield/Dana Rivers Mug Shot 2016, in hospital gown after victim’s blood removed

There has been a media blackout on River’s trial.