Media Blackout on Dana Rivers “Michfest” Murder Trial

Dana Rivers. (David Warfield). 20/20 interview ABC network, before the murders

Anyone got anything on the Dana Rivers case? No one is reporting on it. Next hearing 8/28/2019 9:30am Receipt of Doctor’s Report.

Insanity defense?

No one knows, because no one is reporting on the case.

David Warfield, anti-lesbian warrior, on the river before he called himself Dana Rivers.

For anyone new to the transgender war against the lesbian community, Dana Rivers aka David Chester Warfield was a California teacher who “transitioned” on the job and was let go due to allegations of locking his students into a classroom and forcing them to listen to him explain his personal life. He received national news coverage after challenging his employer for discrimination. The case was settled. Rivers was quite taken with the idea of fame and had many highfalutin plans to parlay himself into a media career, none of which came to fruition.

Dana Rivers peekaboo bra Personal Website

Rivers was an organizer and participant in “Camp Trans”, the largest organized protest in transgender history. Camp trans was a campaign against the rights of lesbians to hold an annual women-only music festival called “Michfest” on private land. Dana Rivers and other Camp Trans protesters occupied the space outside the rural lesbian-owned property and traveled cross-country to harass lesbians whom, they believed, discriminated against men by excluding males from a private lesbian event on private land. Dana Rivers and fellow members of the Camp Trans encampment dedicated themselves to preventing lesbians from holding private women-only events on private property. 

Pornography “helped” David understand that he was a lesbian woman.

Major activist organizations HRC (Human Rights Campaign), NCLR (National Center for Lesbian Rights) and the National LGBTQ Task Force, among others, supported the campaign against private lesbian music festivals, declaring them offensive to men, who were excluded. In 2016 these organizations all supported a total boycott, sponsored by Equality Michigan, against any female artist that had ever, or may in future, perform at any woman-only or lesbian event. In a shocking twist, the Indigo Girls, who had headlined the event several times turned on their fan base and supported the blacklist against lesbian performers. This resulted in the end of their own careers. 

“Lady Dana Rivers”- David reinvents himself at various medieval LARP festivals.

After 40 years Michfest buckled under the pressure of the boycott and ceased to exist in 2016. 

A few months later, in November 2016, David Warfield/Dana Rivers went on to brutally batter, then stab, shoot, and burn two women who were long time Michfest attendees and their adopted son. David/Dana was charged with stabbing, shooting, and beating Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Benny, and then burning them. He has been housed in the Santa Rita Jail- allegedly in the women’s sector- ever since. 

David Warfield/Dana Rivers Mug Shot 2016, in hospital gown after victim’s blood removed

There has been a media blackout on River’s trial.

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  1. I wish I knew.

    I’ve been watching the court calendar via the Alameda County Court website – dozens of “disposition and settings”, and a jury trial that was supposed to start 3/25 that kept getting pushed back, and is now totally absent.

    This is the second “receipt of doctor’s report” – the first was 7/18. No idea if the doctor’s report is for a “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” defense- which would mean a trial is imminent, or “Incompetence to Stand Trial”, which would keep pushing the trial back.

    The only thing I know in regards to motive is based in discussion from various friends and family of the victims on social media – all things an actual journalist could explore, but as you said Gallus, the media is silent.

    All I know

  2. So basically we need someone in the area to go in, take notes, and do citizen journalism like goingwithelsie did for Yaniv v. various waxing salons in Vancouver. Wish I could help but I am nowhere near there and can’t afford to make the trip.

    1. Hello I’m bergie a friend of mine just informed me of the Dana rivers incident around 1994 (ballpark) Dana was my roommate I’ve been trying to get more information on her situation. And I read your post can you give me any hints how I can do a citizen journolizem so I can try to find out what happened .what she is acussed of doing is really messed up and awful .But all I know she is alone and scared.

  3. Have not heard one darn thing on this coast about the case, but here in PDX, we have a living reminder of how that case was bungled.

    Our police chief, was one of the senior [as in senior management] officers in Oakland, who did handle this situation. Knowing how incredibly stupid our city government is, something says they did not vet this person properly, to include this. Or given that this region is laced with quite a few Duper’s Delight Dolls…it may have been thought, that having this person running the cops, would help keep them safe, while others have to fend for themselves.

    1. It would be *very* hard to bungle this case. Warfield/Rivers was caught on police body cam leaving the scene, covered in blood, holding a gas canister, with ammunition, a knife and brass knuckles on his person. He started immediately making spontaneous statements about the murder in front of multiple witnesses.

      1. Agreed….but apparently, that our current chief and others in the OPD managed to really not do the right thing [as in treat this punk, like they would a POC, if it had been a gangbanger who committed the same deed], can give rise to saying that this was bungled.

        Sadly, one can have all the evidence in the world…all the body cams, all the ravings of a complete homicidal lunatic, at hand….at the scene of the crime….and still have the issue fouled up. Or in this case, kept quiet, silenced and made to ‘go slowly away’ , due to interests, who do not want this to taint things otherwise. As in the brigade, saying [SIC] ‘these things do not happen, we are the ones who are being oppressed’, etc.

          1. And it didn’t end because we buckled under the pressure. It ended because 40 years is a long time. It was a natural ending. Very sad to read such a statement.

  4. It is disingenuous to call it a media blackout. The reality is that trial work has a LOT of docket settings where a defendant may not even be present in the courtroom as the next reset is announced. This becomes even MORE common when dealing with a case where the death penalty may be an issue on the table for the prosecution.

    However, the other variable is that, even with a ‘high profile’ case, media interest wanes after the initial perp walk. We have seen the same thing here in Texas with the re-trial of the David Temple case. There were very few stories, even on the local news, about the day-to-day proceedings. There was reporting of the new wife filing for divorce, reporting of the verdict and reporting of the mistrial on punishment. But in the period between the order for a new trial and the commencement of the new proceedings, there was very little that occurred, even with a defendant that was walking in and out of court on a bond status.

    I don’t engage in work in Commiefornia, but there are similarities between the practice in all of the States. What we are seeing in this case simply is not unusual. Sadly, the best way to get information would be for someone local to the area to actually go and sit in the courtroom, where they would also be learning just how boring criminal docket calls can be…

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely different in Texass. As the women keeping tabs on this will tell you, there’s no death penalty in California.

      1. I was under the impression that they still had the DP on the books but just were not using it even when a jury had imposed it as the sentence. One could only hope that the moratorium gets lifted if the voters out there ever put someone in the Governor’s seat that has a lick of common sense. We at least still have it on the books and have no compunction about using it for butchers like Warfield/Rivers…and we DO still use it in my State with some manner of regularity.

        That notwithstanding, it comes back to the simple reality that very few lay people understand how slowly a trial moves from arrest to disposition where the defendant is challenging the matter. Television does a tremendous disservice in educating the masses in this regard.

        If the death penalty was not in play, then you wouldn’t see near as much of the mental health mitigation crap going on. It would likely have been a guilty plea with mitigation hearing to follow. However, I don’t see a jury, even out there, being willing to sentence to anything less than life had there been a simple mitigation hearing.

  5. Thanks everyone. I guess I’ll leave this post up for people to post updates if they see/hear anything.

  6. Gallus, excellent work as usual…

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA and the State of California (Democratic Party) is burying a hate crime and making a mockery out of California’s own hate crime laws as well as the Matthew Shepherd Act. Politics is the ONLY reason this wasn’t investigated as a hate crime. Trans/queer control the LGBTQIA, and the LGBTQIA is deeply entrenched in the Democratic Party. Democrats control Sacramento. I’m no Trump supporter, and I never voted for a Republican in my life. I supported Democrats for 20 plus years, but they are burying a hate crime. Rivers (David Warfield) is a straight dude that hated lesbians anyway from his time at Camp Trans. Some sources say that Rivers tried to sexually proposition one of the women. Rivers is not a gay man. He is a straight man who couldn’t stand the fact that lesbians didn’t want anything to do with him. This is what drove him over the edge. Hell, we have a straight man with a history of protesting lesbian run events, and he ends up brutally stabbing and shooting a lesbian couple and their son. The brutality of these gruesome triple homicide screams hate crime.

    *A couple of months after I heard about the triple homicide, I called the hate crimes division of Alameda County. I told them all about Rivers being a straight man who was protesting outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. It’s no secret that Lisa Vogel, the woman who owns the land, is a lesbian. It’s no secret that a lot of lesbians attended MichFest. Trans activists harassed MichFest for years, and have been threatening lesbians for years. At any rate, he talked to me, but nothing was done.

    *I took a shi* load of information to my state assembly person, but they didn’t do anything.

    *California Attorney General Becerra was too busy banning state travel to states like North Carolina because they are “transphobic” to notice that a lesbian family was slaughtered in his own state. Not one word from him.

    *Not one word from a Democrat anywhere including Democrat state assembly person in the district where the triple homicide took place (Barbara Lee). Barbara Lee did vote for the trans approved “Equality Act”, but didn’t notice a lesbian family being slaughtered in her own district.

    It’s the Democratic Party. Democrats run Sacramento. Democrats do whatever the trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA tell them to do. Hell, if someone slaughtered three transwomen one right after another, shooting and repeatedly stabbing them in their own house in the middle of the night, we would never hear the end of it. Every LGBTQIA organization in the US would be up in arms, and Democrats in Sacramento would be screaming to high heaven, “Hate Crime! Hate Crime!” Dead lesbians are only useful to the Democratic Party if their dead bodies can be used to further the LGBTQIA agenda, and we all know trans and queer control the LGBTQIA. Again, I’m not Republican. I didn’t vote for Trump. It’s all politics.

    By the way, excellent job, but you forgot to mention David’s “age play” fetish books he writes. It’s like soft core porn for pedophiles. I wonder if he is still writing his creepy books. There are actual incest scenes in some of this sick material. This sick man used to be a teacher, and he writes this pedo trash.

    Unfortunately, California (Democrats) stopped executing cold blooded murderers. Now, these cold blooded killers can whine about their “gender identity” and get state funded hormones, lace panties, whatever, and they can be sent to a women’s prison where they can have a whole captive group of women to terrorize. Heck, if David was charged with killing a dozen women, the only thing LGBTQIA and Democrats would be whining about was pronouns and what women’s prison to send him to. Look at Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch who tortured women with electrical wires before raping them. They sent that bastard to a women’s prison. David’s “doctors report” could be about hormones and “gender dysphoria”, or some B.S.

    1. All of this suggests that the big, well-funded institutional LGBTQ advocacy organizations don’t even believe their own narratives about trans identified men. If they did, wouldn’t this be framed as the tragic unravelling of a heroic figure? Dana faced down the flannel clad forces of transphobia and triumphed, right? Wasn’t it a great victory for LGBTQ people everywhere when *finally* that horrible oppressive hateful Michfest was brought low? So shouldn’t the mainstream LGBTQ organizations and press be lamenting this sad tale of a good transwoman gone wrong? Maybe even explain how she was driven over the edge by the continuing transphobia of society, no matter how hard she struggled and how many good fights she fought? That’s what they would say if they believed their own bs. The problem is, even they can’t tell this story without hearing it for what it is: a man fixated on harrassing women and lesbians in particular ended up brutally murdering lesbian women and their son. There’s no way to spin that as anything other than a violent, entitled man following a classic trajectory. So they won’t speak of it at all.

  7. A minor correction: I believe the call for a Michfest boycott was in 2014. The last Michfest was in 2015.

  8. I live in the area. I will plan to attend. They keep postponing everything so it is hard to arrange time off to go when that keeps happening. That said,

    1. I have scoured the internet for news on Dana Rivers. Thank you a million bazillion for offering to witness for all of us.

    2. Sam Jam Cisco: if you incur travel expenses (gas, parking, public transit, meals, etc.) maybe you can keep a list of what you spent and some of us can throw in a few bucks to help out? If you can do this, please keep us posted.

      1. Thanks! That’s a very kind offer. Probably not necessary, my only issue is the constantly moving court dates and having a day job so I have to have a reason for repeated time-off requests.
        ~I shall keep you all posted. ~
        Meanwhile, check out, a new platform like twatter, that doesn’t ban feminists. It’s not women-only, mind you, but mostly women and no abuse against women will be tolerated. Check out the FAQs etc.

    3. I’m in Oakland and perhaps could go. I would like to and it sure would be good to have numbers of us. Hard to imagine though when every time I bring this up here, most had no idea but then just look uncomfortable. I can be reached by leaving information as a message for this article at my blog (which would not be posted) and then we could exchange information:
      “Transgender” Simplified by Bev Jo

      1. Unfortunately I CANNOT GO to the Aug. 28th hearing.

        I hope Bev-Jo or some other women I have asked can make it. If I hear back, and/or they go, I will update this space.

  9. Thank you SO much for posting about this. I’m in Oakland and nothing on the news of course. I hate that he’s in a women’s prison. And yes, no more death penalty. Last week a man who has a 400 year sentence for raping and torturing at least 25 women will be up for parole because of his age. So they always can get out, which is why I am for the death penalty when there is no doubt about who did the crime.

    The media censorship here is horrific. We can’t get our government reps to respond. And meanwhile, our Dyke March is now run by men as are most of our last organizations. And if we write in defense of Lesbian or female only space we’re barraged about what about the poor TiMs, even though that is male on male violence.

    I so want justice for those murdered by this man, who you warned us about years ago. A triple hate crime if committed by another kind of white man would have meant candlelight marches in Oakland.

  10. Hey! Long time reader, first time on the new blog. So grateful for this reporting and this space. Tangentially related to everything you do here – the Capitol One hacker who exposed 100 MILLION account holders information – kept hearing she, her, woman, blah blah blah; but it sounded so Chloe Jennings White. I had to do an image search for “miss hacker thang” Paige Thompson.

    1. It’s worse than that. The creep had the records of 30 different firms on servers at it’s home [I cannot bring myself to use any other pronouns because, well I prefer to treat this punk, like any other punk] See link below:

      Adding further insult to injury, there has been a practical blackout on other details [barring what was dug up by Fox and The Heavy sites], in re: to the creep being a brigade member…and suffering from mental illness. If this, as well as other cases, does not illustrate, there is a rather strong criminally insane strain, as well as insanity of other and sundry sorts among the brigade [with very few being rational…as in rational enough NOT to be on AD’s/SSRI’s, as well as have a grip on reality ] then I do not know what will.

      1. Reading this piece, almost caused me to lose breakfast. Be that as it may…..I will bet the future PSL fee for if and when Seattle gets another NBA team, that this cretin, if released to a halfway house, will leave the country.

        If this creep can figure out how to run backdoor entries, into ‘secure’ data storage systems, figuring out how to get out of the country, without leaving a trace, would be a piece of cake.

      2. The mess in that one shows their chickens coming home to roost… “They cited the other suicides and suicide attempts in federal pretrial detention — including the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein — as evidence that such facilities are ill-equipped to support defendants suffering from serious mental health issues. And, they said, a psychiatric evaluation of Thompson performed by Dr. Matt Goldenberg noted that feminizing hormones had created permanent changes in Thompson, including breast growth, that could put her at higher risk of abuse.”

        So…to be certain, even the attorneys representing him concede it is mental illness. And, the attorneys ALSO demonstrate the attention-whoring special treatment demands, given that the basis of perceived future ‘abuse’ stems from their own actions.

        I need to go look at the filings on PACER though, as I suspect the attorneys did not look for a history under his former name. I don’t know if there is history, but with the roomie claiming he was always saying ‘outlandish’ things and being a drama queen attention whore, I suspect there are other arrests. “The defense lawyers noted that Thompson had never before been arrested nor assaulted anyone, and they submitted a statement from one of her housemates, Diane Eakes, saying that while Thompson tries to get attention by saying outlandish things, she would never hurt anyone.”

        Clearly, though, the attorneys and local police don’t know the professional victimhood scamming done by the likes of their client, as evidenced by the assertions that seem to be what they presented to the Court: “Hamoudi and Sanders said there is no evidence Thompson might flee, and that in fact she has always cooperated when contacted by law enforcement before. Following the threat to the social media company, a Seattle police officer wrote in a report, “I am familiar with Paige Thompson and my unit has a response plan for her,” and found she had no means or money to travel to California.” -As if some computer geek was incapable of making a quick buck via one of the funding pages.

  11. Thank you for keeping us updated.
    I live a couple of hours away.
    If someone wouldn’t mind posting when trial events are happening (I know I won’t keep track well), I’d like to attend some of them.
    There used to be a local organization of women, The Purple Berets, who attended trials of men who’d been violent to women, wearing their purple berets on solidarity, to show support for the victims or survivors, to the judge and jury. These things Nell, for them to see there are people who believe and value female victims. I think this will be especially true in this case, given all the tears-for-trans that will be on display.
    So I suggest we wear purple berets, or some other hats the jury can easily see.

    1. Michfest ended August 2015, I was at the final one. This murder occurred a year and a quarter later. As an ex Oaklander having lived in the Oakland area for 30 years, I take this personal. Also as a 3x Michfestie and longterm out Dyke for almost 40 years

      Our WBW space is Sacred and if this individual gets off, it will set a bad precedent for any violence against Lesbians by Trans MTF’S. English or European studies have shown they have the same level of criminality as ANY OTHER MALE.
      Lesbians are already being villified by all the “TERF” talk on and off line, and 12 Lesbians were harassed and attacked at San Francisco Dyke March in June 2018.

      The Gay press has largely been silent about this crime, and crimes against Lesbians in general. Only hate crimes against Gay Men or MTF’S seem to garner any serious attention.

      We NEED our OWN Lesbian Movements again for just these reasons.

      I hope Dana Rivers gets sent up the river just like Charles Manson and is NEVER released!!

  12. A few facts. The Michigan Equality Boycott was in 2014. MichFest closed the doors after the 2015 festival.

    The Married Lesbian couple was an interracial couple. This is only being said because Dana Rivers became fixated on the African American partner. They had adopted 2 African young boys; Bennie was 19 years old when he was gunned down.

    The couple met Dana in their MC that was sort of like a “Dykes on Bikes.” From the moment he met them he became sexually fixated with the Black member of the couple. She was sexual harassed for about a year.
    The group does a yearly fundraiser. This time the Black lesbian was not having it. She was very public and finally told Dana to leave her alone.

    Within about two weeks of the confrontation, Dana showed up Friday at 8 am. Knocked on the door and Bennie answered. He shot Bennie several times. He made it to 10 feet out the door before he bled out. Then Dana forced the 2 women into the attached garage and shot each one multiple times. Then went into the house and got a knife with a 10 inch blade. Went back into the garage and stabbed them multiple times as a picqueristic Male Dominance Display. Had bottom surgery over 28 years ago. Then he tried to burn them, but with that much blood present made it hard.
    He tried to leave on one of the MC but the police were right there. He was covered with so much blood it looked like he had fallen into a pool.

    Dana kept repeating the same same thing: ” My Property” this was how they botched from the beginning. They took the word of someone who was in Shock.

    But White dudes haven’t own Black women in more than a 150 years. This occurred in November around ~ the 10th whenever that Friday was in San Jose.

    She could have allocuted in March 2018, that would have taken the Death Penalty off the table. Instead she fired her lawyers. And to days later lawyers with death penalty experience came on board. They asked the court for a 2 year delay to get familiarized with the Case.

    Now the case will be tried sometimes in 2020. I’m sure they will use a legal term for mental illness.

    Can’t stand these TRFKRS. Take responsibility for what you did and serve your life sentence.

    1. If Official Wokedom cared about racism and sexism and homophobia in the way they pretend to, this would be national news.

    2. Please don’t refer to Dana Rivers (David Warfield) as “she”. Dana Rivers is he. People need to stop with the pronoun games.

    3. Your facts regarding the crime and reasons behind it are incorrect. Also he/she was in a women’s MC, the Deviants MC, not Dykes on Bikes. Prior to that he rode with other Indian motorcycle enthusiasts. The problem was between Charlotte and David and had been going on for a while. Charlotte and David shared some issues around their mental health. Charlotte had made threats towards numerous women in the MC world and was not welcomed in those circles. It was a strained relationship to say the least.
      David is being held in PC. He does have his own iPad and is able to communicate freely with his new woman. He truly believes he will be freed and is planning a new life with her. They speak daily and visit weekly.
      The women killed were shot in their bed. David was dropped off at BART nearing midnight. All of this happened in the early hours. The son was stabbed coming out of the garage. She left him there and then went to the bedroom.
      David was a dangerous person long before this happened. Everywhere he went violence followed. He was always armed with both a gun and numerous knives. He was extremely paranoid and thought everyone was out to get him. He also threatened to kill more women than those he did kill. A very twisted soul.

      1. I heard that he had corralled them into the garage. And that the Son was the first one shot.

        Where are you getting your information from.

        I said that the organization was like a dykes on bikes type, not that they were affiliated with dykes on bikes.

        Your story seems to be inconsistent, because the fire was started in the garage. And that’s where he left on one of the bikes.

  13. Being a former Oaklander I take this personal. Lesbians are no longer safe, and this individual spent their time porotesting ag as inst Michfest, now involved with a violent bloody Capital crime against 2 Lesbians and their son. NO Lesbians are safe and the Degenderettes talk of ” bloodying Terfs” aka Lesbians who believe penis is MALE and refuse to engage with the bepenised in any sexualized way!!

    These threats against us by trans mtfs, born males, and their supporters are NOT a joke, but a real intention to frighten us and possibly harm us. The rape and death threats against us have leaped off the page and into real life and 3 innocent souls are dead because of it. Other Lesbians harassed and threatened and even physically pushed at the Dyke Marches and it will ONLY get worse, just like the Right Wing, the more they become emboldened to act unless we collectively stand up and say NO! NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST LESBIANS, WOMYN AND CHILDREN!!!

  14. From when you first posted about this, Gallus Mag, I have said that there would have been massive community support about this triple hate crime in Oakland, which is famous for candlelight marches after racist murders, if only the killer was another kind of white man. But literally no one seems to know about this at all when I bring it up, which I will keep doing.

    Of course there is a media blackout and we know why. I’ve seen very brief references in the mainstream television news, but nothing in the “LGBTQ” crap media. Of course when the woman shot people at the YouTube offices also in this area, it was all over the media for days, even though the only person killed was her.

    I agree that Michfest didn’t just stop. You gave us more information than anyone else has about the ongoing harassment, with the patrolling trannies (probably including this murderer) with their weapons and threats, and then the ones who got in and exposed themselves to girls and women.

    This is so horrific, but meanwhile we keep being accused of causing male on male violence between the trannies and other het men, and almost everyone ignores the increasing attacks on women, Lesbians, and girls by these most female-hating men. There are some great sites on facebook though, like This Never Happens. I do see more joining us, but it could all stop now if women would stop supporting these men, including the women who attacked Lesbians at the 2018 SF Dyke March.

  15. I think the skimpy media coverage is significant. There was a horrific slaying of a black lesbian couple and their two children about a year and a half ago in upstate New York, and it has never died out of the local news. It was picked up by Huffpo and the gay media, including Pink News. There were problems in the coverage, but it’s been covered consistently with each update. As in the Rivers case, victims also knew their killers. The year-later memorial vigil was also covered. The difference? Black male (non-trans) perpetrators.

    1. And what does this say? Or do we need to spell it out for the rest of the class?

      It has been said time and time again, here as well as in other corners, that the brigade and it’s toadies, are rather virulent in their racist attitudes. While one can say it is ‘not all who are like that’, it is something that is more common than many will admit. And accounts [barring entertainment or advertising for horizontal enrichment services or trafficking of those who are too young to understand what is going on] for the rather vicious taint, in articles like what you mention.

  16. Was anyone able to go? Per the court docket, there is another “Receipt of Doctor’s Report” scheduled for 10/11/19. I don’t know if the 8/28 one got pushed back, or if this is a different report.

  17. Update: Someone did attend but the case was not called before she had to leave. Anyone who wants to call the district attorney’s office and ask for an update can do so. Christopher David Cavagnaro is the attorney.
    Alameda County District Attorney’s Office
    1225 Fallon Street, Suite 900
    Oakland, CA 94612

    Main phone number: (510) 272-6222.

    General email:

  18. Next setting is November 12th. Plea information from the Court website corroborates that the insanity plea has been entered by him…I am guessing the Court will see through the charade as would a jury but the system still has to jump through the hoops in the name of ‘due process.’

    1. Yes, the insanity plea was entered on May 21, 2019. Next court date is another ‘receipt of doctor’s report’ so unlikely to be called in open court as the others were (I know because I attempted to get transcripts.)
      I did get a transcript for July 26, 2019 and it is the defense with a motion to inspect evidence. Copying relevant part below:

      7 MR. FORD: Butch Ford for the People.

      8 MS. ADAMS: Melissa Adams appearing for Miss Rivers,

      9 Your Honor. She’s in custody. I’ll waive her appearance.

      10 THE COURT: Okay.

      11 MS. ADAMS: I believe that the People are going to be

      12 submitting on the motion.

      13 THE COURT: Okay. So this is an order — or a request

      14 for physical — requiring production of evidence to have it

      15 physically examined by the defense; correct?

      16 MS. ADAMS: Correct.

      17 THE COURT: Okay. So do you have an order prepared?

      18 MS. ADAMS: I do. It’s within the motion.

      19 THE COURT: It’s the same one?

      20 MS. ADAMS: It’s the same one.

      21 THE COURT: Mr. Ford, you’ve had a chance to look at it?

      22 MR. FORD: I have, Your Honor. For whatever reason, the

      23 order is labeled 8 and 9, but it’s after the first — it’s after

      24 one of the exhibits which is labeled Exhibit A, the first

      25 grouping of exhibits.

      26 THE COURT: Right.

      And then Ford requests that it be delivered within two weeks.

      8 MR. FORD: “It is hereby ordered that the Alameda County

      9 District Attorney’s Office, Alameda County Crime Lab or Oakland

      10 Police Department,” skipping the next thing, it basically says,

      11 “forthwith deliver the same to.”

      12 THE COURT: Yeah.

      13 MR. FORD: I’m asking that we put a two-week period on

      14 this “forthwith” means if I don’t —

      15 MS. ADAMS: That’s fine.

      16 THE COURT: So does somebody want to make — I guess,

      17 write in, insert “or any other agency or individual in

      18 possession of the following evidence, deliver within two weeks.”

      19 Is that the agreement?

      20 MR. FORD: That’s fine.

      21 MS. ADAMS: That’s fine.

      22 THE COURT: Just say, “Deliver within two weeks.”

  19. This is a heterosexual man with autogynophilia. They get sexually aroused by the thought of having female body parts. They get aroused by wearing female clothing. It is a paraphilia and mental illness described by psychologist Ray Blanchard. In some cases AGP men can benefit from the palliative treatment of sex reassignment surgery, but not all men will benefit from it and some who get it still have high rates of suicidality. Reddit sub /itsafetish talks about this extensively. DocAmitay channel on youtube interviews Blanchard and other specialists on the topic of AGP.

  20. Thanks everyone for your updates and insights on the Dana Rivers case. Thanks for your patience as I took some time off. x

  21. “Receipt of doctor’s report” now scheduled for 9am 12/19/19. Is it the same report awaited before or a different one? Who knows? I’m just going by what the Alameda County inmate locator says.

  22. Wow, are the womxxn in the prison where he resides safe? I hate this with a passion…. Alameda County CA in SF???

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