Nine months after WordPress censored report, police raid home of predator Jessica Yaniv

WordPress covered up allegations against Yaniv, shown here on right

In November 2018, censored popular long running lesbian feminist blog GenderTrender, taking the blog offline and preventing transfer of the site to another host. They did so to cover up #MeToo allegations against tech wizard Jonathan (now Jessica) Yaniv and his long history of sexual predation against minor females. WordPress also stealthily entered accounts which covered the censorship of GenderTrender and edited posts without notifying blog owners.

In order to censor women discussing Jonathan Yaniv on their platform WordPress cited a new, retroactively applied policy which forbid women from citing the history of men who later identified as transgender, which they called “dead naming”.

Jonathan Yaniv “former name” policy adopted by WordPress to prevent women discussing his history as a sexual predator against minors.

After WordPress targeted censorship of all material exposing alleged criminal activity conducted by Jonathan (Jessica) Yaniv under the retroactively applied “former name” directive designed to protect male predators, this policy appears to have been discarded from the WordPress TOS.

WordPress had previously “locked” lesbian feminist website GenderTrender for eleven days in 2014 following coverage of the rape trial of tech Twitter executive Dana McCallum, also a transgender male in tech. WordPress offered no explanation for the site lock-out and did not respond to inquiries from the blog owner. The site was abruptly restored without notification or explanation by WordPress after public outcry.

Nine months after the extraordinary WordPress cover-up of allegations against Jessica Yaniv, involving deletion of popular long-running WordPress sites which mentioned him, and stealth censorship of posts on WordPress websites which discussed him, Yaniv was finally served with a warrant by Canadian police , according to the Post Millenial.

From the Post Millenial:

The Post Millennial has confirmed speculation that the Walnut Grove home of Jessica Yaniv was raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last night. The raid follows Yaniv’s explosive live appearance on Blaire White’s YouTube channel, brandishing and demonstrating the functionality of a taser at one point in the debate, and claiming to be fully aware of its illegality. Yaniv also claimed to possess pepper spray.

Yaniv’s discussion of the weapons followed a lengthy racist rant disparaging the East Indian and immigrant communities of British Columbia, asserting “we have f*cked up people who migrate here, who think they can do whatever they want.” 

Reports about the raid initially circulated on the forum KiwiFarms, with user and neighbour to Yaniv, WGKitty, reporting the arrival of Police at approximately 9:46 pm EST. The user reported Police presence at Yaniv’s Walnut Grove residence overnight August 5th, with a search to be conducted by the Federal RCMP this morning.

Yaniv was reportedly not allowed access to the residence while the RCMP conducted their search, with Langley Police guarding the residence since police arrived last night.

While the RCMP declined to provide a specific name unless charges were laid, they were able to confirm to The Post Millennial that a warrant was executed at a Walnut Grove address confirmed to house Yaniv. The warrant concerned a prohibited weapon, with the responding officer noting that “an active file is still ongoing.” An earlier call to the RCMP by Jessica Rumpel, whose story of sexual interference by Yaniv was covered by The Post Millennial, resulted in her noting that the RCMP had an open “file report” on Yaniv.

Tasers are prohibited for civilian use under the Canadian Firearms Act, and increasing scrutiny has been applied to even the police use of electroshock weapons following the 2007 death of Polish-Canadian immigrant Robert Dziekański due to a heart attack induced by an RCMP taser. 

The Post Millennial has previously reported on disturbing allegations of sexual interference by Yaniv towards girls as young as 14. Some of the now-adult victims of these inappropriate behaviours have filed reports with CyberTip, Canada’s online child exploitation reporting service, and with the RCMP. According to Ashley Smith, whose experiences with Yaniv include having been offered child pornography, she was contacted by the RCMP last night.

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16 thoughts on “Nine months after WordPress censored report, police raid home of predator Jessica Yaniv

  1. IT’S ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME!!!! AND Gallus……KUDOS for doing the work, getting the word out & NOT TAKING ANY SHIT FROM ANYBODY!!!

    Now…if the RCMP does the right thing, this creep will get what he deserves. Which would be isolation in an cement cell, with a window the size of a postage stamp. One has to hope the MSM picks up on this as well [as in those here in the states] so that like minded others, like Jonathan….are put on notice. If only because, soon……time will be up.

    1. Those who hide nothing have nothing to hide. I’m so glad that we’re finally having an example of the sickness in the far left being brought to the light. No other trans person besides Blaire White had spoken up against this pedophile. Makes you wonder why.

      1. Let alone, no one in US media…..and of course, there is the blackout of this on the brigade house organ, NPR.

        While media in the US is correct to point out the varieties of discriminatory acts that go on……they are complicit in not reporting on the various, ugly racist and sexist actions, by those who are brigade members. This leaves sites like this, or Blaire White to call this out. That there is radio silence otherwise, speaks volumes.

      2. Jenn Smith is transgender and has been speaking out for a long time. His talks have been protested, he is continually harassed, even Trudeau said bad things about him recently. Ogre gets to libel Jenn all day long too.

        There is a media blackout when it comes to Jenn, few will cover his events or interview him. He is passionate because he was an abused foster kid and is seeing how other kids like him are being harmed.

  2. In my opinion the much bigger story is the way tech companies have covered up for this perv and banned feminists from all platforms for speaking out against TIMS.

    1. I would say that it’s equally disturbing that kangaroo courts like the “Human Rights Tribunals” are being used by vexatious litigants to terrorize already marginalized people like the immigrant women Yaniv targeted and even forced out of business in some cases. Also that these women sought legal council but were advised by several jurists to “settle” with Yaniv to avoid the potential financial ramification imposed by the kangaroo court should Yaniv win. It’s a sick world.

  3. Honestly, I feel safer with this guy having a — presumably — dime-store “taser” that might not even work (the only thing that shocks me, pardon, is that it’s not pink with rhinestones or set into a ring), than some purposefully femmey “grandma” weapon like CeCe McDonald’s long sewing scissors that he used to murder a man. Because even your killing tools that you just happen to take on a night out on the town (justified by statistics and science!) have to be gender-props.

    1. They were hair cutting scissors. Thin sharp and pointy. Sewing scissors have a dull side to protect the surface under the cut.
      You silly man.

  4. Jonathan Yaniv sprints after his walker which is rolling down the hill before he and his mother throw themselves in front of a moving car to prevent a reporter from leaving while Jonathan lies to police on the phone that someone is trying to run him over. 100% guarantee there will be a #WaxMyBalls movie one day. Sadly, Phillip Seymour Hoffman will not play Yaniv. Prediction: First Oscar for Jonah Hill.

      1. Ja….but I thought she was still up in Brainerd *S*

        Scary thing is, how hollyweird works……the odds are better, than Rush getting back together for one more tour, that a movie will be made about this cretin.

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