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TERF Is A Slur (TRA diss track)- Grace Adetoro

TERF is a Slur right TERF is a Slur right (you see) TERF is a Slur right (i didn’t want to have to do this) TERF is a Slur right (but i feel like) TERF is a Slur right TERF is a Slur right (i’ve been left with no choice) TERF is a TERF is […]

Google censors Mumsnet Feminism board from search results

Mumsnet users discovered they can no longer locate the feminism board via Google search. The change appears to have taken place on Friday August 16, 2019. Read more here:

Media Blackout on Dana Rivers “Michfest” Murder Trial

Anyone got anything on the Dana Rivers case? No one is reporting on it. Next hearing 8/28/2019 9:30am Receipt of Doctor’s Report. Insanity defense? No one knows, because no one is reporting on the case. For anyone new to the transgender war against the lesbian community, Dana Rivers aka David Chester Warfield was a California […]

Nine months after WordPress censored report, police raid home of predator Jessica Yaniv

In November 2018, censored popular long running lesbian feminist blog GenderTrender, taking the blog offline and preventing transfer of the site to another host. They did so to cover up #MeToo allegations against tech wizard Jonathan (now Jessica) Yaniv and his long history of sexual predation against minor females. WordPress also stealthily entered accounts […]

Did Feminism cause the transgender!!!!??? Article By Michael Biggs

I like Michael. What’s not to like? He is delightful. Flamingly homosexual (in the right company), good sense of humor, lively conversationalist. He is a must-have invite to your first dinner party and will probably bring some wine. Anyway, he gave me a shout-out so he must be a genius, am I right? Of course […]