JT Beck aka Jay Tee Beck, 47, recently began to identify as sexless

Do Canadian citizens have the “Human Right” to donate blood without having their sex and their medical history recorded? One non-binary person, who had their sex deleted from their birth certificate and replaced with an “x” claims it is, and has filed a discrimination claim with the same tribunal overseeing the Yaniv case.

The imposition on women’s rights caused by the erasure of sex as a legal category in British Columbia and its replacement with ‘gender identity’ seemed to reach a pinnacle in the Yaniv case, where a man filed 16 human rights complaints against women who refused to wax his balls. But the absurdity continues.

Failure to screen blood donors for sex and medical history may result in death for blood recipients. Surely this risk should outweigh the angst felt by those who want to compel fellow citizens to pretend that biological reality does not exist.

Not according to JT Beck (alternately “Jay Tee” Beck) and her loony lawyer, Adrienne Smith, who is representing her in her claim. Both women have publicly renounced their sex and identify as “non-binary”, which means they have an internal sense of themselves as existing on a developmental pathway absent any reproductive characteristics (a state that does not exist, even among intersex persons, but never mind). Their quasi-religious beliefs about their allegedly metaphysical reproductive systems (or absence thereof), along with their assertion that identity is a personal determination and not a mutually agreed upon social contract with certain observable characteristics and shared definitions, are not only protected in BC law (as they should be, like all personal beliefs, no matter how unlikely) but fellow citizens are also compelled to pretend to share these beliefs.

Except when they’d like you to ignore them! Or something, as when social belief in their made-up (but unquestionable!) identities prevents them from doing something they want to do- like donate blood.

From CBC News:

A British Columbian who recently changed their legal gender to an “X” is filing a human rights complaint because they weren’t allowed to donate blood. 

JT Beck, who uses the pronouns they/them, says Canadian Blood Services (CBS) in Surrey refused to let them donate blood in June after staff discovered the new gender on Beck’s ID. 

“My reaction was a little bit of disbelief,” Beck said. “It was probably the most overt discrimination I’ve ever experienced in my life related to gender.” 

Beck, 47, thinks of gender as a spectrum. They place themselves toward the male end of that spectrum, but they don’t strictly see themselves as male. 

Beck is also a regular blood donor, and says they have donated at the Surrey location every three months for the past year.

Nothing about Beck’s health status or sexual orientation has changed, they say — just Beck’s legal gender on their driver’s licence, birth certificate and passport, which all have recently changed to mark Beck’s gender as “X.” 

The provincial and federal governments recently started to allow the gender status. The province says 39 B.C. Services Cards with an X have been produced to date, and another 22 are pending.

Lawyer Adrienne Smith, who will be representing Beck at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, says many organizations have yet to catch up.

“We’ve known from the start that this roll-out of the new gender-neutral [marker] has been poorly integrated with other British Columbia records, particularly health care and education,” Smith said. 

Beck says staff at the Canadian Blood Services where they tried to donate blood in June didn’t follow the agency’s own guidelines for dealing with trans and non-binary people who donate blood.

Beck hopes the human rights complaint will change that.

‘It just got very tense’

Canadian Blood Services says its information technology systems can’t accommodate an X gender at this time.

However, the organization says it does allow trans and non-binary people to donate blood, as long as they disclose their sex assigned at birth so they can screen for appropriate risks and not contaminate the country’s blood supply. 

For example, women who have been pregnant require additional testing because they’re more likely to have antibodies in their plasma, and men who have sex with men have to be abstinent for at least three months to donate because of additional risk of HIV/AIDS. 

But Beck says that’s what they did. Beck’s sex assigned at birth was already on file, and Beck says they asked blood services staff to continue processing the blood donation record as female.

Beck says a manager said keeping Beck’s female gender on file would be “a lie.”

“It just got very tense,” Beck said. “It felt very, very wrong at the time and very much more so now that I know more about their own policies.”

Beck says the exchange ended after staff insisted on a signed consent form to disclose all medical records. Beck was asked to leave after refusing to sign.

Protected human rights

Canadian Blood Services says it can’t disclose any details about the incident because of privacy reasons. 

Spokesperson Marcelo Dominguez reiterated the policy to disclose sex assigned at birth and invited Beck to submit feedback. 

Beck says it’s been more than a month since the incident occurred, and they have yet to hear from anyone at CBS.

Beck, who used to work as a midwife and recently graduated from law school, hopes that filing a complaint at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal will prompt the blood service to follow its own policies. 

“They need to allow gender expression and gender identity, which are both protected human rights,” they said.

Smith, Beck’s lawyer, says one of the outcomes they’ll be seeking at the tribunal will likely be training so staff better understand the policy. Beck and their lawyers have six months from the time of the incident to file the complaint.” 

Both JT Beck and Adrienne Smith are activist lawyers who renounce their own female sex, and are dedicated to removing legal protections for all women and girls on the basis of sex, on that grounds that legal recognition of sex and sex-based inequity is harmful to the feelings and social status of those who benefit from sex-based inequity: males.  

#outlaws: getting rid of laws which protect women and girls

Adrienne Smith is a long term anti-feminist activist who penned an article in March on DailyXtra titled ‘Why Vancouver’s Funding Cut To A Women’s Shelter Is A Win For Trans Rights’.

Defunding Rape Relief services for women is a “Win” for Adrienne Smith

In this piece Smith outlined her belief that sex is an irrelevant characteristic to female victims of rape, who should not be supported if they require recovery services away from the presence of males. Smith used the piece to falsely claim that Vancouver Rape Relief and Feminist Current support the criminalization of exploited women (spoiler: they don’t!) and cited a bunch of completely fabricated statistics to support her claim that males are more likely to suffer sexual assault than females. For example, Smith states:

“Statistically, survivors of sex assault are more likely to be trans women than cisgender women. According to figures cited by the Human Rights Campaign, 47 percent of American trans respondents reported being sexually assaulted. These figures increase for people of colour.”

The figures Smith cites come from the 2015 internet survey conducted by Mara Keisling’s TransEquality organization. This survey based their sexual assault questions on the CDC’s own 2011 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey [PDF].

According to the TransEquality survey cited by Adrienne Smith, transwomen (males who identify as women) reported a lifetime sexual assault rate of 37%, compared to a 51% rate suffered by transmen (females who identify as men) and a whopping 58% rate of lifetime sexual assault reported by Smith’s own demographic- females who identify as ‘non-binary’. The TransEquality survey did not differentiate between rape and other forms of unwanted sexual contact.

From the source Adrienne Smith cited

The lifetime sexual assault rate for females in general, according to the original CDC survey is:

43% lifetime sexual assault OTHER THAN RAPE and 19.3% lifetime rate of rape (forceful penetration).

Males simply do not suffer sexual assault more than females, regardless of how they “identify”. But why let facts stand in the way. If you are deranged enough to defund the longest running rape survivor service for female victims in British Columbia you are so far removed from reality (and human decency) that material facts are the least of your concerns.

Does the fact that males (including those who identify as transgender) are sexually assaulted less frequently than females mean that they should not receive victim services? Only in the fevered mind of Adrienne Smith. Vancouver Rape Relief is the ONLY provider in BC who does not require female victims to bunk with males as they try to recover. Donate here:


Adrienne Smith successfully defunded recovery services for female victims of rape and now seeks to prevent medical providers from recording the sex and medical history of blood donors, although failure to do so could cause death. She is willing to lie about the facts to do so.

Sex-based services for women: “Hate”

Keep your eyes on the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Should be another interesting case.