5 thoughts on “#genderemergency

  1. Lauren Jeska did master’s degree in Gender, Sexuality and Queer Theory at Leeds University, graduating in 2006. Sally Hines was then at Leeds and presumably taught Jeska.
    Ten years later, in 2016, Jeska attempted to murder an athletics official after being asked for blood tests to prove his eligibility to run in women’s races—as he has been doing for some years with great success. (Apparently he had a gonadectomy in 2000 and so his testosterone level should have been sufficiently low to ensure eligibility.)
    Incidentally, Jeska is currently serving an 18-year sentence at HM Prison Foston Hall, a women’s prison.

    1. I can’t pick a side because I’m not “cis.” I feel like one of those kids who doesn’t get picked for the softball team! Sally Hines must have rotted her brain with gender kool-aid.

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