1. Meghan Murphy: Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology

      Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology

      Wayback Machine archive: https://tinyurl.com/yyfyzbkn

      Another B.C. woman forced out of business in transgender male-genitalia waxing case
      Wayback Machine archive: https://tinyurl.com/yyt9wvqp

      Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd on her Twitter ban: ‘Your instincts should not be to celebrate’
      Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd on her Twitter ban: ‘Your instincts should not be to celebrate’

  1. It will be interesting to see if anyone acknowledges the woman who publicly exposed Yaniv in the first place- and lost her long-running lesbian feminist blog on the WordPress.com platform for doing so.
    With all the “heroes” running around I won’t hold my breath.
    Bitter? Oh gosh no. 😉

    1. Hey Gallus
      A lot of us remember
      This story is going to be remembered and written about in feminist history and the political intellectual history of the early 21st century West for a long time. It encapsulates so many forms of emblematic frenzy and is both tragic and hilarious in that way that makes for great analytic fodder. In a decade grad students will be fighting to interview you!

      1. lol I knew when I hit publish that there would be serious punishment from the men, but that whatever form that took, it would be worth it. I doubt anyone will remember, but even being disappeared, was worth it. Honestly I felt I had no ethical choice to withhold the information once I tracked him. There are several posts on the old blog that went that way. Sometimes you unearth something so harmful you have no ethical choice but to report. Blogging aint easy!

        1. They’ve been told but there has been no way to prove it. Presently, I would love a copy of the Transgender washroom post. The electric gizmo up the whazoo post, the baby balls posts.

          1. Proof that you said it all first, because we who know you did can’t link the articles anymore. I did link many, as you know because I always made sure you got credit, but memory is like last Tues on the net. I blame myself for not click/copying your articles. I wish there was a way to recover them.

          2. The articles are archived, indeed I linked to my original Yaniv post in the above comment you are responding to. The dates don’t lie. No more “proof” is needed.

          3. I have a pdf of the Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition post, from 2011, 83 pages with comments. I don’t have the other ones. I don’t have my own website so nowhere safe to post it from.

          4. I have everything. But since Automattic/Wordpress.com took my site offline before offering me an opportunity to transfer the contents, all images, screen caps and pages were initially lost- because in order to transfer them from Automattic/Wordpress.com the site must be live- files are transferred via live link. Later after multiple appeals and complaints, Automattic/Wordpress.com provided me with detached (but chronological, thankfully) files containing the missing content. Now the eight years of extensive blog posts need to have the images/screen caps/ and pages reattached by hand. I haven’t had the time/resources/and skills to do this. There is also some other functionality I would like to have installed which I’m not going to discuss publicly here. I hired a very brilliant woman to do it but sadly a family medical situation caused her to back out of the project.

            GenderTrender will be online as an archive when I have the resources to complete the project. I downloaded a complete back-up literally moments before I published the Yaniv post. Automattic/Wordpress.com robbed me of the opportunity to simply transfer my site to another host due to their censorship of my site(s). They censored my site in order to protect a transwoman sexual predator of minor female children- Jonathan Yaniv- to keep him from being publicly exposed. Automattic/Wordpress.com also banned another lesbian feminist site, and went in and changed the text and removed photos by stealth on at least two other sites, without notifying the authors. All of the censored sites were lesbian and or feminist blogs authored by women.

            All but one of the censored sites were targeted by Automattic/Wordpress.com specifically to prevent the public exposure in a #MeToo moment of the pedophillic and sexually predatory activities of one specific individual: Jonathan (now Jessica) Yaniv.
            (The sole exception was the stealth censorship of a feminist blog regarding transwoman Shaun (now ‘Shon’) Faye, who successfully had his name and public photo removed from a feminist website by Automattic/Wordpress.com without notifying the authors).

            The overt and stealth censorship conducted by Automattic/Wordpress.com was overwhelmingly performed to prevent public exposure of a sexual predator: Jonathan ‘Jessica’ Yaniv.

            Automattic / WordPress.com is an therefore an active co-conspirator and accessory to the sexual crimes committed by Yaniv.

            In my mind, the fact that a major tech company actively conspired to protect a specific (tech industry employed) sexual predator by censoring lesbian and feminist blogs is as significant – perhaps more significant- a story as Twitter banning high profile women for “misgendering” pedophiles.

            Not only is Automattic / WordPress.com inarguably an accessory to the sexual crimes of Jonathan Yaniv via actively covering them up through extraordinary means, but they also conducted a censorship campaign that specifically targeted lesbian and feminist service users on the basis of their sex and sexual orientation, which is a prohibited form of discrimination in the State of California in which they are based.

          5. “I have everything.” Great. I didn’t know that.

            Proof–of your being the first to analyze and document this whole issue, online, from 2010-ish on.

  2. Mercedes Allen: The problem with predatory men is…. they make other men look bad.

    Mercedes Allen concerned with the harm male pedophiles cause... to other adult men.

    1. There is just one little item wrong with Mercedes’ statements. Sadly, all one has to do is look at the reams upon reams of legitimate data, which indicates there is a rather predatory pattern, that is very common among the brigade. And if one does not act in that fashion, well, gee…..they are considered to not be a legitimate brigade follower.

      As for the media being polluted, karma is a bitch, ain’t it???? Considering that mainstream media…especially each June in the US…has flooded the airways with [SIC] ‘brave examples’ of those brigade members who even though they are crooks, committed treasonous acts and other dastardly deeds , are to be lauded because they are [SIC again] ‘being honest, living their truth and are positive examples’……this is balance. As well as being fact based, which is considered to be kryptonite to brigade members.

      1. Mercedes Allen is a long time Canadian Trans Rights Advocate and AGP who suffered extreme regret after undergoing ‘SRS’ (castration and penectomy with creation of a surgical stoma designed to allow other male partners to perform a facsimile of heterosexual penetration). After a struggle, he was able to integrate his unfortunate physical post-op situation into his BDSM activities as part of his masochist proclivities. He used to blog about this at length, not sure if they are still online and too lazy to check. He seems to have done nothing to transition towards any understanding or empathy of the female sex class he demands admission to. All about the Bro Code. Seems to hate women. Also has done no activism around helping other men to avoid a similar mistake.

        1. OUCH……that one checked all the boxes, except being into anime

          As for the code, ‘Bro-creep-delusional-kool aid drinker’ code could be a little more apt. And as for the claim about the far right, if these are activities which are condoned, welcomed and groomed for by the brigade, then the far right is reporting on FACTS, not BS.

  3. This has been a long time coming! Gallus, thank you for your tireless efforts to expose this predator!

  4. Just in case anyone is uncertain how Morgane Oger feels about women being forced to handle ball sacks: Oger got the City of Vancouver to drop their funding to Vancouver Rape Relief. VRR, a women only rape crisis centre, helps women recover from being forced to handle ball sacks to earn their living.

    1. Someone needs to archive that whole thread before it’s deleted. It is absolutely astonishing.

  5. I don’t know why they didn’t archive this, the most astonishing part. Dude really said that in 20 years aestheticians would be expected to wax male genitalia or be subject to a tribunal.


    1. And all gynecologists will be urologists so that autogynephiles can get their prostate care while feeling like a laydee. /s

  6. x

  7. First high profile tran to weight in on Yaniv- libertarian right Blaire White. Spin: Yaniv is not true trans. Sperm producers who believe, absent all evidence, that they are mysteriously on the same developmental pathway to produce eggs and gestate offspring as women, are incapable of committing harm against women- it’s just not in their program or something. Like the android in the Aliens franchise. He offers no analysis or rebuttal to legal arguments in Yaniv’s case, namely, the legal rights of males in Canada to override the rights of women. Totally ignores the issue. Completely ignores the harms against actual women, who are apparently irrelevant to him. Damage control. Lame cop out. Pathetic.

  8. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/exclusive-15-year-old-alleged-victim-of-jessica-yaniv-speaks-out/
    A young woman has come forward with serious allegations of abuse against Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

    Yaniv, a male-to-female transgender, has recently risen to infamy for the human rights tribunal suits she has taken out against 16 estheticians for declining to perform waxing services on her male genitals. While the suits are ongoing, a publication ban on Yaniv’s name and the content of her case and history was lifted during recent hearings, allowing details of her disturbing past behaviour to come to light.

    Twenty-year-old Jessica Rumpel of Sammamish, Washington State has disclosed details to the Post Millennial of her encounters with Jessica Yaniv.

    Rumpel was just 14 years old at the time of the interactions, turning 15… (con’t)

  9. Didn’t know if you’ve seen this one Sticker Woman has apparently crossed the pond.

  10. Tucker Carlson

    Trans Waxing Controversy

    Salon is forced to close after refusing to provide a Brazilian wax to a trans woman's male body parts. The one doing the waxing said she was uncomfortable performing the service on male genitalia, and wasn't trained to do so.

    Posted by Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

  11. More weak sauce courtesy of Andrew Sullivan in the New Yorker.
    TLDR: Women should be legally compelled by the state to pretend pervert Jonathan Yaniv is a woman and a lesbian but should not be forced to actually handle his balls.

    From the piece:

    “If Jessica Yaniv did not exist, the religious right and Fox News would have to invent her. Yaniv is a trans woman in Canada who has been suing multiple businesses for abuse of her human rights under British Columbia’s laws. She booked various appointments online with local female-only beauticians to get a Brazilian wax, and was refused when she showed up. The reason is that Yaniv has male genitalia.

    Many of the beauticians worked out of their own homes with children present, most were immigrant women, one with Sikh religious strictures against touching male genitals other than her husband’s. The notion that women can have male genitalia hadn’t dawned on these obvious bigots when they decided to open up beauty shops, and they felt humiliated and exploited by the request. The cases have not yet been decided, but the women are already feeling the repercussions on both a personal and professional level. A lawyer representing some of the women says that one has been unable to sleep for months, racked with depression and anxiety: she eventually closed down her business; others think they might follow suit soon. And even if the cases don’t succeed, and their businesses stay open, the stigma of being associated with bigotry will linger.

    In Ricky Gervais’s words: “How did we get to the point where women are having to fight for the right to choose whether they wax some big old hairy cock and balls or not? It is not a human right to have your meat and 2 veg polished.” But, according to British Columbia’s definition of human rights, it is, if you are a woman. Female-only salons have to accept every woman, including those with balls. And according to the proposed Equality Act, the gay lobby’s chief legislative goal, backed by every Democratic candidate, it would be a human right in America as well. Yaniv has described the beauticians’ refusals as “hate crimes.” And technically, they might be.

    The case, of course, is a very, very rare one in its grotesquerie. Yaniv is an obviously somewhat disturbed troll. She has allegedly made creepy overtures to underage girls online, has been cited by a 14-year-old for alleged “child exploitation,” and she is now applying for a permit to host a topless swimming-pool party for “LGBTQ2S” individuals, 12 and above, without their parents being present. She has long seemed obsessed with tampons, says she has heavy periods, has publicly inveighed against immigrants, and has exulted when she has forced businesses to close down. She’s an extreme outlier in many ways — and terrible PR for other trans people who are not seeking this kind of pointless, offensive conflict. No serious trans groups support her. They rightly see her as a threat to the trans movement, confirming the worst allegations against trans people made by the hard right. Largely ignored by the mainstream American press, she has even inspired a hashtag worthy of Eric Cartman: #waxmyballs.

    The trouble is, the way this issue is currently being understood, it’s hard to think of how you prevent trolls or fanatics like Yaniv from gaming the system. If your gender is determined entirely by self-definition, needs no further support or evidence, and always trumps genital biology, it’s a legal regime ripe for abuse. The current insistence that a trans woman is a woman in every single respect also ends in the absurdity of talking about a woman’s scrotum. It should be possible to defend trans women and trans men from discrimination without being forced into a surreal world, where a penis is a female organ and a vagina is a male one.

    The truth is that trans people have the body of one sex and the mind and psyche of another. The mind is a much more central part of human identity than the genitals, and that is what ultimately should determine gender. But respecting this — and those who form this part of humanity — need not deny the physiological reality that trans women are not women in every single way. Trans women should be treated as women, but not conflated entirely with them. If they were simply women, in the brain and in the body, they would not be trans, would they?

    I’m not sure how you quite pull this off, but subsuming sex into gender, making gender entirely a subjective choice for anyone, and placing this understanding of human sex into core civil-rights law is what makes Yaniv’s case possible. More nuanced laws that define gender identity as something more than mere subjectivity, protects trans people from discrimination, but allows for exceptions in nonmedical physically intimate interactions, seems a pretty good compromise. Imposing a very new ideology by force of law, rather than making pragmatic adjustments that will actually help the vast majority of trans people, is rife with unintended consequences.

    If Yaniv’s case helps us recognize that, it may yet turn out for the good.”


    1. ‘Weak’ is being kind. This is worse than the really bad ‘pasta’ sauce sold in school lunches.

      One would think that Sullivan would have done a little more research, if only due to the cases that you have pointed out….as well as others…..where this type of troll and trolling is more common, than people are willing to admit. And no amount of pragmatic adjustments, are going to correct that.

    2. I’ve always wondered why a law couldn’t protect personal expression across sex stereotypes, so, for example, a boss couldn’t fire men who wear dresses or women who wear pants. Employers and schools could still write dress codes, but they’d be about generally permissible categories of clothes that everyone could wear. A law like that would protect a lot of people, while still preserving women’s sports and sex-segregated spaces.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Such a legal approach would protect transgender people and be in line with the feminist movement. But the transgender movement developed specifically as a reaction against the loosening of social sex roles caused by the feminist and gay rights movements. Similar to the rise of the fashion and beauty industries which occurred in response to women entering the work force. One could even make the case (and many feminist theorists have*) that sex stereotyping (gender) arises in inverse proportion to legal and economic independence for women. The transgender movement is a pro-gender campaign which arose in popularity as a backlash against the women’s movement and the social anxieties caused by the terrifying prospect of freedom for women and girls.


      1. Thanks Gallus……this just made the morning.

        In watching this, not only are the actions of Yaniv more than just cringe worthy and nightmare inducing, it is apparent that the person and their ‘case’ ticks off practically every brigade membership box. Delusion, violence when confronted with reality, garish visages, using the gender status to legitimize being a pedo, racist attitudes [unless the person of color they are angry with buys into the rather high-octane version of crazy, via either entertainment or horizontal enrichment], support from those who are playing the same game of hockey… with a warped puck, along with other items. And yet….these actions, be it in Vancouver or in other places, is considered to be ‘normal’ or a direct result of some spectrum disorder, among the brigade.

        Again thanks for posting the link to more of this insanity. Who needs watching horror movies on the digital subchannels, when they have the massive nerve ending missfires of Yaniv and company???

  12. The balls now in feminists’ court
    NewspaperJuly 27, 2019 | Australian, The/Weekend Australian/Australian Magazine, The (Australia)
    Author: BERNARD LANE | Page: 16 | Section: Inquirer

    Gender identity sceptics face down attempts to silence them If a penis is female, does it enjoy human rights? A Canadian trans woman, Jessica Yaniv, who retains intact her boy bits, believes she’s entitled to a Brazilian wax. Rejected by 16 beauticians in Vancouver, including migrant women working from home with children, Yaniv trotted off to a human rights tribunal. Some of the beauticians paid money to make her go away, some still face the prospect of being branded hateful transphobes and ordered to pay fines.

    Ignored by most mainstream media, this has Twitter transfixed as the #WaxHerBalls case. British comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted: “It’s a sad state of affairs when a lady can’t have her hairy balls waxed.” All of which gives the impression it’s nothing more than the latest grotesquery of social media. But Gervais has detected a fundamental question of principle that Victoria’s politicians — and Anglophone elites generally — seem mostly oblivious to.

    An Andrews government bill allows a self-declared trans man or woman to go back in time and alter the sex on their birth certificates, even if they’ve had no surgery, no treatment, no change at all, apart from a stated wish to make their debut with a new pronoun. The bill is back before parliament next month.

    “It’s seen as the next civil rights issue — oh, now we have gay marriage, on to the next thing,” says Holly Lawford-Smith, a young University of Melbourne philosopher and lesbian writing a book on radical feminism.

    But there are stirrings of civil war in what’s called the LGBTI community, and angry sniping over who qualifies for an entry pass to women’s sport, toilets, dorms, prisons and, yes, the waxing studio. For the Yaniv case is seen not as an aberration but a logical extension of pick-your-own-gender into the anti-discrimination apparatus. If blokes can become official sheilas in the blink of an eye, what happens to the rights, protections and political culture inspired by feminists and gay activism?

    In Australian sport, where hormone controls can complicate things, an awkward debate has begun but it is more advanced in Britain. Brits have a well-organised lobby, Fair Play For Women, and this week The Guardian surprised readers with an even-handed piece by sport blogger Sean Ingle, who declared: “No longer can men tell women, such as Martina Navratilova, that when they stick up for a separate women’s sport category that they are ignorant or prejudiced.” It’s a question not only of competition but also trust and vulnerability. Troubled by the Yaniv case, National Review writer David French has warned that a proposed Democratic change to US law might expose schoolgirls to so-called “female penises” in toilets and locker rooms. As well, he said, “the very act of objecting to the sight (of a penis) could itself be considered to create a hostile environment for the trans girl”.

    Meanwhile, sex is turning philosophy into fight club. This month Australia’s thinkers had their annual talkfest at Wollongong University. Lawford-Smith was booked to argue the case for excluding “all male people, regardless of gender identity” from female-only or lesbian-only spaces. Activist academics tried to “deplatform” her and student agitators girded their loins for a demo under the banner “F..k off Holly Lawford-Smith”. Their Facebook post said she was “not welcome to spew her disgusting discriminatory and exclusionary hate speech at our university”. They ignored her nuanced arguments, dismissing her as a TERF or “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”.

    The Australasian Association of Philosophy, the conference organiser, issued a statement acknowledging “serious concerns” about Lawford-Smith’s presentation. There followed a sprinkling of diversity-speak platitudes. No stated concern about the abuse and threats directed at Lawford-Smith, no defence of her academic freedom.

    She felt “quite intimidated” going in to her talk, but the university had beefed up security and the protest was muted. Even so, this is not how philosophy is supposed to be. “It’s our bread-and-butter to really dig down into the details of things and have these really difficult conversations in a calm, dispassionate way,” Lawford-Smith says.

    Like other “gender critical” feminists, she has been banished from Twitter. It’s supposedly “hateful conduct” to use pronouns in a way that tracks sex rather than gender identity. But this “progressive” platform allows #punchaterf as a trending hashtag, and trans activists can attack a TERF as a “c..t” or “bigoted piece of shit” with impunity. Anti-TERF tactics include campaigns to dislodge people from their jobs, smearing them as fascists, threatening harm to their families and, in one case, pissing on an academic’s office door. Nobody denies there are genuine cases of distress among trans people, and some gender-critical feminists may seem high-handed.

    One Oxford don took to Twitter with the hashtag #transawaythegay, conjuring up a story that “Emmett wasn’t allowed to be a lesbian and had to wear skirts and makeup. But when he realised he was supposed to be a boy and started taking testosterone, his church accepted him. All better now!” In March, activists successfully pressured 3:AM Magazine, a fearless online journal of radical philosophy, to pull an interview with Lawford-Smith because it touched on the TERF war. Her remarks seem temperate: “My stance is that a person can’t change sex (not even with sex reassignment surgery), that ‘gender identity’ has no bearing on sex, and that with very few exceptions gender identity should have no bearing on a person’s sex-based rights.” Things have got so unpleasant that 12 prominent philosophers from around the world, including Australia’s Peter Singer and Melbourne-based Cordelia Fine, felt moved this week to publish an open letter deploring the attempt to silence gender identity sceptics with “frequently cruel and abusive rhetoric”. The letter says: “Policymakers and citizens are currently confronting such metaphysical questions about sex and gender as What is a man? What is a lesbian? What makes someone female? Society at large is deliberating over the resolution of conflicting interests in contexts as varied as competitive sport, changing rooms, workplaces and prisons. These discussions are of great importance.” This month Lawford-Smith interrupted the chorus of bland approval for Victoria’s law, which magically transforms the enduring truth of birth sex into the changeable wish of gender identity. In a Melbourne newspaper she wrote: “Despite the fact that this bill changes what it means to be a person of a particular sex in law, and despite the fact that sex is a protected attribute in both the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act and the Australian Sex Discrimination Act, the group that faces the most sex discrimination — namely female people — have not been consulted about the bill, and the implications of the bill on their legal protections, if any, have not been adequately acknowledged or explored.” Might horrified fascination with Canada’s #WaxHerBalls case rouse our MPs to ask some hard questions? This week Vancouver-based writer Meghan Murphy (banned from Twitter) issued an “I told you so”. “(The Yaniv case) is precisely what feminists tried to warn politicians, the media, activists and the public would happen should we accept the notion that it is possible for men to ‘identify’ as female. How can we possibly protect women’s boundaries, spaces and rights if men can be women, regardless of their male biology? No woman should be bullied into touching a man’s penis against her will.” Surprising things keep happening. Early this year at a free-market think tank in Washington, DC, radical feminists and political conservatives made common cause in a public debate on the trans conundrum. “Together they argued that sex was fundamentally biological and not socially constructed, and that there is a difference between women and trans women that needs to be respected,” reports gay conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan. Some may feel schadenfreude recalling the feminist track record of denouncing mainstream research on sex differences as a patriarchal plot. And the anti-trans argument built on biology is a delicate one for gay and lesbian identity.The whole agonising affair is a reminder that abstruse ideas on campus can turn the world on its head. Without postmodernism and its reality-busting offshoots, who could ever have imagined a troublesome “female penis”?

      1. I’m hoping Yaniv shows up at Pride next weekend, preferably with a camera crew in tow to livestream the cabaret on Davie Street as they chase Oger, Premier Horgan and other aristos of the GTFH bully brigade around while they, in turn, desperately try to avoid being caught in the same photo as pedothing.

  13. Speaking of media blackouts…..the current Capitol One security breach is another blatant example. Not a single MSM outlet in the US, has so far, mentioned that the cretin who caused this, is a bragade member. [Shades of the Manning issue are heavy here].

    Amazingly enough, if one were to look at the reports and screenshots of the postings from this bragging poor excuse for cells, one would pick up IMMEDIATELY that the language, the syntax, the pics, etc…..are right out of the brigade playbook. Along with the ‘Duper’s Delight’ smirk. The look of ‘I got away with shit…..and I am the baddest motherf**ker on the planet because of it!!’. No shame in this whatsoever.

    But did this creep get treated, like let’s say a perp who is of color would be? Let me rephrase: treated like persons of color, who are not from the entertainment contingent or the ‘horizontal enrichment’ portion of the brigade? Hell no. Even the microcephalics at NPR did not say anything.

    HOWEVER…..it took those folks at Fox to bring this up. Yep…it took those on the far right, to expose this cretin. Which speaks on multiple levels, the enabling of the left. Damn them….


    1. I find it very disturbing that his actual sex and former name are not being reported. Almost as if the media is colluding in preventing the public from knowing about his (possibly criminal) history. It’s like the Jonathan Yaniv publication ban but without the court order, the news industry is doing it on their own. I see that women in the UK (FairPlayForWomen?) have begun filing complaints against media outlets who do this with IPSO, the UK regulatory body that oversees news orgs. I wonder if there is an equivalent process that could be used in the US. Until then, citizen reporting will continue to ascend, and official news outlets decline.

      1. I agree with you there. Brings up why, let’s say in the case of ‘ASAP Rocky’ and his troubles in Sweden, is his birth name given out, liberally……but this creep cannot be treated same.

        There is nothing, repeat….NOTHING wrong with ‘dead-naming’ a criminal. If this can be done in the papers, charging a person…why the hell not in the news? This is not a ‘respect’ the person issue, they lost that ‘privilege’ the second they decided to rip off the server for Capitol One. Or did what Manning did. What really is telling, is that the reporters on this….they have been in Seattle for the better part of 25+ years or so and their newsroom [both KIRO and KING, the NBC station there] was known for not being so quick to bend to PC. [Sidebar: a few years ago, of all things….in a little email back and forth with the former news director at KING, even he mentioned that the changes there in Seattle….such as to cut costs, the combination of the KING and KIRO newsrooms, with the ‘divide’ being personnel and call signs…was going to lead to some rather odd decisions, about what is and how to handle items that are newsworthy].

        Speaking of balance, years back…there was the little rule in broadcasting, called the ‘fairness doctrine’, the original intent of which was to, if someone were to air one POV [like political], they were obligated to air the opposition. And this could be extended to the issue of criminal names…which in some markets, gave even further rise to the idea of some groups being more prone to commit crime. While it is unlikely in this atmosphere, that rule will come back, it would not surprise, if….the next administration [I think we know which at this point, which is an even scarier thought] were to follow the methodology of the Sinclair Broadcast Group. They are EXTREMELY far right, even compared to let’s say, the folks at Bonneville and have been known to not be very PC…and one could see the direction of the FCC heading that way.

        [One other thing: each station that I know of in this area, has access to the same records of name, addresses, etc…that the police do….with exceptions…so naming anyone in the brigade who is accused of or has committed a crime, can have the birth name found, etc. And there need to be calls for that to be done, in the name of transparency].

        1. As if this could not get any stranger……this is the report that showed up, via MSN a couple hours back.

          Not only does this check off a couple other brigade membership boxes, but the creep may have stolen data from other firms. In reading through and seeing the comments by the housemates, the radar and spidey-sense went off, if only because if what this person does, is considered to be having great computer and coding skills, then it means there is respect for being a crook.

          Eerily familiar, because how many times, be it in reports here or even in other social media corners, is it pointed out, that criminal computer skills are considered to be ‘brigade resume enhancement’ ? Multiple…..

          This, along with the mental illness component and threatening to take the final exit. Uh….gee, doesn’t that go against the community line, that the average brigade member is smarter, more mentally stable and more cognizant of the world than others???? Hmmmm…..


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