News Blackouts on Transgender cases prevent public scrutiny and oversight of the Judges who order them

Judge Bernadette Farnan, right.

It was revealed today that New Zealand Judge Bernadette Farnan ordered a total news blackout on criminal charges against women’s gold medalist Laurel Hubbard, a fat middle-aged man who competes against female powerlifters, because ‘Gender Identity’. Judge Farnan’s media censorship was successfully appealed by news outlet

Gavin ‘Laurel’ Hubbard is the son of wealthy cereal magnate and anti-gay political activist Dick Hubbard. Gavin/Laurel was a mediocre male weightlifting competitor until 2017, when he decided to compete in the female category using over broad ‘Gender Identiy’ protections for transgender people as a shield.

Middle-aged male Gavin Laurel Hubbard occupying the women’s podium

Hubbard was charged with criminally careless driving after an October 24, 2018 incident where he rounded a left hand turn at such high speed that his car fishtailed and he crashed into a vehicle being lawfully operated by a couple in their 60’s, both of whom suffered severe and debilitating injuries. The female victim suffered multiple broken ribs and the male victim received a severe spinal injury which required a long hospital stay, surgical repair, and extensive rehabilitation which is still ongoing.

Judge Bernadette Farnan dismissed criminal charges against Hubbard, suspended his driving privileges for one month, and awarded nominal damages- less than $13,000.


The High Court in Invercargill this week overturned the suppression orders after an appeal by Stuff.

At sentencing on February 4, Judge Bernadette Farnan discharged Hubbard without conviction noting she was a first offender, the low level nature of the accident, Hubbard’s remorse and the reparation payment. She disqualified her from driving for a month (the normal disqualification is six months) and ordered her to pay about $13,000 to the Australian couple. 

In a rare move, the judge also suppressed Hubbard’s name until September 30, so Hubbard could train for qualifying events for the Olympics without the distress caused by social media comments responding to publicity about the charge. 

She suppressed her ruling and any submissions made in open court and said the media could publish only her name and the police summary of facts when the suppression lapsed on September 30. 

Judge Bernadette Farnan’s ruling not only prevented public scrutiny of Gavin Hubbard but also, conveniently, public oversight of the Judge’s own ruling. News blackouts ordered by judges prevent public scrutiny of the activities and rulings of the judges themselves.

Suppression of public scrutiny of criminal charges against men based on the presumed negative reaction of the public to charges raised against them raises a terrifying precedent, but the Hubbard case is not unique. In Canada, news reportage on the case of sexual predator Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, a lunatic racist sexual predator who has targeted vulnerable immigrant women for abuse via loopholes in the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has been also subject to a judiciary media blackout by the judge in charge, Devyn Cousineau. Cousineau is a long term financial sponsor of transgender groups which claim that children who don’t conform to sex stereotypes are born in the wrong bodies and need medical and surgical correction.

Orders scrutiny of her own rulings illegal. Judge Devyn Cousineau: Brazilian waxing is a critical care procedure for women

Devyn Cousineau has previously ruled that Brazilian waxing is a critical care procedure [pdf] for women, required to uphold our ‘Gender Identity’, without which we would apparently expire. How much more sexist and homophobic a ruling could there be? Such a claim could never stand up to public (or pubic!) scrutiny.

Judges who rule to censor their own proceedings in transgender cases do so to protect themselves from scrutiny for their insane and illogical rulings. This is obviously true in the cases like Hubbard and Yaniv that have since been exposed which involve men famous for their predatory activities against women and girls. These men are already famous for their campaigns against the human rights of women and girls. The sole reason for judges to censor the press is to prevent the fourth estate from reporting on the judges themselves. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I can’t help but wonder: What else has been suppressed?

Mentally ill lunatic and “female champion” Gavin Hubbard

18 thoughts on “News Blackouts on Transgender cases prevent public scrutiny and oversight of the Judges who order them

  1. I’ve been trying to follow the “invisible” Jonathan Yaniv case. If it weren’t for a lone feminist – @goinglikeelsie – painstakingly taking notes in the tribunal hearings and then later keying her notes into tweets, Cousineau’s machinations to shelter Yaniv from his flagrant racism, misogyny, and cupidity would be unknowable.

    The note taker is not allowed to use Yaniv’s name because although he has flagrantly advertised his goal of punishing Indian Canadian women for not being willing to go to his condo or let him into their homes to have his dick and balls waxed, he is too dainty a creature to stand behind the 16 tribunal actions he filed.

    The note taker is not allowed to state publicly things Yaniv says before the tribunal that might identify him, so when he tells Cousineau that he has had two mini strokes during a hearing but declines EMTs’ offers of help, #goinglikeelsie can only write that he said he had “two XXX.” Yaniv can then post about his “strokes” on Facebook (later saying he had seizures, not strokes, while the hearing was in progress) because he need do nothing to maintain the anonymity he told the tribunal was vital to his survival.

    He won this anonymity by claiming he would kill himself if he didn’t get it. And then in a weird game of peak-a-boo, he tweeted that he had done this. “Any idea how many suicide threats I’ve sent to DC and DV….” he tweeted on May 25, referring to Cousineau and her assistant Daniel Varnals. “I told Daniel and Devyn that I was going to kill myself multiple times over emails, and phone calls…” while the tribunal was considering his demand to have his identity hidden.

  2. Too right. The Jonathan Yaniv case really is a perfect storm for this — the CBC-led Canadian media is all in for trans ideology, as is the political establishment. There is no doubt in my mind that A LOT of private money is shaping the public conversation on trans issues and they know perfectly well how public knowledge about a taxpayer funded entity (the BC Human Rights Commission) aiding and abetting one weird guy’s terror campaign to get poor women of color to touch his penis and testicles would look. So NO LOOKING IS ALLOWED.

  3. Yaniv’s back in the hearing room today. @goinglikeelsie planned to be there to continue her coverage by delayed tweeting.

    1. This is @Goinglikeelsie’s tweeted account of the July 16, 2019, hearing on one of Yaniv’s complaints to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. It is astonishing, 67 tweets long, about 20 minutes’ reading time:

      As @Goinglikeelsie sat in the public proceeding taking notes, Yaniv’s mother, Miriam, threatened and photographed her after Yaniv himself tried to get her excluded from the public hearing.

      The woman Yaniv cited in the complaint for refusing to wax his male genitals in her home studio declined to participate in the hearing, so only Yaniv presented evidence and he then had his mother give testimony. Together, they presented a bizarre picture of delusion and entitlement.

      Tomorrow, July 17, another hearing will be held on yet another waxing complaint Yaniv filed and @Goinglikeelsie said she plans to take notes then as well despite Miriam Yaniv’s threats, which @Goinglikeelsie reported to the tribunal. Although Yaniv complained at the July 16 hearing about the time he was having to spend pursuing his complaints, he also said he was preparing to file more because he’s been denied other types of services like facials and eyelash extensions. He informed the tribunal member conducting the hearing that he plans to seek $500,000 or more for misconduct by the JCCF lawyer who represented two clients at previous hearings and will represent a third client at the July 17 hearing. He didn’t indicate what the basis was for the misconduct allegation.

      1. Thanks Quiet One. Keep in mind that the Thread Reader App disappears when/if a twitter account is suspended or goes private. Thread Reader does not archive tweets.

        LMAO it seems that Lindsay Shepherd showed up at the hearing and Jonathan tried to have her banned? “Member says I was questioned during last hearing – no violation. JY wants XXX and XXX banned. Has a little brag about getting XXX banned very recently. Member sees no basis to close hearing and I can stay. JY wants to add parent as witness for this and next @JCCFCanada hearing.”

        ETA: Oops my mistake. Apparently Yaniv wanted Shepherd (and presumably Meghan Murphy) prophylactically banned from future hearings.

        1. Interesting how Judge Devyn Cousineau uses time during a court case with Jonathan Yaniv where the JCCF is not present, to advise and coach Yaniv on his upcoming case vs. JCCF. She warns him that it would be in his best interest not to testify about online harassment because doing so would allow JCCF to present evidence of his pedophilia and harassment of underaged girls online.

          Then she discusses Yaniv’s upcoming case for damages against JCCF, wholly irrelevant to the current proceeding, in which JCCF is not involved or present.

          “Says if JY brings up,online harassment, they are opening a can of worms as @JurisCameron can address it, (other side, causes?)

          JY? Is there a max threshold for costs re improper conduct?
          Member says no threshold. JY gives a little laugh and says okay.”

          1. That stood out for me, too. My understanding is that the HRT law directs tribunal staff to assist complainants in a number of ways, but yesterday Cousineau went beyond advising on process to outright strategizing against the lawyer for three respondents.

            I was also stunned when I learned Cousineau didn’t step aside in making the decision to silence the Canadian media after having repeated private exchanges with Yaniv in which he threatened suicide. The HRT members have a mixed advocate/arbiter role, but that degree of ex parte communication, especially involving repeated coercion, would seem to rob Cousineau of any appearance of impartiality.

          2. Agree on both counts.

            Could come up in appeal.

            Could also be grounds for a separate, independent complaint filed by JCCF against the tribunal.

  4. Lindsay Shepherd banned from twitter for responding to outrageous sexualized abuse from Yaniv.
    The Toronto Sun lies about the circumstances of Shepherd’s ban, under legal order from British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Devyn Cousineau, who ordered that the media cannot report the facts surrounding the ban. Cousineau is directly responsible for media defamation and libel against women harmed by Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv.

    Polarizing free-speech activist Lindsay Shepherd banned from Twitter

    Can a victim of media defamation, libel, and harassment caused by Devyn Cousineau file a human rights complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal asking for damages?

    1. Has anyone ever sued the BC Human Rights Tribunal for damages to reputation and income? I can’t find any precedent.

  5. A woman who identifies as a man lost her case to remain anonymous in media coverage of her court case to be named the “father” on the child’s Birth certificate.

    One of the reasons she lost anonymous status is because she has been participating in a documentary under her actual name:

    “Since then, lawyers involved in the case have found out McConnell had for the past three years been involved in a documentary, Seahorse, about his journey to fatherhood through IVF treatment.

    The film identifies McConnell, shares his intimate thoughts about the process of conception, pregnancy and giving birth, and includes footage of him giving birth.”

    Media wins right to name transgender man battling to be named ‘father’ on own child’s birth certificate

  6. Hi Gallus, been meaning to comment for ages to say how much I have appreciated your blog over the years. When I first started reading about JY on Twitter and didn’t know what was going on, I hopped over to GenderTrender because I knew you would have the scoop and of course you did! I am currently attending another BCHRT hearing that is in day six – it is regarding a transgender person who had previously been in a woman’s correctional institution. BL reoffended and was being kept in a men’s remand centre. After BL’s request to go back to the woman’s institution was denied (but later approved), BL filed this complaint dating from 2016. Going to tweet my notes once hearing is finished and then attend another hearing at the end of Novenber – another transgender offender (murder) who wants to be in a woman’s institution and also to have kosher food! Best – Elsie

    1. Hi Elsie! Thank you for the kind words and for your ongoing work reporting on the activities of the BCHRT. Fantastic stuff. Incredible that issues and cases of such importance to women’s rights are being completely unreported by the media.
      BTW I’m surprised that the kosher food guy has not yet been extradited for trial to Washington state where the murder was committed. I wonder if his BC Human Rights Tribunal complaints are actually allowing him to delay extradition. Anyway, best to you and I will be following your important reportage. x

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