Posie Parker asks Maria Miller “What is a woman?”

Posie Parker runs women’s rights group Standing For Women.

Maria Miller is the chair of the Women and Equalities Committee in the Uk Parliament.

*Spoiler: Miller refuses, or is unable, to answer.

34 thoughts on “Posie Parker asks Maria Miller “What is a woman?”

    1. Watching this actually makes me tear up a bit. Phenomenal work. The only thing that could have been better is if Posie repeated the words sexism and misogyny more frequently. Christ I wish I could have been there. To every woman who showed up for this I want to say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” I have been imagining this protest for the last ten years. When I started writing about this issue, people -even those in the lesbian and gay community- had no idea what was going on. I loved what Posie said about making sure these people can’t say ten to fifteen years from now, that they didn’t know. LOVE IT.
      <3 <3 <3

      1. Posie Parker and all the women working with her are amazing sheroes in the fight of our lives for women’s and children’s rights to be free from patriarchal oppression. She is fearless, courageous and unstoppable and for that we should all thank her. The British women are leading the way. Unfortunately. there is great fear of confronting the gender identity beast, in part because of the real threats to life and livelihood. The controversy at fourth wave about use of botched surgeries is sad because Posie and all are pushing us to take the kind of non-violent confrontational action which is now necessary to try to break the barrier of censorship of our gender critical ideas. Visionary, bold ideas and actions are what we need to have. I wonder what the critics of Posie and company’s tactics are doing? Probably not much but criticizing. The Time to join in actions with our sisters is now!

      2. Posie is doing exactly what the suffragists did a century ago in the struggle for the right of women to vote. Women cannot get anywhere by being nice. There are very few people around who are as media and politically savvy as she is. Posie has done awesome work, and, since she doesn’t have to worry about losing a job, she can afford to stick her neck out. She can handle her critics. Women all over the world should be grateful to her and others who stand with her in telling the brutal truth about this transgender nonsense.

  1. This is interesting. Blogger 4thWaveNow who blogs against transitioning children has not come out in support of yesterdays Stonewall protest. They haven’t covered it at all. Instead, they have opted to smear Posie Parker over some posters at the rally which showed examples of “gender surgeries” inflicted on women and girls because the images offended millionaire payday lender attorney troll Cathy ‘sleep with a bunch of twenty year olds’ Brennan and a few detransitioners who had their fee fees hurt. Wow!

    What a difference a week makes.

    Last week:

    This week:

    Hypocrisy much?

    It’s interesting how women who celebrate and re-post right wingers like Andrew Sullivan and Dave Davies turn their backs on the only woman to ever organize a protest against transitioning children.

    GenderTrending= Keeping it Real. 24/7.

    1. Well, Ms Parker is Slytherin. What is 4thWaveNow?
      I wish we had someone like her where I am. I am unable to organize anything myself, but would totally show up for something like that, even if I didn’t agree with everything in every poster.

    2. 4thWaveNow likes their cash cows. My comments over there have been censored, most recently when I addressed Lierre Keith’s expensive litigation habit whereby she and DGR systematically drain the RF community of its collective resources every couple of years instead of helping women directly and/or funding its litigation through its male allies that allegedly support women and RF so much. There are also issues of taking donations “on behalf” of independent bloggers and then keeping it for themselves. Where there are conflicting interests, 4thWave seems to err on the side of not offending Cathy Brennan or monied males.

        1. This is ridiculous and you know it. Not a single claim here has any basis in reality.

        1. Deep Green Resistance, and I am troubled by these allegations. I’m not sure how anyone can drain the meager resources of the radical feminist community — can someone provide more information WITH SOURCES?

          1. I think she’s talking about how DGR did a fundraiser to help feminist/lesbian bloggers censored by WordPress.com/Automattic – they raised 21 grand and did nothing to help us and just kept the money.

          2. GallusMag, DGR didn’t do nothing. They filed on behalf of the blog they had authority over (legally, they needed your authorization to act on your behalf and do they even know who you are? would you even want them to?), after which, Automattic released their media files, and iirc, everyone else’s too. So that’s not *nothing*.

            But it’s true that legal issues cost a lot of money, whether it’s DGR or Meghan Murphy vs Twitter or what’shername vs Labour Party. I gave you the same amount I gave Meghan and DGR, and I truly don’t care what you did with it, as long as you got it. You can afford to throw a really big party with what they need for basic costs (wish I had that much to give), and you’re more than welcome to.

            I think legal filings have to happen (I’m doing that here, trying to convince the human rights commission where I am that sex is still a protected class) – we need supportive rulings. Think Roe v. Wade: bet that didn’t come cheap. But of course we also need bloggers, and rallies. We need it all, and we need to support it all.

          3. For 21 grand DGR/WOLF could have funded two dedicated servers with 24/7 personal security to host every gender critical/ radfem / lesbian blog that has ever existed on the internet for more than ten years. They could have established an entire feminist infrastructure to meet the claimed goal of their fundraiser. Instead they did nothing, and achieved nothing, and robbed a bunch of women who were upset at bloggers being censored.

          4. “They filed on behalf of the blog they had authority over (legally, they needed your authorization to act on your behalf and do they even know who you are? would you even want them to?”

            DGR/WOLF specifically cited my blog in their fundraising appeal. Extensively. They robbed a bunch of women by specifically pretending to represent me. They are criminals.

  2. I don’t understand the objection to the posters with the images of SRS. It’s not like the photos were hacked or stolen. They posted these pictures themselves. And not in any private trans only forum. They posted them on social media for any and all to see. Doctors posted them to promote their ‘services’. They’ve been re-posted on all the Gender Critical forums.

    As for the comparisons to do-called pro-life photos. Those pictures are mostly fake. And in the cases where they weren’t they were stolen. Women don’t post pictures of their abortions on social media. Doctors don’t use those photos in promos.

    TRAs love to use ridiculously childish euphemisms—bottom surgery, top surgery. No. Call this shit what it is. They’re doing unnecessary irreversible surgery on CHILDREN. It’s an abomination and everyone should see it. If it’s okay then seeing it shouldn’t be a problem.

    What exactly are we doing here? I don’t give a tip about offending people who are mutilating children. I wish I could put on a fucking slide show in the middle of Times Square and Piccadilly Circus of new thing but these photos.

  3. I argued a transactivist into a corner one time and got her to admit that it’s absolutely impossible to define the word “woman” in any way. Instead of hitting peak trans, like I did when I started trying to define “woman,” she just held on even tighter, and acted like there was no issue at all in claiming to be a thing even though you can’t describe the thing you’re claiming to be. Unbelievable.

  4. Geez that previous post is loaded with typos! The last sentence should say NOTHING not NEW THING.

    I hate these kind of public disputes amongst feminists though I suppose it’s par for the course. Some people don’t like Posie because she’s conservative and appeared at a Heritage Foundation event. She also said she believe TIFs should be sterilized. I’m opposed to involuntarily sterilization but yeah I am totally annoyed by these women who claim to hate being women but then do the most womanly thing possible—give birth. Makes no damned sense.

    Unfortunately this issue attracts two different and diametrically opposes groups. One of those groups have limitless funds and the other does not. Some feminists seem concerned about being tarred with the same brush but it seems to me we already are.

    1. Is Posie conservative though? I thought she was more of a centrist. (Then again, the centrists are the swing voters who elected Trump- after they elected Obama. So I dunno.)

      My recollection of the sterilizing TIFs comment was that people tried to get her “cancelled” (lol) over an out-of-context tweet in a conversation about a woman who was raising her child to believe that she was the child’s biological father. Posie said this was child abuse and then made the tweet about TIFs who want to abuse children in this way should be sterilized. It’s still a heavy handed comment, but Posie definitely likes to shoot her mouth off a bit and toss things out there for discussion before she knows where they will land. She seems pretty self-aware about this tendency and I know she has talked about it. Maybe she should reel it in a bit. Or maybe not. You can’t make light without heat and having a bit of troll in you might be a job requirement for what she is trying to do- bring attention and awareness to these issues.

      It’s not that I object to public disputes among feminists- agree that it’s par for the course. I just think something else is happening when interested parties will re-port, link to, and applaud the “good parts” of messages even from unquestionably male right wing sources (Dave Davies, Andrew Sullivan etc etc) but will completely no-platform and savage Posie for not being “nice”- whether by confronting the Press Officer of HRC in a capital hill meeting room, stating that even far-right Tommy Robinson (*spoiler alert- I have no idea who he is) was like a stopped clock on the topic of grooming gangs, making some ham-fisted tweet about sterilizing child abusers, or holding up posters of girls with their tits chopped off (especially when they post the same images themselves).

      I mean, I get it. I get why some people don’t like her. She’s a loose cannon. She may not need to be employed at this point in her life but she obviously comes from the working class- some people don’t like that. She talks real talk. But I can see why some people might not want to celebrate her uncritically.

      I just think it’s strange that at this point, approaching critical mass (hopefully) as a movement, that people can’t give her at least the same respect and consideration that they give men who are demonstrably anti-feminist. Instead of essentially no-platforming her. They did the same thing to me to a large extent, and others. When Janet Mock got my blog taken down the first time (because he objected to being referred to as a gay male- the horror!) I actually had the same women writing to me to tell me I should stop saying the word “fuck” on my blog if I wanted their support. LMAO. One of them started a blog where they essentially re-wrote my posts nearly word for word, without credit or citation or a link, cutting out all the cuss words and funny parts. I mean, holy shit. So there really is something else going on here. The problem is not Posie Parker. It’s easy enough to say “Posie Parker, whose tactics some find controversial…” while still discussing her activism, even if you hate her. You don’t have to trash her. You don’t have to no-platform her. That’s why I say there is something else going on here.

      I mean, when Julie Bindel told Paris Lees that ‘Yes, men can be lesbians’ in an interview, I covered it, but I focused on other areas of agreement, namely Lees seeming inability to understand or respond to a feminist critique of gender. I didn’t lead with Julie’s belief that men can be female homosexuals. I didn’t trash her even though I thought that part of her interview was laughably absurd (at best). Why? Because respect. It’s not that hard, people. x

      1. You are right, Gallus. There are so many women who are made deeply uncomfortable by women who don’t show sufficient levels of female socialisation in how they act and communicate. Including a lot of women who think themselves feminists and don’t realise how many patriarchal ideas they’re carrying around about how women ‘should’ behave. Some of the same women who condemned Posie have no problem commending right-wing radio talk hosts and the like for being critical of the trans movement, despite the fact that those men say and do way more offensive things than even the most ‘rough’ or ‘uncouth’ woman out there. In their minds, it’s okay for men to have that irreverent, confrontational, belligerent approach to issues, but god help a woman who doesn’t spend 16 hours carefully weighing every word and then start and end with an apology and a disclaimer about her own shortcomings.
        I think a lot of women have internalised the idea that communicating so apologetically and timidly, or so carefully and respectfully, will somehow either save them from male violence and male ridicule, or will make men actually listen to their arguments and treat them as human beings. They cling desperately to that idea because recognising the truth (that the vast majority of men don’t give a fuck, and never will give a fuck about women) must just be too scary. It’s takes away the false hope that things will get better just by being nice.
        And it results in ridiculous things like Kathleen Stock doing an interview with Meghan Murphy and talking sanctimoniously about the importance of ‘optics’, when the reality is men will never allow women’s liberation to have ‘good optics’ because it’s their damn worst nightmare. (tbf I don’t think Meghan thought much of Stock’s argument about ‘optics’).
        I once sat down and had a think about what the Left have done to lesbians and lesbian spaces over the past 10-20 years, and I pretty much came to the conclusion that yes, the Right may indeed hate gays and lesbians and wish us ill, but the Left (speaking obviously about several democratic western countries) are the ones who have been most successful in actively destroying lesbians and lesbian spaces and getting anti-lesbian sentiment accepted into the mainstream in a myriad of ways … So why are there so many women out there who are reluctant to denounce the Left, who act as if the Left just took an accidental and unfortunate wrong turn somewhere. In fact, the lesbian-hatred of the Left is a feature, not a bug, and in certain parts of the western world, I’d probably say that the Left poses a greater and more serious threat to lesbians than the Right at this point in time. It’s reached the point where supporting the Left means supporting the annihilation of lesbians, but I’m expected to sit back and be nice about that to clueless would-be allies still holding out hope for the Left because….Why again? While those same people tut about lesbians speaking out about our own annihilation at the only venues that will accept us.

        1. Such a joy to see Posie Parker pop up as in this hideous article titled “The TERF Celebration of gay Star News Closing is Sickening”. The author is a self-described “anti-TERF queer journalist” named Shannon J Power. She is yet another bisexual woman who hates lesbians and loves men, and made a good living trashing lesbians on behalf of men, by being on staff at the awful, anti-feminist anti-lesbian Gay Star News, which is now going out of business. Now she needs to find another racket where she can make a living trashing lesbians, and she is apparently surprised that she will not be missed. Boo hoo hoo.

          Anyway, she whines about it (she’s a terrible writer btw) here:

          Here’s an actual sentence Shannon J. Power has constructed for this article (apparently the Independent made her change the title of her piece, it was too hateful even for their opinion/blog pages):

          “The ongoing “debate” about trans people’s right to existence detracts greatly from the more pressing issues the community needs addressed. ”

          Hahaha. Dur… okay… what an idiot.
          Anyway, Shannon J. Power did have the wisdom to quote Posie Parker, which redeemed the piece and gave me a chuckle.

    2. As for the Heritage Foundation (LMAO what a horrible name) I would take their money in a heartbeat with no guilt whatsoever, as long as no conditions were attached. I think we should fleece them for anything we can get. As long as no conditions are attached. So, if you are a far right gay hating sexist “Heritage” dickhead, please send me ALLLLLLLL the money you want! I will spend every penny. 🙂

    3. I read the twitter thread including the transmen should be sterilized tweet, and the context is important to understand what she was saying. She was saying that if a hypothetical transman has a baby and tells the child that they do not have a mother, only fathers, that it is unfair to the child. As children they are robbed of the concept of having had a mother, which posie obviously values as a mother herself. I agree that it is a horrible thing to lie about to a child, and so instead of appealing to TIFs to give up their identity, she was saying they should get sterilized as a more definite means to prevent pregnancy. She was also saying that pregnancy is a female experience and antithetical to being male, so why wouldn’t TIFs prioritize being sterilized? She was outraged at how many TIFs get pregnant. it is the kind of conversation that is not suited for twitter because the platform is the enemy of nuance.

      Anyway, posie isn’t conservative. She is pro-choice and pro-lesbian/gay, she won’t pretend islam is a great religion for women and people have called her racist for that. She also doesn’t hesitate to get things done, even if it means working with people she disagrees with on other issues. She is pragmatic. She is a stay at home mother who has a conventionally feminine appearance, I think that leads to a lot of false assumptions about her politics. She is very gender non-conforming in terms of her actions and words, that takes a lot more bravery than refusing to shave imo.

      I also remember an outrage mob against posie when she and julia long confronted some members of congress about childhood transition. Again, the same exact twitter outrage mob condemned their “tactics” when it was just interrupting a meeting. None of the people criticizing Posie seems to be involved in IRL activism (with the exception of julie bindel). Seeing the majority of people reflexively condemn her is extremely irritating to me. I have more or less given up on the solidarity aspect of RF online, it is just doesn’t seem to happen, everyone is so eager to tear each other down. There isn’t even acknowledgment of the bravery or effort involved in publicly confronting trans rights activists, just criticism.

      1. Ah, gotcha. Thank you for clearing that up. I like that Posie seems to get shit done and to quote a line from a fave movie of mine, ‘It’s a revolution! We have to offend someBODY!!!’

        She’s brave enough to put her face out there and gets results. That’s good enough for me.

  5. I definitely agree with everything you said about disputes amongst feminists. I might be wrong about Parker’s political leanings. I’ve only been following her on Facebook for a brief time and will be the first to admit I don’t really get British politics. Throw in the whole social class bit and I’m totally lost!

    As for working with groups you might otherwise oppose, I don’t believe in purity tests. I’m too pragmatic for that. I’m absolutely convinced that’s the mindset that got us the asshole who occupies the White House now. We have to find support where we can. You can agree with people about one issue (even if the reasons for your agreement differ) without supporting their entire platform.

    As for this tendency to ‘cancel’ women when men are allowed to slide with the same, or worse behavior. Nothing annoys me more! We’re radical feminists because we believe in critical thinking. We’re not always going to agree. And that’s okay. But throwing one another under the bus is self-defeating.

  6. LMAO> What’s not to like?

    “Incite violence”=”make our side violent”. LMAO
    We heard that Posie Parker and Julia Long may appear and we fear for the safety of our fists which may be harmed by punching them. We fear than a feminist viewpoint may unfairly incite our male members into committing violence against women because bitches made us do it. LOLOLOLOL.

    Seriously, love me some Posie. <3

    1. Men are “silenced” by the public presence of women that men would like to commit violence upon. WOW. Jesus. How is this not a Trans Taliban?

      1. Look what you made me do
        Every man ever standing over a woman with a black eye

  7. About Posie: I believe she was a labour supporter, a leftie, but, like many of us, found the left’s misogyny just too overwhelming and so has gone her own way politically. The same has happened to me and many other radical feminists and lesbians over the left’s overwhelming support and enabling of gender/trans ideology. It just made totally clear that the left cares nothing for lesbians and all women who do not center men. Posie Parker, who is not a lesbian or may not even call herself a radical feminist, is “controversial” because she is a fearless, outspoken woman, who will not be silenced. I only wish she lived in the U.S. We need her. I cannot get any lesbians/radical feminists in my so called woman centered area to take any action, they are all afraid. I totally agree with GallusMag about taking money or space to talk from those we may not agree with, so called right or left, if it furthers our cause of exposing this shitstorm of gender delusions for what it is: woman and child hating. Posie and other wonderful women spoke at the heritage foundation, I believe, none of them are members nor are they naive. If we can’t even rent a hall to have our forums, and the rightwingers are not intimidated by the threats, bullying and crybabies of the trans/gender crowd, then why wouldn’t we take what is offered until we are given the platform it is our right to have? Of course there may be limits, and much to discourse about here, but first let’s admit that we are being no platformed by the left. That is the issue, free speech.

  8. It is amusing to see a gradual increase in the number of people who are expecting a straight answer to a straight question. There is a long queue, with plenty of us still waiting for our answers to questions about uncontested assertions related to education, the way people are supposed to raise children, who is allowed to do what on the basis of their perception of ethnicity, which individuals are never to blame for their own actions versus which groups are responsible for events that happened before they were born, who is a victim versus who should just get a grip and so on.

    Expect a long wait.

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