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On the heels of the Jonathan Yaniv saga: Another Crazy BC Human Rights Tribunal Case

Do Canadian citizens have the “Human Right” to donate blood without having their sex and their medical history recorded? One non-binary person, who had their sex deleted from their birth certificate and replaced with an “x” claims it is, and has filed a discrimination claim with the same tribunal overseeing the Yaniv case. The imposition […]


lmao “pick your side”.


Let it begin. #WAXMYBALLS

News Blackouts on Transgender cases prevent public scrutiny and oversight of the Judges who order them

It was revealed today that New Zealand Judge Bernadette Farnan ordered a total news blackout on criminal charges against women’s gold medalist Laurel Hubbard, a fat middle-aged man who competes against female powerlifters, because ‘Gender Identity’. Judge Farnan’s media censorship was successfully appealed by news outlet Gavin ‘Laurel’ Hubbard is the son of wealthy […]

Courtroom Play by Play of Jonathan Yaniv’s #WaxMyBalls Tribunal

Posie Parker asks Maria Miller “What is a woman?”

Posie Parker runs women’s rights group Standing For Women. Maria Miller is the chair of the Women and Equalities Committee in the Uk Parliament. *Spoiler: Miller refuses, or is unable, to answer.