10 thoughts on “The Big Picture: Gender Identity on Trial

  1. Excellent video. This is so idiotic. Males should never be allowed to compete against female athletes.

  2. So glad you are back, you were missed. This is so refreshing, to have an interviewer asking pointed questions without hostility to gender critical guests. Am I right in assuming this comes from Russian state t.v? and if so, that is ironic. However, much appreciated since our ideas on the great harm that gender identity does to females, and all children and teens, is so rarely covered in the U.S. Love the courage and clarity of Sara Dansky.

    1. Russian state tv? What a strange assumption. The Big Picture is a political news show from Washington DC that has been running for around twenty years. Also, her name is Kara Dansky, not Sara.
      I agree, Kara did a fantastic job.

        1. It’s an American show, been on for twenty years. I guess he has some kind of network distribution agreement with RT. Guess that explains KarenB’s confusion!

  3. OMG, I just found out that you’re back online! I am about 3-4 months late in getting the news, apparently. Anyway, so happy that you are back. As news gets around, all your old followers will find there way here.

  4. How refreshing NOT to have to listen to the “other side.” And I have zero problem with it being run on Russia Today, which has many excellent programs (that should be running on American television if it weren’t so abysmal).

  5. RT stands for Russian Television. It is funded by the Russian government. It is gender-critical because Russian government is both homophobic and opposed to transgenderism, as I understand.
    Kara Dansky and the other guest did a great job. Thanks for posting this.

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