Goody ‘Harry Potter’ Author JK Rowling was seen cavorting in the moonlight with lesbian witches on Twitter so now she is cancelled and her name besmirched. Or some such.

A man named Kevin Maginn, a pornsick 45 year old (of course) straight white male autogynephile IT professional working in video games (naturally) who recently began “identifying” as a “little girl” (as they are wont to do) as part of his heroic mid-life journey of self discovery, revealed yesterday the results of his latest research project: trolling the 700+ accounts that ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling follows on twitter looking for evidence of any that may not be inclined to fully embrace the truthiness of middle aged males reinventing themselves as female youths.

Kevin Maginn, 45 year old male ‘little girl’ and JK Rowling stalker.

As men do when patrolling the social lives of female celebrities whom they stalk, looking for hidden signs that may communicate the woman’s potential affirmation or rejection of themselves as deeply interested and invested utter strangers, Kevin Maginn, now calling himself Kiva Labyrinthine (as one does) decided that some of celebrated author JK Rowling’s social contacts, according to his extensive research, did not meet his approval and did not conform to whatever idea he had in his head about the famous woman, and his imagined relationship to her.

13,000 men “like” closely monitoring social activities of women authors

In years past, Kevin Maginn (Kiva Labyrinthine) would have been put on a stalker list and possibly investigated by law enforcement due to his extraordinary and inappropriate engagement in the social activities of a woman in public life. He certainly would have been placed on a watch list.

What kind of guy investigates 700+ social contacts of a female celebrity? It’s terrifying, really.

But in 2019, Kevin/Kiva is a social justice warrior embraced by other guys who also imagine that they may not be viewed kindly by a female celebrity in the way they believe they deserve. 13+ thousand of them.

It isn’t a mistake that the woman these men target is one of the most prolific and cherished authors of our time. That’s the point.

All women: expect to be surveilled and judged according to an imagined relationship projected by male strangers whom you don’t know. They’re watching you.

Bonus. Actual lols: