4 thoughts on “Professor Alice Roberts is Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham

  1. Now she says she is leaving Twitter because of all the “hate, bile, and misogyny” directed at her on it. Compare to Meghan Murphy, who faced far worse and then was KICKED off for not kowtowing to MRA fake feminist ideology on sex and gender.

  2. I’m right back to Nina Paley’s remark on Feminist Current in which she says you can identify however you want, but you cannot tell me how I identify you. I would have no trouble in the least telling a man I perceived him to be a man, but then I am not a panderer to patriarchy. Has it ever occurred to any of these academics that the world consists of more than feelings? (I should also add that I separate “feelings” into actual feelings — anger, joy, love, grief, etc — and pseudo feelings, which are usually junk in our heads.)

  3. What is a “Professor of Public Engagement in Science” anyway? Is she herself actually a scientist of some kind? Or is she just another handmaiden of the new orthodoxy? Oh, she’s also a “television presenter” apparently. Wonder if she’s acquainted with Dr. Wong, another multi-hat wearer/T-champion.
    These anti-science grifters should be run out of any self-respecting university.

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