5 thoughts on “Ma’amsplaining

  1. He looks like a literal ogre in a dress. The woman he’s talking at hides it well, but I can tell from her stiff posture and face that she’s tense. The ogre in the dress is trying his best to intimidate her, no doubt.

  2. Everything about his posture and facial expression is bullying and intimidating especially when you take into consideration his size and former military career.

    I really wish someone would come out with a clothing line for these dudes. I know they wear sleeveless dresses because their broad shoulders don’t fit in dresses with sleeves but it’s not a good look. He always looks particularly ridiculous.

    1. I actually don’t think many of them are even trying to “pass”. They know they look like unwashed ogres with their male pattern baldness, cartoon superhero chins, and “breasts” set so far apart that they look like pec implants gone wrong. Instead they take pleasure in knowing that everyone can instantly tell that they’re huge ugly dudes but have to pretend they’re true ‘n honest women to boot. And they very much get off on threatening with legal consequences should someone fall out of line. Well, apart from those that threaten with literal violence, e.g. “I punch TERFS”

      1. especially when you can threaten someone younger or smaller, like a teenage boy

  3. Sadly, it looks like Jenny Del Toro (@funcoolgirl10) has been permanently suspended from Twitter. She had a wickedly funny way of calling out trans bullshit. Because her tweets were so biting yet funny and truthful, I’ve seen them featured in several online blogs and news sites. I imagine her skill at revealing the emperor’s state of complete nakedness made her a prime target for Twitter elimination.

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