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Finally found time to listen to the BBC HARDTalk interview with Ruth Hunt, the outgoing Chief Executive of Stonewall UK.

Hunt, 39, is a Catholic lesbian and Oxford University graduate who was promoted to head Stonewall after the org achieved its goals of legal equality for lesbians and gays. She had previously served under various titles at Stonewall for over a decade, her entire professional career, having never held another job.

Stonewall (like most western gay rights orgs following the success of equality in military service, adoption, marriage) was faced with the challenging prospect of expanding their advocacy internationally to address remaining areas of criminality of homosexuality worldwide, particularly in Islamic theocracies. Like most gay rights groups little of Stonewall’s activism has ever been directed internationally and their positions have often been seen by their constituents as ill-conceived and controversial.

Facing a decline in financial support caused by their obsolescence and ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of international campaigns, members of gay rights groups who (like Ruth Hunt) resisted employment in the public sector sought to maintain the economic and political infrastructure created by the gay rights movement by selling it out to the highest bidder, in this case and every other, the interests of moneyed heterosexual white males.

In this interview Ruth Hunt talks about how support for the former gay rights organization exploded from private and corporate donors when Stonewall’s mission changed from supporting gay rights to serving the interests of those who object to homosexuality, who want to outlaw its expression, and who lobby to sterilize children who show signs that they might grow up to be gay. She considers this a huge success.

It’s interesting to hear the tap-dance of an unemployable lesbian grifter who makes a six figure salary redirecting the infrastructure of a formerly gay rights organization to represent the interests of wealthy homophobes who consider lesbianism a form of discrimination against men and who advocate for chemical castration of pre-pubertal of children who might be gay.

Listen for yourself:

15 thoughts on “Bye Felicia

  1. Very well put, GM!
    It saddens me to think how many gay people, having no heirs, left sometimes very considerable estates to these gay rights orgs, only to have their legacies twisted and used against the very people they were meant to help.

  2. That final sentence is genuinely elegant — funny, devastating, and structurally sound the whole way through. Try saying it out loud without taking a breath!

  3. Just like in real life organizations. Online the gay males, “trans” people, straight people, make more money and are more visible on social media. And now many lesbians are betraying by staying silent or giving our private spaces, groups, money to everyone else. That’s why lesbians should be gathering more in real life to keep the community going.

    1. I remember Voz! Does he still live in an isolated mountain cabin?? I’m not surprised the kids think he is some sort of Terf boogeyman.

        1. I think he is also the one who started calling F2Ts who he didn’t like “runts with c*nts”, as a misogynistic corollary to “chicks with dicks”.

  4. I think it was Julie Bindel who said that she had a long chat with Ruth Hunt around the time Hunt became director of Stonewall where Hunt expressed similar concerns to Bindel’s regarding the T. If this is true, and I have no particular reason to doubt it, Hunt isn’t a pathetic lackey, she’s a sellout who has always known what she’s doing and what the consequences are for the LGB.

  5. Hey Gallus, so good to see you are back in the ring !

    I don’t know how to contact you otherwise so I’ll leave this here.

    Are you aware of a MTF cosmetic surgeon, Gregory Dowbak ? Despite the profile photo with a Dolly Partonesque wig and a face full of make up, Dr.Dowbak has kept his birth name. His speciality is a sort of extreme liposuction and fat transfer. The women who are his clients refer to themselves as “dolls”. It’s pretty creepy. There’s a site called “The Real Self” where people who have undergone cosmetic procedures talk about this, with photos and reviews. I just read this review and it sounds, well, precarious and unprofessional:

    His professional reputation is built on making women look as cartoonish as possible, which is no doubt informed by his AGP-ness. It’s a frightening loop.


    To me this is a bad people on both sides thing, but basically when various online services declined to police speech that probably should have been kiboshed, they decided on “ad-pocalypse” instead by de-monetizing channels. This sounds awesome in theory (especially if you read The Guardian) but the ad takedowns is a tide that not only casts a wider net than it should, it’s potentially a tide taking down all boats with it. And, of course, the people behind killing this advertising don’t need it as much because they’re backed by deep pockets of corporate america, even if companies like Vox know they can make money off of “social justice” outrage while slapping down their unionized employees.

    Being mean to trans might make a few people some chump change but it’s a tiny amount compared to what NGOs and PACs and Pharma all have to throw around so the The Guardian is completely misrepresenting the real power structure here, even if I’m not a fan of Crowder’s “humor.” And again, the author at The Guardian is a tech guru writer, not even an especially political one, at least in stories assigned most weeks, and yet they knew exactly how to slant all this stuff as if they were working on behalf of a PAC.

    And lastly, despite the “anti-gay” line and the centrality of Carlos Maza to the story, none of the three people interviewed is a gay or lesbian “cis” person; that demographic has been erased by the Neoliberals that Be.

    1. And they didn’t interview any social conservatives either. Crowder? Jesus he’s about as mild a right winger as possible. These Silicon Valley monopolies deserve every bit of backlash they’re about to get. Unfortunately for the rest of us, part of that backlash will include another term of Trump.

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