Stephen King- Diversity and British Values Lead at Manchester Enterprise Academy (Twitter)

UK- Mr. Stephen King, history teacher and (amazingly) head of the Manchester Enterprise Academy’s ‘diversity ambassador team’ commented from an official school twitter account that he was ‘horrified’ by a school guidance packet from parents group Transgender Trend which recommended that secondary schools seek out positive gender-nonconforming lesbian and gay role-models to speak to students. The advice was included by Transgender Trend in their School Resources Packet along with 20 other suggestions designed to “Broaden Gendered Expectations and Relax Rules” within secondary education institutions.

The Manchester Enterprise Academy official stated that the suggestion was “Horrifying” and the group was “Disgusting” for suggesting it. His sentiments were seconded by Helen Islan, Marketing Officer for controversial UK charity Mermaids. Mermaids advocate for medical sterilization of gender non-conforming children who might be gay. Helen Islan was the only individual who “liked” the comments.

Positive Lesbian and Gay role models are “Horrifying” and “Disgusting” says homophobe

The homophobic comments erupted in response to the publication of an article by transgender teacher (paywalled) Debbie Hayton in TES, a weekly UK subscription publication for teachers. Hayton recommended Transgender Trend’s school packet for its attention to safeguarding and equality law regarding sex and gender which was not adequately addressed in guidance from other groups.

Mr. King is not only in charge of “diversity” at Manchester Enterprise Academy, he is also the Nominated Lead Member of Staff for Manchester Enterprise Academy’s compliance with the Department of Education’s ‘British Values’ initiative. You can read his statement on British Values and Manchester Enterprise Academy’s intentions here (PDF):

The Transgender Trend School Resource Pack “Supporting Gender Diverse and Trans-identified Students in Schools” has been shortlisted for a John Maddox Prize (sponsored by science journal Nature) and is recommended by the Tavistock Clinic (the only clinic in the UK which treats trans-identified children). Transgender Trend is the only group whose guidelines support lesbian, gay, and gender diverse students. You can read more about them here:

You can (and should!) donate to them by clicking here:

Decide for yourself and read the full School Guidelines from Transgender Trend that homophobes think are “Disgusting”(PDF) here:

[UPDATE: Mr. King deleted his comments]