Manchester Enterprise Academy “Horrified” by prospect of positive lesbian and gay role-models talking to students

Stephen King- Diversity and British Values Lead at Manchester Enterprise Academy (Twitter)

UK- Mr. Stephen King, history teacher and (amazingly) head of the Manchester Enterprise Academy’s ‘diversity ambassador team’ commented from an official school twitter account that he was ‘horrified’ by a school guidance packet from parents group Transgender Trend which recommended that secondary schools seek out positive gender-nonconforming lesbian and gay role-models to speak to students. The advice was included by Transgender Trend in their School Resources Packet along with 20 other suggestions designed to “Broaden Gendered Expectations and Relax Rules” within secondary education institutions.

The Manchester Enterprise Academy official stated that the suggestion was “Horrifying” and the group was “Disgusting” for suggesting it. His sentiments were seconded by Helen Islan, Marketing Officer for controversial UK charity Mermaids. Mermaids advocate for medical sterilization of gender non-conforming children who might be gay. Helen Islan was the only individual who “liked” the comments.

Positive Lesbian and Gay role models are “Horrifying” and “Disgusting” says homophobe

The homophobic comments erupted in response to the publication of an article by transgender teacher (paywalled) Debbie Hayton in TES, a weekly UK subscription publication for teachers. Hayton recommended Transgender Trend’s school packet for its attention to safeguarding and equality law regarding sex and gender which was not adequately addressed in guidance from other groups.

Mr. King is not only in charge of “diversity” at Manchester Enterprise Academy, he is also the Nominated Lead Member of Staff for Manchester Enterprise Academy’s compliance with the Department of Education’s ‘British Values’ initiative. You can read his statement on British Values and Manchester Enterprise Academy’s intentions here (PDF):

The Transgender Trend School Resource Pack “Supporting Gender Diverse and Trans-identified Students in Schools” has been shortlisted for a John Maddox Prize (sponsored by science journal Nature) and is recommended by the Tavistock Clinic (the only clinic in the UK which treats trans-identified children). Transgender Trend is the only group whose guidelines support lesbian, gay, and gender diverse students. You can read more about them here:

You can (and should!) donate to them by clicking here:

Decide for yourself and read the full School Guidelines from Transgender Trend that homophobes think are “Disgusting”(PDF) here:

[UPDATE: Mr. King deleted his comments]

14 thoughts on “Manchester Enterprise Academy “Horrified” by prospect of positive lesbian and gay role-models talking to students

  1. Seems like you misunderstood the tweets as more investigation and looking into it

    The school have had LGB role models come in

    Maybe tweet is critical of the use of the words dyke and effeminate and not of the advice

    1. Wow, that is really a nuclear take! I’m not sure what made you come up with the theory that Mr. King and Manchester Enterprise Academy believe that ALL lesbian and gay organizations worldwide are ‘horrific’ and ‘disgusting’ because every single one of them use (and educate on) in-group terminology including “dyke” and “effeminate”, etc. The links you included seem to indicate the opposite- including the one to The Proud Trust which has certainly included the same exact terms in their materials.

      I’m interested in why you think taking his comments at face value makes less sense than your unsupported theory that Mr. King thinks ALL gay groups are disgusting and horrific because they use the terms dyke and effeminate and butch in their materials. Do you REALLY think Mr. King and the Manchester Enterprise Academy think the Broadway blockbuster ‘Fun Home’ is horrific and disgusting for using these terms? Or because the author created a comic strip called ‘Dykes To Watch Out For’? This seems like a very bizarre theory to me, yet you’re so certain it is true that you claim any other interpretation (such as taking his comments at face value) is a “misunderstanding” that misses the true global nature of the homophobia being expressed.

      Very strange take. Mystifying. I see no evidence that MEA and Mr. King find all lesbian and gay groups disgusting and horrific for using these words. The “evidence” you’ve linked to support your claim disproves your own charge. Very unique and inexplicable interpretation by you that goes well beyond mere misunderstanding into deliberate falsification for reasons known only to you. But thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget your coat!

      1. Not sure was the point of these tweets to be homophobic but maybe I am missing something because I think they seem to just not agreed with a word usage therein the message so maybe that’s what the imposter is saying that these are not homophobicly intended tweets but not well made point about something other

        1. Yes, you already said the same when you commented above as “Anon”. That is why I typed out a response to you which you have now completely ignored, for reasons known only to you, choosing instead to repeat the same nonsensical take that I already debunked, while posting under another name. Did you forget your hat?

  2. Forgive me if i am mistaken, but i am under the impression that you are anti-trans? Looking at your Transgender Resource Pack it is filled with fear-mongering statements and your mere use of the word ‘trend’ to describe trans issues and identities is a slap in the face to all trans people, especially my daughter!! Organisations like yours have caused so much fear and upset for my daughter!! I hope you realise that what you are doing to the trans community is what homophobes did back in the 70’s and 80’s and you should be disgusted with yourselves! Whilst i do agree that only some of what you say is positive and respectful, but when it is placed in the context of your whole ethos it is completely useless and comes across as patronising! You claim that your main aim is every child’s welfare but are so hellbent on not providing a bit extra support for trans children! I know you will say that well all children must be treated the same, but that’s not equality! Some children will naturally need more help than others in school (academically and socially), but yet you only seem to point out trans children. Even when you do highlight that there are other pastoral care and safeguarding services for different circumstances, you try and say the school should follow your advice! But your advice is naff and ignorantly uneducated on trans issues.

    The reason why i have decided to comment is to show how hypocritical you are! You are very quick to call out homophobic attitudes (which the tweet above is not, and in fact you have misconstrued it- very much akin to the Sun and Daily Mail), but fail to recognise the anti-trans ideologies you spute out. Trans people did a lot for the LGBTQ+ community in regards to gaining rights; you should show a bit more respect towards them!

    1. First off, I am not affiliated with the Transgender Trend group. I’m just a blogger. That being said, you haven’t shown how hypocritical I (or them) are because you have neglected to cite a single specific complaint in my post or their guidelines. In short, you have failed to communicate. I’m sure you are sincere. But if you are unwilling or unable to be specific about exactly which content you find problematic, you just posting a contentless rant.

      The only thing you were specific about is that you do not like the group’s name: Transgender Trend, because “use of the word ‘trend’ to describe trans issues and identities is a slap in the face to all trans people, especially my daughter!!” Frankly, I don’t even understand that one. I see nothing offensive in noting “lesbian and gay trends” or calling something “Feminist Trend” or naming a book “Transgender Trend in Education Practice”. Or whatever. Can you tell me why these are offensive? Not sure why your daughter is “especially slapped” by this terminology either. What makes your daughter more vulnerable to metaphoric assault than other trans people? You will have to be more specific about what you find “transphobic” in the “polite and respectful” guidelines. It may make you feel better (?) to rant nonsensically but it does nothing to raise awareness of whatever you feel the issue is. In order to do that you will have to provide concrete examples of what you are talking about.

      Lastly, can you please explain how the comment: ‘Find positive role models who are ‘butch’ or ‘dyke’ lesbians or ‘effeminate’ gay men to come in to talk to secondary school students’ is both ‘disgusting’ and ‘horrifying’ without being homophobic? Look forward to your reply.

      1. 1. Forgive me for thinking you were affiliated with that Anti-Trans organisation- i wouldnt wish it on anyone
        2. I referred to their Transgender Resource Pack And quite frankly your whole post is quite hypocritical, the fact that you refer to their response as nuclear just by suggesting a different perspective and then going on an entire rant? (I think that is quite nuclear)
        3. The use of the word trend implies that being ‘trans’ will go out of style and that individuals may grow out of the phase or trend. And in regards to my daughter, she was constantly worried if her identity would not be taken seriously because people would think she’s hopping on the trend and attention seeking. That is why i dont agree with the use of trend and i have not seen it used in academic literature about trans issues as it can be a bit disrespectful. However if you do not agree we will have to beg to differ. Also i have seen the word trend use in regard to feminism but it has always been mocking the movements.
        3. I would have been helpful if the site provided the previous tweets that they were referring to in order to contextualize the claims. As i believe the teacher means that the use of the word ‘Dyke’ etc, is harmful and homophobic and thus ‘disgusting’. The school guildlines the transgender trend organisation suggests does say provide positive role models and uses these slurs as descriptors, but i think the teacher meant that these words are homophobic and then ultimately calls the organisation ‘disgusting’ because of their anti-trans values.

        One more point:
        4. While you say other organisations use these words, reputable LGBTQ+ organisation use these words to educate people on not to say them and not stereotype queer people but this organisations seems to use them to further stereotype the community and push their anti-trans agenda.

        1. In what way do they do that? Transgender Trend purports to be strongly pro-gay. Please cite where they do what you claim.

    2. Also: Trans activists- wealthy establishment white heterosexuals- lobbied for legal sex change so that they could marry same-sex partners without allowing equal marriage rights that gay people were fighting for. How did that help the gay rights movement? Exactly what have trans people done to “gain rights” for lesbian women or gay men? Since they’ve done so much an example or two should be easy to cite. Thanks.

      1. i mean have you heard of Marsha P. Johnson? You’re very quick to call out if i have references but i am not seeing a whole lot of referencing going on in your points? They just sound like ignorant baseless opinions to me

        1. I haven’t offered any opinion, much less a “baseless” one. And yes, I’m aware of Marsha P. Johnson. He was a proud gay black male who never claimed to “identify as” a woman. What about him.

          1. oh so you’re anti-trans too!

            “Trans activists- wealthy establishment white heterosexuals- lobbied for legal sex change so that they could marry same-sex partners without allowing equal marriage rights that gay people were fighting for. How did that help the gay rights movement?”- i would love a reference for this though, this is a complete opinion! if it was fact i expect to see references!

            Also Marsha P. Johnson was a proud trans women of colour!
            Carter, D. (2004). Stonewall: The riots that sparked the gay revolution. London: Macmillan
            Cohen, S. (2007). The Gay Liberation Youth Movement in New York: ‘An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail’. London: Routledge

            There’s countless queer academic work which respects Johnson’s (and Sylvia Rivera’s, who is also trans woman of colour) pronouns and commends them for their work, i could go on but wont waste anymore energy on a TERF.

          2. No, I’m not anti-trans. So funny that you can’t actually show what you find problematic in Transgender Trend’s guidelines and instead start calling me sexist slurs on my own blog. You are absurd.

            Here’s the references you wanted on the history of legal sex change and the right to marry:
            Good for you for reading up on the history of your movement!

            As for Marsha P. Johnson, your own references contradict your assertion that he identified as a woman. Quite clearly he considered himself a proud gay man throughout his life.
            As for his pronouns, he used she and her sporadically as many gay men did and still do, which you would know if you knew anything about gay history or gay culture.

    3. You are abusing your son. Berating people for recognizing reality and for defending gay rights and women’s rights won’t absolve you of that.

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