6 thoughts on “What men who identify as lesbians think homophobia is

  1. And the T-Genderists keep proving that narcissists’ accusations are confessions. Time for T&Q to be honest about the fact they fundamentally oppose everything LGB has been fighting for since at least the 1800s, and own up to the fact they don’t even respect homosexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation. If they’re going to assault our rights and vilify us for being same-sex oriented (rather than ‘preferring’/ ‘attracted’ to same ‘gender’) they can use their own resources, not ours. Time for TQ to go stand on their own two feet, instead of our throats. #DropTheTQ

  2. Reproductive biology is homophobic? I wonder how they feel about aging. Biology is mean! Life is mean! I wonder how many of them are transhumanists.

  3. The concern for women unable to bear children expressed in this thread is so earnest, you can smell the sincerity rising off it in thick steamy waves.

  4. Right…so they think that accurately identifying how humans reproduce is homophobic, while the hatred of lesbians isn’t homophobic. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not, because transgenderists are the absolute dumbest people around.

  5. This is like calling someone racist for pointing out the relationship between regional ancestry and melanin (it is adaptive to have darker skin in places where there is more sun exposure). These people are afraid of saying facts out loud. They don’t even believe themselves, they all could all tell you what type of sexual relationship can make use of birth control pills. They would probably use new speak to tell you instead of just saying “heterosexual”, but it is the same information.

  6. Many thanks to purple sage for alerting commenters at Feminist Current to the fact that Gendertrender is back!!!!! These have got to be some of the most cretinous tweets I’ve ever read, and that’s quite an achievement considering Captain Comb Over. How in hell is stating that females bear children homophobic? Do these dudes ever come into contact with that little something called Reality?

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