5 thoughts on “Police Response to Jonathan Yaniv

  1. Today: https://twitter.com/DaveDavidDave_/status/11229

    After months of online harassment, misogynist bully “Stephanie Hayden” turned up on the doorstep of @CF_Farrow this evening. Hard to think of a more terrifying ordeal for Caroline and her children. @SurreyPolice @Humberbeat – what are you doing about this?12827386232832

  2. Thanks for covering this issue so thoroughly I find it fascinating and terrifying that people will stoop so low to use protected status to force women in the public sphere to accept their child tampon fetishes? I really thought the vast body of human rights work completed by the good Dr. Stefonknee Wolsch really took the cake for here in Canada, but I have a new favourite lecturer to try to ‘wrap my mind around’ in JY. Thoroughly entertaining!

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