Morgane Oger provided cover for sexual predator Joanathan Yaniv (because Feminists made him do it)

Jonathan Yaniv. A Selection.

Canada– In a bizarre new blog post Morgane Oger, Vice President of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, blamed feminists for forcing him to cover-up predatory sexual crimes against minors committed by Jonathan Yaniv, the man who filed sixteen Human Rights Tribunal cases against women who were unwilling to wax his balls.

Morgane Oger Jonathan Yaniv Court Orders

Yaniv began trolling women who provide waxing services for female clients back in March and April of 2018, eventually filing sixteen complaints seeking monetary reward for discrimination against women aestheticians who did not service males. His complaints were based on the idea that although physically male, his fellow citizens should be compelled to pretend he is female, on the basis that he subscribed to ‘Gender Identity’ movement beliefs. Gender Identity is a political movement whose adherents believe that sexual categories among humans are unique among mammals in that they should be based on the social roles and stereotypes enforced based on sex, rather than mere reproductive function, which they regard as meaningless. Adherents to this ideology often identify as members of the transgender subculture, although the movement has broad and powerful support among patriarchal institutions including government, legal, medical, and corporate sponsors.

British Columbia, where both Jonathan Yaniv and Morgane Oger reside, added ‘Gender Identity’ to their Human Rights Code in 2016, via Bill 27, which effectively replaced women’s previously established legal right to address discrimination based on ‘sex’ with the new legal construct of ‘gender identity’ which overrode the objective definition of reproductive category with a subjective one based on the social sex stereotypes of Gender Identity movement ideology. Replacement of sex with gender identity (which both Morgane Oger and Jonathan Yaniv supported) resulted not only in the elimination of women’s rights to any sex-specific protections whatsoever, but also rendered them criminal: The creation of scholarships or advancement programs designed to promote female equality, the simple right of female survivors of male sexual abuse to participate in trauma recovery peer support services away from the presence of males, the right of women and girls to equal opportunity in sport, the basic human right of female prisoners not to be forcibly confined with male sexual offenders by the state, all became illegal crimes against males who claim psychological offense at any recognition of the status of female human beings in law.

The ramifications of replacing sex in law with one’s declaration of their “sense of themselves as male, female, both, or neither” are only just becoming apparent as the rubber hits the road, but a few things are clear:

Gender Identity laws do not offer equal protections to males and females (including women who identify as trans men). These laws primarily benefit males. Women (even those who identify as trans men) do not benefit from, nor do they seek, access to male prisons for example. Unlike males who self-declare “a sense of themselves as female”, the “right to identify as” male does not increase female competitive ability in men’s sports. Women don’t march fearlessly across isolated parking lots late at night with their free pass from epidemic male-on-female sexual violence because of their internal gender fee fees. One might even state that males are primarily the sole beneficiaries of Gender Identity laws. Regardless of one’s stance on gender identity laws, the fact that they unequally benefit males and not females seems indisputable.

Gender Identity protections mainly serve well-off heterosexual white males like Morgane Oger and Jonathan Yaniv, which is the same powerful demographic driving these changes in law from the top down and is why so much of their rhetoric mirrors fringe anti-feminist “Men’s Rights Activists” who believe sex based oppression does not exist and that women have it made what with the discounted drinks on Ladies Night at the pub.

From Morgane Oger’s post:

“I have dreaded writing this article for the months I have considered it. The people who advise me recommend against it but I feel it is necessary. Holding this knowledge while vetting it has kept me up at night and it is not with levity I use the word predator literally.

People in marginalized communities are extremely sensitive to the misbehaviour of their own, especially when it reinforces prejudice. The instinct to band together and be unyielding is strong, and I reject the prejudice that surrounds this story. Sometimes we resist exposing difficult conversations to the outside. Jessica Yaniv is forcing such an awful conversation.”

November 2018, Oger finds reports credible, recommends limiting Yaniv’s access to minors.

Translation: Morgane Oger has known for at least six months that Jonathan Yaniv was preying on young women and girls as a serial sexual predator and Oger knowingly contributed to covering it up. He blames his unnamed ‘advisors’. He’s a hero for going against their counsel. It’s been really, really hard for him to knowingly support and provide cover for a serial sex offender all these months. Traumatic for him! Sleepless nights! So hurd! Morgane characterizes male sexual predation against minor females as “misbehavior” and regards the damage of crimes against women as primarily an insult to the reputation of males via anti-male prejudice. Hates to break the bro code.

“None of the allegations I write about today have been proven or ruled on by a court. This article is based entirely on eyewitness accounts, which are always highly subjective.

I wish it wasn’t a transgender person or someone saying they are part of the LGBTQ+ community who has been doing what Jessica Yaniv has reportedly been doing for years – as far back as 2013.

I am mindful that it doesn’t matter what Yaniv’s gender is or how she got to where se is. It is valid and that’s not a debating point for me. We are all entitled to the same legal protection and process when facing allegations, especially accusations related to awful conduct – especially towards children.”

Translation: As in the case of Harvey Weinstein, a decade of testimony and extensive documentation from dozens of female victims can’t be trusted. Eyewitness accounts from female victims of sexual abuse are highly subjective, unlike the ironclad declarations of males who claim they are female which must be respected in every case. Heterosexual white male predators like Jonathan Yaniv are part of the Lesbian and Gay + community. You like lesbians and gays, right? The important thing is that male sexual predators like Yaniv have the legal right to declare themselves female and the populace is compelled by the government to regard them –us- as such. Men accused of sexual crimes against children are especially entitled to legal protection and process.

“I know that with over 150,000 transgender persons in Canada, it is inevitable that some of us misbehave. Transgender and non-binary persons are artists, housewives, doctors, a judge, politicians, chronically underemployed, professionals, and blue-collar workers. Like other communities, ours also features a number who are cheaters, predators, liars rapists, pedophiles, pimps, and others who do harmful things. Knowing the correlation between marginalization and suppression and individual acts of misbehaviour, I would not be surprised to learn the proportion of miscreants who are transgender is higher than the general population. It usually is with oppressed groups.”

Translation: Some people misbehave. People who misbehave: are naughty; infract the rules; are males who target minor female children for sexual abuse. Individuals target minor female children for sexual abuse because they are ‘suppressed’, their desires restrained. These are individualized acts unrelated to any trackable demographic such as sex. Which doesn’t exist. Oppression causes folx to target female minors for sexual predation. Both males and females who identify as transgender are more likely to “misbehave” by targeting female minors for sexual abuse, because they are oppressed. Nothing to do with being male. Those who are Black, Hispanic, Women, Lesbian and Gay, Disabled people, Poor people, are all more likely than the general population to target minor girls for sexual abuse. Because they are oppressed. Impoverished disabled black lesbian coal miners are especially likely to sexually abuse female minors, because they are multiply oppressed. *cough intersectionality. Such wisdom here.

“But the things that people have told me Jessica Yaniv has done to them are awful and can’t be swept out of our consciousness. Awful things have been reported and need to be taken seriously.

Morgane Oger taking things seriously.
Oger 3 days after meeting with Yaniv: Reserve Judgment. Abusing girls caused by poor transgender coping

I met Jessica Yaniv at an event where I appeared as speaker. I had just been on a panel on transgender rights after performing in the cast of Trans Scripts Part 1: The Womenat The Cultch in Vancouver and after the Q & A she and I had a very brief chat. Yaniv brought up something about human rights cases and an interest in standing up for transgender rights. I encourage transgender people to fight for our rights and to force difficult conversations out into the open I encouraged any valid complaint being filed to get the difficult conversation started.”

Bros before Hos
December 2018. Aware of sex abuse charges, Oger champions Yaniv’s complaints.

Translation: I knew who Jonathan was because I tweeted about him both before and after our meeting on November 17, 2018. I ignored these allegations for several months even though I found them credible. I just didn’t take them seriously, because I don’t take sexual crimes against women and minor girls seriously. I just didn’t care. When I learned about this on GenderTrender on November 8, I had to make an immediate ethical decision. I made the deliberate decision to ignore them, and even cover them up. I had more important things on my mind. My energy was occupied by trying to track down a random woman who appeared at a Women’s March with a sign saying that men like me aren’t women so I could file a tribunal case against her; appearing at my own tribunal case against a standard fundie nutjob and trying to financially ruin and/or incarcerate him; and obsessively seeking grounds to bring Meghan Murphy up on charges for not pretending I’m a laydee. Also my long standing effort to defund a rape crisis center for females who were profoundly abused by violent males – for the crime of providing a healing space away from male presence, which I consider a crime against males, as is any acknowledgement of the female sex. Priorities.

Yaniv’s obsessions seem deeply troubling. January 2019

“This post is also about difficult conversations: the conversation we need to have to address mortifying misdeeds in our own communities.

Some time after that first conversation I learned more about the specifics of Yaniv’s actions and her history and actions. In the only other conversation with her when she called me at my Trans Alliance Society number in early 2019 I advised her that she did not seem to me to be the appropriatd person to fight for trans women’s rights to services for women – on the basis of her documented past history.

With the help of other women who pointed the way in recent months, I tracked down and heard witnesses with first-person accounts of Jessica’s online behaviour spanning 2013 to 2018.

Their stories included reports and evidence of outrageously inappropriate acts, some towards children who are tweens and teens. Some of the material has survived as screenshots, and what I saw shows what strikes me as a pattern of predatory behaviour. I am not in law enforcement or a lawyer but as the mom of kids under 14 I was horrified by what the women told me happened and I believe them.

Understandably, some of the women I spoke to have come to hold a deep concern about my community based on Yaniv’s actions. Some have even processed their experience as hatred of my community. I understand how they got there, and I hope their bias fades in time. Others have thankfully seen through this all despite of the trauma that was inflicted on them and seen an individual doing harmful things and nothing more.

I spoke to four women. Three of whom had awful experiences with Jessica Yaniv. All were young women and girls at the time.

They are all adults now. I urged each woman to make a complaint with police on the basis of the things they said happened. I hope this has an effect and with enough police reports there may be a case.”

Translation: Back in November 2018 I was fully aware of the near decade long footprint of Jonathan Yaniv and his sexual targeting and harassment of young women and girls and his gross menstruation sexual fetish. Regardless, I threw my full support behind him, because the right of men to compel women to pretend they are female- even when they are forced by the state to touch and wax their flabby balls- is so important. His predation of little girls didn’t erase his right to force women to handle his lady peen against their will vis a vis waxing. This is a basic human right our oppressed people- heterosexual white males with money- have paid so dearly to obtain through back channels under the radar of the general public.


I lied when people asked and said I had never met Jonathan Yaniv. I did admit that I had talked to him by phone. What if he had taped it? Hate to be caught in that. I usually tape my phone conversations. For my records. The questions just wouldn’t stop. Finally in January 2019 the victims of his abuse started contacting me directly. What could I do? I told them if they wanted to be taken seriously they better be prepared to give me some personal “me time” on the phone- and allow me to record them. I was able to compel four women whose accounts of abuse by Jonathan Yaniv I had disregarded for six months to have personal conversations with me. I told them it was the only way their accounts would be believed. And after they complied- what could I do? I was put in a rough spot. It was really, really hard for me. Dreaded breaking the bro code. Also I’m the mother of children (the sperm donating mother) so you can see how horrified I was when finally preventing from ignoring the allegations I covered up for months.

Oger. Waffling.

Some of the victims were filled with hate for the marginalized moneyed heterosexual white male community allowing sexual predators to run amok but other kind women ignored statistics and just saw a featureless individual doing harm and nothing more- no illegal discrimination against males unfairly profiling us as potentially harmful.

Jonathan (Jessica sometimes!)  Yaniv did certain things that were bad. I think. I can’t be more specific than that, nor would I want to. There were things that were done. I can’t say more. I’m just saying: Not one of us. Except that she is legally female although male and that is most important.

“Regardless of anyone’s race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other characteristic protected from discrimination, everyone is equally accountable for any harm we do. I mourn the fact that the wrath in social media about this one person has centered on her transgender status, and decry the actions of people who were so focused on that fact rather than focusing on getting to the bottom and helping alleged victims deal access justice and support. I regret some did lasting damage by spreading false information.

It is not lost on me that transphobic anger brought this matter to my attention in the first place, and only by targeting me personally. I wonder if the hatred helped or hindered this all. I suspect we will never know. I deeply regret the harmful behaviour of some people, and that includes the ones aimed at my community. If only mindsets were not easily driven to hatred by people manipulating affirmation bias…”

Translation: There’s nothing to see here. The fact that ‘Gender Identity’ law in British Columbia gives license to male sexual predators is a bug, not a feature. Everyone is equally accountable for all harm, there is no pattern or demographic cluster causing that harm to note or observe. Certainly not sex, which doesn’t exist and defies definition. Black people and gays use legal protections based on race and sexual orientation to do sexual crimes against minor children too, in some way, I’m sure. I deeply mourn the fact that women question Gender Identity ideology and the way Jonathan Yaniv exploited her transgender status to access female victims, and that my support of her human rights claims against women who declined to handle her junk made some victims become hateful terfs who want to eliminate our right to exist.

I mourn the fact that a Lesbian Feminist website exposed Jonahan Yaniv, because I already hated them and was determined to oppose anything they reported. They already spread false information by posting information critical of my public protest against VRR’s memorial for murdered women which I organized in 2014 four months after taking my first estrogen pill (after Natalie Reed dropped out) and of course for stating that sex exists and that Jonathan and myself are male which pissed me off so much that I applauded when Joanthan Yaniv and his tech bros erased the report of his sexual abuse of minors. I protected a child sexual predator for six months just to spite them because I hate terfs more than I’m bothered by “misbehavior” of transwomen naturally caused by the “suppression” of male sexual desires.  Donchano.

It’s not lost to me that GenderTrender brought this issue of Jonathan Yaniv’s exploitation and abuse of minor girls to my awareness and I only followed them because they had criticized me (wrongly) for protesting a memorial for dead victims of a mass murderer who discriminated against transwomen by only killing females regardless of all the closeted transwomen who may have escaped his target. I wonder if hating the women at that site hindered my ethical response to protect victims. I guess I’ll never know. But I deeply blame women for my failure to generate a basic ethical response to the Yaniv case. They caused it. They made me do it.

Why men don’t take #MeToo claims seriously: So many false reports from women

“Anyone in a marginalized community (or claiming to be in one) is entitled to live without discrimination because of who they are. At the same time, nobody gets to behave like Yaniv has been documented to have consistently behaved until recently – no matter what their mental health or gender identity is. Whether there is a mental health matter at play or pure mischief, nobody can expect to interact with children like I have heard testimony that Yaniv did without rightfully facing justice or accessing treatment.

Amanda Todd’s tragedy taught us a great deal about the damage a predator can cause to a child without actually touching them.”

If you identify as black (see Rachel Dolezal) you have an entitlement to have your identification un-contradicted. If you identify as disabled you have an entitlement to be recognized as such, regardless of ability. If you identify as heterosexual and have sex with other men your identification should be respected. If you identify as another age, you must be respected as such. If you are a male sexual predator utilizing Gender Identity statutes to prey on female victims, your identity must be respected but your behavior, not. Any victim allegations no matter how numerous or over how many years must be proved on demand to male disbelievers by first hand testimony subject to recording. Otherwise you will all be silenced.

“This is why we have laws addressing online predators. Our society has put in place laws and policies in place to help protect us all from the things I have heard testimony about. It is possible people can change and that this is all behind us. However, Yaniv seems to be still engaging in programs that target young women and is actively campaigning about the topic of menstrual products and girls, the focus of years of her negative behaviour. Yaniv’s recent public appearance in front of municipal policymakers motivated writing this piece.

To my knowledge Yaniv has not addressed her widely-documented past behaviour and this info itself is cause for concern. I believe sometimes people can change, but I see no signs of this having happened.”

Translation: When men stop targeting women for sexual abuse we should leave their history and their victims behind us. Preferably men should offer an excuse or apology for previous crimes. At that point the whole mess is “behind us” and victims should act accordingly in deference to men’s right to change. I was hoping this whole Jonathan Yaniv thing would go away. Ignored it, provided cover for it for six months. Men with sexual fetishes for ten year old girls and tampons need only to leave it in the past and all will be forgiven. Show us a sign that we may brush this under the rug.

“Were you or someone you know affected by predatorial online behaviour?
Do you feel it was more than one of those awful-and-far-too-common short-lived creepy moment? If so, the appropriate place to complain to is your local police. Also notifying a community advocate can’t hurt.

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the women who trusted me enough to share their experience with me and with the competent authorities. I’d specifically like to acknowledge the patience and perseverance of Louise XXXX and Alicia Hendley who were very helpful and supportive my research and helped me speak to other women about this.

Regrettably Alicia’s frustrating experiences led her to write an anti-trangender article on Meghan Murphy’s anti-transgender Feminist Current naming me that impacted this research and and extensively tweeted attacks against the Transgender community. I regret her actions but understand her motivation. It is important to show witnesses of this awful situation empathy. People who observe awful things sometimes react awfully. I hope that as time passes cooler heads will prevail.

I appreciate that in communities that consider mine with distrust or worse, my reputation as a trans rights activist proceeds me. I will continue to stand up for equality and inclusion. Human rights exist for a reason: assuring out society treats everyone equally.”

Translation: The #MeToo movement went wrong when women stopped trusting law enforcement to respond to their reports. Maybe that whole unprocessed rape kit nonsense or something. The authorities are your only hope, women. The men in charge. We know best and we won’t ever ignore you like I ignored hundreds of screencaps from dozens of Jonathan Yaniv’s victims generated for over eight years. All it took was repeated personal contacts and multiple taped conversations for me to #believeher. Alicia Hendley really seemed to be agreeable until I said feminists were Nazis. Guess she’s married to a Jew or something so she misunderstood. I forgive her. I hope she comes back into the fold. If you twist the two M’s in Meghan Murphy it looks just like the nazi flag. Anyone can see that. Even a jew-lover. Society should treat everyone equally, especially cis women if they are agreeable. No argument there.

“I have recieved some criticism that this has taken too long. A timeline may be helpful. I learned of Jessica in November 2018. Soon after, a twitter storm errupted about a legal case that had clearly been under way. It resulted in Gendertrender being banned from WordPress and Meghan Murphy having her Twitter accounts closed, two wins widely applauded by the transgender people they incessantly harassed through populist outrage.”

Translation: Everyone has seen that I covered for Jonathan Yaniv for half a year and disregarded his victims because the women that exposed him didn’t talk sweet or respect me as a patriarch (but woman). You wonder what a ridiculous hideous accessory to criminal acts such as myself is doing framing myself as a #metoo believer when I’ve run interference against exposing Jonathan’s crimes since I heard of them six months ago. I want to say that I never heard of the 16 British Columbia Human Rights Cases filed in May 2018. Just because I run a transgender BC rights org under my own name and serve as the VP of the BC NDP and had a tribunal case running concurrent to that of Jonathan Yaniv and the fact that his cases received much more media coverage than mine doesn’t mean that I had ever heard of them. I only heard of Yaniv seven months after he filed his sixteen cases. Let’s face it,  British Columbia is a big place, hard to keep track of all the transgender rights cases.

I only learned that Jonathan Yaniv had filed those cases and that he was a vexatious litigant with a long history of questionable lawsuits who had hundreds of sexual abuse complaints against him by dozens of young women and minor children when I read about him on GenderTrender, who had previously smeared me by doxing by which I mean reported on my public posts organizing a protest against Vancouver Rape Relief for holding a memorial for murdered women which I felt discriminated against males and was my first activist action undertaken only four months after I began taking “tittie skittles”.

Deleted comments from Rogaine’s blog. Why he covered up Yaniv’s crimes.

Right after I learned about Yaniv he had (I mean SHE had) the evidence removed by getting GenderTrender banned and I celebrated the big win with all the rest of the transgender community except the readers. But hey these guys (GIRLS) were used to website turnover they’ve been online since the start. Meghan Murphy got banned for linking to the post- so bonus! Two wins widely applauded by the trans community! I was super stoked. Thrilled that Jonathan Yaniv’s crimes were buried by mah tech Sisters Not Cisters. Hey I hoped that Jon would put it all in the past. Maybe make an apology or excuse. Sigh. She had other things in mind. Dang oppression making her do that.

“I learned about Louise in January 2019 and spoke to her that month. I notified police immediately and passed on a recorded conversation with her. I finally spoke to the most important witness, who was a child at the time of her interactions with Yaniv, in April 2019.

It was impossible for me to speak about allegations so steeped in transphobia because every transgender person is familiar with the transgender-woman-as-predator model used by hate groups advocating to marginalize us. Without real evidence, this horrible story is simply indistinguishable from the copious hate propaganda that clogs my social media.

People who claim that allegations against Yaniv were public knowledge for years before this post must be deeply frustrated that people who could have helped act were unaware or not listening. I have a simple message for them:

It’s unlikely public figures are the monsters your social media silo tells you they are. There is no cover under the trans umbrella for predators.

We must consider what these allegations sound like from the lens of the community being targeted as a by product of the violence. After all, lynch mobs are scary things, even online. Perhaps we need to center our fury on the people who prey on transgender women with their alarmist fairy tales that made this incident undetectable from a dominantly hateful narrative?

When there is a predator among us, we can’t hear you if you bury your words in hatred and if you don’t reach out.”

I learned about Louise well before January 2019, her posts had been cited in early November 2018 on GenderTrender and I celebrated when they were censored. Her posts were also re-blogged by Meghan Murphy on Twitter (and many others). I rejoiced when they were banned. When I say I learned about Louise, I mean to say she contacted me personally on Twitter even after I tried to ban and avoid the Yaniv topic for months. Ugh. Cis ladies, if you want to hold us accountable you’ve got to hit us over the head. Seriously. Transwomen have so much on our plate. You must consider what #MeToo complaints sound through the lens of the men targeted as a byproduct of the violence. After all, lynch mobs are scary, even online. Perhaps we need to center our fury on the women who prey on men with their alarmist fairy tales about male violence that made this case of an actual male predator undetectable from a dominant male hatred narrative and all the fake abuse accusations that women make?

Women who exposed Yaniv caused Oger’s cover up

When there is a predator among men we can’t hear women if you bury your reports in man-hatred. If you want to be listened to, Keep Sweet, Cissies. Otherwise we can’t hear you and we’ll shut your mouth for you. Don’t make us do that. You don’t know how hard this is for us.

Oger: reporting the nonspecific unclear facts and taking names. Or something. #hero

36 thoughts on “Morgane Oger provided cover for sexual predator Joanathan Yaniv (because Feminists made him do it)

  1. If only women and feminists were *nicer* and less hysterical, Ogre could have taken time out of his busy schedule (those women’s shelters aren’t going to harass themselves) and momentarily cared about women and girls earlier. So really, it’s all their fault. Also, this never happens! Even when Oger is describing it happening, it still never happens.

  2. Still can’t believe this dude is an elected official. Then again look at who’s president of the US. Rogaine is full of it. Louise put up her lengthy denunciation of that pervert on Twitter at the same time you did. Her comments were very respectful and didn’t attack trans in any way and Rogaine still ignores her and supported Yaniv.

    Trans is full of perverts because it’s founded on a perverted premise and is the result of porn sickness. Do they think any real human rights movement could survive having pervert eruptions on this scale? They get away with shit because they’re privileged white males. End of.

    So glad to have you back GM.

  3. This is brilliant.

    I just want to point out though that at least some of the women massacred in Montreal may have been trans. Maybe they all were! I mean, you never know, right? /s

  4. I think BC NDP have messed their drawers after the NDP shutout in Alberta and Horgan et all have delivered some news to their miscreant ranks. This is all darvo and spin to save Ogre’s position with the BC NDP who WILL be pointing fingers at him, and who are reading the writing on the wall for the upcoming Oct federal election when with luck we can flush the sewer.

    1. Maybe it’s finally sinking into their stupid heads that many women will ‘play nice’ and spout TWAW just like ‘good little girls,’ But they go on the voting booth alone and a party that promotes creepy perves like Rogaine and his waxy balled sidekick are not going to get their vote.

      1. Not all votes are *for* a political party. You can also vote *against* by voting for the candidate most likely to get the incumbent out. It sends a message. Let’s send Horgan a message…

        1. And there-in lies the problem with Canadians. We don’t stand for anything, we just stand against things and protest. We are a rudderless nation, no wonder we’ve become a global laughing stock.

    2. Ogre only has a platform because the BC NDP needs to virtual signal out of it’s ass that it’s gender trendy. Slapping on a token troon to make everything appear progressive these days…

  5. You’re back you’re back you’re back!!!!!! I am so happy. I just ran into somebody who let me know (hi) — though interestingly if I use Google to try and find you don’t come up. You’re the first hit on Duck Duck Go for “gender trending”, though.

  6. & wowee have you still got it 🙂

    “Morgane characterizes male sexual predation against minor females as “misbehavior” and regards the damage of crimes against women as primarily an insult to the reputation of males via anti-male prejudice. Hates to break the bro code.”

  7. Oger – whose website I cannot comment on, surprise, surprise – seems to take the perverse view that if something is legal in Canadian law or British Columbia law, it is ipso facto quite alright morally, and if it it’s banned in Canadian law it’s not OK. Given the extremism of Canadian law that therefore means we must call transwomen women, lest we fall foul of Canadian law. There’s no conception morality or reality might not autonatically align with woke Canadian law. Oger treats this a real ‘gotcvha’ moment; as if what Canadian law says automatically shuts down all debate, wins any argument and heads off nay objections.

    Note to Oger: what the petulant arrogant woke-child passes as law in Ottawa does not constitute reality.

    1. It was only after a man died that Washington state made bestiality illegal. By Ogre’s logic, that means having sex with animals is morally acceptable (as long as it doesn’t kill you).

  8. Soooo. His (sob) regretable conduct attempting to disrupt the Montreal Massacre Memorial was because of one estrogen dose? I am woman hear me roar.

    And wrapping himself in the cloak of the Amanda Todd tragedy? I marvel. Is there anything he won’t stoop to?

    His family are well free of this pathological liar and narcissistic abuser. I wonder at their lives now. I wish them godspeed, away and free from this monster.

  9. Men, they never change even when they think they are women. Blaming women for you’re protection of a sexual predator. Fuck of you sexual deviant piece of shit, Oger.

  10. Long time GenderTrender fan here! This post is brill. Skewers the lad with humor.
    I’ve been lurking in kiwi farms, imbibing their threads on ogre and yaniv, but nothing as good as this article. Thanks, Charly the Twitter refuge.

      1. Oh goddess! Kiwi Farms is really helping show Yaniv for the pedo predator that he is. We are all grateful to YOU GM for your tireless advocacy for women! I am so thrilled that @goinglikeelsie is present in the tribunal and capturing this gender crapola. Keep up the good work!

  11. I never knew who Morgane Oger was until I was shown her prior involvement with Jessica Yaniv. As far as I’m concerned, both individuals have made a mockery of our Human Rights Tribunals with their frivolous accusations and claims.

  12. Well, if anyone wonders how The Handmaid’s Tale began, we’re living the prequel. If the government can force a woman to handle male genitalia against her will, what stops the government from forcing her to bear a child against her will? Or to have intercourse against her will?

    That the HRT is willing to allow this complainant to use the law as a weapon is evidence that the tribunals no longer serve the purpose they were intended to serve, and should be either revamped or disbanded. Legal Aid provides services FOC to anyone in need of them, so the HRT duplicate the services of the courts without being held to the same standards of evidence.

    The trans community should consider the consequences of supporting the right of any individual to access any type of non-necessary service to supersede that of others to bodily autonomy: any law limiting women’s bodily autonomy will also apply to MtF transpersons. If transpersons do not wish to be forced to handle another person’s genitalia, they should not support any measure which will allow cis-women to be forced to handle another person’s genitalia, since, being considered women under the law, they will be equally at risk of being forced to do so.

    The trans community should also clearly and publicly condemn behavior which is inappropriate, predatory or criminal. Behavior such as that displayed by Ms/Mr Yaniv does not win us allies, and we must not only not use our trans status as an excuse for behavior which would be unacceptable from a non-transperson, but make it clear that we do not support the use of one’s trans status as a means of avoiding consequences for unacceptable behavior. Justice is not the only thing that must not only be done, but be seen to be done.

    In passing, the equivalence of genital waxing with the provision of health care is a false one: the sick have no choice but to seek care, but no one needs hair-free genitalia; the sick often require treatments that they cannot provide for themselves, e.g. surgery, but any person who wishes to do so can remove their own genital hair.

    1. Not just ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, but ‘1984’ in more ways than can be listed here.

      This goes for speech codes to the newspeak and doublethink that has been forced upon the public, thanks to the media, being turned into a willing accomplice. A day does not go by, at least via NPR or their local affiliate in this market, when the language is twisted, or the intent of rules to protect others, is verbally mangled to include those, who would not give a rat’s ass about others. Lest they can used as entertainment or for horizontal enrichment.

      By the way, the Yaniv case and others, also point to a very very deep vein of racism, which is common among the community. With the silence on same, showing that there is blatant approval of same.

  13. Morgan’s Oger m.s.m should resign from her position every response on the question was a typical politician response. I believe Canadians should have representatives for all Of Canada and not have her protect and groom the likes of a predator or to say let this person have free reign at the expense of other persons within the community that they reside. I find your answers to the questions a pure and disrespectful representation of everyone in your riding shame on you

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