6 thoughts on “You may be transgender and not even know it

  1. Most or many people in their own life have felt like this to some degree at some point in their life. I also read that someone said “Everyone should be trans to even the playing field.” People need to wake up. These people don’t respect other’s sexual orientation and sexual preferences while trying to erase others, and make words meaningless, bio sex is now considered a myth, and changing laws that only positively benefit trans.

  2. Hmmm, 12 out of 19, but no “gender dysphoria.” Maybe I’m trans!

    Her slide is “reaching” to persuade doctors, parents, and patients to include as many non-definitive symptoms as possible under the trans umbrella. One or more of these symptoms could fit hundreds of diagnoses.

    She should try for a little credibility by requiring at least one symptom from a designated “Category A,” such as

    1. Compulsive cross-dressing since puberty, engineering class, or retiring from the military.
    2. Feel miserable with these genitals.
    3. Feel like I was born into the wrong body, ever since Woody Allen filmed “Sleeper.”
    4. Feel like I have a brain/body mismatch.
    5. Pulled barrettes from my hair as a toddler.

  3. But…but…
    I experience a lot of these issues. One thing I have never experienced is gender dysphoria. Plenty of outrage over the way girls and women are treated, but not gender dysphoria.
    So…all along I’ve secretly been experiencing gender dysphoria.
    Who knew? I certainly didn’t!

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