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Police Response to Jonathan Yaniv

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Transwoman in B.C. women’s prison files complaint over requirement that he demonstrates expression consistent with stated belief that he is transgender

A male murder suspect fighting extradition to the US filed a human rights complaint against the women’s prison where he is housed complaining that he was forced to sign a contract agreeing to uphold a transgender persona as a condition of being kept in the female estate. The contract states that he must “demonstrate gender […]

Morgane Oger provided cover for sexual predator Joanathan Yaniv (because Feminists made him do it)

Canada– In a bizarre new blog post Morgane Oger, Vice President of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, blamed feminists for forcing him to cover-up predatory sexual crimes against minors committed by Jonathan Yaniv, the man who filed sixteen Human Rights Tribunal cases against women who were unwilling to wax his balls. Yaniv began […]

Selina Soule Speaks Out Against the Equality Act

Selina Soule is one of the Connecticut female high school athletes who lost their Title IX rights when their state adopted ‘Gender Identity’ as a legally protected status. The girls were forced to compete against boys as a result. Soule lost her opportunity to progress to regional competition after two male students were permitted to […]

You may be transgender and not even know it

Transgender: It’s good for what ails ye. Or whatever. Slide by Aydin Olson-Kennedy at EPATH 2019. More here:

It’s Official

Blood on his hands!

Piers Morgan reportedly caused untold deaths and suicide of the most vulnerable population on earth: pornsick heterosexual white men. Oh well.

Julia Beck testimony at Congressional hearings on the Equality Act

Biology Denialism: It’s Your Civic Duty

“5 Common Misconceptions Of Sex: The body is either male or female Intersex people are not common If you have XY chromosomes you are male Testosterone is a male sex hormone Trans women are biological men” LOL. The Stars: Belgian Model Hanne Gaby Odiele- biologically male with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. CAIS is an inherited […]