Google launches Gender Emojis

From Google

Apparently the emojis will include the international gesture for transgenderism, as demonstrated below by Dr. Kate O’Hanlan during her keynote speech at Gender Odyssey:

Dr. Kate O’Hanlan / Gender Odyssey

Google Emoji Boss Jennifer Daniel:

“Gender is not a haircut but at emoji size that seems to be a primary signifier to communicate what may be an impossible task as it relates to this construct. Gender lives dynamically on a spectrum and there is no single visual design “solution”.


16 thoughts on “Google launches Gender Emojis

  1. Why are all the middle ones orange? And why are they all Victoria Beckham? I mean, I’d google the answers, but….

  2. Hello, this is totally off topic but I thought you were gone forever and I’m very happy to see you back.

  3. So, is google saying that EVERYONE is trans? did google just misgender me or am I trans and don’t know it yet? (/s)

    also- Gallus- FUCK YEAH! YOU’RE BACK!!

  4. That is also the international gesture of grumpy toddlers!

    I’m just surprised they didn’t go with hands air-drawing an exaggerated hourglass figure?

  5. What? Now Google is saying all trans are ramp/aircraft marshalers?

    On another not–so GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK!! When I heard, I posted info on my FB page. Can’t keep a good bouncer down, eh? Whoop!!

  6. “Wakanda forever!”

    . . .

    In any case, welcome back! During your absence I tried to keep up with GT-type topics using other sources, but it was tough. Your work is greatly appreciated.

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