Debate: Does Trans Activism Negatively Impact Women’s Rights?

Rational Space Network hosted debate between Meghan Murphy and Julie Rei Goldstein held on March 15, 2019 at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

4 thoughts on “Debate: Does Trans Activism Negatively Impact Women’s Rights?

  1. Like clockwork. Every Q&A directed at feminist speakers will kick off with a man asking no question, instead droning on at length about his own myriad unsolicited opinions. I’m calling it the Law of This Guy.
    This Guy

  2. Wow! They edited the video since I posted it- Meghan Murphy is now cut off at 30:20 in mid sentence. Very strange. Fuckery is afoot. Hope someone mirrored it before the edit.

  3. What is a female? uhh, a word in a thesaurus.

    What a lack-wit. He knows, he knows what sex is. They all do, the entire shaky edifice rests on it but they won’t admit it.

  4. Does trans rights negatively impact women’s rights?

    NO no not at all. Nuh uh. Negatory.

    At least one of these writers is male, writing about women’s reproductive rights and erasing women while they do it. This article follows another by Robyn Urback, who used “mother”. Are trans activists now rewriting the CBC style guide, as well as jackbooting all over women’s reproductive rights?

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