Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members

A New Zealand Lesbian Rights group has been banned from Wellington Pride activities because the group has no male members. The Pride committee deemed the Lesbian Rights group discriminatory of heterosexual males who might wish to join.

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In related news, Pride London has vowed to “drive out the hate both internally and externally” having changed their security protocol following last summer’s highly successful lesbian erasure protest.

There is a very chilling (or hilarious, depending on one’s perspective) recording posted by angry transvestite Mark Kendal i.e. Giuliana London where he apparently interrogates the London Pride board- in particular the female co-chair Alison Camps- while doing his best Senator Joseph McCarthy imitation. It is pretty damn funny (or chilling!) I tell ya.

Readers will remember Mr. Kendal as the solicitor that used the UK legal system to harass Linda Bellos and Venice Allen for six months before his vexatious private prosecution was thrown out by the Crown Prosecution Service as being completely groundless.

Well now Mark/Giuliana (whatever) is back to his old hobby of impotently crafting heavily edited propaganda videos where he finishes the subject’s sentences in the way that he’d prefer they stated them. If you remember his old Twitter account (scrubbed when he filed his lawsuit) where he outlined the ways in which lesbians and feminists are JUST LIKE HITLER! you’ll recognize him here in all of his conspiratorial testrionic literally-shaking-with-rage glory.

For a listen of this bizarre character in action, click here and enjoy:

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