4thWaveNow exposes disturbing posts leaked from private group for parents of “transgender children”

Parents blog 4thWaveNow, tweeting at @4th_WaveNow, exposes disturbing leaked discussions from a private group for parents of “transgender children”. In multiple screen-grabs parents discuss the “problem” of children who are not dysphoric and who do not want to take puberty blockers nor wear devices to disguise their sex. Parents strategize about how to overcome the children’s resistance to transgender “treatment”.

No dysphoria. Parent makes him wear penis compression device.
No dysphoria. Parent encouraged to make her 6 year old daughter wear a dildo.
Teen boy doesn’t want his natural sex drive chemically suppressed. How should parent deal with this ‘problem’?

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    I mean, I’d love it if this work was done, and we could all pack up and go home, but as long as young women are being sold these dangerous lies, as long as men try to erase us, as long as the patriarchal establishment ensures male access to potential victims of sexual violence, I guess we have to keep going.

    When I first reached ‘peak trans’, it was your back catalogue that I devoured (every post) and I’m so sorry for the loss to herstory of that archive.

    Donating, in recognition of your work, over many years. Thank you

      Also, the old site will be going up as an archive. 🙂

      1. I’m so glad to hear that, Gallus! That work is invaluable, and it would be a huge loss to our daughters and granddaughters, who will one day ask “how did this happen?”.

        I’m proud to fight with you.

        1. So hey, I’m a young teen who currently identifies as a trans boy. (not out of the closet though) I’m not taking any hormones or getting any surgery until I’m at least 25 years old (when the brain is done developing), and maybe not even then. However, I’m not asking about myself currently bc I already talk with my mom about it. She’s a radfem and I’m truscum. I’m asking about my friend, “Jayden” (not her real name). She’s a lesbian, and I’m worried about her, bc she very rapidly started believing that she was trans, and used to express discomfort with the fact that she likes girls. Her homophobic mother might be about to give her transsex hormones, and I want to talk to her about the fact that that’s A BAD IDEA! But, I want to stay the friend who’s supportive, so she listens to me. Any advice?

          1. I would stop trying to manipulate and control people. Focus on yourself and being a genuine authentic person. That is my advice. Good luck!

          2. Eatmyshorts, I applaud your concern for your friend. Have you asked her whether she feels like her mom’s homophobia is related to her desire to transition? I think the best thing you can do is remain a supportive and nonjudgmental friend, and allow your friend to discuss her concerns. Maybe seeing you avoiding hormones will make her realize she can identify as trans yet not need to take medical steps right now, and give herself some time to figure everything out. Kudos to you for choosing to wait!

  2. Your reappearance makes it a better day on the internet. Glad I didn’t cancel my regular contribution!

  3. So good that you are back again! You have been sorely missed. Thanks for all you have done for women and girls.

  4. Welcome back GM!!!

    I read through all of 4th Wave Now’s tweets with screen shots of that Facebook group- my mouth is still agape and I feel like I’m going to wind up on some sort of government watchlist just for viewing all of those pediatric packers :/

    Those poor, poor kids are being abused in every sense of the word. At least having your blog back lessens some of that “has the whole world gone mad” feeling 🙂

  5. Welcome back. It’s very strange that all this “I’m a boy” or “I’m a girl” talk from little kids, which was just considered a normal part of growing up, is now leading parents not only to treat the kids as trans but to get them to argue with the kids, when the kids figure out actual reality (when sadly, the adults have not). Could this situation get any crazier?

  6. So good to see you back online, and with such a powerful new post. My blog will be back up soon, too. They can’t silence us!

    1. So angry that Automattic / WordPress.com censored your blog too. Disgusting misogynist tech-bro company. Hope someone sues them for their sexist homophobic illegal discrimination.

  7. Welcome back, Gallus Mag! You have been missed. Your site looks better than ever.

    1. Thank you Susan! I’m still working on it but it’s a start! I like the look better too.

      1. Hey my moms OBSESSED with u and she keeps showing me ur videos. Ur pretty cool.

  8. Absolutely made my week to see you back, Gallus! You’ve been missed. Wishing you all the best for this new site. Solidarity XX

  9. Ecstatic at seeing you back! All of these “parents” should be investigated by CPS–they are grooming their own children for a life of misery.

  10. Great to see you back!
    This article is disturbing. What’s wrong with these parents?

  11. I’m so delighted to see you back – and get news about the old blog being archived! Now I can show my daughter the legendary blog I have been going on about for so long..
    Bit tearful here as you were the first shaft of light that led me to a community and to sanity. You are loved, Gallus. And THANK YOU for coming back to us.

    BTW, have you listened to this? This woman testified against “gender identity” being included in the “conversion therapy” ban in Utah. It is heartbreaking.

  12. I’m glad to see you back too.

    Also, I’m really mad that all the amazing research that was done on children’s understanding of sex categories (and cognitive development in general) has been forgotten. It should be compulsory to learn at least some of this in high school.

    Like, it’s normal for 5 year olds to think you can turn a cat into a dog by cutting its whiskers off. They’re still learning what categories are at that age.

  13. Welcome back! I have posted your return to life on my FB page. So very glad to know you are here again. Wishing you all the VERY BEST on this new site.

  14. Back with a powerful post! I knew they couldn’t silence you forever!!

  15. Dear GM, I’m so glad you’re back. No way the tech-bros could keep a brilliant, brave, and trail-blazing blogger like you down. I’ve missed you and your posts.

    I’m also so glad your archives will be available again. I have been filling 3-ring binders with gen-crit articles to show to electeds and offline acquaintances, many of them your old posts that I’d fortunately printed before your blog was taken down. But I wished I’d printed many more, because they are invaluable. As soon as the archives are up, I’ll be printing from them again. In the meantime, I had to tell the first politician I met with–to discuss trans censorship, and trans attacking women and girls, and our safety rights–that I couldn’t provide him with certain of your articles about censorship, because they’d been censored by Word Press. Anyway, I want you to know I’m putting your hard work to good use offline, as well, sharing your dedicated work offline to communicate about trans incursions on everyone’s rights and to create local, offline gen-crit feminist community here. People get quite a sudden wake-up when they flip through the binder. If it weren’t for your work, they’d never believe it. I wouldn’t even know how to describe, let alone be aware, of ~98% of what you’ve shown your readers for years. I hope other of your readers will consider making up a similar binder full of plastic sleeves and your articles, for offline acquaintances and electeds to quickly flip through and grasp what they’ve never realized or been able to articulate. It helps to put in lots of colorful Stop Trans Chauvinism 2.0 images/posters, too, between articles.

    Thank you.

  16. Welcome back. I shared the link and many of the screenshots on my facebook page, reject gender.

  17. Hi GallusMag,
    Glad your back and that the archives are still available. Hope you stored them offsite too. Thanks for fighting for womens’ and lesbian rights. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. I thought I had seen it all. These parents are beyond fucked up. I really have no idea what to say. I feel queasy reading the crap they’re spouting.

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