10 thoughts on “Test

  1. Very pleased to see you back again GM.
    It sucked what WP did to you – they did it to me a few weeks later. No warning, no communication, no nothing. Just gone.

  2. Thank you for all your efforts at educating. I still can’t believe the silencing of female voices. You and the brave few stand between sanity and the latest woke dude bros & TRA’S.

  3. Just saw the page today…glad to see you are back 🙂

    Oh and in case anyone rolls through and wonders why I have been silent on Twitter…nerd dude or someone on his behalf got the powers that be to lock my account until I delete a tweet. Naturally the appeal has gone nowhere and I simply have not had the time to write corporate (my usual tact in these situations). So, in the interim, the account sits in limbo and I cannot even view tweets without logging out from the page describing my access. I absolutely despise the manner in which the males in makeup are permitted to run roughshod over the web and society…

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