10 thoughts on “Test

  1. Welcome back! I look forward to reading your posts, and joining the mailing list when you are up for it.

  2. Very pleased to see you back again GM.
    It sucked what WP did to you – they did it to me a few weeks later. No warning, no communication, no nothing. Just gone.

  3. Thank you for all your efforts at educating. I still can’t believe the silencing of female voices. You and the brave few stand between sanity and the latest woke dude bros & TRA’S.

  4. Just saw the page today…glad to see you are back 🙂

    Oh and in case anyone rolls through and wonders why I have been silent on Twitter…nerd dude or someone on his behalf got the powers that be to lock my account until I delete a tweet. Naturally the appeal has gone nowhere and I simply have not had the time to write corporate (my usual tact in these situations). So, in the interim, the account sits in limbo and I cannot even view tweets without logging out from the page describing my access. I absolutely despise the manner in which the males in makeup are permitted to run roughshod over the web and society…

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