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  1. This is a great video. I do, however, worry that this video will give some men the idea that “sex self-ID” would be a heck of a lot of fun. Some pervy men sure as heck would just love “sex self-ID” to join women in the locker room, etc.

    1. My guess is that perverts already know and are waiting with bated breath. The only people who don’t know are the average woman many of whom don’t understand the implications and don’t know that ‘trans’ generally means a middle aged AGP, peen intact on a cotton ceiling safari. Once they get that it’s all over which is why they’re trying so hard to shut any discussion down. To the point of beating up 60 year old women. And doing a ‘personal prosecution’ (yeah that’s a thing in England, any random can prosecute you for a crime) of a lesbian activist for saying she’d defend herself if attacked. This could actually result in jail time. So yeah they already know.

  2. OK, off to twitter to see how many of the usual suspects are having hysterics over this white debbil transphobe nazi alt-winger baby eater!

  3. I hated this ad when I first saw it, now I can’t stop watching it.
    “Gow online. Cleek, cleek, cleek. Now ahm a burrd.” Cracks me up.
    It’s certainly going to bring out the female vote. Clearly shows what no woman wants in their changing room or daughter’s room or daughter’s dorm room: him. Or any other creepy male who can do this.
    Anyone know if the GRA would allow a person to switch back and forth on their ID?
    Has everyone heard Bill DeBlasio, mayor of NYC, just signed Self-ID into law this week? I didn’t even realize it was law already in California. 🙁
    So impressed with the work of UK women on this.

    1. TR proponents are more strategic about it in the US. I WISH the USA had a proposal for a national law that opposition could more easily focus on and rally round as women are doing in the UK. Here, instead of trying to advance the issue head-on as is being done in the UK, they do it bit by bit, here and there, semi- under the radar. Somewhere awhile back I read this was intentional…

      1. Yeah, me too. They have been more stealthy like having trans access added to the VAW. But the Brits have given us some good numbers like the nearly 50% of trans inmates are sex offenders. And all the pervert eruptions they keep having will benefit us as well. Trans is not sustainable in the light of day. And as all their sneaky games are revealed people will be pissed. If they had any sense at all they’d especially leave kids alone and come out in opposition to kids transitioning. Cases like the one in Georgia right now will not be good.

      2. that’s how it was going in the UK as well. Gender Recognition act snuck in back in 2004, Self ID snuck in recently in Scotland and Ireland (though with many caveats in Ireland that still protect some same-sex spaces like prisons etc.) Luckily enough women in England and Wales where the current Self ID proposal is realised what was going on and started a grass-roots campaign that has been very successful in dragging these issues into a wider public arena.
        I suspect some of it was just luck with the timing. The Brexit vote was such a shock to many that I think it made a lot of people look more closely at the political landscape and re-assess a lot of what they thought they knew. And one of the things a lot of people found when they started looking more closely was all this trans madness.
        Also the trans lobby have been very aggressive towards children in the UK, really pushing to get all the trans indoctrination into schools. That woke up a lot of mothers to what was going on who had previously thought it was all about harmless adult transexuals getting full SRS etc.
        But I do think the small geographical area of the country which makes it much easier for speakers to travel around, and the fact that it’s the same law everywhere, not like the US with all its varied laws from state to state, have been of benefit.

      3. It’s likely we’re going to have to push back against self-ID state by state, in the same way the right to a medical abortion has been precariously maintained (or voting rights, for that matter). One current example–there’s an initiative on the November ballot in Massachusetts to repeal the change to public accomodations law made by the legislature two years ago, which allows access to single-sex spaces based on a person’s sincerely-held gender identity. Althoug the group that pushed hardest for the initative is conservative, the legislation is obviously just bad law, since it relies on one person’s feelings to determine whether someone else is fined or sent to jail (which, for some reason, we’re repeatedly told is unfair in the case of those accused of sexual assault).
        We could well end up with a mosaic of states, much like red and blue maps of the U.S., in which we have to fight for abortion rights in some and against self-ID in others, since few men support full bodily autonomy for women. What I mean is that conservative men tend to demand control of women’s bodies and would be against both women’s right to choose and self-ID, while liberal men tend to want easy access to women’s bodies, leading them to support self-ID and permit abortion.

      4. Lilith, I agree. In the U.S., they are definitely using stealth. I, too, have read this, perhaps here on GM’s blog or elsewhere: that TRAs intentionally make changes as quietly as possible, courting legislators and decision-makers privately.
        We need to do the same. Each of us should contact all of our electeds, one by one, and meet with them to alert them of what’s really going on. Electeds are afraid. They need to know that all the other electeds in their legislative body have been contacted by their constituents, also, so that none of them are sticking their necks our alone.
        In particular, I tell them to watch out for any proposals that eliminate the word “sex” from the protected categories, and replaced with “gender,” or “gender identity.” The word “sex” has to remain listed in order to protect women’s and girl’s rights.
        I print out short, clear articles and Facebook posters to put in a binder full of plastic sleeves, to set in front of anyone I can, in person, so that they can flip through and get a quick education on what the LGBT groups don’t want anyone to know about trans. I urge others to do the same, then bring it to those private meetings with elected officials.
        In fact, I carry these binders everywhere, and show them to anyone I can. It really helps. One binder is devoted to the violence done by Men Pretending to be Women (MPWs).
        We need to be much more proactive and organized, not just talking amongst ourselves, or wasting time debating people who aren’t decision-makers. We need to take the info GM and others post, and be contacting the media and decision makers about it.

  4. Transactivists protested and partially blockaded a meeting in Manchester yesterday about the GRA consultation. In fact, the women holding the meeting barricaded the door to the room where it was held.
    Someone thought–and others obviously agreed–that it would be clever to put “Manchester lesbians stand by your trans” on the transactivists’ banner. WPUK, Fair Play for Women, Posie Parker, and other women have been speaking out about the safeguarding risk under the proposed changes to the GRA in a country where sexual assault of women and girls, including primary school students, has increased in recent years, yet the protestors are referencing–apparently unironically–the retro idea from the Tammy Wynette song that women should stand by men no matter how those men treat them.
    If we’re lucky, this sort of unbelievably tone deaf entitlement will backfire on them.

    1. It has. The fact that all the lesbians were men with receding hairlines didn’t help their cause. It just showed what a dodgy group would be getting into women’s spaces if self ID came in. The papers in UK are now printing stuff supporting women. And Posey Parker has a projector shining ‘woman=adult Human Female on the national gallery. They’ve been out every day leafleting and talking to men and women in the general public who have been very supportive. I think maybe we can win this.

      1. Are the people holding the sign claiming to be lesbians? The banner reads more like an edict towards, rather than a statement of support from lesbians. They are ordering lesbians to “stand by your man…er, trans”. It doesn’t say “lesbians stand by our men”, it’s ordering them to do so.

      2. “The banner reads more like an edict towards, rather than a statement of support from lesbians.”
        That’s exactly how it struck me–and it’s the reason I posted a comment, along with my general outrage at the protestors’ assumption that women who disagree with men lose their right to political speech or free assembly.
        Also, that guy front and center in the turquoise shirt looks a lot like Aimee Challenor.

      1. I wondered if that was him but I’m struggling with my eyesight these days and wasn’t sure.

    2. “Stand by Your Trans”….WTF….Tammy Wynette was a transwoman.

      Sorry, Gallus, but it’s funny. I don’t dig country music, it’s amusing though. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the subject at hand, but we need a good laugh.
      If you google it, there is a youtube video of two people singing “Stand by Your Trans”. Maybe they could sing it at the Grand Ole Opry. My granny from Texas just loved the Grand Ole Opry.
      I don’t mean to disrespect country music. It’s not my thing, but Tammy Wynette as a transwoman.

      1. Skyward Phillips, thanks for this. This song’a lyrics are even worse than I remembered. I often hum the chorus when I see women defending men, no matter what.. I didn’t realiZe when I heard it as a kid that it was about standing by a cheater. She looks like she’s going to cry. I’m not a fan of country, but it’s such a catchy tune, and she’s got a great voice and twang. Too bad it wasn’t feminist lyrics. It could have been a great anthem…for something, with totally different lyrics.
        And yes, what a terrible choice for their protest. I hope it makes a lot of people ill, that banner.
        The more people get to know about trans, the more it will be the undoing.

    3. Emma 8 twitter has a photo. Enlarge it, and look closely. They are all dudes. Or, some could be FTMs. The three on the bottom are transwomen. Huge males with receding hairlines say lesbians should “Stand By Your Trans”.
      If you haven’t already submitted a comment to say no to “Sex Self-ID”, do so now!

      1. I’m not a UK citizen, and I entered my phone number with a country code that is not the UK’s, and I was able to comment with no problems.

  5. Holy shit you have to check out this dude Danielle Muscato, a low-effort trans who posted a viral thread asking the question of what new freedoms women would have if men had a 9 PM curfew. Having gotten all this coverage for asking about male violence against women he then tries to use it to raise funds for himself. https://twitter.com/DanielleMuscato/status/1044686450028163074
    For reference, a picture of Mr/Ms. Muscato. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6uuu8zWkAImDHJ.jpg:large

    1. Of course he did. Dude is a grifter and professional beggar. He Is the official King of Go Fund Me. And utterly despicable human being and con artist. I have no doubt that ‘being a woman’ is another con. He also routinely takes up space in women’s shelters. Just an all-around despicable human being.

    2. He has a history of abusing women only housing/shelters. And putting himself in our spaces and acting like the creepy fetishist he is and then when called out on it…crying misogyny and of course transphobia.
      I think he searches for women’s issues to insert himself in because he came to my attention due to a local (to me)issue with girls being forced to share a locker room with a teenage boy and being shamed and threatened by the school board because they voiced concern about it.
      He (Muscato) started commenting on our mistakenly public post. Looking into him…he doesn’t even live in the same state!!

  6. Fortunately, UK women stand a chance at fighting self-ID *because* Brexit. Otherwise trans would just appeal any denial to the European Court of Human Rights and do a bureaucratic/judicial side step to self-rule.
    Meanwhile, a dude just won the Women’s World Cycling Championship. *head/desk*

    1. Gallus has already covered said dude here before:
      Yeah its the “glitter family professor” Dr McKinnon, who teaches at College of Charleston but competed for Canada:
      caution: that is a very pro trans site that accuses women of “hate” for being upset about this.
      Nobody is actually worried about the future of women’s sports, its all just “hate”.

    2. Rachel MacKinnon – used to wear a trans-smirk, now it’s full on trans-smug grin.
      The sponsors need to hear noise from us, we tha fan base of women’s cycling.
      On GRA resistance, Go UK sisters! It’s glorious to watch your resistance.

  7. In news from the UK resistance, a woman infiltrated a pro-GRA reform conference and posted a report on Mumsnet:
    From her notes on the Mermaids presentation:
    “Christine Burns said that children have “gender awareness” from around the age of 2. The general consensus was that a child who articulates that they want to change their gender should be able to- no matter how young they are.
    “CB also said that we “baby” children in our culture, whereas in other countries 12 year olds are considered old enough to fight in wars. I DON’T KNOW WHY SHE THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD COMPARISON.”
    Add to that an earlier panel on which someone suggested schools provide a “safe space” for students whose parents weren’t supportive so they could lead a double life and it starts to sound like grooming (see also “glitter family”). If children can choose their gender and fight in wars, it takes fewer steps to get to the argument that they should have the right to consent to relationships with adults and that those who advocate safeguarding are interfering with children’s autonomy.
    Another item in the category of we-all-saw-that-coming, from a workshop called “Getting the GRA we want”:
    “In the group I was in they also talked about how changing your gender multiple times should be allowed and shouldn’t be seen as “bad intentions”.”
    Because why shouldn’t a man be able to change his gender to compete in women’s sports, get a scholarship, or be listed on an all-woman shortlist, then change back again to enjoy the benefits of male privilege in his professional life? Or if he’s being sent to prison and would rather serve his sentence among women? Or if he’d just prefer to live in a women’s dormitory or homeless shelter? The possibilities are endless–for men.
    It’s funny what TRAs will admit when they think no one outside their group is watching.

    1. I just posted a blog (very long – sorry) about sex, gender and human rights and for part of it I read up on the cognitive development of the concept of gender identity (yay Kohlberg!)
      Kids start to know the words “boy” and “girl” at that age, but they don’t understand what they mean yet, not really.
      Here is the relevant page on my blog:
      2. Sex and Gender are two different things (Part 2)
      I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say there, but if there’s anything there you can use as ammunition, go for it.

  8. Many Norwegian women don’t use locker rooms since self-ID became law two years ago, so the answer to the disingenous question, “If self-ID is so dangerous, why aren’t we seeing an epidemic of sexual assault in showers, changing rooms, etc., in places where it’s already the law?” is pretty much what we’ve thought–women aren’t idiots and avoid being vulnerable to men.
    In other words, women stay home. If we don’t push back hard enough, we’ll see women fade from public life. The men who’ve wanted that have found a way to make it happen while appearing to be concerned for the rights of a supposedly oppressed minority.

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