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  1. I’m glad that I’m in Canada where the federal government is focused on other, more important matters than the misgendering of transpeople. Bill C-16 was bad enough. A GRA in Canada would be a disaster. Good luck to all the British people who will fight the government on this legislation.

    1. Are you joking? The current (Liberal) government is very pro-trans, as are scads of “progressives” including all the SJW high school kiddies who walked out of class in Toronto last week in support of “trans” sex-ed.
      This has been the policy at Ryerson Uni gym for at least a couple years now:
      “Everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans person is welcome at facility-specific times listed below. In this case, trans refers to people who identify as transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, non-binary, genderqueer and/or gender diverse.” Signs are also posted in bathrooms and lockerrooms stating they are trans-inclusive.
      They get the gym to themselves during certain slots throughout the week. it is an odd alignment of Sharia and “progressive.” At the appointed hour “cis” males are hustled out and a newly installed extensive blinds system ensures no one can look through glass partitions.
      Coincidentally, all four clock faces on the clock tower no longer function, the hands having fallen right off one face.

      1. I am very aware that the federal Liberals are pro-trans. I am in western Canada. I talked to my local MP who was in the Cabinet, and was left frustrated at his dismissive attitude. Meanwhile, I have a premier who is fighting for her political life. I’m not sure she wants to push this issue when there are other issues which matter more to the rest of us, and are more vital to her re-election.

  2. Washington state has already implemented this. There is no documentation needed if you are over 18 or are an emancipated minor. You can change your sex to F, M, or X. There was a brief “public comment” period, with plenty of comments against it, but absolutely zero acknowledgement from the Department of Health of any of the criticism.
    I hope you guys have better luck…

    1. Washington state already forbids sex-segregated spaces anyway, so, in this instance, self-ID doesn’t really matter. It’s only the most foolish TIM in Washington state who changes his legal “gender” just to access women’s spaces. He could have done it all along.

      1. Son a related note, after recognizing gender identity and writing Health Education curriculum guidelines available online, stating that “all kindergarteners will recognize there are many genders”.
        Then, in 2017, Washington state removed requirement to take biology to graduate from high school…

  3. I so admire what Dr Nicola Williams is doing. She is right;
    this is the last chance for women, parents and clear thinking individuals to have a say. She is putting it in a nut shell and calling it “Sex Self-ID”, not, “a change in legal gender” or “expressing one’s true gender-identity”. The consultation document can be accessed here..
    It’s 86 pages long and right from the beginning it conflates sex and gender. Just read through the Terminology section and see how much red-penning is needed…eg “Sex: Assigned by medical practitioners at birth…”. The use of the word “assigned” is used disingenuously and allows for the implication that when we mature we discover our “gender-identity” which may not be the same as the sex “assigned” at birth and that “gender-identity, when discovered, always wins out.
    Save yourselves a heap-load of stress and go to Fair Play For Women https://fairplayforwomen.com/ and access the consultation document via their site.
    If we don’t use this opportunity then we will see the erosion of women’s and girls spaces and it will be harder than ever to use the Equality Act of 2010 in order to protect those spaces. It’s happening as we speak. Girl Guide leaders who have spoken out about the GG policy of including “trans kids” without informing other parents are being sacked and their groups closed down.
    The Girl Guides are very clear in their policy……https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/running-your-unit/including-all/lgbt-members/supporting-trans-members/
    “It is not a requirement – or best practice – to tell parents that a trans person will be attending a residential event.”
    There is, as yet, no legal requirement for GGs to make this policy, not even under the Equalities Act 2010.
    Here is their statement about the matter…..https://twitter.com/Girlguiding
    Susie Green of Mermaids told Piers Morgan on GMB this morning that we are assuming that “trans girls” are the same as adult male rapists. No Susie, they are boys and there is an epidemic of sexual assault and bullying in school. Maybe girls can find safe space with other girls, doing fun stuff together without looking over their shoulder for once.
    Changing the GRA from it’s current requirements is detrimental to everyone; including those few who are genuinely diagnosed with gender dysphoria and undertake medical and psychological treatment as adults.

  4. I have been following the events in the U.K. and it seems that women are really fighting back. It’s hard for them to do that because the trans cult is using every dirty trick they can think of. I’m pleased to see that twitter seems to be staying out of it. Some women @HumanFemales,paid for billboards to be put up saying ‘OED woman – adult human female’ but these were taken down when trans complained, even though the Oxford English Dictionary does indeed define women as above.
    On youtu.be/xelcbzg3VAo is an excellent vid called: Girlguides: Grooming, Helen Watts and what is in plain sight. It dishes the dirt on the men who advised girlguides on their trans policy, and how unsafe girls in guides are now. I also found out through twitter that girlguides ban lesbians. How ridiculous!

    1. Margaret, Helen spoke at the meeting last night. Did you know that the lovely Philip Bunce advised the Girl Guides on policy? You couldn’t make it up.

    2. Apparently, both Jane (when men murder women it’s just domestic violence gone wrong) Fae and the same Philip Bunce who was the subject of Gallus Mag’s last post gave advice to the Guides on this issue, which seems like asking foxes who to allow in the hen house. (“Foxes who identify as hens are just trying to live their authentic lives and pose no safeguarding risk.”)
      I’m not sure the Guides ban lesbians per se, but their policy of expelling girls who aren’t gender-conforming and call themselves trans or non-binary would disproportionately affect lesbians and may well be intended as a politically correct way to push them out–except probably for those trans girls who also identify as lesbian.
      Interestingly, I’ve just found out that Eton, a very posh male school, doesn’t expel boys who “identify as” girls or nonbinary (and I can find no evidence they’d even consider admitting a girl who identifies as a boy). This looks very similar to one explicit exception to the UK’s GRA laws, in which a man who becomes legally a woman would still inherit any family peerage or landed title, while a woman who becomes legally a man does not become eligible to inherit.
      It’s no coincidence that Eton and Girl Guides have such different policies. The contrast makes clear that UK boys or men who wish to appropriate womanhood can still keep all male rights and entitlements while being allowed to invade female organizations and spaces, but girls or women who declare themselves trans are pushed out of female groups while being denied access to male rights and entitlements.
      The risk is erasure of female as a coherent category while the male category retains its boundaries, analogous to the way women’s restrooms tend to be repurposed as gender neutral while men’s restrooms are left alone. Now or never isn’t an exaggeration in the UK because they’re already heading toward a society in which the categories are effectively “men” and “everyone”–where men are included in the latter but can keep women out of the former.

    3. Helen Watts videos are so worth checking out! She’s really insightful about what is happening, and also in what is likely to happen as all of this stuff goes forward. I really liked these two but there are so many great videos on her channel.

      1. oh, oops I am mixing up my feminists. Helen Watts is the GG volunteer who was chucked out for raising self-guarding concerns, these videos are by a different feminist analysing all the dynamics of what’s happening with the trans movement. Both are great! But this youtuber’s videos are really insightful about what is going on.

  5. Well, you probably know now that twitter is doing a survey that will see us banned. They want to ban any mention of genitilia. Basically gender will be protected and sex will not. I will try and send you a link, though I’ve never succeeded in doing one yet.

  6. blog.twitter.com/official/en_us
    This is the access route to the twitter survey that will disenfranchise women. They call their new policy ‘dehumanisation’, which as we all know is what trans cult/misogyny does to us. Yet they are only applying it to gender. Sex is not even mentioned! Please all fill out the survey and let your feelings be known BUT don’t access through twitter as then they can target you.

    1. Margaret, thanks for the heads up. I pasted the link into my browser and got a Twitter reply of “page not found.” Is the survey over, please, or is there another, safer way to.access it, as you.mentioned?

  7. I went to the meeting in Liverpool last night. It was fantastic to see and hear how many women are against self IDing. I think people are starting to wake up at last; I just hope it is in time.

    1. I’ve been reading about it on twitter. It reminds me of the 70’s when there were thousands marching.

    1. One way or another, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is the future. Holy christ she was made for this. As a talking head she is almost supernaturally photogenic. She has “it”: that strangely compelling presence that many before her have parlayed into a lucrative career in politics or the entertainment industry. Could easily see her running for office, and winning.
      In this particular conflict, her overtly (over the top!) * stereotypically gendered presentation works counter intuitively, providing a third rail to the public’s cognitive dissonance around the sex stereotypes that she skewers with her commentary.
      A brilliant friend (and a pretty darned good lesbian) once remarked to me that she thought butch dykes lent particular authority to disabusing the notion that stereotypes of “femininity” are a defining feature of the female sex. That is certainly true.
      (We were talking about genuine butch dykes, not average lesbian normies who affect short hair styles and wear expensive suits like the ghastly handmaid Ruth Hunt of Stonewall.)
      One can easily imagine the hilarity of simply seating the feigning transvestite India Willoughby opposite, say, lesbian blogger Dirt, on national television and letting Willoughby argue his case. “Living life as a woman” indeed. Game over, dude.
      Can you imagine India bleating “Do you want me to cut my hair and wear boy’s clothes!” to butch dyke Anne Ruzylo? Hahaha it is to laugh.
      And there is plenty to say about why media outlets platform femininity performing heterosexual women over, let’s face it, atypical women – those who don’t clearly abide the compulsory social norms enforced on women in their demeanor, their grooming, and their beds.
      It seems like common sense that “GNC” women are best positioned to skewer the transgender tropes, in the same way that masculine gay men were thought best suited to deflate homophobic “fag” stereotypes.
      But why?
      I would argue that Kelli-Jay Keen-Minshull’s hyper-feminine adaptation of the same sex-stereotypical social norms that men use to define the female sex enhances her authority in disproving them.
      Does the hair style make the woman? Do clothes make the woman? Does motherhood and heterosexuality make the woman? Kelli-Jay Keen-Minshull says no.
      (* No offense, I call it like I see it.)

    2. I can see Kelly-Jay running for PM and winning. Logical, straightforward, honest…..hell, if the little one and I were living in the UK, I would vote for her.
      As for India….again, it’s an ‘all about ME ME ME ME’ fest. Which is sadly, no different than the online world for the brigade. Or being in denial from now til doomsday about the overall reality of what the brigade really is doing or wants to do.
      Oh yeah…..nice deflection there on the Mermaids creep, India. As though what was done, which in the real world is ABUSE does not matter. Amazing that facts seem to have left the building, like Elvis with these folks.

    3. Dear Lord, that interview was maddening. Kellie-Jay did an admirable job of standing up for herself. But she could barely get a sentence out before one of the other three people there interrupted her. And I noticed that no one actually addressed the concerns she brought up (ie “What if I’m stopped by a male cop who has the power to forcibly strip-search me because he identifies as a woman?”). They just deflected to fretting about what might happen to the poor Princess India Willoughby if he can’t access a women’s shelter if he’s raped at some point in the future!
      The panelists cared a LOT more about the hypothetical rape of India Willoughby than they cared about the women who were ACTUALLY RAPED and desperately want female-only safe havens
      But the worst part was around seven minutes in where this exchange happened…
      –Kelly-Jay: “You shouldn’t be able to take a sixteen year old to Thailand and castrate them”
      –India Willoughby: “Why is this your business? It’s a personal family matter. It doesn’t effect you.”
      WTF!?!? Since when is the mutilation/abuse of a child by a deranged parent “just a family matter”? By that logic, neither I nor the police would have any right to intervene if my next door neighbor was raping his kids every night because his behavior would be a “family matter” that doesn’t effect anyone outside their house! Do these trans activists actually understand what they are advocating for!?!?

      1. Exactly, B-Dala. Trans like Mr. India demand endless rights be put on the legal books and in policy manuals that benefit themselves, but are libertarians when it comes to the rights of everyone else. The only people needing and deserving of protection are them. Endlessly.

  8. Here’s another video of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, this time taking on deranged miosgynist Adrian Harrop with fierce brilliance. He’s one of the people who complained to have the “adult human female” billboard removed in Liverpool, and towards the end of this clip he accuses her of “appropriating” the word woman!
    So a poster of the dictionary definition of woman makes some men feel unsafe, but women nad girls who complain about feeling unsafe sharing private spaces with men are irrational bigots. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Harrop and Willougby speak with a British version of the same tone of aggrieved entitlement as Kavanaugh. It doesn’t seem to matter whether men are straight, gay, or trans-identified–they all react from their assumption of male privilege when challenged.

    1. The way he addresses her as “Posie,” in that snide tone, when she’s presenting with her real name, is disgusting. His hatred for actual females drips off every word that comes from his mouth or fingers. I wouldn’t trust him with dog licenses, let alone the medical records of women.

    2. LOLOLOLOL Oh my goodness. Is the good doctor actually in practice? Some would argue that free access to prescription medication is not a good thing for some people. 😉

      1. It would be a relief to think Harrop wasn’t in practice, but, unfortunately, there’s evidence he is. This is just what I could find on a cursory search:
        I first read about him in the Twitter timelines of some UK feminists, and his behavior on Twitter has been more than impolite. The guy has targeted various women whose opinons on trans issues disagree with his, including at least one attempt to blackmail someone into deleting her account.
        He’s quite a piece of work, and it was a delight to watch him taken down.

      2. Nope. Your link provides no evidence whatsoever that this individual has ever practiced medicine.
        Link is to an activist lobbying group (i.e. internet based fictional entity)
        From the website:
        “Dr Adrian Harrop
        Media Officer and Spokesperson
        Adrian is based in the North East, and have been living [sic] and working in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area for around [sic] six years, following his graduation from the University of Manchester in 2012.
        Adrian is am currently [sic] an ST3 Registrar in General Practice, and has a wide and diverse range of experience [sic] , particularly in acute and emergency medicine, and unplanned primary care.
        Adrian has a special interest in working with marginalised and disadvantaged populations, particularly patients in the prison environment, the homeless and people with problems related to drug and alcohol dependency.
        Adrian is married to Dan, who is an enormous support and a hugely grounding influence. And most importantly, Adrian is a proud adoptive father to his two Bengal cats – Agnes and Morag.”
        This “doctor” if he is one, has no apparent record of ever practicing medicine, and can barely string a sentence together.

      3. “Adrian is married to Dan, who is an enormous support and a hugely grounding influence.”
        Jesus! A grounding influence? Just what every fictional Primary Care Provider needs! A hugely grounding influence. What the everloving fuck.

      4. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jan/14/nhs-not-in-crisis-lie-national-health-service-crisis-winter-interviews
        Unless Harrop has fooled a lot of people, it does look as if he was in practice as of last winter, but whether currently practicing or not, he seems to be someone who looks for causes to be enraged about, because a few months after raising this fuss about NHS funding, he started in on trans rights and gender critical feminists.

      5. It appears the good doctor can be found at scarborough A&E

      6. I can imagine any patient not actually comatose fleeing the treatment room.
        There have been news reports this year of doctor shortages in the NHS, especially GPs, so perhaps they can’t be too particular.

      7. GROUNDING?????? For crying out loud, ‘grounding’ is what is done with electrical devices, to prevent shocks, shorts etc.
        What was said by this ‘Duper’s Delight’ dingbat, is the same shit that is said by every jock or entertainer, who either got caught doing way to much dope and met someone OR if they had violated their parole and there was a person in their life who read them the riot act. But when a doc says they have a ‘grounding influence’, one can bet the rent, safely….that the weasel is on dope.
        By the way…if there was a doc who was subbing for one of mine, who looked like this cretin, I would run out of the office and straight to the admin office and ask ‘WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT NORMAN BATES ON YOUR STAFF????’.

    3. I doubt he practices for the simple reason that he is on twitter 24/7… I check several times a day and he is *always* in the thick of it. And these are looooong battles that he gets into, hours and hours of tit-for-tat, back and forth. No practicing physician has time for that shit.
      Yes, major drug addiction would explain the never-ending fury and constant carrying-on. His only setting is “livid and fulminating”; there is never any cat-video break, no pause to chat with friends…. its full-bore crazy, all the time.

      1. I’ve said repeatedly all along that this dude can’t be a real doctor. The Brits have assured me he is. Some have said they’ve complained to the GMC about him. (Not sure what that is. I assume it runs the NHS which is where he allegedly works.) I’m convinced he stole someone’s ID. I’ve known he had issues but watching that video dude seems totally off. Unhinged. He also looks so over the top I’m convinced he’s acting. Maybe he plans to open a gender clinic. That is if he’s actually doctor. Dude is online constantly spouting crazy at women. That’s totally bizarre for someone who has no skin in the game.

      2. He has some sort of big plans for himself, that’s for sure. He’s had his name registered as a private limited company since 2015. That doesn’t seem like it would be a normal move for a supposed A&E doctor.

    4. Harrop’s “grounding influence” may be out of town for a while, because the deranged doctor has tried to report–via Twitter–a UK Catholic journalist to the Vatican and a number of other organizations for the sin of not sharing his opinions. It didn’t seem to occur to him that the Vatican would probably not be annoyed to learn that a Catholic woman’s views on transgender issues happen to align with the pope’s.
      This is a man who has no idea where he left his marbles.

      1. Harrop, being a male supremacist, probably thought his fellow men were going to put the uppitty woman in line. There also seems to be a trend of trans stan male supremacists trying to appeal to a disobedient woman’s male owner (aka husband) so he can put her in line.
        On the other side of the same coin, these male supremacists also attack the wives of disobedient men, like they did to Graham Linehan’s wife and a female employee of a school for the deaf in Oklahoma.

  9. If I reply to anything in these gargantuan threads (and you never know which thread will become gargantuan), I am thereby tagged in forevermore, so I see plenty of the good doctor’s babble every single day–which is how I know he does this shit for hours at a pop.
    He goes back and picks up old grudges too, deliberately stirs shit up.. one of his big hates is Mumsnet, which he continually derides as “a load of 40 something year old wives, mothers and home-makers”:

    1. OMGoddess, before my ban hammer I loved Glinner’s tweets. I am so glad he’s not backing down, and he’s a beloved writer….oooh thanks for the link. The transgender cray cray on full display. Bwaahahaha. Fuke that shite.

    2. High Court proceedings? (from article) Courts in the U.K. must have nothing to do except pander to delusional males.

  10. The GMC is the General Medical Council, the professional body for medical doctors in the UK. It investigates complaints against doctors and oversees standards of medical training and continuing professional development. Dozens of people have complained to the GMC about Harrop but it’s had little effect. He appears to be working as a locum GP (temping, in other words). Scarborough NHS Trust didn’t like his comments to the media in January, apparently. NHS staff are expected to abide by their employer’s social media policy and this may have been an issue.

  11. Excellent piece in the Times; “Trans movement has been hijacked by bullies and trolls”.
    We’ve been watching this happen for a long time. Ever since the T was tacked on to the LGB. Ever since Andrea James hounded Michael J Bailey for writing “The man who would be queen”. Ever since Dr Kenneth Zucker was forced out and his clinic closed by CAMH because he insisted on “watchful waiting” rather than immediate affirmation. Ever since Christine Benvenuto wrote a book recording the breakdown of her marriage to an autogynophile and her book signings were protested. Ever since groups like GIRES, Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence were given carte blanche to go into schools, workforces and public bodies such as the police force, the NHS and local authorities in order to spread the belief that gender is all in the head and what’s between the legs is no one’s business. Ever since Stonewall became an organisation which dropped the L and promoted the T. Ever since the Labour Party opened all-women shortlists to delicate young men in dresses and wigs. Ever since Maria Miller, as chairman of the Women’s and Equalities commission examining transgender equality, steadfastly refused to hear a single piece of evidence from women or women’s groups.
    The deadline for the GRA consultation is fast approaching. Thankfully there are now many brave women speaking out and shame on those in authority who were too damned lazy to ask pertinent questions and actually carry out risk analysis in prisons, schools and other public spaces where women and girls need the right to their own facilities and meeting places.

  12. I’m a little late to this (limited internet at home) but I think that we lost sex-based rights in practice when trans people first started being able to get their ID changed. As soon as you are not allowed to know that even one person in your group is a reproductive male, or allowed to evict him, it is no longer a female-only group, by definition. It’s just that there were so few transwomen in the beginning that most of us had no clue.
    By Canadian legal standards (I don’t know how this would work elsewhere), I think that laws allowing people to change their ID to the other sex are unconstitutional, because they make it effectively impossible to organize on the basis of reproductive sex. I see all these “TERFs” saying well, the ones who are sincere and transitioned under the old rules are ok, and I wonder how much longer they’re going to think that. I mean, are you *really* a TERF if you’re willing to include old-school transsexuals under the label of “woman”? (Of course none of us are talking about intersex, here.)

  13. https://www.byline.com/column/85/article/2300
    This piece on the UK Green Party’s issues with gender and what went on with the Challenors was written by longtime member (and kick-ass crone!) Beatrix Campbell, who has also refused to be called “non-male” by the party. She writes in a style that is clear, serious, and sometimes wry–it’s a brilliant summary. Campbell supports both Gender Critical Greens and WPUK.
    “The party should ask itself whether the party’s hard-line pro-trans policies and associated bullying provided what sexual violence scholar Prof Liz Kelly calls a ‘conducive context’ that shielded the Challenors from scrutiny.
    “It might also ask itself whether it lost its marbles about gender and sexual politics, so much so that this proudly open and democratic party sometimes behaved like the Inquisition, hunting and harassing trans heretics and feminists.”
    Another quotation: “Other organisations – from the Girl Guides to the Lib-dems and the Trades Union Congress – should not be smug about the Greens’ crisis: they’ve tolerated a trans modus operandi and ideology that is bulwarked by claims that to debate its hypotheses – including the mantra ‘a transwoman is a woman…is a woman’ – is to eliminate trans people. Apparently debate is death.”

  14. Remember that guy Clymer? Apparently he finds it unbearable that Kavanaugh is getting more attention than he is. The thread of women’s responses is a thing of beauty.

  15. I’ve been to other boards. How do you deal with people who will call you a bigot when you try to defend female-born rights? Also, I read comments from a few commenters that my female rights are not rights but privileges. And we don’t need defending because we are bigots?

    1. Biology is not bigotry.
      I keep it personal, as my pedo groomers used language ” your parents don’t understand us, we have special love your family doesn’t love you like me”…..and, since penis molested and raped me, I have a need for existing legal sex-based protections for public facilities. Molesters didn’t ask if I identified as a sex target for them, and I don’t want male-born lying to me now about their sex to gain access.
      Sex liars.

    2. It might be helpful for us to know which particular rights you’ve been trying to defend so that we can suggest strategies. Una-Jane’s advice about using biology is a great start.
      Also, the use of the plural “privileges” is telling. There’s institutional privilege, which is always singular, and that’s what men have–there’s no such thing as “female privilege” in a patriarchy. “Privileges,” on the other hand, are granted by those with power to those without–or, at least, less. It’s what “car privileges” or “phone privileges” mean to teenagers, since they can be given or taken away by parents who hold the car keys and the checkbook
      If commenters are claiming women’s rights are actually privileges, they’re arguing from the point of view of patriarchal men who operate under the assumption that women are not entitled to independent rights so are only allowed whatever privileges men choose to grant them.
      If you’d like to point out the ways the people on those boards are following the abuser’s playbook, I’d suggest that you read the Jean Hatchet blog post I linked to in the comment just before yours, which compares the argumentation of transactivists with the signs of an abusive relationship. For other ideas, I’d read more of Gallus Mag’s posts and the comments made on them.

      1. I have justed tweeted (@WinfieldUna): The GRA is the equivalent of saying: “The Earth is flat”. Parliament can legislate as much as it likes to say “The Earth is flat”. No one is going to believe it, and the Earth is still round.

    3. “I read comments from a few commenters that my female rights are not rights but privileges.”
      That’s an MRA argument. MRAs believe women are privileged over men because we’re allowed to exist in the world as something other than their slaves and also our lives are incredibly easy.
      A considerable number of TIMs* and trans stans say exactly the same thing, because they’re MRAs.
      *I think this is one of (many) reasons for TIM rage when they find out that womanhood (even the bizarro world, Special Man “womanhood” they experience) isn’t the picnic they thought it was going to be.

      1. The racist and deranged transvestite being interviewed is Sophie Cook- one of seven such men to take advantage of Labour Party all-women shortlists designed to increase female representation in the party.
        I would really like to know how many calls the BBC put out before booking this dick. Were there like 70 feminist talking-heads in the BBC rolodex who all failed to answer the phone? Or what?
        Was Posie Parker in the shower when the call came in?

      2. I expected the BBC article to be about the use of womxn I saw yesterday, but it’s another one. I can’t believe more than one person took the trouble to think, “They got all offended by non-men, so let’s use womxn instead–no one could object to that.” And people don’t seem to be using “mxn” except in sarcastic response to x-ing out women. Right, let’s just have “men” and “whatever” as the new categories.
        The pro-trans crowd seems to have been pushing more nonsense than usual in the last week–maybe we have them on the run? Pink News published its usual sort of drivel attacking the advert Fair Play for Women published about the GRA consultation as “anti-trans propaganda” and calling on the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate.
        Trans activists called the police on Fair Play for Women supporters leafletting outside a Green Party conference. Four officers–and a police horse!–turned up and talked to the activists while the women continued passing out leaflets, perhaps trying to explain that the women were only engaged in permissible free speech, because the women were allowed to carry on.

        So it’s reasonable for trans activists to call the police on women peacefully leafletting because ideas make them feel unsafe, while women who call the police in response to trans activists threatening or physically attacking them are condemned for their “carceral feminism.” Yeah, that’s morally coherent.
        Vice published a piece on 100 easy ways to make the world a better place for trans people that prefaced the list with “Bear in mind that this is only a start.” Every narcissist on the planet probably has a list of “at least 100 things you should do for me.” It’s as if they’ve stopped even paying attention to how they come across.
        Then there’s the thread on Twitter which began with a few women saying many of us were basically non-binary, since we reject gender roles and stereotypes, but, predictably, some REAL non-binary people got offended that others were encroaching on their territory, claiming that being NB wasn’t about rejecting gender stereotypes–it required a super-special feeling that only they had. That proves what some astute people have been saying for a while–the snowflakes need the rest of us to stay in the boring, normie box so they can feel special and superior.
        To top it off, I saw a screen shot of a claim that the only people who consider queer a slur are TERFs, etc., and those who’ve learned their LGBT history from them.

    1. “So now we’re all womxn? What about the mxn?”
      The mxn should be called the myn. Let’s call the entire male sex “myn”. See how they like it. Why is it always women who are named, or renamed, or erased out of existence? The Green Party used to call women “non-men” and the people obsessed with “gender identity” call males “women”.
      As to the add, read it. It’s all true and it makes perfect sense to any rational person. Prick Mews (Pink News) calls the add “transphobic”.

  16. Read the full page ad. It’s logical, clear, and just plain common sense.
    “Do you think anyone should be able to choose the sex written on their birth certificate, no questions asked?
    Do you think adult males should be able to enter female-only sleeping and changing areas or domestic violence refuges?
    Do you think fully intact male-bodied prisoners should be allowed to live with women in prison?
    Do you think males should be allowed to compete against women in sports, if they feel like they are women?
    Do you think intimate services should be performed by male-bodied people when a woman or girl has requested a female?
    Do you think someone with a penis is a woman?
    The Government is considering a revolutionary change to British law, known as Sex Self-ID that would allow ANYONE to switch the sex on their birth certificate, on demand. But if ANY MAN can get his birth certificate reissued to say he was born female, just like that, with no changes to his body and no medical supervision, it will have serious consequences for woman and girls.
    There are better ways to support gender non-conforming people which don’t put women and girls at risk.
    If you think Self-ID is wrong, tell the Government not to make it law.
    Go to fairplayforwomen.com to respond to the Government consultation. It just takes a few minutes.
    There is no time to lose. The consultation ends on October 19th. Do it now, for your mum, your daughter or yourself.
    Say NO to Sex Self-ID.
    Say YES to common sense.”
    Keep in mind that everything in this add has already happened, and it’s just going to get worse over time. Take time to google it and research it yourself.
    Do you think adult males should be able to enter female-only sleeping and changing areas or domestic violence refuges?
    (happening now, and it’s going to get worse – currently lawsuits in the U.S.)
    Do you think males should be allowed to compete against women in sports, if they feel like they are women?
    (women’s sports are being destroyed – too many links to list here – google it – gendertrender is a good start)
    Do you think intimate services should be performed by male-bodied people when a woman or girl has requested a female?
    (already happened – a female specifically asked for a woman to do her pelvic exam – instead she got a transwoman with a beard who clearly looked male)
    Under Self-ID, I suppose women would have to put up with a biological male with a beard looking at her crotch, and if she complains she is a “transphobic” bigot.
    Do you think fully intact male-bodied prisoners should be allowed to live with women in prison?
    Didn’t work out very well for cross dressing convicted sex offender Karen White’s victims.
    This case is kind of like the Hambrook case involving women’s homeless shelters in Toronto. The notion that sex offender David Thompson (aka Karen White) has some sort of legitimate “gender dysphoria” is ludicrous and a joke. He is a part time cross dresser. In both the Hambrook and David Thompson cases, predatory manipulative males claimed gender identity to prey on women. Some predatory men are manipulative as hell and they have no conscience at all. In both cases, women were harmed in places where they are supposed to be safe.

    1. Oh dear, the trans brigade are getting in a flap about this ad. Now they’re convinced that UK feminist groups are being funded by right-wing American christian groups! No; women put their own hands in their own pockets and contributed to WPUK, Fairplayforwomen and TransgenderTrend. I have, because these groups are speaking out for women, against the erasure of hard fought for rights and freedoms and giving traumatised and less eloquent women, like myself, a voice. The Trans Enquiry of 2016 was a complete whitewash. NO women were given a voice. This will not happen again.
      These groups are making a difference, they are being listened to at all levels; by the ordinary woman and by those privileged to have positions of power. Speakers from WPUK were invited to speak at the House of Lords on 10th October by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne. Here is the text of Dr Kathleen Stock’s excellent speech……
      Talking of digging hands in pockets……..about time I dug in and made a contribution here. Even before,the Trans Enquiry and before women started taking notice of what was going on in the UK, there was this blog called GenderTrender which threw me a life-line. Check the donations box Gallus. Thanks for everything you do and for posting my ramblings!

  17. Yeah good idea. I was very relieved to find your blog a few years ago too, thanks for your continuing clear head.

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