Financial Times Places Male Sexual Harasser Philip Bunce On List Of Top 100 Female Business Executives

Hai! When you see me wearing a bow on my head- like so many top female business executives do- it means I’m a woman!

The Financial Times released its list of the Top 100 Female Business Executives of 2018 and awarded spot number 32 to the decidedly male alter-ego and crossdressing persona of transvestite Philip Bunce. 
So proud! Diversity! Humbled! Equality for sexually-harassing male kinksters oppressed in the workplace by the presence of women!

Philip Bunce is (what else?) a wealthy and powerful white heterosexual man, who abuses his position by showing up to his job as Director of Credit Suisse Financial Services dressed a few days a week in a ghastly stereotype of “womanhood” and sexually harassing his employees by forcing them to address him as “Pippa” or “Pips” on the days when he is “in role”.
He’s such a pip as a laydee! Intersectionality!

Philip’s Twitter profile lists him as a “Proud Father, Lucky Husband, Gender Fluid, Credit Suisse Director, Proud LGBT Ally”. He doesn’t even identify as a “transwoman”. Yet the Financial Times equates Philip’s activities on those days when he dresses as an awful caricature in woman-face with the genuine experiences of actual women striving against all odds to succeed in business dominated by such men. It takes a real man only two days a week for his lipstick wearing alter-ego to become the 32nd top female business executive in the world apparently.
Straight male. #32 Female Business Executive Worldwide according to Financial Times list.

The Financial Times not only approves of Philip Bunce sexually harassing his employees by forcing them to participate under duress with his sexual kink in the workplace, they saw fit to eliminate an unnamed actual female executive from their list in preference of his sexist pantomime, which the Financial Times regards as on par with actual female executives.
No single woman on the Financial Times list of the Top Female Business Executives – or any other woman in any global work situation of any type (excepting prostitution or stripping) would be taken seriously while wearing the hideous mini-skirts, grotesquely drawn on eyebrows, and literal bow-on-the-head (seriously? a fucking bow on the head?) atop trashy wig that Philip Bunce dons to express his perspective on what he believes women are.
He’s a business laydee!

According to the Financial Times (and editor Lionel Barber) female business executives should be taken as seriously, and accorded the same respect, as a sexually-harassing male executive kinkster’s skanky disgusting sexist part-time transvestite alter-ego.
Philip Bunce, in proudly accepting his male place at number 32 on the Financial Times list of Top Female Executives took the opportunity to take a swipe at (who else?) feminists, i.e.. “TERFS”.

70 thoughts on “Financial Times Places Male Sexual Harasser Philip Bunce On List Of Top 100 Female Business Executives

    1. Samantha Jayne Nelson won a business “LGBT Diversity” award in 2017. He gave an interview discussing his career working on an off-shore oil rig. Of course there was no acknowledgment about how his experience would have been different if he actually was a woman in the field, or even a non-gender conforming man. Instead he mentioned how the 2 weeks on/2 weeks off gave him more time to cross dress :/

      1. It looks like Nelson isn’t on the 100 list, but #35 on a list of 50 future woman leaders. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

      2. Yes, as an actual woman, I’d feel so safe working with a bunch of men on an offshore oil rig. Where no one could hear my cries for help, and I’d have no escape.
        He – I mean she – is so brave.

    2. From Nicci Take’s website:



      1. “Nicci’s book ‘Prey’ documents her journey from alpha male to yummy mummy, without any messy surgery, but not necessarily without any mess. It’s a story of business and personal transformation, and a sincere invitation to readers to get involved in a new type of gender debate. Since 2013 Nicci’s experiences have confirmed her long-standing dislike for the opposite sex. She’s working on it, for the sake of her sons, but be warned. She’s not the girl you think she is…”
        This couldn’t be any more weird and fetishy

      2. From his bio on top 100 women link here, Nicci says that in the interest of diversity, his company has declined to do business with those whose board and leadership are all white straight males.
        Bah! I’d just as likely not support leadership promoting male sex rights by transvestites taking places from women leadership.

      3. A lot of women don’t realize that men are fully aware of their male privilege and use it. Most women think a lot of men’s sexism is unintentional.
        I did, until a few men started admitting to me otherwise, that they all know it, and use women’s gullibility to get away with sexist behavior.
        I’ve heard men say, “Women will believe absolutely anything,” specifically in the context of sexism.

  1. Sheila Jeffreys has it right, it is a men’s sexual rights movement. No man should be denied his kink or his right to ascend. The saddest part for me is still how many young women will defend the demise of women’s rights at the hands of these men for whom womanhood is just a sexual fetish.

      1. I know that was helpful during the second wave, but some people’s consciousness already seems to be high as a kite. Maybe we need consciousness lowering now to bring people back down to earth–you know, where biology hangs out?

  2. This guy just oozes hate and disgust for natal women. Obviously an autogynaphilic who likes to demean women in his company. He deserves to be laughed out of business, rather than taking a woman’s place on yet another list. Men like him have always pushed for the curtailing of women’s rights and no doubt he thinks he has shown women that their ‘place’ is subservient to real woman such as him.

  3. imagine if a white guy went to work in blackface and forced minority employees to talk to him in some kind of cartoon “ebonics”. Then you were denounced as racist if you complained.

  4. Looking at his clothes and makeup, ewww. He presents such a bad example of how a high-powered female executive should appear like. It is all just so SAD.

    1. Yep…I was going to say, another DAWG [Dumb Ass White Guy]. Except in this case, the creep has a degree, which I guess makes the person an educated crook.
      Usurp, colonize, occupy, marginalize and destroy. The hallmarks of a malignant narcissist and of the brigade DAWGs.

  5. When will women finally wake up when these males, draped in tacky female costume and taking top female spots. Another important issue to note that’s hypocritical is there are no FTMs being fast tracked and showcased in media to top male positions in careers.
    Where are the FTMs in pro sports getting multimillion dollar contracts to be the next Michael jordon, steph curry etc. Why aren’t FTMs publicly shouting about how they get less media attention than MTFs.
    I’m thinking this is misogyny, even when these types of women go FTM the only privilege I see is not being sexually objectified and sexually harassed by males. That is until the lifelong unregulated damaging hormones and surgeries eventually permenantly damage their health.

    1. I seem to remember a few years ago, Men’s Health was having some sort of man of the year competition and there was an F2T in the running, like one of the finalists. I don’t remember the details or how it ended up. But yeah, it’s very rare.

      1. Th FTT was one of the finalists because trans folk were stuffing the ballot box, forcing the hand of Men’s Health. Dirt did a devastating comparison of the uncredentialed FTT against the heavily credentialed male finalists.
        Link is NSFW:
        In terms of other FTTs who’ve made a mark for something other than being trans, documentary filmmaker Yance Ford got an Oscar nomination for her documentary about her murdered brother. I did wonder if the nomination was a virtue-signaling gift from the Academy for this touching but cinematically artless film.
        History-Making Director Yance Ford Goes From Oscars To Emmys Race With Personal, Political ‘Strong Island’

      2. Wow, that is embarrassing. You would think they would have at least considered that this was a health magazine. Trans isn’t healthy for anyone but it’s positively lethal for women. As for the lack of accomplishments that’s one of the most disturbing aspects of Trans, Inc. The number of people making a living from being professional trans.

  6. I feel so incredibly sorry for his children. If my father did this I would want to die of shame.

    1. Read somewhere his daughter picked that blue dress. Clearly she loathes him which is what he deserves.

  7. Pips?!? Is this a Monty Python or Little Britain sketch? And he holds a high position at a global financial corporation? Might be time to move accounts cuz they’re clearly not focusing on their core responsibilities.
    Didn’t some roman emperor or other also play dress up and force his subjects to play along? End times are nigh.

    1. The Roman Emperor was Caligula if I remember my Classics.
      Btw could anyone in the UK recommend a fashion accessories store? As a fully paid up member of the sisterhood, I am ashamed to admit that I do not possess a single bow, slide or other hair adornment. Clearly, I didn’t read the “How to be a Real Woman” manual correctly.

      1. Don’t forget the fishnet stockings, if you work in a business setting. Nothing telegraphs professionalism better.

      2. It’s not even a stereotypical woman. It’s a dated version of the stereotypical unmarried girl.
        There was some swedish bigwig that came out as a trans the other week. And lo and behold. He’s posing in a short dress, holding his old suit. At least he had not hair all over his face.
        It’s like “Pips” hasn’t even seen a woman in business power suit. If she’s wearing a shirt or skirt, at least she’s covering her knee. The hair is usually in a bun or a pony tail. And so on.
        I really hopes that he gets a harassment suit thrown at him.
        But I don’t think this is a concious strategy to keep women down. I think this is more of a case of lack of real leadership and a basic concept of integrity thrown out of the window.

  8. Adding others have said he mostly only dresses as ‘female’ part time to keep his male salary and male position at his place of work. The absurdity of someone legally being able to go back & forth to identify as male and female daily. Women especially and the general public should know this.

    1. Maybe he’s like the academic dude who thinks he’s two people. Perhaps Credit Suisse pays him two salaries.

  9. These dudes don’t want to be women. They want to be GIRLS. Or, should we say, they want to be the type of girl they wanted to f*ck in their horny teen years.

    1. Yep….which means once again, many in the brigade think with the AGP on high. AND NO, this is not that graphics port on a PC. Worse still…if this is what Credit Suisse actually thinks their female staff should aspire to, I would advise rational consumers, who see through this bullshit, to pull their accounts, ASAP.
      This along with the creepy facial expressions that only a mother could love [that is, if the the mother spawned Rivers/Warfield, Perry and other assorted criminal standard bearers for the brigade.

      1. As creepy as it sounds, many of them are actually jealous of women for having had a girlhood. Or what they believe is girlhood, with sleepovers, naked pillow-fights, tea parties with dolls, and ballet lessons, the standard creepy fetishist shit.
        Obviously there are many ogres amongst the AGPs who would never pass no matter what, but some of them might actually have a chance of passing, at least aesthetically, IF they dressed in age-appropriate outfits. But none of them want to be Frumpy Phyllis the accountant or Matronly Mabel the school marm. It’s always Big Boobs Brandi, Cherri the Stripper or Hawt Slut Haylee.

      2. “Worse still…if this is what Credit Suisse actually thinks their female staff should aspire to, I would advise rational consumers, who see through this bullshit, to pull their accounts, ASAP.”
        I was going to respond to this in my previous message, but for some reason I forgot.
        A middle-aged, unattractive woman dressing and wearing her make up like that would be universally considered EXTREMELY TACKY. She’d be ridiculed by men and fellow women alike. No “serious” work place with a dress code would let her present their company looking like that. I mean fishnet stockings, blue eye shadow, crimson lipstick, and a pink bow on her head? The female staff member with these attributes would be told to dress more conservatively or not come back.

      3. @Henrika
        “As creepy as it sounds, many of them are actually jealous of women for having had a girlhood. Or what they believe is girlhood, with sleepovers, naked pillow-fights, tea parties with dolls, and ballet lessons, the standard creepy fetishist shit.”
        The worst thing is that this insults peoples’ intelligence. Even a person with no prior knowledge of the latest 70 years in western fashion could say that something is off. It’s so obvious that this is a fetish and he thinks that he’s the only one with one. Even a stereotypical gay leather couple would turn more heads in the streets, but how many dresses like that on their jobs?
        “But none of them want to be Frumpy Phyllis the accountant or Matronly Mabel the school marm. It’s always Big Boobs Brandi, Cherri the Stripper or Hawt Slut Haylee.”
        Yeah, it’s really sad in a way. I once knew a MtF that made a smaller scandal by transitioning into a regular jeans & t-shirt-woman.

  10. He creeps me the fuck out even when he’s not womanface, holy shit. He just looks like That Boss.

  11. This is what Walt Heyer of “Sex Change Regret” had – multiple personality disorder. “Pippa” is probably just one of this guy’s many multiple personalities.
    What the hell happened to the mainstream media that they keep pushing obvious insanity?

    1. But it’s not genuine multiple personality disorder is it? That involves “coming round” and realising you have lost hours or days with no knowledge of becoming another person for that time.
      This guy is well aware of what he is doing and to call it MPD is highly disrespectful and offensive to those who do genuinely suffer from this illness.

      1. It’s not quite that simple. You need to read some of Walt’s writings on it. While Walt was detransitioning, he spent quite a while (years, I think, if I remember correctly) consciously switching back and forth between Walt and “Laura.” The third woman personality he had was the one he was really unaware of. She was the one who signed the papers for the sex change.

  12. Only one real question remains – where on earth do these AGPs get their (hideous) outfits?
    On a more serious note though, it is clear that AGPs style themselves on their “ideal woman” and because AGPs actually get arousal of themselves “as a woman”, this is extreme narcissism. That is why they will fly into narcissistic rage when challenged.
    The women working at CS have no choice but to go along with this public display of both woman-parody and sexual fetish. That is a hostile working environment for females.
    Three actual women were left off that list (due to places being taken by males). I wonder if any of the women at CS were 101, 102, or 103.? How very discouraging for these women, that their potential recognition was stolen by several males in woman-face.

  13. That bow is the most absurd thing ever. That Clymer dude wears one too. He’s like 6’4”. Never seen an adult woman wear such a thing.

  14. Off topic but I have just discovered that here in the UK, ITV are set to show “Butterfly” – a drama about a young boy who insists he is a girl. Will be interesting to see what stance on transgender kids they are adopting.

  15. This burns me up. This guy is using his power in the workplace to force his employees to play along with his fetish. This is sexual harassment.

    1. As a survivor, I’m stricken by the similarity to adult male pedo and molesters who swore me to silence. No, pedos did not have a legit “special understanding of love different than parents know…”.
      And, no, transvestites cannot demand silence and claim to have a special definition of woman to which we must submit.
      Where is #StickerWoman when we need her?

    2. Haven’t you heard? If you’re a man who finds women attractive is transphobic if you do sex things with a ‘woman’s’ penis?

  16. To me, this seems more like an awfully poor kind of joke for the executives, allowing them to laugh at women and to claim that they’re incredibly diverse. At least, that makes more sense than the absolute insanity this would otherwise represent.

  17. Yes, the Girl Guide fiasco is a hot topic in the UK. Two Guide Leaders revealed that transgirls were permitted to camp with, you know, those regular girls who are simply not important. In fact, they are so unimportant that the Guiding Association didn’t inform any of the girls’ parents who have now discovered Penis in the tents! Guiding Association in danger of collapse due to parents removing their daughters in droves!
    Actually, it isn’t funny at all but I am all out of crying this week.

  18. For goodness sake – this is beyond a joke. He does not even argue that he IS a woman, only sometimes likes to dress as Barbie doll (or actually like a young teenage girl in the 50s/60s whose parents have reluctantly let her out for a party in appalling bad taste and showing too much leg). How can the FT think anyone of this ilk should be on a Female list, and how can he accept this as his due?

  19. I mean the subject matter is full moon crazy but your article has me laughing. And you’re correct of course, a middle aged woman dressed as a woman_child would be laughed at and ridiculed and consigned to photocopying.

  20. Did y’all notice how the little silver sign that dudebro is holding is supposed to be LGBT…but where’s the L? It’s just GBT! More Lesbian erasure. No, that right angle running down the left of the G and under the GBT is not an L; it’s a mason’s square. Masonry – another expression of patriarchy.

    1. OMGoddess you’re right. The L is a mere angle bracket, holding up the weight of the entire GBT capital letters.
      As if Lesbian is a plinth.
      Trans critters riding on women’s backs, outted.

  21. I was going to say.. Yep that looks like the same type of tool that the old man and many in the old neighborhood had [like t-squares, borderline slide rules, old style levelers, etc].
    More of the erasure done by the insane in the membrane brigade. And if it is said by someone in same, that this was an ‘oversight’, a ‘mistake’ , was ‘not intended’…keep in mind: this is the same level of horseshit that is tried, attempted and erodes at the rights of others in the US and elsewhere, who did not have the luxury of an elective status. In particular, enacted and funded by the DAWGs in same.

    1. “In response to the Financial Times’ omission of Pips, OUTstanding’s parent company INvolve have issued the following statement to Gay Times, claiming that the change was made without their consent and without any consultation with the judges who curated the list.
      “While we respect the FT’s right to editorial control within their publication, they have made this change to the listing without the agreement of INvolve, the owner of the lists, or consultation with the board of judges who decided on this year’s placements,” they said.
      “The FT’s decision to remove Pips Bunce was due to a tweet Pips posted in September. In the tweet she thanked people for supporting her during the tirade of online abuse which followed her inclusion in this year’s FT & HERoes Champions of Women in Business list.
      “Pips Bunce was included in this year’s OUTstanding list by our judging panel for extensive work undertaken over the past year championing for LGBT+ inclusion in business. Against the weight of this great work, we reject the idea that this single deleted tweet is in itself justification for her complete removal from our OUTstanding list; especially without any due process or right to reply.”
      The now-deleted tweet in question saw Pips call out those who were sending abusive messages following their appearance on the Champions of Women in Business List, which was presented by HERoes and the Financial Times earlier this year.
      “Our view is that Pips fully deserved her position on both lists and we believe her response to a torrent of online abuse was understandable in the circumstances. We are disappointed with the decision of the Financial Times to omit her from their version of the list,” INvolve continued.
      “In the UK and across the rest of the world, many of those who are trans, non-binary or gender fluid face misunderstanding, discrimination and mental or physical abuse – at work and within our wider society. While this remains the case, we firmly believe it is essential that we speak up for trans inclusion and that voices from across the wide spectrum of the LGBT+ community are represented and heard. It is for this reason that we produced our first OUTstanding Top 50 LGBT+ Executives in 2013, and is the reason why we will continue to hold strong to our values as we continue to produce our lists into the future.
      “As this is the case, we are left with no other option but to review our partnership with the Financial Times for our future lists.”
      Looks like their are a number of differences between the lists. That moment when you realize the Financial Times is way more influential than your shitty made-up lobbying organization.

      1. Speaking of shitty made-up orgs, who the hell are these “INvolve” people? Executive director is Sukhjeev Sandhu, whoever the fuck that is. He’s director of INvolve limited, and also a sketchy looking London staffing and recruiting agency named ‘Audeliss’. Here is the word salad agency description from LinkedIn:
        “About us
        Audeliss is a completely different executive search firm.
        In 2011, Audeliss sprang from a conviction that client and candidate care across the executive search industry just wasn’t good enough, and that someone needed to step up and raise the bar.
        So we undertook this challenge and ditched the needless jargon and gimmicks, focused on building real relationships, and fundamentally, we wanted people to enjoy the experience of working with an executive search firm.
        Our purpose is to level the playing field for diverse leaders for executive and non-executive roles. We’re the destination for diverse talent, and a refreshing alternative to the tired, uninspiring offer of mainstream competitors.
        Our progressive, visionary business is structured around four fundamental areas:
        • Board Practice
        • Executive Search
        • Interim Management
        • Market Intelligence
        Colourful where others are grey, bold where others are staid, we guarantee to create meaningful encounters between exceptional talent and progressive organisations – and we’ve build an impressive reputation on our results.
        Whether you’re looking for your next executive hire or if you’re looking for your next career move, contact us on 0203 405 6910 or email


        London, England
        Year Founded
        Company Type
        Privately Held
        11-50 employees
        Recruitment, Interim management, Executive search, Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Inclusion, Executive Recruitment, Board Practice”
        Just some random gay guy with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Birmingham, apparently.
        NO idea why anyone would listen to this guy about anything!

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