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  1. Well Tara started out okay then went downhill fast… Suggesting there be separate facilities for transgender prisoners seemed to make “her” angrier than anything else. It’s really hard to take someone seriously about being a Real Trans Woman™ amongst fakers when they have a classic mantrum over a perfectly reasonable compromise. A compromise that would have likely prevented that assault.
    Dr Williams has it right: it’s not women’s responsibility to incur that extra risk because men want to be animals behind bars. She offered a compassionate solution, but god forbid females don’t act as stopgaps for male violence.

  2. How is it that women do not matter as much as a rapist male who says he’s a woman? Women are in jail _as_punishment, not in jail _to be_ punished. I hope these women sue the hell out of the system. As for the male–I do have a few ideas. . .
    Build a separate place for these sickos and put them there. I weep for the incarcerated women who could not run and could not hide. . .

    1. I agree that trans prisoners should be housed in their own speshul snowflake prison. There aren’t that many (thus far) so shove them in their own unit, give them women’s knickers and sprinkle the cells with glitter. That should do the trick.

      1. Male prisons already have special solitary areas for prisoners who are at a high risk for being assaulted (or are too dangerous to be in the general population). So why not just put the trannys there, too?

      2. They already do. And always have had accommodations for gay and trans inmates. They are not in the general population. Now they’re complaining that because they’re segregated they don’t have access to the same programs as the general population does. I hate to say this but these people get on my effing nerves.

  3. I was initially impressed by how honest and objective the transwoman was. They thoroughly agree that loads of men are jumping on the trans bandwagon to get access to women, that it’s incredibly dangerous, and that transwomen without surgery shouldn’t be in women’s prisons. I was relived that they hadn’t brought on some aggressive transactivist to shout down and defame the women.
    Then the transwoman started interrupting and going on about how they should escape rape by being accepted into female prisons, leaving women to absorb the risk. Why should we? We haven’t caused the problem, males have. We shouldn’t be punished by putting us at risk of rape in order to protect transwomen.
    Transwomen are apparently 18 times more likely to be raped in prison than average men, but they are not special in this regard. All vulnerable men are at risk. Gay men are 33 times more likely to be raped. I would imagine that small and disabled men are also at risk. By this logic, all vulnerable male-bodied people should just be permitted into women’s prisons to keep them safe.
    They need to tackle rape in men’s prisons, not force women to share the problem. Transwomen should just go in the protected wing in men’s prisons. Or if their “validation” is really that important, they should build a separate trans wing on women’s prisons, and never allow them any contact with females.
    Most people here would disagree, but I would be willing to compromise that de-penised transwomen who physically transitioned at a very early age and have no history of sexual or violent crimes against could probably safely be in women’s prisons.
    I think a simple rule not allowing penises in women’s prisons would deter most fakers who just want trapped women to rape.

    1. Any reasonably large male prison should probably have a special unit for all men who are more vulnerable to other men’s violence–those, who, as you mentioned are gay, trans, small, disabled, very young, very old, etc.–where they’re allowed to stay as long as they don’t threaten their fellow prisoners, but I reject the demand that women be put at risk to protect men from each other. We have enough to do trying to protect children, other women, and ourselves from men’s violence without a bunch of entitled males trying to invade our spaces.
      By the way, Tara Hudson was jailed for headbutting a barman, so he’s no paragon of non-violence, and he’s just shown us that his male entitlement is completely intact.
      Some idiot thinks Karen White’s four assaults on female prisoners are “not a big deal because prisoners get raped all the time anyway.” This sounds similar to the justification for allowing anyone who identifies as a woman into any female space he wants to enter, because men who want to rape women are going to go in anyway.

      Taken to its logical endpoint, that sort of reasoning leads to the conclusion that we should do nothing to make women safer or prosecute sexual assault, because some men are going to rape no matter what we do, but its proponents seem not to realize that they’ve raised an argument against pretty much everything. People are going to die regardless, so why bother with installing seat belts in cars or the expense of medical care? Why even go to the trouble of eating, given that your own death is inevitable?

  4. If any of the brigade want to argue against there being a separate wing or dorm for MTF prisoners, then some of these folks who claim to also be scientifically minded should understand, it is no different than isolating those who have highly contagious illnesses. Or those who are the worst of the worst criminals, in ‘supermax’ facilities.
    As crude as this may sound, there is no logical reason to house those brigade members who are prone to assault and rape with the most vulnerable in the penal system as it stands. Those creeps do not need a new hunting ground. No if’s, and’s or but’s.
    [And while we are at it…..again NO on the HRT, etc behind bars for these creeps. There is no reason to enable even more lunacy on the government dime].

    1. “”[And while we are at it…..again NO on the HRT, etc behind bars for these creeps. There is no reason to enable even more lunacy on the government dime].””
      In addition, these transsexuals should NOT have access to tax-payer funded luxuries that are denied to female prisoners (ie jewelry, lacy undergarments, makeup, perfume, fancy clothes, wigs, etc). Real women don’t need that shit to validate our womanhood. So why should the transsexuals be entitled to get all that stuff on the tax-payers’ dime?

  5. A great piece until Tara got his knickers in a knot that he was being lumped in with the “autogynophile/I’m a woman for the day” kind of trans and not as a “true-trans/woman”. Not surprised that it all got shut down pretty quickly before Tara’s behaviour escalated from a middle finger salute to something a little more. His time behind bars obviously didn’t help with his anger management issues.
    In the meantime Richard Garside, director of “Centre for Crime and Justice Studies” has these sensible proposals…
    “First, it is reasonable for those who express a gender identity at odds with their birth sex to feel that their feelings will be respected.
    Second, it is important that prisoners who express a gender identity at odds with their birth sex are be held in safe conditions while in prison.
    Third, women’s prisons should be women-only spaces. By this, I mean we should reaffirm, in line with national and international standards, that they are institutions that hold, exclusively, girls and women whose birth sex is female.”
    I take his proposals to mean separate wings for trans-identified male offenders within male prisons. Problem solved Tara.

  6. The solution is quite simple, really. Just shove them in the same area with their own kind or keep them in isolation.
    Sure, it might sound cruel; but at the end of the day, no women are getting raped by an guy in an dress, especially when it’s the prison’s responsibility to prevent this.

  7. An article and video on the gay wing of a men’s jail which houses gay males, transexual males, MTF trans males etc. This is perfect and articles and videos like this should be spread and done nationwide. It should also be noted the irony that biological straight males want to be housed in this special wing to escape from their own violence against each other. There’s also other you tube videos discussing the same issues. Yes, biological women should not be responsible for male violence including regardless of how other males identify. We as women have enough issues to deal with on our own.
    Life On The Inside: A Look At The Gay Wing Of L.A. Men’s Central Jail
    Gay Wing Of Men’s Central Jail Embraces Individuality, Inmate Says

    1. @kiazan,
      “Yes, biological women should not be responsible for male violence including regardless of how other males identify. We as women have enough issues to deal with on our own.”
      I agree. This makes more sense than opening women’s prisons to every male in a dress. I knew a woman who worked in a jail. They used to call these queen tanks.

  8. Another issue of where do FTM trans go when they go to jail or prison. I know they commit less crimes than MTF trans, but we already know they never want to be in prison with males, suddenly they understand how violent bio males are when it comes to prison. FTM trans love to go back and forth between female and male private space, scared of male bathrooms, male shower locker rooms, male dorms, male prison etc. These FTM trans need to deal with male violence on their own since they love being males so much.

  9. The female inmates who were sexually assaulted by this convicted rapist and pedophile should sue the hell out of the authorities who put him in the women’s prison.
    Female inmates have human rights too.

  10. A convicted rapist and pedophile who never medically “transitioned” (he still has his penis and testicles) was sent to a women’s prison where he sexually assaulted female prisoners. I hope every damn trans group and trans/queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF+++ are happy now. These people are as guilty as this man. What happened is a direct consequence of transgender activists bullying prison officials.
    “Who’s Been Bullying our Prisons?
    In a Guardian report about the conviction of male transgender prisoner and rapist Karen White for sexual offences against female prisoners, Frances Crook, CEO of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said this:
    “It is a very toxic debate, but I think prisons have probably been influenced by some of the extreme conversations and have been bullied into making some decisions that have harmed women and put staff in an extremely difficult position,”
    So who bullied the prisons into accepting a male rapist into a female prison based on his ‘gender identity’ rather than his sex?
    The answer to the question ‘Who’s been bullying our prisons?’ is this: Politicians, Social Justice Warriors, Human Rights Activists, virtue signalers, the press, the BBC, every single person who has used the derogatory term ‘Terf’ to diminish and dismiss the concerns of women. And all of them have been bullied in the first place by Trans Rights Activists. We are allowing legislation to be influenced by people who care more about the rights of rapists than about the safety of women. Groups like Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids, GIRES, Stonewall, TELI and Trans Media Watch campaign solely for the rights of trans people and do not care about the collateral damage caused to women and girls. Our elected representatives are failing us by giving in to the bullying tactics of extreme lobby groups.
    And, the female inmates who were sexually assaulted by this rapist should sue the hell out of the government officials who put a convicted rapist in a women’s prison.

    1. I always enjoy your thorough excoriation of trans bs, Skylark, in this case trans bullying their way in to vulnerable women’s housing.
      I agree and very much appreciate your reply in this most wonderful blog forum provided for so many years by GM here.

  11. First time poster here! Please excuse the length.
    Tara Hudson states in the video that he was raped three times in seven days. I was utterly horrified and outraged. Not being familiar with his case, I decided to do some further reading. I found an article dated 16 January 2016 on the site telegraph.co.uk and quote as follows:
    “Hudson was lucky. Unlike two other trans women who died in custody, this year, after being placed in all-male prisons, she survived her experience with no physical harm.
    But she still remembers exactly what it was like when she turned up at Horfield:
    “It was crazy. I was the first one taken out of the vans and ushered in alone. It was like Beyoncé or someone had turned up at the prison when I walked through. There was a lot of shouting and noise coming from the cells. It was like a cage of monkeys at the zoo.”
    She was taken to a private cell and advised not to open her hatch and speak to the other inmates, for her own safety. But after listening to them discuss her – ‘why is there a woman in here? What’s going on?’ and other comments too offensive to repeat here – she decided to speak up.
    “I thought, it’s in my best interests if I have my hatch open and talk to these people otherwise I’ll seem ignorant and rude. So I started talking to everyone. There was a lot of banter – one guy I knew from back home asked to see my boobs. Another said how wrong it was and they shouldn’t have put me into that prison.”
    “I was locked up when all the other prisoners were out”
    Tara Hudson
    For the next seven days, Hudson stayed in the male prison. She found the experience as mixed as those first few hours.
    “There were a few occasions where men put forth a negative attitude but the vast majority supported me. The doctors’ surgery would send my letters to Mr Tara Hudson, which was ridiculous.
    “I came across some idiots, but my knowing how to interact with guys that are from that kind of world helped a lot.”
    The hardest part was the way the guards and governors acted. Most had no idea what to do with her.
    “The first couple of days I was locked up when all the other prisoners were out, so the guards could make sure I was safe and wasn’t going to be attacked.
    “When the media attention started, the guards were suddenly on high risk. They decided to turn up with a bag of knickers and some bras and moisturiser, and then moved me to another cell, because some people had been shouting things at me.
    “At the time I didn’t see it as harassment or aggression – it was just ‘we love you’, ‘we’re your fan club’, ‘try and come onto our wing’ and so on. But the guards were really cautious about it. I moved cells three times in seven days.”
    Incidentally, Tara is now suing the Ministry of Justice and the case is supposed to be heard this month (September), after being postponed from April.
    He seems to be very inconsistent in various other interviews over time. My sympathy appears to have evaporated mysteriously…what a deceitful, opportunistic creature.

  12. This whole subject is why i am still in turmoil and bad MH. Perhaps it was they way I was brought up and beaten and bullied for being Trans. But I really think it is just my common sense. I am not out to hurt anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. But the answer all so simple. Men are whatever form they are with a penis and/or balls. Women are whatever form they are with a Vag and/or Boobs. If they do not medically transition, and be happy to risk life or death to attain it, then they are just crossdressers??? Beings like me have a total detest of birth parts. To the outside world we are seen as the birth form we are until transition is complete. I.E. Males have dicks and balls removed to become Female, and Women have boobs and penis created to become Males. Males=penis Females=no penis.
    Love me or hate me, but i am not a crossdresser, i am not a pervert, i am not a complete woman yet. But if all goes well next year and i survive surgery I will be a woman. not a Woman that is the norm label for genetic females, but a woman non the less until new terms and labels are created to account for me. I do not enter womens spaces now, i do not enter male spaces now. I am neither female nor male and have no right to be in any (if your thinking well where does she pee? I make sure i do not need to before going out). Im digressing. The GRC should be ripped up and not amended. It needs recreating to state that a person can only identify and have the benefits of the gender they declare after full surgery to achieve that anatomical appearance. Crossdressers not allowed into other genders spaces. 👍

  13. James Kirkup in the Spectator is asking some very pertinent questions in an article entitled ” If MPs can’t debate a rapist in a woman’s jail, politics has failed”
    It appears that the Speaker of the House of Commons blocked an Urgent Question about the Karen White saga which had been proposed by David Davies MP.
    Here is the crux of his article…….”To recap: the State put a rapist in a jail full of vulnerable women. That rapist then sexually assaulted four of those women. MPs wanted to know how that happened, and to question the ministers responsible for those events. The Speaker of the House of Commons said they could not do so.
    The story of transgender policy in Britain today is a story of political failure, where many people fail to do their job and speak openly about matters of clear public interest. Writing about it this year, I’ve grown accustomed to that failure, though no less angry about it.
    But even by the dismal standards of the trans debate, where supposedly responsible figures routinely shirk their duties to appease a small, aggressive group of activists and lobbyists, John Bercow’s decision strikes me as repulsive, a disgusting abdication of responsibility that brings shame on its author and his office.”
    Amen to that Mr Kirkup. The Karen White case needs full and public scrutiny. It will raise many questions that some people may be uncomfortable with. The matter of violent men being allowed into female spaces can no longer be swept under the carpet.

  14. It’s good to finally see some balance in media instead of the full-on pro-trans coverage of the past few years. But it seems a bit sad to me that the (real) woman in this interview felt obliged to use the PC lingo and pronouns rather than flat out calling a man a man. Humouring the T in any way will only prolong the madness.

    1. Well, there almost went my breakfast.
      And yet people like that have a large amount of support, in the name of ….shudders…..’being fair’. Which brings up that part of the report, where the cretin was trans out of convenience, for meetings about disability benefits. There is a similar trend and scam going on here in the states, where members of the brigade have openly admitted that they used being ‘t’ as a reason to collect disability. I shit you not, this is the case.
      Along with all the other BS that is being pulled or stated [like the NPR piece, linked from this desk on another comment] by these bipeds. If this was done by any other group, the populace would want these folks to be locked up. Something says in the states, if there is a change in the administration in DC [as in impeachment or resignation], that just may happen.

  15. Next thing you know, convicted pedophiles will identify as “trans-age” and demand to be locked up in juvenile detention with all the underage inmates.
    …sadly, this scenario would not surprise me considering how Canada treated Steponknee Wolscht like a legitimate victim of society instead of a grown male pervert who ditched his wife and kids to live out a sexual fetish.

    1. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-web-sexual-assault-case-denied-bail-20180124-story.html
      Like this guy who sexually abused three little girls and claimed to be a boy trapped in an adult’s body? To be fair, I haven’t heard that he’s demanded to be transferred to juvy, but I couldn’t find any follow-up news reports on the case.
      This is where the my-inside-doesn’t-match-my outside insanity is leading now that it’s become better known. Guys like him used to have to come up with more individual excuses–like the one who blamed his cat for the child porn downloaded to his computer. I miss those days, because everyone thought that was ridiculous, while now there are people actually taking some of these men’s absurd claims seriously.
      The world is littered with men who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions (*cough* Kavanagh), and the trans trend just seems like the latest way for some of them to try get what they want without adverse consequences.

  16. Foxes in the Henhouse: Putting the Trans Women Prison Debate in Perspective
    Alex Sharpe, a TIM and professor of law, has written a blog post to offer a self-described “measured response” to the Karen White case. He claims that calls to ban TIMs from women’s prisons are the result of transphobia rather than safety concerns, because if equally violent women are never transferred to a male prison, then that proves the motives for keeping TIMs out of female prisons are transphobic. This is misogynistic absurdity!
    To back up his dubious “reasoning,’ he talks about the numbers of assaults in female prisons after discussing sexual assault in a way that seems intended to conflate the two. Assaults, and especially sexual assaults, are much less common in women’s prisons in the U.K. than in men’s. Moreover, I recently read a discussion among U.K. feminists about the issue, in which they mentioned there were only 21 reported sexual assaults in women’s prisons in 2017, of which Karen White commited 4 and Jessica Winfield, 3, so transwomen were responsible for a third of them!
    It’s also intellectually dishonest to talk as if women’s risk of harm is equally great whether the person doing the assaulting is male or female, given the difference in average height, weight, muscle mass, etc. Women are, on the average, far less likely to be seriously injured if attacked by someone female than by someone male.
    Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before: The Stranglehold of the ‘Gender Fraud’ Narrative
    Alex Sharpe wrote this post two years ago about a number of cases of rape by deception, in which he made the alarming statement: “Accordingly, we need to challenge the idea that sexual autonomy be viewed as an absolute right. For some, this is tantamount to heresy or rape apologia. However, this is not a time for reticence, not while the attrition against trans and gender queer kids continues unabated. Sexual autonomy, as apparently understood by the CPS and by those who helped shape prosecutorial policy in this area, renders sacred the subjective experience of complainants, even to the point of denying others the capacity for self-determination. ”
    From a legal standpoint, he’s claiming there’s no absolute right to refuse sex because it denies trans people their right to self-determination. This is dangerous nonsense.

    1. “Claiming there’s no absolute right to refuse sex because it denies trans people their rights to self-determination”
      Very dangerous and unacceptable. Before I was twit-banned I learned from infamousT when he predicted the RainbowReichs physical assaults on lesbian and radfems for their gender heresy, because the goals of the gender radicals is to create erotic chaos and institute mandatory sex.
      Fuke that.

  17. It strikes me that the trans crowd are similar to anti-vaxxers, in that they share a trait I call “reiphobia”–a fear or hatred of material reality–and they depend on people they consider inferior normies continuing to co-operate with the status quo. Parents who don’t have their children vaccinated rely on those who do to keep their children protected by herd immunity, and there’s no way to have a trans category unless everyone else pretends to be comfortable with the gender hierarchy and willing to stay in their assigned boxes. Both positions are morally solipsistic.

  18. Jesus H. Even people sympathetic to trans activism are calling this callous shit out. I hope one day they realize, as a movement, this selfish attitude is the rule, not the exception.

    1. WTF???? Are these people insane????
      The real world has news for these punks who are trying to say that this is a necessity: THIS SURGERY IS A GODDAMNED ELECTIVE. Period.
      If one wants to talk about wait lists were people can die, if nothing is done to relieve the illness, these bastards should read the renal transplant wait list data. The liver transplant wait lists. The corneal transplant wait lists.
      THEN read the breakdowns based on race and age. Each of those is a long goddamned list and if no one gets their ops, their lives are diminished. Those on said lists are waiting for an operation to repair/replace an original body part. A NECESSITY. It is not some lark or something to do to ‘fit in’.
      By the by, if one is that much close to the goddamned edge and wants to remove their existence from society due to not getting an elective done, there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the person, as well as those who are around them. And if one wants the surgery that much, pay for it out of pocket.

    2. . . . and moral solipsism leads to narcissistic entitlement masquerading as righteousness.
      Given that women who get mastectomies for cancer treatment almost certainly skew older than those choosing them because of a gender-identity delusion, ageism and sexism team up with narcissism in this sort of thinking–that is, automatically assuming the wishes of a woke, young transman should be prioritized over the needs of a presumably worthless old woman.

    3. I’m pretty sure this is an combination of them being delusional and the usual suicidal guilt trip.
      And for an community that’s constantly demanding for acceptance and equality, it’s also hypocritical.

  19. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners
    Adopted by the First United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, held at Geneva in 1955, and approved by the Economic and Social Council by its resolutions 663 C (XXIV) of 31 July 1957 and 2076 (LXII) of 13 May 1977
    Separation of categories
    8. The different categories of prisoners shall be kept in separate institutions or parts of institutions taking account of their sex, age, criminal record, the legal reason for their detention and the necessities of their treatment. Thus,
    ( a ) Men and women shall so far as possible be detained in separate institutions; in an institution which receives both men and women the whole of the premises allocated to women shall be entirely separate;

    1. It really pisses me off that I as a woman do not have rights of Geneva Accords afforded as U.S. citizen because in my state a man may identify as my sex and trump my women’s human rights with their male feelings and facsimile costumery. Bleke.

      1. What I meant to say -good grief – is that I wish I had the same rights of a prisoner of war not to be exposed to male nudity without my consent, or not to be exposed myself nude in front of males.
        Transgender with penis are violating Geneva Accords – don’t women outside prisoners of war have our sex-based human right Side?

  20. Why aren’t trans men (females who think they are male) begging to be sent to men’s prisons? There has to be some trans men who have been convicted of crimes. Or, there no doubt will be some in the future. Why aren’t they demanding to be sent to the men’s section of the jail, or be sent to a men’s prison? I have heard of no cases of trans men wanting to get into men’s prisons. There are zero cases. FTMs think using a men’s restroom validates their special identity, but they sure as hell don’t want in a men’s prison. Most FTMs never get the “bottom surgery”. That extra “bonus hole” or “front hole” would make them very popular in a men’s prison.
    It’s always cross dressing dudes who are rapists, pedophiles, etc. They know damn well that they would have it easier in a women’s prison, and they get a captured group of women to terrorize. And, because males are usually physically larger and stronger than females, they can push their weight around.

    1. FTMs might sound delusional, but they’re not. They know exactly what would happen to them in the general population of a male prison.

      1. @Henrika Either they sound delusional [at least the more ‘out there’ types], or those who do not show up on the blotter as fodder otherwise, know better.
        Which gets into the shooting outside of Baltimore yesterday. There are some places reporting that the person was an FTM, considering getting on the cocktail. Not being mentioned in the mainstream [gee, can we all guess as to why????] in the least. But the actions point to something else, which is discussed rather thoroughly on some of those documentaries on the ‘Justice Network’. The ones discussing ‘Lockup’ or ‘Hard Time’ in women’s prisons. That being the rather growing population of those who are more FTM [to hell with the ‘fluid’ noise here] and as such, tend to be as violent as their born male counterparts.
        Those who read this site and live in PDX [as well as other cities where the brigade has established outposts] can concur with me that it can be scary on the bus or even at the market, when one sees an FTM copying the gangster look, of the male punks otherwise. At least, they have not resorted on the street/bus/LRT to displaying weapons, like some take out their phones or portable music players. Let alone around here, have not committed murder….yet.

  21. I tried to report the FTM person but we know there’s many on social media. The one whining about women needing life saving surgery for breast cancer being prioritized over those wanting elective surgeries that they won’t die immediately from.
    Examples like these should be known to the mainstream public. Yes we also know FTM males go back and forth between male & female space whenever they feel unsafe, or to date lesbians when straight women refuse them, or refusing male prison etc. Trans people hypocrisy should be exposed to the public.

    1. I’m not sure if this was shared on here when it came out, but I’m pretty sure this article explains how the transgender logic evolved into what we know and hate today.

      1. You’re on a lesbian feminist website that features eight years of in depth analysis of the nature of gender, and trends in gender, including the transgender movement. You post a right wing anti-gay christian author’s watered-down and defanged regurgitation of stolen and uncredited feminist work- pointedly absent the analysis- as if our own work will be more enlightening to us if neutered and washed to remove any reference to the nature of gender itself and it’s function (the ritualization of male domination and female subordination see Sheila Jeffreys) and purpose (male control of female reproductive capacity).
        I’ve allowed such posts in the context of discussion of what the right wingers (who whole-heartedly support gender and both its function and purpose) are doing, but I’ll be damned if someone actually posts it as somehow illuminating. I’m laughing at this! It really is terribly clueless, not to mention insulting.
        Thanks for “educating” feminists with a patriarch’s regurgitated and defanged version of stolen women’s work, washed of fifty years of analysis, in order to preserve gender but object to an iteration of gender (transgenderism) that inconveniently illuminates the instability of the system itself.
        I laugh, because it’s funny, but it is also incredibly insulting, and sad- for women and girls.

  22. Was just reading about Jacinta Brooks/Duncan Smart being jailed for grooming a 12 yr old girl. Not sure which prison he’s being sent to.

  23. Stephen Wood/Karen White has been sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and the sexual assaults he committed on two fellow female inmates whist on remand for the rape and other serious sexual offences.

    Rapist transgender woman jailed for life for sex attacks on fellow inmates

    From his previous record it is clear that he is a danger to women, children and any vulnerable person who crosses his path. There should be a full investigation now that he has been sentenced.

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