“All The Named Academics Were Women” The Curious Campaign Of Goldsmith University’s Mark Hellen

Headline at The Times UK

Very interesting article today in The Times UK regarding Mark Hellen of Goldsmith’s University.
From The Times:

“Trans Goldsmiths lecturer Natacha Kennedy behind smear campaign against academics

Lucy Bannerman

September 8 2018, 12:01am,

The Times

Natacha Kennedy asked people to list academics deemed to be transphobic

A transgender lecturer orchestrated a smear campaign against academics across the UK in which universities were described as dangerous and accused of “hate crime” if they refused to accept activists’ views that biological males can be women, it can be revealed.

Natacha Kennedy, a researcher at Goldsmiths University of London who is also understood to work there under the name Mark Hellen, faces accusations of a “ludicrous” assault on academic freedom after she invited thousands of members of a closed Facebook group to draw up and circulate a list shaming academics who disagreed with campaigners’ theories on gender.

The online forum, seen by The Times, also revealed that members plotted to accuse non-compliant professors of hate crime to try to have them ousted from their jobs. Reading, Sussex, Bristol, Warwick and Oxford universities were among those deemed to have “unsafe” departments because they employed academics who had publicly disputed the belief that “transwomen are women” or questioned the potential impact of proposed changes to gender laws on women and children.

Ms Kennedy said that the list was necessary so students could avoid accepting a place on a “dangerous” course.

Aimee Challenor, the former Green Party candidate who used her father as her election agent even though he was facing charges of raping and torturing a ten-year-old girl, for which he was later jailed, was among those who responded to Ms Kennedy’s post of August 14 to the Trans Rights UK Facebook group, with suggestions of who to blacklist. All the named academics were women.

Members of the group claimed that the philosophy department of the University of Sussex was “clearly an unsafe environment” because of the presence of Kathleen Stock, a professor who has argued against redefining the category of woman and lesbian to include men.

“File a hate crime report against her, and then the chairman and vice-chair,” advised one. “Drag them over the f***ing coals.”

Rosa Freedman, an expert in human rights law at the University of Reading, had also upset activists by saying that biological males should not have access to a women’s refuge. One activist said she tried to lodge a complaint but was told that Professor Freedman had a right to free speech. “I’m replying a little more strongly and using the words ‘hate speech’ a few times,” she told the group. Another activist suggested: “Use the words . . . ‘So Reading University supports staff who use hate speech against students?’ ”

Professor Freedman told The Times: “We are talking about the aggressive trolling of women who are experts. I have received penis pictures telling me to ‘suck my girl cock’. This is straight-up, aggressive, anti-woman misogyny. In no way have I made the space unsafe. I find it deeply distressing that an academic would set out to smear my name and impugn my reputation, simply because I put forward a perspective, based on robust and specific evidence, with which they disagree. That is not academia. That is silencing people.

“The idea that writing about women’s rights automatically becomes a hate crime in some people’s eyes is ludicrous. All it has done has made me more determined to write about this, in a respectful way that allows other perspectives to come through, and not just the views of those who shout the loudest.”

Professor Stock said: “What would make a philosophy department unsafe is if its academics weren’t allowed to challenge currently popular beliefs or ideologies for fear of offending. Deliberately plotting to have my department lose students, or to have me dismissed, through covert means, is surprising behaviour from a fellow academic.” Both professors praised the support that they had received from their universities.

Last month Brown University, the Ivy League institution in Rhode Island, was accused of cowardice by leading academics in the US after it caved into pressure on social media to pull a piece of research from its website that had concluded that social contagion could be a reason why clusters of young people were identifying as trans.

Professor Stock said: “It is head-scratchingly bizarre how so many public organisations, many of them ostensibly progressive, have capitulated to passive-aggressive, emotionally blackmailing, and sometimes even outright threatening behaviour from trans activists, often online.”

One member of the Facebook group, Sahra Rae Taylor, stood by her contribution to the list. She said: “That way we can advise people applying that ‘if you want to study law, then don’t go to these places’. Which would allow them at least to avoid being taught (and marked, and under the influence in some way) by a transphobic douchebag.”

Ms Kennedy, who describes herself on Facebook as a “stroppy, bolshie transgirl with attitude who hates the Tories with a passion”, refused to comment. She represented Goldsmiths during trans awareness week in February.

It confirmed that she was an employee but would not explain which department she worked in or why she appeared to be listed twice in the staff directory: once as Mark Hellen, in the department of educational studies, and secondly as Natacha Kennedy, who is named in equality and diversity reports. Both profiles appear to be active.

It also remained unclear why an academic paper on Ms Kennedy’s specialist subject of transgenderism in children, published by the Graduate Journal of Social Sciences in 2010, cited two co-authors: Natacha Kennedy and Mark Hellen.

Read more from The Times report by clicking HERE.

Natacha Kennedy is well known to GenderTrender readers as Mark Hellen.
Mark presents himself professionally as a married heterosexual white male academic but prefers to pretend online to be a terrifically oppressed “transwoman” named Natacha Kennedy.

Goldsmith’s Mark Hellen and his alter Natacha Kennedy

Mark’s alternate Linkedin persona.

Goldsmith’s College is so invested in Mark’s dual identities that they knowingly misrepresent him professionally both as himself and also as an entirely different fictional person named Natacha Kennedy.

Mark Hellen is a failed-to-complete Phd candidate who pretends to collaborate with another academic failure, who is actually himself, wearing an ill-advised wig, as crossdresser Natacha Kennedy. He literally cosigns his professional work as a collaboration between two people: himself and his alter ego.
This results in many humorous circumstances, such as the time The Daily Nous cited discrepancies between the work of Mark Hellen and that of his fictional yet equally inept alter ego, Natacha Kennedy:
The Daily Kos humorously cites discrepancies between the research of Mark Hellen and his equally inadequate alter ego.

Goldsmith’s Mark Hellen’s interests largely pivot upon three axis:
Number one: Transvestitism.
“Going Girlie”

Number Two: Outrageous conspiracy theories about his feminist enemies.
I’ll just leave this here…

and Number Three- his keen interest in children.
Mark Hellen first tried to establish a transgender children community, called, creatively, “Transkids”.
Mark tried to establish a transgender children charity.

When the TransKids project failed, Mark Hellen used his Goldsmith’s credentials to attempt to recruit child “research subjects” into meeting with him, using his Natacha Kennedy persona:
Call for youth

Questions will vary. Just really interested in you. I’ll pay.

It would take the internet 24 years at full speed to unlock whatever Mark Hellen does with the kids he recruits. So no worries. *cough*



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  1. “It also remained unclear why an academic paper on Ms Kennedy’s specialist subject of transgenderism in children, published by the Graduate Journal of Social Sciences in 2010, cited two co-authors: Natacha Kennedy and Mark Hellen.”
    To any woman who has spent post-graduate time in academia, his motives are transparent. It’s much harder to get a paper published if there’s no male name on it, and papers by women only are also less likely to be cited by other researchers. I once heard a talk by a brilliant scientist who had a paper refused early in her career because the journal insisted she couldn’t have done all the work herself. She added the name of her male dog as co-author and resubmitted it to the same journal, which published it.
    So I understand perfectly why Hellen would do this: If he submits papers under his drag name, he’ll have a real disadvantage, but by publishing under both his own name and that of his imaginary friend, he gets to indulge his fetish while retaining his male privilege.
    I was also struck by this comment from Rosa Freedman:
    “The idea that writing about women’s rights automatically becomes a hate crime in some people’s eyes is ludicrous.”
    But there are many men who’ve viewed any advocating for women’s rights as a hate crime against them, going back at least to the fight for women’s suffrage. There’s no shortage men who think they’re being abused whenever women make reasonable demands or set firm boundaries.

  2. I just email shared this link with Dean Marcus at Brown University, as she had replied to my criticism to her on her poor decision to retract Littman study press release….
    “Dr. Marcus – Brown University is mentioned in direct connection to another transgender academic silencing campaign in the UK”. Lol.
    Keep it up Gallus! The whole world IS watching.

  3. What a psycho. Why does Goldsmith College even employ this degenerate? As if anyone who doesn’t know about his trans status would regard him as anything but a man in drag.

  4. This evidence clearly shows the male entitlement, male aggressiveness, male domination attempts, male contempt for women, male propensity to violence and male supremacy over women by “trans” people — who are little more than contemptible losers with Big Pharma Phunding who are trying to destabilize the authentic feminist movement and roll back protections for women.
    That is right: “destabilize.” A CIA / Mossad / Merchants of Doubt film & book sort of off-the-shelf op. Or IS it off-the-shelf?

  5. P.S. I wonder if you could blacken the type to make it easier to read than the grayscale?

  6. This one has not been fired, dropped in the Thames with lead shoes or any other punishment? WHY????? It really boggles the mind that in academia, the powers that be are enabling creeps like this.
    Before anyone says that the above is ….shudders…’phobic’…keep this in mind: while colleges and unis are supposed to be places, where the expression of different ideas is a welcome concept and is encouraged, there is a very wide line between that and engaging in what amounts to intellectual terrorism in the name of unsubstantiated theories, or encouraging the abuse [which is what it is when children are involved] of those too young or immature to understand what is going on, while feeding the perverse wants of DAWG’s. This schizo creep is an example of such an intellectual terrorist.

  7. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Academia has been a cesspool for ages
    Colleges often stand behind folks who openly advocate for Jews being barred from student council positions because some idiot/racist students & faculty hate Israel. And they also stand behind students who incite violent riots because the school invited a speaker who is slightly to the right of Bernie Sanders. So I am absolutely not surprised that they’re now bending to the whims of trannys (who are the current trendy “oppressed” group) who want to blacklist females for hurting their precious feelings.
    This is what we get for coddling “woke” college brats who throw tantrums everytime they hear an opinion they don’t like.

    1. Criticism of Israel is not criticism of Jews anymore than criticism of the colonialist planter colony of Northern Ireland is criticism of protestants. For a few, there can be residual racism (not blatant) but this is viewed by progressives, many of whom are Jewish, as harmful & counter-productive to their opposition.
      As to right-wing speakers on campus, generally I’m behind any student who protests, in almost any form, what they understand as their own college’s collusion in anti-democratic, harmful policies (often racist in nature). I’m almost always relieved to hear that graduating students, for example, have stopped some NRA representative from addressing their commencement or, in other cases, walking out during His address.
      Power doesn’t need a voice. Powerless always needs a voice. I’d like to think that progressives will get back on track and act (more consistently) according to their own principles, but meanwhile I will not deprive them of praise for what they do right just as I don’t withhold my wrath from their blanking out over women’s issues

      1. “Criticism of Israel is not criticism of Jews”
        It is when it’s proposed that Jewish students are barred from student leadership positions.

      2. “walking out during His address.”
        I dunno, if Jesus shows up I’ll probably stay, just in case he does that wine trick again.

      3. Kesher, I agree with you but I think (perhaps incorrectly) that he is trying to differentiate between anti-Semitism and anti-zionism which, as you may know, is currently a huge issue here in the UK due to the behaviour of the Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. I would like a citation for Jewish students being barred from leadership positions, simply for being Jewish. As for violent riots because a school invited a speaker who is slightly to the right of Bernie Sanders, I don’t at all ever advocate for nor excuse violence. However, someone like Milo whatshisname is hardly slightly to the right of Bernie Sanders. He is a far right wing misogynist.
      None of this excuses feminists being shut up for being feminists. Conservatives have spent millennia trashing females, they are not our allies.

      1. I am a right wing radical feminist which, I know, will strike some as an oxymoron; however, with Corbyn’s antics and communist stance, I am sure I am not the only one.
        Apologies for going off topic.

      2. “”””I would like a citation for Jewish students being barred from leadership positions, simply for being Jewish””””
        Here ya go:
        And, if you’re willing to do research, you can find MANY more examples of Jewish people being harassed in college because idiotic anti-Zionists believe that we’re a Borg-like collective (so harassing any Jew at random is just as good as attacking Bibi Netanyahu directly).
        As a Jew myself, I can personally attest to the VICIOUS harassment I encountered whenever I identified myself as Jewish. It got so bad that I stopped wearing my favorite Star of David necklace to school because I didn’t want to deal with strangers randomly cornering me and DEMANDING I condemn Israel and/or grilling me about the plight of Palestinians (as if I had the power to snap my fingers and change how that country is run).
        And, in case you’re wondering, this didn’t happen in some podunk hillbilly town. It was in California.
        Modern anti-Zionism is, in my opinion, not far removed from old fashioned NAZI ideology. Like Naziism, it revolves around the belief that all problems would magically disappear if only the Jews would surrender power (or, preferably, die). And that the people who set off bombs in Jewish kindergartens and advocate for a second Holocaust are justified because…Zionism (btw, most anti-Zionists don’t even know what “Zionism” actually means)
        One thing I noticed in college is that the “death to Israel” crowd who harassed me NEVER gave a shit about oppressed people in other parts of the world. They never cried for the North Koreans, the Tibetans, all the women & homosexuals who are oppressed/killed in Muslim countries, etc. They only care about an “oppressed” group in another country when they can blame the Jews for the problem.

      3. @B-Dala–What you’re saying about people using supposed opposition to Zionism (even if they don’t understand Zionism) as an excuse for attacking Jews is analogous to people using supposed opposition to trans-exclusionary radical feminism (even if they don’t understand radical feminism) as an excuse for attacking women, esp. lesbian women. It’s as if all the old bigotries still lurk under a pseudo-woke surface.
        It makes me wonder what other traditionally despised groups are being attacked in the name of faux liberalism.

      4. Oak and Ash,
        “What other traditionally despised groups are being attacked in the name of faux liberalism?”
        That one’s easy – the proletariat is currently being attacked as “deplorables” and “dregs” for being insufficiently appreciative of the mass importation of scab labor/voters to lower their wages and cheapen their votes.

  8. What the actual fuck is he deal with that illustration on the front page of the “Transkids” site … ??? OMFG.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. This is an illustration for a trans youth resources and support website. So you would expect an illustration or a stock photo of a bunch of kids sitting or standing next to one another, maybe smiling or laughing or maybe talking. Instead, it’s a lone (presumably) “trans girl” on his back with his legs in the air as he caresses his bare legs with both hands and strange shapes emerge from the legs.
      Never in my life have I seen an illustration like this for a youth support site. What the hell?

      1. Keisha and Margie – I lingered long over that drawing, too. Incredulous isn’t it that kid-porny cartoon used to portray a trans kid as envisioned by adult, intact hetero male…
        Pink and blue is the new same old binary, and sexualization of kids is the gender whisperers agenda.

      2. Not only what you describe but also dressed in what seems to be a skimpy negligee-style nightgown. It’s so wildly inappropriate I don’t understand how a mentally stable person can possibly have selected it for the stated purpose.

  9. A bit off topic here, but I just found out that eight wealthy families were big supporters of California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom–going back to when he was 30. And one of those big families is the Prizker family— the billionaire TIM military man—eeeekkkk

    1. The Pritzkers don’t operate as a family. “Jennifer” is a right winger. Others are Democrats. Some have history of suing each other. Not a monolith at all.

  10. I follow Professor Kathleen Stock on Twitter so watched this unravel in the UK over the weekend. The good news is that at least two groups – Fairplay4Women and Women’s Place UK – are on the case and people are slowly beginning to get an idea of what is really going on over here.
    BTW, am in a rush so can’t check if Gallus has covered this but those poor transwomen are being cut to ribbons when they try to remove Sticker Women’s stickers because she has put razor blades underneath them!! The lies they come out with – I am surprised the stickers haven’t been sprayed with novichek.

      1. Crossed replies and no, they are seriously pissed off lol. I hope they are chasing the time wasters. Also, there are some amusing mocking comments on Twitter including one which states that sticker woman puts the stickers over a small hole; when the sticker is removed, a wasp comes out and stings you. Alternatively, a tape loop of Germaine Greer saying “transwomen are not women” plays and hurts their fee fees. 😊

  11. Statement from British Transport Police on their website:
    “Sticker claims – Manchester Oxford Road
    British Transport Police (BTP) were made aware of a tweet – dated 5 September – stating that stickers, with razor blades behind them, were put up in the toilets of Manchester Oxford Road train station.
    Officers have attended the station to investigate this claim and have confirmed there is no evidence of this.
    BTP has a tried and tested system in place for dealing with hoaxes designed to cause minimum disruption whilst ensuring the safety of members of the public and rail staff.
    Nevertheless, hoaxers waste considerable police time and divert our much-needed resources from other duties. We will continue to monitor the situation and will take further action should this malicious activity continue.”

  12. There seems to be an outbreak of mass insanity at Goldsmiths:

    LGBT student group argues that gulags were good, anti-trans bigots literally kill and must be re-educated

    Some idiot in the LGBTQWTF student group–perhaps one of Hellen/Kennedy’s star pupils?–thinks gulags were actually good and TERFs should be sent to them for re-education.
    “Long story short, friends, the ideas of TERFs and anti trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through reeducation. Science must be decolonised and de-essentialised in order for this to happen. #noterfsonourterf”
    Someone needs to test the water supply for hallucinogens.

    1. Oak and Ash, I came here to report on that latest bit of insanity and you beat me to it! Honestly, it just boggles the mind. The gulags are responsible for at least 1 million and perhaps as many as 20 million deaths. The gulags are a low point in human history. And this trans/queer cult group is praising them and proclaiming that TERFs and other enemies must be sent to similar camps to be re-educated.
      This would be another amusing example of trans/queer evil and madness, but the really horrifying thing is that the group is the “LGBTQ+ Society” at Goldsmiths. In other words, these reprehensible people are claiming to speak for LGB students. Once upon a time, not very long ago, universities like Goldsmiths had groups which represented gay and lesbian students and focused entirely on their needs. Not only were those groups hijacked and altered beyond recognition, not only were they turned to trans activism, but they continue to claim to speak for LGB people. Which means that not only are LGB students without a group of their own, but they are actually worse off than they were decades ago. Because decades ago, at least they could recognize the need for a group of their own. Now they are told that the “LGBTQ+” group, with its pro-gulag, Stalinist trans/queer cult leadership, is their home.

      1. I should add on a positive note that the backlash against the trans Stalinist cultists has been fierce. They made their Twitter account private. The British press picked up the story. Today, the Student Union at Goldsmiths launched an investigation and suspended the group pending the outcome:
        “Yesterday, Monday 10th September, a member of the LGBTQ+ Society with access to their Twitter account posted tweets containing offensive material. We condemn the abhorrent content of the tweets and they are in complete opposition to the views and values of the Students’ Union.
        The Society have broken multiple Union policies and procedures, including failing to adhere to our code of conduct, and we have issued multiple requests for the group to delete the tweets. As such, the Society have been suspended and disaffiliated from the Students’ Union, pending investigation.”

      2. As a teenager I read The Gulag Archipelago, Cancer Ward and One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. WTF is on the reading list at Goldsmith’s? This is even too much for the good old Torygraph to take. The transborg can push our sense of history and reality only so far. They’re digging their own graves. They should be thankful not to be digging those of their comrades and fellow inmates.

      3. @transwidow, my mom shared Solzynetsin with me back then, and I also read them, time to re-read The Gulag. Have you read Solzynetsin work “200 Years Together” on history/relationship of Jews and Russia? It’s available free pdf online if you browse for it.
        Sorry to de-rail.
        I’m so GLAD that narsty little student group is getting just rewards. Let that news ring free. Totalitarians on left or right not welcome and will get pushed back.

    2. Not a shock. The only way you can convince moderately intelligent people of nonsense like “a penis can be female” is to break their spirit via torture and brain-washing
      On the bright side, that group got roasted for that tweet. So there is still SOME hope for society.

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    A transgender lecturer orchestrated a smear campaign against academics across the UK in which universities were described as dangerous and accused of “hate crime” if they refused to accept activists’ views that biological males can be women, it can be revealed.

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