Double Helix Rainbow Kids: by Diane Ehrensaft

Rainbow Double Helix (DNA)

Excerpts from a letter by Diane Ehrensaft to The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Read the full letter HERE. Ehrensaft is a psychologist who is considered by some to be the “premiere expert” in the field of pediatric transgenderism. Read more about her extraordinary theories on “Gender Angels” and “Gender Ghosts” by clicking HERE. Diane Ehrensaft’s work is distinguished by a profound metaphysical belief that sex stereotypes (femininity, masculinity) are biologically innate components of reproductive sex, rather than social traditions constructed to ritualize female subjugation to males.
Excerpts from Diane Ehrensaft’s letter:

“Our gender clinic at the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Benio Children’s Hospital has a continual flow of children and adolescents I have come to refer to as “the double helix rainbow kids.” I coined this term to refer to the overlapping spectra this group of youth find themselves on— the autism spectrum and the gender spectrum.”

“The twenty- first century has been accompanied by a dramatic paradigm shift in Western concepts and practices of gender. No longer is gender considered to exist in two distinct non-overlapping boxes—male/female. The construct of the gender binary has been replaced by the image of the gender spectrum, an array of gender shades and hues of infinite variety, oscillating between the poles of masculine and feminine (Ehrensaft 2012, 2016; Hidalgo et al. 2013; Keo-Meier and Ehrensaft 2018).
Even beyond that is the notion of a gender web, a three-dimensional interweaving of nature, nurture, and culture, accompanied by a fourth dimension of time, in which each individual spins together their own unique gender identity (who I am as male, female, or other) and gender expressions (how I “do” my gender—dress, appearance, activities, etc.) to arrive at their authentic gender self. Based on the interstices of constitution, socialization, and environmental context, no two people’s gender webs will be exactly the same (Ehrensaft 2011, 2016).
Rather than static or fixed by age six, which is what is postulated in traditional theories of gender development and constancy (Kohlberg 1966; Tyson 1986; Fast 1999), the gender web pulsates and resituates itself over the course of a life time, which explains why some people who have consistently lived in one gender for many years may gradually or suddenly arrive at an understanding that this gender is no longer a good fit (Harris 2005).
Actual slide from Ehrensaft lecture on “pulsating gender webs”.

We have also learned that gender does not lie between our legs, but rather between our ears—in the messages of our brain as to who we are (Diamond 2002).
This brings us to some particular idiosyncrasies of double helix rainbow individuals. Typically diagnosed early in life as being on the autism spectrum, their early childhoods may be devoid of any self-reference to gender at all. Even though their parents may have told them, “You are a boy” or “You are a girl,” for the child, these markers may be empty signifiers. As one double helix rainbow transgender youth expressed, asked when they first realized they were transgen- der: “When I was little, I didn’t think about gender at all. It was a category that had no meaning to me. I was just a person. Only when my body started to change, when I was 12, did I suddenly come to the startling, and awful, realization that I had a gender. I hated it and I certainly didn’t want to be the one my body was telling me I was going to have to be.”
Unpacking this youth’s narrative gives us much food for thought as we read through this journal’s issue on autism and gender. To understand a person who is neurodiverse, a neurotypical person needs to leave the comfort of their own social position and view from the inside out, from the neurodiverse person’s perspective.
With gender, the neurodiverse individual’s experience may be the most revolutionary of all in deconstructing a society’s fixed and unbending mores of gender. It is sometimes theorized that the reason so many people on the autism spectrum show up in gender clinics with either gender dysphoria or an asserted transgender identity is that they have failed to read the social cues that interpersonally guide and shape us in our understanding of our gender selves (Strang et al. 2018). If that is so, we might also say that the neurodiverse cohort is freed from the social constrictions and binding mores of “correct” gender roles and behavior, allowing them a far more creative gender journey, in line with the twenty-first century understanding of gender in its multiplicity and expansiveness rather than its entrapment in two designated boxes. We might also say it is not the autistic, but the neurotypical folks who are failing to read the social cues so poignantly provided by the neurodiverse community.
Both clinicians and parents have been known to interpret the insistence on a transgender or non-binary gender identity that shows up more prevalently in autistic children than in their non-autistic peers as just an obsessive phase, like so many other obsessions the autistic child passes through. It is interesting to note that, using teacher ratings on the child behavior checklist, elevated levels of obsessional interests have also been identified by Dr. Kenneth Zucker and associates as a feature of “gender referred” children at their gender clinic compared to non-referred children (Zucker et al. 2017). I do question the interpretation of these data, with the teacher ratings of obsessional interests of the gender-referred children on the child behavior checklist perhaps having more to do with a sense of urgency, a pushback toward others who are attempting to thwart their gender expressions or interests, a bias on the teachers’ parts toward those gender-diverse interests, or a need on the child’s part to communicate to others in an exaggerated fashion a gender identity or non- conforming gender expression rather than an indication of obsessionality. Still, the implication is that double helix rainbow kids may also have a double dosage of obsessionality.

With that said, if an obsessional phase was at the root of the neurodiverse children’s assertion of a transgender or gender-nonbinary self,, the phase should dissipate over time, like other obsessional interests; yet it does not. [sic]
Unlike the children who report no sense of gender at all in their early life, there are other autistic children who declare a transgender identity at an early age and do not back down or divert from that message. Rather than a passing phase, the gender declarations can become more insistent or urgent over time, especially if the request for acknowledgement is denied or overridden by the adults in the child’s life.
In lieu of “just a phase,” a more salient argument for the prevalence of transgender or non-conforming gender articulations among neurodiverse children and youth is that the bundle of neurons that may shape gender messages in the brain that say “I am not the gender that matches the sex designated to me at birth” may live side-by-side or interactively with the bundle of neurons that shape autistic experience, creating a cohesive mosaic of neurodiverse/gender diverse individuality.

What we know about gender expansive/transgender experience and the experience of autism is that they both may be accompanied by a strong dose of social anxiety (Cohen- Kettenis et al. 2003; Bellini 2014); we also know that both experiences are considered to have a strong constitutional component (Rosenthal 2014, 2016; Frith and Hill 2003; Frith and Happe 2005).
With that said, I would like to finish with a story about a young autistic child presenting with an inordinate amount of anxiety. This child was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two. At age eight, the child had minimal expressive language, consisting primarily of “Mommy, Daddy, i-Pad.” Brought to a gender clinic because of the child’s insistence that they were not a girl, but a boy, the only full sentence uttered by the child in the initial exam, in response to the parents’ reference to their child as “she,” was a loud, adamant, “Don’t say she, say HE.” The child made no eye contact, shied from any physical contact, and anxiously hummed and rocked. After several months of mental health treatment with a gender specialist who also had experience with autism, the family, with the therapist’s support, allowed their child to begin living full-time as the boy the child consistently asserted they were. Sometime after that, the child returned for their follow-up visit at the gender clinic. The clinic team was astounded to discover a child who strode into the clinic, shook hands with the team, made eye contact, and began talking in full, although truncated, sentences. The stunning observation leaves us with a question to ponder, “Could gender be an alleviator for the stressors of autism?” Not every person with a diagnosis of autism will be gender expansive, but it might behoove us to find that out, and more generally, to remind ourselves that gender is a fluid concept that may be experienced and expressed differently, depending on whether one is neuro- diverse or neurotypical.”


97 thoughts on “Double Helix Rainbow Kids: by Diane Ehrensaft

  1. I have read this shit and listened to this video twice now and I still have NO IDEA what this woman is on about. Autism is a developmental disability not some metaphysical woo woo. She sounds likes some pomospeaking Tumblrina who uses ‘bunself’ pronouns.
    I have a child with autism and this is terrifying.

    1. That is something that has bothered me as well about the brigade. If let’s say my cat were my daughter, in school and had autism, I would be scared to no end that some teacher or counselor in same, who is a brigade sympathizer would use the same ‘grooming’ techniques as pervs do, to try to convince the child that they are trans. And that gets into the following:
      IF ….this society is saying that pervs and child molesters should not be allowed in education or allowed to be in any close proximity to children [think day care, school bus drivers, after-school sports], how in the hell is this bullshit, on the part of the brigade ‘legal’? No I am not saying that all educators who are brigade members should be barred from working in the schools, far from it. [Especially seeing that there is some clown reading this, who may misinterpret same]. HOWEVER, there may need to be some type of extra supervision, based on the track record of the community, with there being also that there is no evidence whatsoever, that what these folks are pushing, has any validity in full. Well, validity if one is high on very very wicked weed. As well as that, the last society that did something similar…need we say what happened in Europe as a result???
      Getting back to the example in the first paragraph: if some teacher were to do what was mentioned…[and this is not to openly encourage this as a remedy, again, some would see this as phobic, but it would make sense in light of how the system works], the temptation there, would be to terminate said individual, as well as ANY person who is protecting them, with a form of extreme prejudice. If that sounds cruel…think of the damage that can be done to a child by one of these folks, who is acting in the same way, that some of those in the clergy have. There is no difference, except that one is now getting more press and airtime, the other is buried by some rather well-heeled interests, who think that autism or Asperger’s, is fertile ground for transing a child and in turn, ruining them for life.

    2. I also have a child with autism, and, from experience: anyone using the term “neurodiverse” frequently is going to be a cheerleader for the blessings of developmental delays. I want to throttle these people.

      1. So annoying. My son has a developmental issue. He’s not one of the fucking X-men. I guess they’re trying to de-stigmatize it. But otherizing people by claiming they’re some type of new species is not helpful.
        This desperation to be ‘special’ we’ve developed as a culture is so disturbing. It’s the engine that runs Tumblr with all its mostly self-diagnosed mentally ill and/or ‘neurodivrse’ suburban white kids desperate to be ‘special.’ It’s fueling a mindset that actually seeking psychological help for whatever mental health issues you have is ‘elitist.’ Because some people are too poor to do so. And that self-diagnosis is fine because everyone can’t afford a doctor. So autism because just one of many ‘identities.’ I anticipate an ugly backlash.
        Right now autism is cool and chic, except, you know for the kids who actually have it and the parents who have to work their ssses off to ensure their kid receives services. With it becoming an identity people are going to start dismissing it as more Pomo bullshit. People with autism will be dismissed and left to their own devices, while those identifying as autistic will carry on with their lives with ease. Until the next trend comes along.

  2. I wonder how much that little girl was being pressured into dresses and other male femininity that so many of us absolutely hated, and then she found a way out….
    One way to tell is to let kids do what they want in terms of how they dress, have their hair, are allowed to play, etc.

    1. Very telling that kid said “ipad” as one of her three words.
      I have seen so many times now… and read about it… kids fall, get sharp shocks like bitten lips or banged knees… And suddenly, their intelligence jumps. Teaching a kid who is plenty smart but who doesn’t talk… This just happened with him….when he bit his lip I actually wondered… Will he start talking in a day or two… And he did.
      Kids used to spend a lot of time getting bruised. now they are padded from it. Playground equipment has no challenge… it’s all molded plastic and rubber mats. Noting how many kids cut and pierce and tattoo now, I wondered if their body-mind connection tells them to do it, to get the necessary pain in before 25 . All societies allowed children to rough and tumble… This thing of protecting them from every bruise is new. I think pain stimulates nerves and build brain connections.
      I had a book called For The Love of Ann, where parents of a terribly autistic girl actually brought her out of it by the application of pain. Sounds terrible but it’s not what you think. No more than a few sharp raps on the knuckles and the process began to pick up itself… One day she began to talk… And from that point she improves top speed… By 18 she could drive… Yet at 12 she was so withdrawn she communicated only by hours of screams.
      O just wonder how little we understand of how brain mind body environment work together. How they communicate. How does your body tell you to perform an action necessary for brain development? Perhaps through feelings. What is the role of the gut and the fascia? Dreams, sensations, intuitions…funny feelings… All could be deep communication. I think of the woman who kept dreaming a wolf ate her liver. Her open minded doctor had her tested… and it was cancer. Three nights this week I’ve dreamt of a friend who had lymphoma… what do you know, my doctor has found a worrying node.
      So maybe this child was on the iPad all the time… And her body made her insist she was a boy so she’d get the physical stimulus she needs for brain development.

      1. A lot of autistic kids, of both sexes, spend a significant amount of time on iPads, tablets, or phones. That’s neither here nor there. That child’s body didn’t make her insist she’s a boy. Misguided adults did. She may have said she was a boy or wished she was a boy. That’s normal for children. They also say they’re dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and racecars. That doesn’t mean their body is making them say that. It means they’re kids.

      2. To be clear, I was saying that the theory that childhood bumps and bruises help stimulate brain development was an interesting one, not the ‘double helix’ hooey.

      3. My son’s physical therapist makes it clear that autistic kids seem sensation because they have difficulty knowing where their body is on space. Being physical—using a sit and spin, a crash pad, generally just flinging themselves about helps them connect with their body. Both my sons have neurological issues—my oldest has ADHD. And one of the best ‘antidotes’ IMO is physical activity and sunlight. I had it included in his 504 Plan that he’s allowed 15 minutes per class period to be physical whether that’s doing jump and jacks or whatever.
        As for the pain issue, I suspect there is some validity to this as well. My youngest always makes huge leaps when he spends time outside roughhousing with his much older brothers and cousins. Because they’re twice his age he invariably gets hurt (though they make an effort to be gentle with him). I think the combination of rough play and the danger inherent in it pushes our brains and helps development. Which is why, despite my misgivings, I don’t halt their play unless there’s blood.
        Interestingly, especially for an autistic child, my son has a pretty good grasp of gender norms. It’s not something we’ve ever enforced, and he happily plays with a dollhouse and other ‘girl toys’. But he calls them ‘girl toys’ even so, that awareness doesn’t keep him from playing with them. He will say that Frozen is a ‘girl movie,’ but watches it repeatedly just like any other Disney film. I don’t see him questioning his own sex or gender, he seems to understand both fairly well.
        Though I can imagine that if a teacher taught that playing with dollhouses means you’re a girl he might accept it. He’s quite stubborn though and unpredictable. In many ways he’s classically autistic, while in others he’s not. Either way I will be watching this shit like a hawk.

  3. Rainbow double helix? Does she identify as Rosalind Franklin now? This is such pretentious, pseudo-scientific claptrap, it almost makes me nostalgic for the good old days when Ehrensaft merely claimed a male baby might show he’s really a girl by unsnapping his onesie to make it into a dress.
    @GM–“bad acid” is a great tag! ROFL

    1. And anyone who’s ever had a baby knows that left to their own devices they’d all spend most of their time naked. This is even more so with neuro-atypical kids. Everyone knows this. Is there a parent alive who hasn’t had to chase a naked baby mid-diaper change? The solution? Minimal clothing. Babies in just a diaper as much as possible. Happy baby. Happy parents.
      How supposedly educated people could conclude that a baby unsnapping a onesie means anything other than that babies don’t like restrictive clothing I don’t know. If that’s the case every baby on the planet is fucking trans.

  4. Sure, let’s fuck with the heads of an easily manipulated community. What could go wrong?

  5. WTF?????????Is this person high or just a special kind of stupid?????
    How in the hell is this passing as science???? There is no…..repeat….NO evidence in nature whatsoever to back up what this ‘doctor’ has come up with. Why this person has not been sued for any level of malpractice is beyond me.
    What a piece of shit….she and the jackasses who fund her and the fucking horses they rode in on.

  6. I nominate “Double Helix Rainbow” as the name of the psychiatric disorder of professionals (psychologists, teachers, journalists, etc) who join and promote this cult, exploiting the concern of anxious parents. There are some children who know the difference between boys and girls, men and women, and THEY’RE not touted as young prophets who “know more than we do” by the Double Helix Rainbow people.

    1. I second that nomination. I wondered where the proponents of that ‘indigo kids’ fuckery went now I know. They added a few more colors and a twist. Surprised they didn’t throw in glitter and unicorns just for funsies. This will not end well. I can’t believe autism awareness organizations haven’t come out against this lunacy. Of course many people with autism are at odds with these organizations so maybe that’s why they’re silent. Don’t know but it’s not good.

      1. @carterabbie–So glad to know I’m not the only who was reminded of indigo children! Every few years there seems to be some new way for parents to assert that their own children are special and therefore entitled to a disproportionate share of resources.

  7. Okay so she believes that human personality is a spiritual/mystical experience and she’s named it “gender.” That would be harmless on its own, but unfortunately she’s also promoting the idea that indulging a child’s imagination is the way to treat an inborn developmental disorder. Quack professionals are just having a field day with this gender nonsense.

  8. She is batshit crazy. I guess that’s one way to grow the transgender population – push transition as a form of therapy for autistic kids. As an autistic adult, this woman really pisses me off.
    And that gender ghosts and angels BS sounds like scientology nonsense. That is some twisted, fanciful ridiculousness.

    1. Ew. I just thought of another possible angle of intent on this issue. Transing autistic kids could help boost their self-reported, “woe is me” mortality stats, since recent figures indicate the average life expectancy of autistic people is 36. Considering how obsessed with death transactivists are, this would play right into their hands.

      1. @TealDeer When I saw that as the life expectancy, I went and did a little further research and it is scary. Depending on the source [and sadly one has to avoid those which are supposed to be friendly towards those with autism], it is between 36 and 41. Which more than fits into that window, where there are those who do themselves in, because they cannot be ‘authentic’.
        So in effect….what these so-called professionals are setting up in advance, is another ‘Jim Jones’ type of cult, where if they cannot get the cocktail, find out the new parts will not work like the OEM ones and that their minds and organs have been ruined by the HRT, then suicide is an option. No need to call a bookie to lay down bets, let alone call Vegas on the odds. Everyone here knows that this is on the horizon. Not tin-foil bullshit….not a conspiracy theory….just we have seen it all before.

      2. Is that life expectancy statistic ALL people diagnosed as autistic? We have become so accustomed to high-functioning people on the autism spectrum that we forget many of those so diagnosed are extremely retarded. Often a host of physical maladies accompanies other forms of extreme retardation so is this what makes for a short life expectancy?

      3. @Susan Siens
        I believe those figures cover the full spectrum, so suicides would only make up a portion of it, along with other illnesses, accidents or exposure after wandering away from home, filicide, etc. It’s too easy to imagine the trans cult drooling over the prospect of adding to their fragility/vulnerability narrative.

      4. @Carterabbie IF you run into anyone, any professional who tries to use this BS on your child, run away from the person as fast as you can.They will perform a major disservice to your child and to you as a parent, if they are not kept in check OR parents do not, up and leave. [this dovetails on what follows…..and the brigade has done it’s worst to try to colonize same].
        @Susan Siens I was wondering the same thing so did a little research this morning, resulting looks as though that is the case across the spectrum, in that there was no breakdown, in re: the death stats ,depending on the subset.Nothing all that specific, yet…..but knowing someone with time on their hands, they may come up with it.
        Now with that said….if one were to check the two following links, there is litany of illnesses that are connected to autism….some of them have been listed by those in the brigade, to explain away why some act in…pardon this…..’antisocial’ ways:
        In looking at these, the light bulb went off. These, no different than the rights or issues facing other groups in this society, have been co-opted by the brigade. It is not uncommon, when one goes through their laundry list of what is ‘wrong’ with them…that they will claim these, although they may either not had been properly diagnosed/screened/tested for same or, they are going along with the crowd, just to feel ‘all that more special’.
        Also…when one looks at the high-functioning diagnosis/condition, these stood out:
        Yep….if one looks at the online blather in other corners, those are used to explain why there are so many who are in IT related fields. The fact that someone is good at coding or understands math, does not automatically make one subject to ‘high functioning autism’ . It does mean that the person is very bright, that all the nerve endings are firing on all cylinders. [Although, in it’s own way, this explains how this has been ‘sold’ by the brigade…..along with the connective tissue of, for lack of a much better term….the overwhelming majority in same who seem to be ‘melanin deprived’]
        Imagine what would have happened if Bell, Latimer, the Wright Brothers or even if Rachel Carson were a part of the current generation…..

    2. Ive seen people call this mystical gender bullshit “gender thetans”, which is so spot on I wish I had thought of it.

      1. @kesher Kate Bornstein’s memoir “A Queer and Pleasant Danger” covers the pre-transition period when he was confused about sex/sexuality/gender and converted to Scientology (! – he actually spent time on the boat with L. Ron). For him, a big part of the appeal was the idea of the Thetan, since it was sex-less and could incarnate as a man or a woman. Absolutely fascinating book, btw – well worth reading.

  9. This is the same woman who Jesse Singal quoted as offering some pushback to kids and teens who were in a hurry to transition. I hope the backlash comes down with unending force on her. She’s evil.

  10. Of course gender is ‘between the ears’! That’s where we store all our societal clues of how to, and how not to behave, which is how we construct ‘gender’ … duh!
    I’m sure this idiot could to convince herself that a teacup is indeed a garden gnome because the poor teacup was left outside and some enterprising spider used it to weave a web through the handle!

  11. I tried to read her book The Gender Creative Child. She lost me at “gender smoothie is a valid identity”. It’s boggles my mind that this is a leading expert in the field. This is the basis for transitioning children and young people. Truly frightening.

  12. Reminds me of an almost identical New Age scam that I learned about last year from two teenaged relatives who were convinced by an internet “shaman” (who they were paying for “guidance” using their mother’s “borrowed” credit card) that their genuine (non-transgender related) psychiatric problems were caused not by a long history of family mental illness, but because they were Rainbow Children trapped in a hostile home environment of non-believers and only $8,000 worth of “Holotropic Breathwork” with another local “shaman” could “free” them both from their family’s oppression.
    I am not making this up!
    I wish I were, since their delay in getting real treatment that was wasted on all this Rainbow Child bullshit ended with them both being hospitalized for serious psychotic breakdowns.

    Star Children: Are You an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Child?

    “Star Children: Are You an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Child?
    Star children are divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. If you are a star child, regardless of which category you fall into, star children are known to embody the energy of grace, purity, truth and wisdom. They know that all life on Earth is sacred and should be respected, and they seek to rebuild the Earth by spreading compassion.
    Indigo Children
    The Indigo are known as the creators of the path for the new world. They are often born with the spirit of a warrior and feel drawn to ending old systems that no longer serve people. They may be labeled as bratty or stuck up, but they are here to re-create the fundamental ideas of government, education and the legal system where integrity is lacking. A strong sense of determination and a bit of a temper are both qualities of an Indigo child. They refuse to be manipulated and they are able to see through lies and facades. Some Indigo children are diagnosed with ADHD due to their sensitive nature and ability to exist at a higher, more fast-paced level.
    Crystal Children
    Crystal children are seen as the contrast to Indigo children. After the Indigo’s have established new ways of life, the Crystal’s appear to bring harmony to the new world. They are more blissful and even-tempered than Indigo’s, and they set an example for others. Crystal children follow the cleared path into a safer, more secure world.
    Many of them hold innate spiritual gifts that are often misunderstood, causing some to be diagnosed with severe autism. Crystal children operate at a much higher frequency that doesn’t require verbal communication. Many of them have delayed speech patterns and don’t begin speaking until the age of three or four. The mind of a Crystal child is much deeper than others can see. They are incredibly intuitive, and we can only understand their level of communication when we are in complete alignment.
    Rainbow Children
    Rainbow children are the highest example of our true potential. They embody true divinity, and their goal is to serve others. Rainbow children are extremely giving, fearless, and they have no trouble expressing their emotions. They are able to recover quickly from negative energy. Rainbow children are the rarest type of star child, and their abilities are not well-known, but they will come to light when the world needs it most. The purpose of Rainbow children is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal children have made. They are the final piece of the puzzle.
    Indigo children are here to break down the ideas of traditional thinking. Crystal children then build their foundation in the new world, and Rainbow children will continue to build to eventually create an entirely new way of existing. Existing in alignment with the Earth is the number one characteristic of a star child.”

    1. OMG – David Wolfe aka “Avocado”(from his stint on some reality show) is this Raw Food Huckster aka NPD individual. An ex friend got sucked into his raw food quackery HARD, which seemed to involve spending a lot of money to go to raw foodist retreats and workshops with like minded others, but also to endlessly espouse his buzzwords and concepts, with a giant helping of woo. Not surprised his site would feature this baloney.

    2. Mao Maoing— I heard that star child b.s a few decades ago. An ex-het lesbian was telling how children born in 1976 were star children with special abilities, it was the usual b.s toxic age garbage, the lesbian community is loaded with this nonsense so the trans cult finds easy access in LGB-land that’s for sure. The genderists are the same as the right wing convert the gay kids to straight kids gang, same creepiness different road.

    3. I’m going to be blunt here: This actually sounds like someone had cooked off so many of their brain cells, that it’s at the point to where they don’t even know how reality works anymore.
      Seriously, are these scammers on drugs or something?

    4. Astrology goes quite nicely with trans-delusional thinking, yes? Since there’s nothing tethering either to biological reality, these beliefs could go absolutely anywhere. How unscientific.

      1. There’s definitely a huge overlap. Also a lot of obsessing over the fluffy aspects of “witchcraft” (which TIMs love to appropriate surprise surprise).

  13. I cannot figure out if this chick is evil, crazy, or some of both. I remember her “trans infants” lecture as well. She is terrifying and dangerous. This reads to me like deliberate targeting of a vulnerable disabled group who *by definition* struggles with detecting manipulation and deception, to be used as political pawns and sterilized. What is the end game? Who is funding her? Whether she’s in on it or just a useful idiot barely even matters. This is happening, here and now.

  14. it’s fitting she calls it a “web” herself. the Buddha called “all I-making & mine-making & obsessions with conceit” a “thicket of views, a wilderness of views, a contortion of views, a writhing of views, a fetter of views. It is accompanied by suffering, distress, despair, & fever, and it does not lead to disenchantment, dispassion, cessation; to calm, direct knowledge, self-awakening, unbinding.”
    These identity fabrications, gender foremost, have been fucking people up since forever, and now it’s coming back with a vengeance. these gender prophets are already dictating policies. all it takes is the time span of one generation who have been brought up with the new faith until they themselves teach it and pass it on, and the boulder is rolling.

  15. And transactivists have the gall to challenge Lisa Littman’s investigation of ROGD as unscientific!

    1. Yes and having over 200 people participate in a study about trans is epic !! Some much Kudos To Lisa Littman. The trans activists who starting screaming, about her paper and study are the Vile autogynephiles such as Thomas AKA Julie Serano , published a rebuttal in Medium on Littman’s paper and was quickly countered by Australian Psychiatrist Robert D’Angelo who is part of a gender Dysphoria working group:
      And another

    1. This seems to be a very common tactic. Default position is trans women are women, but if it becomes somewhat inconvenient to be actually perceived as a bona fide woman, the trans card is played to opt out of being treated like a “mere woman”.

      1. That’s what I’ve noticed, too–they claim to be women to get access to our spaces and resources, then insist that being trans entitles them to special treatment on top of that. They don’t want to be ordinary women (you know, like the mothers who took care of them, the wives they abandoned, or the women who clean their offices), they want to be rainbow double helix women.
        I can’t say I blame them, given that I’ve found our society’s woman box to be cramped and stultifying, but it’s as if they insist on getting the woman’s portion without finding out what it is, discover it’s smaller than they expected, then blame us and demand we hand over part of our own scant rations to make it up to them.

        1. This expectation of being special or superior – heroic even- seems to be a competent of people who want to opt into the oppressed and/or disadvantaged classes. Transgender, transabled, transracial- when transing into a class they have privilege over the narrative involves them being extraordinary specimens of said class. They don’t want to be regular female or black or disabled people. They want to lead the feminist movement (all transwomen), run the NAACP and (allegedly) fake hate crimes against themselves (Dolezal), dazzle pitying onlookers with their amazing wheelchair skills (Chloe jennings White loved to dash ahead of ambulatory people and spin around to open doors for them, he would deliberately tip his wheelchair over at lesbian pride marches and then display his triumphant ability to reseat himself before concerned onlookers could react.

      2. @GM–You’ve nailed it once again! Your principle also seems to apply to many of these gayer-than-thou straight people who call their relationships “queer” because the woman says she’s non-binary and the man sometimes wears makeup. Some of them even have the gall to claim they’re “queering queerness”–looked at logically, that’s just a pretentious way of saying they’re straight (like being the opposite of opposite means the same?).

  16. Has anybody ever seen such utter nonsense? The very first paper she cites (Diamond 2002) amounts to one professor’s unproven assertions (which themselves seem based on very outdated, stereotypical ideas of gender), and from this—what we’ve supposedly “learned” about gender—the unscientific, New-Age-y absurdities flow. It would be harmless except that it is coming from a gender “expert” whose views may influence your child’s mental and physical health care.
    One would hope society and medical science would sensibly reject this sort of irrational blather, but unfortunately, what she is saying is highly influential within the orthodox position of the “gender transition” treatment community. If you happen to have a double helix rainbow child, your best bet is to make sure they never end up in these manipulative, irresponsible people’s clutches in the first place.

  17. “We have also learned that gender does not lie between our legs, but rather between our ears—in the messages of our brain as to who we are.”
    Funny, when a family member grabbed my crotch when I was a teenager, I told him my gender did not lie between my legs, and neither did his. It was between our ears!! Somehow that did not stop him from assaulting me..
    When I was discriminated against in my workplace and had to “prove” it was related to “gender,” I said, well, actually, my gender does not lie between my legs, so why don’t you just give me the unwarranted privileges you give my male coworkers?
    When I had breast cancer, I told my doctor, my gender did not lie between my—wait, legs? Or shoulders? Is it only the area between the legs that it matters in saying it doesn’t matter? Or does that matter?

    1. Oh my god, this is disgusting and horrid. There aren’t enough diagnoses in the DSM-5 or the ICD-10 for this individual…

  18. Oh My God , She will insert any trans propaganda to explain away the reasoning for a child’s behaviour, this woman i’m sure has been on too many mushroom trips and has thought she had stopped tripping What a bunch of idiotic people gullible and far to lazy to do their own research to find that she is talking shit ! she has no evidence to back anything of what she is saying just anecdotal BS, Urrgghh she is cringingly preposterous She has invoked shivers down my neck and shoulders , so much so I had to recoil and grimace as i was watching that video i feel nauseous .

  19. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. These self-appointed gender experts smack of the late 20th century satanic child abuse hysterias. Except they are succeeding in positioning themselves as child-saviours while laying the groundwork for child mutilation and gay erasure.
    God help us now that feelings-based pseudo-psycho-babble prevails over science. (Yes, I recognize the irony of that statement. But it seems we are at a point where neither science nor religion holds sway as the beast slouches toward Bethlehem.)

    1. Slightly off-topic but I keep seeing references to “child abuse hysteria” and “sex panics” and “witchhunts” in critiques of trans activism suggesting the parallelism “child sex abuse was mostly fake, gender transition is mostly fake”. It’s really misguided.
      First, if this is a topic that truly interests you, I *urge* you to read _The Witch-hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children_ by Ross Cheit (Oxford, 2016). He shows that the construction of that narrative in fact obscured the very real sexual abuse of children — many of the supposedly canonical cases of fake abuse involved very real abuse. There was a media blitz (a really morally inexcusable one — Debbie Nathan has a LOT to answer for) to spin clear cases of abuse as dubious.
      Second, the entire “witch-hunt narrative” has been an incredible gift to trans activism because it has taught the public to distrust their own spidey sense of narratives involving children being “off”. No one wants to be a “hysteric”, after all! If drag queens at the children’s library feels wrong or all gender bathrooms in schools feel wrong, well, that’s just your inner “hysteric” (note the misogyny, btw) talking. Squash it down.
      Third, it has made us misunderstand the lessons about collective expertise we ought to have learned. A media campaign to say “children who talk about sexual abuse ought to be disbelieved” had a really powerful influence on academic psychology. Shameful, but true. Academics backed away from their own evidence based on what they heard on TV (nowadays, the internet). That’s happening again — so it is like the “witch-hunt” but in exactly the opposite way that the usual framing suggests.

      1. Catherine McKinnon’s review (on Amazon):
        “The most important book on its subject in the last thirty years. Most legal efforts to address multiple sexual abuse of children have been strangled at birth since the collapse of the McMartin daycare trial and the assaults on child credibility that followed. Ross Cheit’s exacting, calm, close inquiry into the early trials and the media firestorm around them uncovers both grounds for believing the children and the often despicable tactics of the deniers… Cheit shows that the real hysteria lies in the denial of the abuse. If evidence and logic matter, this book will change how allegations of sexual violation of children by adults — ground zero of sexual abuse and arguably of gender inequality — are socially understood and legally addressed.” –Catharine A. MacKinnon, University of Michigan Law School and Harvard Law School

        1. I haven’t read this particular book but I’ve read quite a number of accounts of the McMartin case and others over the years, and the entire “False Memory Syndrome” movement, and there is little doubt that after widespread child sex abuse was named, exposed, and drawn into the light by the feminist movement, a misguided response to the crisis of exposure by the therapeutic and social work industries (and by extension law enforcement) led to the false prosecution of innocent people due to “recovered memories” and false testimony obtained under “hypnosis”.
          Much like the current transgenderist movement, which encourages general malaise to be reexamined according to the framework of “transgender”, as a response to the cultural instability and crisis of female liberation (the current generation being the first one in history where the female sex can potentially live without male ownership), the reaction to the exposure of child sex abuse in the 1980’s caused a large pocket of psychologic and social work practitioners to propose that general malaise with sex-based trauma should be reexamined according to the framework of “hidden memories”, whereby malaise must be driven by child sex abuse yet to be exposed.
          The women’s movement’s exposure and correction of widespread multigenerational child sex abuse was met by an iatrogenic false memory movement created by patriarchal authorities (psychiatric,medical, law), much as the feminist and gay right’s movement’s exposure and correction of hierarchical sex roles are met with a reactionary trans/genderist movement by the same patriarchal authorities.
          There were real victims here, both the falsely accused and those who were encouraged to falsely accuse, respectively, in the false memory movement, and today, with those who are falsely accused of bigotry against “transgender” persons because they acknowledge binary sexual reproduction in mammals (including humans) and those who are harmed by identification with the medical, psychiatric, and patriarchal paradigm of “transgender”.
          Did False Memory Syndrome delay social reckoning of widespread child sex abuse by men? Arguably,Yes.
          Did Transgenderism delay social reckoning of ubiquitous male supremacist and female subordinate social roles? Arguably, Yes.
          People were (are) truly damaged by patriarchal psychiatric, medical, legal, failures to respond to the cultural fissures caused by women rising.

      2. Gallus I hate disagreeing with you but the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a nightmare, it had child molester Ralph Underwager on its board and was founded by a very credibly accused parent, Elizabeth Loftus (an academic psychologist promoting the idea that false memory is common in cases of incest accusations) is a really, really unethical researcher — the CW on this stuff is almost completely wrong.

        1. No problem disagreeing. I’m certain that horrendous false accusations were made and prosecuted on the basis of false memories produced under hypnosis. I personally know people who made and then retracted such accusations as part of that movement. The evidence is undeniable.
          I find it very disturbing that you do not acknowledge the facts in the McMartin case, etc.

      3. When I was a 13-year-old girl, another girl about my age in an area close to where I grew up was kidnapped from her bedroom. My step-mother, who was a Christian fundamentalist, insisted that the girl was the victim of Satanists and that Satanists were widespread in the county where the girl disappeared. Even just being a kid, I knew she was full of shit, that her Satanist paranoia was due to her hatred of liberals and atheists and that the girl was almost definitely kidnapped by a run-of-the-mill male predator. A little more than two months later, I was proved right.
        Satanic cults that commit ritualistic rape and murder of children don’t exist.

      4. @GM–I’m old enough to remember contemporary reports about the day care cases, and I heard repeated variations on “This is what happens when women put their careers ahead of their families!” from both commentators and people I knew, so the child abuse panic may have been at least as mucn of a reaction to women’s potential liberation as to feminism’s revelations of the extent of sexual abuse (although the latter were useful as cover for those who just wanted women to return to the home).
        It’s no coincidence the panic centered on day care centers, an institution that had the potential to free women to work, rather than the patriarchal institutions of family, church, and school, where the majority of abuse was actually taking place, just as it isn’t a coincidence people are supporting transgender rights now that women have more access to activities that don’t involve them taking care of men and children. Allowing TIMs to threaten women’s ability to feel safe in restrooms, changing rooms, dorm rooms, etc., may also be part of a covert attempt to drive women back to the home and caretaking.
        Ironically, a sense that society is trying to stuff women into the cage of femininity when we’ve barely begun to escape it may underlie the wish of some teenaged girls to become boys, so perhaps it’s not surprising that a large initial wave of TIMs is now being followed by a wave of TIFs, especially among the young.

        1. “…It’s no coincidence the panic centered on day care centers, an institution that had the potential to free women to work, rather than the patriarchal institutions of family, church, and school, where the majority of abuse was actually taking place…”
          VERY good point. Also the adult population targeted by the psychiatric industry which was pushing the fake memory craze was almost entirely female. Very few adult male patients were encouraged to undergo hypnosis to “recover” (create) false memories.

      5. Perhaps you will find time to read Cheit’s book; the McMartin case is the first one covered. It may change your mind, it did mine.

        1. Change my mind about what? My observation that a massive wave of false “recovered memories” elicited under hypnosis by psychological practitioners was a driving force behind the well-documented “Satanic panic” child abuse cases of the 1990’s? My belief that actor Chuck Norris did not actually visit the McMartin preschool to sexually assault the children there? My observation that psychiatric hospitals created entire wings to house adult females who were being “treated” for an iatrogenic and very profitable syndrome that no longer is recognized by the profession?
          Good luck.
          I don’t need to read a book by a conspiracy theorist to AGREE that there were almost certainly real cases of actual abuse that were never prosecuted as a result of the tsunami of false reports being obtained under conditions that were themselves abusive. That is terrible. It is even more reason to acknowledge the psychiatric abuses that occurred against largely women and children via the “recovered memory” movement.
          Ross Chelt is an apologist, a conspiracy theorist, an unintelligent individual (being polite) who is helping no one, except himself. You can keep him all to yourself, thanks.

      6. Also notable is the fact that the demise of the “recovered memory” craze was not due to a change in public opinion, it was caused by the enormous number of massive multi-million dollar lawsuits against practitioners and the hospitals that sponsored them:

      7. This the best documentary I’ve seen about bad therapists and satanic ritual abuse. A diagnosis like this was EXTREMELY profitable for the clinics that “treated” it. These clinics were staffed by board certified psychiatrists, not New Age or Christian quacks. There are many unsettling parallels with the current climate of gender hypochondria:

    2. Gallus, I have tremendous respect and appreciation for you and your work, but I’d like to ask you, on behalf of abuse survivors, to do more research on this topic.
      In the early ‘90’s there was a grassroots movement of incest and abuse survivors that was gaining momentum and had lots of support of the general public. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was led by a group of perpetrators and pedophiles with clout who organized to squelch the movement. (Board member Ralph Underwager was one of the publishers of Padaieka, Dutch magazine pushing for paedophile rights). Since they had great reach into mainstream media they were largely successful but have now been discredited.
      That memories are often dissociated and suppressed is seen as a coping mechanism to preserve the life and the everyday functioning of the survivor. All the leaders in the field accept this as fact. Please check out ‘Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel Van der Kolk or ‘Healing the Fragmented Self’ by Janina Fisher
      This is a video of the late former FBI head Ted Gunderson, in which he talks about the dig he led on the grounds of the McMartin Preschool where they found evidence of the tunnels and Satanic Artifacts

      1. I’d like to add that the ‘Satanic rituals’ are generally staged by perpetrators before other abuse to create screen memories to damage the credibility of the victim.
        Most perpetrators don’t actually worship Satan, but they know that when the victim remembers and tells, and mentions black robes, chanting, etc, that most will be repulsed and horrified and not want to believe them.

      2. I’d like to ask you, on behalf of abuse survivors, to stop promoting loony tunes false memory syndrome bullshit. That would be great.
        Ted Gunderson was an insane conspiracy theorist that made Alex Jones look like a rational human being. Like Ted, you’re just making things up. Maybe because you can’t handle the truth. Pedophiles -including organized networks- operate practically in plain site and have for thousands of years until the Women’s Liberation Movement rose up to challenge the practice. Example: Catholic church.
        Is it more comforting to imagine that such abuse is hidden and mysterious instead of commonplace and occurring nearly in plain site? Perhaps.
        I won’t be posting any more of your false data here. Readers can google “false memory syndrome” or “satanic panic” and do their own research. On behalf of survivors, I’d like to ask you to do the same. You DO care about survivors, right??? /s

      3. GM said, “Is it more comforting to imagine that such abuse is hidden and mysterious instead of commonplace and occurring nearly in plain site? Perhaps.”
        I think this nails it. You are exactly right. CSA is commonplace and the likelihood of being caught and/or punished is minimal. And that’s so terrifying to many. They don’t want to look at loved ones as potential perpetrators so they literally created a bogeyman. Pedophiles don’t need a Satanic cult. They have ready access to victims in their own families and associates! And people will deny it because they don’t want to believe that this can happen. That they were complicit. We say ‘stranger danger.’ Stay away from ‘them’ and it’ll be okay. What do you do when the monster is in your house?

    This article talks about teachers in Australia being trained by “gender identity experts” to spot transgender children in their classrooms. It’s quite reasonable reporting, since the piece quotes several people who are critical of the whole business, including the prime minister.
    The training seems to have led to a more than 200% increase in children wanting to change gender over the past three years. No surprise that if you tell children, “Here’s a way to be considered special and get more attention” some of them will choose it, especially those who don’t quite fit in.

  21. At the end of her letter to the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Ehrensaft shamelessly states, “No conflict of interest” which is clearly not true. She was on the board of AbbVie which markets off label use of GnRH analogues and hormones for the medical transitioning of children.
    Compliance with Ethical Standards:
    Conflict of interest: I have no conflict of interest.
    Compliance with ethical standards and Diane Ehrensaft is an oxymoron. She is cashing in on the transgender trend (sitting on boards of pharmaceutical companies that promote puberty blockers, selling trans books, speeches, etc.). Now, it looks as if she is looking for another population to swindle, namely disabled people.
    Not content with just sterilizing children with GnRH analogues and hormones, altering their normal human development, and even creating humans with no sexual functioning, it looks as if Ehrensaft has her eye on another group of people to “transition”. Ehrensaft is a psychologist. There is a reason why psychology and psychiatry have a rather sordid history of inhumane, ghastly human experimentation. From lobotomies to shock treatments, it’s horrid. By its very nature, psychology is subjective, and psychology and psychiatry have more than their fair share of loons and charlatans.
    Medical experiments on disabled people has such an ugly, hideous history. Throughout history, disabled people have been subjects in all sorts of ghastly human experiments. We know that disabled people with autism, developmental disorders, and bipolar depression have been “medically transitioned”, (GnRH analogues, hormones, mastectomies, etc.), and we do know that psychologist Ehrensaft has sat on the board of pharmaceutical companies that push off label use of GnRH analogues and hormones for “gender dysphoric” children.
    I don’t know if her “gender clinic” transitions disabled people, but we know disabled people have been “medically transitioned”. So, it’s logical to assume that Ehrensaft sees no problem at all transitioning disabled people. Indeed, she encourages transing the disabled. After all, she wrote this letter to Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. We know damn well that gender clinics including the clinic Ehrensaft works at is chemically sterilizing kids with GnRH analogues and hormones.
    This social work professor who is also on the autism spectrum was not pleased that her autistic daughter was given the go ahead for a mastectomy after only two visits to the gender therapist. We are talking about surgically removing healthy breasts on a disabled woman.
    “Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter”
    In this article, the mother states her daughter has a representative payee for her SSD because it’s believed she can’t handle her own finances. The mother says the gender therapist never looked at her special education records, or contacted her old therapist.

    Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter

    A disabled woman with Down Syndrome was given testosterone, and while she was in the ICU with a life threatening pulmonary embolism, an FTM social worker was trying to raise money for “top surgery” (elective mastectomy with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples). In addition to having a disability that limits their ability to make rational decisions, there are medical issues that can arise with Down Syndrome.
    How can a disabled person with Down Syndrome understand everything on an “Informed Consent Form”? This is how it works. Trans people used to have to get a letter from a psychologists or therapist for hormones. Now, this is rarely, if ever, done. They just go to the doctor and sign an “Informed Consent”. Why do they sign these “Informed Consent” forms? See, it goes like this. The doctor is basically covering his or her ass in case something happens, or there are regrets years down the road. These are off label uses of these drugs. And, what happens if people live to regret it? It has happened. For all practical purposes, drugs are prescribed for what essentially is a psychological and cultural issue. Healthy people are taking drugs to alter their healthy bodies. Even if a disabled woman with limited cognitive ability goes the old route and gets a letter from a therapist, how can she understand all the possible side effects of taking testosterone for years?
    Most adults (18 years old) still need a letter from a psychologists or therapist for surgery. However, some surgeons will lop the healthy breasts off women on an “informed consent” model. That is, without a letter from a therapist. Just google it. Some states like Oregon are different, and the age of consent for surgery is lower than 18.. We do know that 15, 16, and 17 year old teenagers have had “top surgery” (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples). For teenagers, this requires parental approval. This assumes that parents told the child all the risks involved.
    How can disabled people with limited cognitive ability make rational decisions and give informed consent?
    There is a lof about the “transitioning” of children that we are just starting to understand. We do know that children are being sterilized. There is no doubt about that. If kids are pumped full of GnRH analogues followed by cross gender hormones, infertility is a given. Virtually all kids on the puberty blockers end up on cross gender hormones. We do know that their bodies can be physically stunted. There could be issues with bone and brain development. It’s basically an experiment on children. Males who are pumped full of puberty blockers and estrogen, never allowed to go through normal puberty are smaller in stature, and they have small shrunken genitals. Because they are physically stunted, there isn’t enough tissue for the most common type of SRS. Skin from the scrotum and penis are used to line the neovagina. Well, these boys who never went through puberty don’t have that much tissue, so surgeons have to be creative and do some other procedure. It’s bad enough that these boys are infertile and physically stunted. We are just learning that some males who medically transitioned at a young age, never allowed to go normal puberty, have no sexual functioning. We are talking about infertile 17 year olds who have never had an orgasm. In several youtube videos, trans teenage star Jazz Jennings says he has no idea what an orgasm is. In February 2018, 17 year old Jazz tells his grandmother, “Marci Bowers told me that I need to figure things out in terms of trying to have an orgasm.” This was February 2018, and at the end of June 2018, Jazz had his small shrunken male genitals surgically removed using some kind of experimental surgery. I guess his parents thought that since he has no sexually functioning anyway, why not make him a “vagina”. If he didn’t have any sexual functioning five months before the surgery, he sure as heck isn’t going to have any sexual functioning now that everything is
    Scroll down to read more about Ehrensaft

    Too much trust

    Gender-affirmative therapist: Baby who hates barrettes = trans boy; questioning sterilization of 11-year olds same as denying cancer treatment

    There are lots of articles on puberty blockers. (*there are no FDA approved drugs specifically for medically transitioning children – these drugs are prescribed off label)
    This article reveals who funds transgender organizations and gender clinics that sterilize children with GnRH analogues and hormones.
    Let’s look at three doctors in particular. Their names are Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, Stephen Rosenthal, and Johanna Olson. Why?
    “All three of those names have had a financial relationship with AbbVie, maker of Androgel and Lupron, amongst other hormone replacement therapies and GnRH agonists. All three have gone on to promote the off-label use of AbbVie products to treat transgenderism. Both Joanna Olson and Diane Ehrensaft attended an AbbVie advisory board on gender care, Olson in 2015 and Ehrensaft in 2014. Olson discloses this as a conflict of interest in the paper Care of a Transgender Adolescent Commentary, which was published July 2015 — she attended this advisory board after submission and was compensated for attending. Olson then continued promoting off-label use of AbbVie drugs. Diane Ehrensaft does not declare this as a conflict of interest on any research papers, but it appears in her Curriculum Vitae (scroll to page 16), which she submitted to court while an expert witness, and is hosted on her website. Her CV reports, that in 2014, she was a board member of the ‘AbbVie Trans Advisory Board’, while promoting their drugs for off-label use in transgenderism, both in academia and through popular science books she wrote, such as The Gender Creative Child. Was she compensated for being on this advisory board, like Olson? Stephen Rosenthal frequently discloses that he is a consultant for AbbVie as a conflict of interest in both interviews and research, and then continues to promote the dangerous off-label use of their medication in adolescents.”
    (*Stephen Rosenthal is also part of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center (CAGC), the same gender clinic where Ehrensaft works)
    Not only has Ehrensaft sat on the board of pharmaceutical companies that market off label use of GnRH analogues and hormones that we know are sterilizing children, sometimes resulting in an inability to orgasm, for at least a decade she has cashed in on the transgender trend with books, speeches, etc.
    This is from her own CV at her website.
    2014 AbbVie Trans Advisory Board (pharmaceutical company that markets puberty blockers for children to medically “transition” them)
    (*note: the use of GnRH analogues and hormones for medical transitioning are off label uses of these drugs)
    2018 Board Member Gender Spectrum (go to their website- there is a section on medical transition)
    Numerous speeches from 2010 – 2015 promoting transgender politics
    Ehrensaft constantly promotes her books including, “The Gender Creative Child” with forward by Dr. Norman Spack. Who is Dr. Spack? She is so enthralled with medically transitioning children that the forward in her book is by a doctor who is part of another gender clinic on the east coast that medically transitions children.


  22. The loon psychologist who invented special cutesy words such as, “Gender Smoothies”, “Gender Ghosts”, “Gender Tootsie Roll Pops”, and “Double Helix Rainbow Kids” thinks Dr. Littman, 4thWaveNow, Transgender Trend, and Youth Trans Critical Professionals are like the KKK. Mothers who know that sterilizing children and lopping the breasts off of 15 year old girls poses serious ethical issues are like the Ku Klux Klan. Mothers who raised daughters that expressed no “gender dysphoria” as children suddenly became transgender teenagers after hours and hours on twitter, and reading a zillion and one trans websites. Hell, yes, it’s a social contagion. These mothers see it with their own eyes. No, they are all like the KKK so says the loon who invented “Gender Tootsie Roll Pops”, and “Double Helix Rainbow Kids”.
    “Dr Littman posted links to her survey on three websites where parents and clinicians had described the abrupt appearance of adolescent gender dysphoria: 4thWaveNow, Transgender Trend and Youth Trans Critical Professionals. Referring to these sites as “anti-trans”, Diane Ehrensaft, the director of mental health at a gender clinic in San Francisco, has written that “this would be like recruiting from Klan or alt-right sites to demonstrate that blacks really are an inferior race”.
    As of September 5, 2018, over 4,000 people beg to differ.
    Sign the petition
    “Littman’s study also found that 119 youth requested medical interventions at the same time they announced their new gender identity or within the first month of their announcement. Remember, 100% of the youth discussed in her survey did not qualify for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria at any point in their childhood or prior to coming out. Yet, 17 youth were offered an Rx on their first visit with a clinician. Perhaps even more concerning, “For parents who knew the content of their child’s evaluation, 71.6% reported that the clinician did not explore issues of mental health, previous trauma, or any alternative causes of gender dysphoria before proceeding and 70.0% report that the clinician did not request any medical records before proceeding.” This is in a cohort of young people of whom 62.5% had been diagnosed with at least one mental health or neurodevelopmental disability prior to the onset of gender dysphoria, which mirrors data from other affirmation-focused clinics.[2]
    The moms at 4th Wave Now are the KKK, but hysterectomies for 16 year old girls is totally cool at Ehrensaft’s gender clinic.
    “I came across this article on the University of California San Francisco website. It covers the transition of three children—two who have puberty blocker implants and one, a natal female named Oliver, whose treatment has included puberty blockers, testosterone, a double mastectomy with chest contouring, a hysterectomy (at 16 years old!) and plans in the near future for the first in a series of phalloplasty surgeries. The article also highlights the involvement of three gender-affirming pioneers—Dr. Ehrensaft, Dr. Rosenthal and Joel Baum—whom I will discuss a little later in this post. But first I will focus on Oliver.”
    By age 15, Oliver… was on a dual regimen of testosterone, plus puberty blockers to keep his endogenous estrogen from competing with the male hormones.
    While he had to endure a second puberty, and he’ll need to take testosterone for the rest of his life, he’s had no second thoughts about transitioning.
    The summer after his sophomore year, he had “top” surgery – a double mastectomy and male chest contouring – in San Francisco. To pay for the procedure, which was not covered by insurance, he used earnings from years of showing and selling pigs at the Tuolumne County fair.
    His family’s insurance also wouldn’t cover a puberty blocker implant, so… at first chose cheaper but “gnarly” monthly shots. Later, concerned about unknown long-term effects of the blockers, and hating the painful shots, he opted for a hysterectomy at age 16 – performed by the same family doctor who had delivered him.

    Too much trust

    This is some information on the UCSF’s, Child and Adolescent Gender Center (CAGC), which states it’s a “collaboration between UCSF and community organizations.” The community organizations that the gender clinic “collaborates” with are clearly biased transgender sources. There are two medical doctors and one nurse practitioner out of a “team” of ten people. Six of the “team” are LCSW or psychologists who make it clear that they believe in “gender affirmative care”. One person on the team is an attorney. Why do they need an attorney on their “gender team”? At any rate, the attorney, Asaf Orr, Esq. is an attorney that “fights for his heroes – transgender youth”.

    This lawyer fights for his ‘heroes’ — transgender youth

    If the Advocate thinks he is awesome, then he is totally on the trans bandwagon, and into transing kids.
    So, 70% of the “collaboration” is from coming for biased transgender sources. Some say they are “gender therapist”, or some other gender label. One member of the “team” is a “nonbinary-identified social worker”. Mere Abrams MSM is described as,
    “Abrams, who uses the pronouns they, them and their, is the liaison between the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender Center and community organizations at the state, city and local levels. They also help educate patients about opportunities to participate in research at the clinic, as well as administering the mental health surveys and interviews associated with the research.”
    Hell, yes, this gender clinic little house of horrors (promoting mastectomies on teenage girls, hysterectomies on 16 year old females, GnRH analogues and hormones that they know sterilize kids, etc.) is all politics and “gender identity” ideology.
    Why didn’t UCSF collaborate with mothers on 4th Wave Now? This is some information on the gender clinic.
    Someone needs to tell the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender Center that sterilizing children is a human rights abuse. Children lack the ability to give informed consent. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain isn’t fully developed until the early twenties. There is a scientific reason we don’t let teenagers take out bank loans of buy alcohol. The lack judgment and maturity.
    Now, these ghouls are going after disabled people. I urge the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders to never forget history. Disabled people have always been subject to every medical experiment that comes down the pike.

  23. Hi Gallus, this is off topic but it’s very important for those of us in Australia. I received an email from Gender Identity Watch telling me about law reform commission of Western Australia Project 108 which is seeking to allow trans to identify how they want without any need for ops or hormones just their feels. The document itself suggests that the same thing is being done in other states. I would like to connect with some women’s groups in Australia who think as I do but I don’t know anyone as we don’t have a scene anymore.

    1. Hello Margaret. Already happening in the UK. We’ve had a man in the women’s toilets in a suit, no wig, nothing. When challenged, he said he was a butch lesbian FFS.

    1. Good grief. It’s happening in the UK too – the pro-transing – but they are trying to do it by stealth and so far it’s not working. Some headmaster has introduced mixed gender toilets and the parents are keeping their children off school until he changes them.

      1. I’m kind of glad that I graduated from high school a few years ago. I’m not sure if I would last long if openly criticising and being “transphobic” the trans movement was against the rules.
        Maybe I’m the last of the lucky or sane ones?

    2. This brings up the rather scary thought that, instead of teaching children how to do well on ACTUAL science projects, there is this steady creep in the US school systems to bend to the will of FAKE SCIENCE PROJECTS.
      Before anyone says that is ‘phobic’…keep in mind this: there is no verifiable, certifiable science that can back what the brigade is doing. The pablum that is being passed off as educational in that regard, is no different than the propaganda that German children were taught, in the run up and during WWII. But saying that, even in public will cause those unstable elements of the brigade to go out and protest, threaten people.
      By the way, in it’s own way, this makes the case for folks to either home school or… to send their children to private schools. At least in the case of the latter, if they do not get public funding [as in property tax or levy funding], then this crap can be kept out.

      1. Well, I think the reason why people are bending over for the trans ideology is that the wrong people are misinterpreting what “equal rights” are.
        As in, someone whines over something stupid or fictional (in this case, people not going along with their delusions), some people point out that it’s currently impossible to completely change one’s gender while others give in to it for varying reasons. The pro-trans come up with an variety of bullshit reasons that is largely immune to criticism because it’s “transphobic.” People are then encouraged to just go along with it or believe out of politeness. Then it gets to the ears of the lawmakers or anyone else in an position of authority. Cue the “Be nice and acknowledge these opinions and beliefs or you’re an asshole” mentality instead of, you know, actually teaching these people how to accept criticism and to face reality.
        I’m hoping that this will be an fad that’ll die out soon once the long-term side effects starts kicking in or that enough people start calling the process an unnecessary placebo, but I think it’s kind of obvious that day won’t be coming anytime soon.

  24. As with the lawsuits against false memory therapy cited upthread, probably the only way the tide will turn against the trans push is when lawsuits by damaged “transed” people start. A main force behind the trans push is all the money being made by the medical (pharma/surgery/psych) industry.
    Whatever happened to “First, do no harm”? My understanding is that physicians no longer take the Hippocratic oath and haven’t for decades now. They are in a difficult situation though. With pro-trans legislation taking effect in many places, if someone goes to a doctor wanting to trans or even just asking about it, unless the MD toes the trans line, there could be legal ramifications.

    1. @carterabbie–I’ve just read a recent comment of yours about your sons upthread.
      Something glitchy occasionally happens with WordPress losing comments if the blog owner happens to be updating the site at the moment you post.

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