The Power of Panties

Reiyn Keohane. He likes killing women and wearing “panties”. Has billionaire backing.

He Stabbed A Woman More Than Thirty Times, Wins Billionaire Funded Legal Battle To Wear “Panties” In Prison
On Sunday, September 22, 2013, Reiyn (pronounced “reign”) Keohane, 19, stabbed a woman in the throat. Then he stabbed her again. And again, and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. In her chest he stabbed: again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, and more: over and over and over and over.
“More than thirty times” he stabbed her.
His victim was Caley Patrick, she was 23 years old, and was his roommate.
From ABC7:

“She ran from her apartment to her friends over there,” says neighbor Tayaba Barclay. “There was a trail of blood.”

Police say Patrick had been stabbed in the neck and chest.

According to neighbors, she was screaming, knocking on doors and begging for help.

“She said, ‘help me, help me; I’m dying,'” said neighbor John Boatright, “[She said] I’m going to die; please, don’t let me die.”

Boatright opened the door to Patrick’s desperate knock. He said Patrick was hunched over and covered in blood when he pulled her into his apartment.

“She lost a lot of blood and I was spazing,” recalled Boatright, “I said call 911, call 911.”

That is when his roommate, John Strickland, picked up his phone and dialed.

“When she collapsed right here she said ‘get me help, don’t let me die. I don’t want to die. He stabbed me’,” said John Strickland.

According to reports, Patrick said it was her roommate, Reiyn Keohane, that stabbed her.

“My lungs are feeling up; I can feel them filling up with blood,” Strickland said.

“They say if we hadn’t of found her she probably would have died,” said Boatright.

Patrick was rushed into surgery and is in critical condition.

Police arrested Keohane seven minutes away at his parent’s home.

Reports show Keohane had two knives and a loaded AR-15 magazine.”

Miraculously, Caley survived after emergency surgery, intensive care, and rehab. Her family and loved ones raised $1,200. at a benefit dinner. “Join us as we celebrate the survival and life of Caley!!”
Meanwhile, Reiyn Keohane was arrested at his parent’s house in possession of two knives and a loaded clip for an AR15. He pled No Contest to a second degree murder charge. There was no dinner for him. He didn’t need one, because he was a male who “identified as transgender”, and as such received representation and support from international multi-billionaire legal firm DLA Piper, as well as the ACLU.
Unlike the victim of the attack, who received nothing from nobody, the perpetrator has been gifted with countless thousands of dollars in billable hours in support of his affinity as a male for stereotypically sexy female undergarments.

According to trial documents Reiyn Keohane was placed on the off-label, FDA unapproved, high dose estrogen regime typically prescribed for transgender identifying males, by his “pediatric endocrinologist”, only six weeks before he stabbed roommate Caley again and again and again and again and again and again and etc.
This is the same transgender drug regime that ax attacker Evie Amanti tried to claim as a defense in his trial last month.
Reiyn Keohane had been strongly supported in his “transgender identity” by his family. His mother started her own organization in support of transgender youth, and personally helped her son shop for “lingerie”.
From the Bonita Springs Florida Weekly:

“That isolation is something that’s definitely been noticed by Carrie Keohane, co-founder of the Visuality support center for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth in Lee County.

“A lot of gays and lesbians don’t understand the transgender thing,” she says.

Ms. Keohane’s child was born a male, and at 16, legally changed his name to the androgynous Reiyn (sounds like rain). At first, he said he was gay, “and we said, ‘That’s OK. That’s no big deal.’”

When Ms. Keohane and her husband, James, found out that Reiyn actually felt like a girl inside, “We didn’t know what it meant, to be honest,” she says. “We were astonished. We knew Reiyn was very tormented. At that age, kids don’t talk to their parents about a lot of that … and sometimes, they’re not even sure.”

Now 19, Reiyn recently began taking hormones and transitioning into a female. It’s been a long journey to reach this fork in the road with their only child. The sad truth is that Reiyn has only one friend, Ms. Keohane says.

But Reiyn’s family is supportive. “My family and my husband’s family have been great. They accept Reiyn no matter how she shows up,” she says. They put her on their health insurance policy, and Ms. Keohane takes Reiyn shopping to offer guidance on makeup and clothing styles.

“It’s tricky taking Reiyn shopping. You get looks when you’re shopping in the lingerie department with your son,” says Ms. Keohane, and jokes that the easiest place to blend in is Walmart. “It’s been a wild ride.”

One might think the “wild ride” in the lingerie department had ended with the driver stabbing an innocent female victim over thirty times, but no, this would underestimate the global reach of the power of “panties” among men.
The international multi-billionaire law firm DLA Piper and the ACLU announced “Victory!” today: that Reiyn Keohane will be permitted to wear “panties” during his twelve year incarceration in a men’s prison. Because transgender.
U.S. District Judge Mark Walker cited the power of “panties” at least eight times in his decision [PDF] that men who stab women over thirty times must have the right to wear sexy lady clothes and force correctional officials to play along with their autogynephilic fantasies.
Gay website The Advocate celebrates his “victory”, never mentioning his victim or his crime.

70 thoughts on “The Power of Panties

  1. I hope someone strangles him with them. No one who commits that level of violence should ever be allowed in the general public again, let alone after that piddly sentence. That wasn’t a bar fight gone wrong; he knew what he was doing and who he was doing it to.

    1. I was going to say the same thing.
      This was a creep who knew EXACTLY what it was doing [I will not dignify with any other pronoun] ….and shame on those who defended it. Shame especially on the ACLU, or as it has become, the American Criminal Liberties Union….now a division of ‘Science Projects, Unlimited’.

  2. I think the real question is to find the cause of that rage-fueled attack?
    I’m well aware that the victory itself is pretty stupid, but I have an feeling that this will happen again.

  3. “He didn’t need one, because he was a male who “identified as transgender”, and as such received representation and support from international multi-billionaire legal firm DLA Piper, as well as the ACLU.”
    Jesus Freaking Christ….
    The bastard that stabbed a woman 30 times gets help from multi-billionaire legal firm DLA Piper, as well as the ACLU. The poor woman who barely survived the brutal attack has to go online to ask for donations. What the fuc* is wrong with this picture.
    Years ago, I supported the ACLU, but there is no way I would give them a penny now. As for the Advocate, it can kiss my ass. The Advocate is all trans and queer now. It doesn’t give a rat’s ass about lesbians, and no doubt tolerates gay men as long as they STFU and never question the trans agenda. The Advocate will always put trans above the interests of women, and I’m talking about all women not just lesbians and bisexual women. If the bastard stabbed the woman a 100 times, the Advocate would whine about “transphobia”, and say he is the victim. But, but, he wants to wear his panties, bigots!
    I’m not a Constitutional lawyer, but doesn’t the Constitution say no cruel or unusual punishment. Not letting a male who stabbed a women 30 times, nearly killing her, wear pretty pink panties in a men’s prison constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment”. The bastard should be grateful that he gets three meals a day, free room and board courtesy of taxpayers, and free government funded health care.
    “A lot of gays and lesbians don’t understand the transgender thing,” she says. We sure as hell do understand it.

  4. Can I dare say that he has more privilege than manly men? Anyone else, literally, anyone else would have been tossed in the dungeon.

    1. I suspect that regardless of what kind of male it is, any male would still get less than 20 years for stabbing the fuck out of a woman. You can barely get men incarcerated for KILLING women. Unless the woman was carrying a fetus, that is.

  5. This is one of the worst ‘transvesties’ I’ve seen yet. What in the hell was the judge thinking?
    Why are the fetishistic urges of violent men prioritized over the victimization of innocent women?
    Why the outpouring of support for this vicious man in pink panties?
    A few short years ago, he would have been in isolation.

  6. Why do almost all of these trans-identified AGP males, even the ones who’re still teens(!) look so goddamn old?? This kid is 19 and already he has a marked receding hairline. Ryan Terry, the 18-year-old high school kid who posted about his murder fantasies and skinning actress Anna Kendrick was the same.
    Is there something about their sick, perverted minds that age them prematurely? Hmmm.

    1. A lot of MTTs are obsessed with retaining their youth, and there might be a correlation with men who are losing their youth prematurely.
      Although, if they’re counting on estrogen keeping them young, they have another thing coming. MTTs look older than they did pretransition after they’ve been on HRT for a while. Danica Roem looks at least a decade older than he is. That Katie Charm dude looked like an attractive (albeit douchey) 30-something man pre-transition and now looks like an unattractive 40-something “woman”.

      1. Funny how that works. For some of them estrogen does seem to help with aging. Given that white men tend to age like bananas that’s probably a positive. And we have to keep in mind that some of them aren’t taking any hormones at all so that might be a factor. And because they lie so damned much it’s almost impossible to suss out the truth. And if they’re not taking any testosterone blockers which they might not because of sexual side effects that could explain the aging as well. Testosterone is hell on the body and tends to age men too.
        I also suspect that some if not most are using illegal drugs. This is based almost totally on reading their sometimes incoherent and other times patently delusion writings. Obviously some of this might be poor mental health, but if they are using that might explain why some of them look so bad.

      2. carterabbie pretty much covered it (and you can never tell what exactly is going on because questions of any type hurt their delicate ladyfeels).
        TIMs also tend to have a thready sense of fashion that brings out their most masculine/aged traits. Dark eyeshadow just highlights their caveman brows, belly shirts and tight clothing just accentuate their dad bellies, long straight hair makes their big faces and receding hairlines that more obvious, etc. They have no clue what actually works; they just go OH THIS IS FEMININE and plop right into it.

      3. You’re right, they do look old. The 19 year old above looks like my grandfather, and I’m 65.

  7. I tried googling this man to try and find more information about the attack, but I had to scroll way down to find anything about his crime- all the top results were celebrating his “victory”.
    Also, he was referenced in an article about *another* transgender inmate who also stabbed his roommate – who got a name change before killing himself:
    “Being called my female name is like magic — it’s beautiful,” Naber told the Miami Herald in July through Tilley. “It’s something I can’t even describe. I feel truly at peace with myself. It’s who I was meant to be.
    “It pains me to know that I’ve asked politely and through the proper channels to be called
    Stacy. By repeatedly denying me, it’s like they don’t care if I get treatment.”
    Of course this is prison, where everyone goes by last names for those living in reality.

    1. He is “pained?” That man killed two men in two states and threatened his ex to help cover up his second murder. Plus he has other crimes under his garter belt.
      Who CARES if he is pained?
      Sociopathy on parade.

  8. Illustrates pretty clearly the level of privilege trans women enjoy over real women. No matter how many times they scream about being “most oppressedest ever” to take advantage of other people, the evidence is all on the other side. That no billionaire philanthropist or human rights organization took an interest in this victim speaks volumes, as does the disinterest (in her) of the gay media. And a 12 year sentence for such a vicious crime? White male sentencing, I guess.

  9. Don’t misgender women’s underwear. Panties. Panty Panty Panty you privileged cisgendered women!
    People make fun of Mormon spiritual garments as “Magic Underwear”, but how are those different than the “magic” underwear (Panties, Panties!) that can feminize dicks into girly submission to the inner sexy lady?
    You are right, the victim is invisible. She is after all privileged.

  10. So our words are violence, but their violence is just a cry for help.
    In her book on misogyny, Kate Manne describes “himpathy”–the tendency of people to be more concerned with the feelings and future of male perpetrators than their female victims. I think that’s what we’re seeing here.

  11. The depth and flagrancy of their woman hatred is astonishing. Comments are on at the Advocate if anyone here thinks it’s worth it.

    and I will add:

  13. Disgusting. I don’t know if anyone else on this board has ever seen Fifty Shades of Grey. Christian says he is is fifty shades of f-d up. Iove that phrase. Perfect way to describe this pyschopath. Oftentimes, real life is even more weird and depraved than what is seen in movies or TV.

  14. I don’t wear boxers or briefs because they don’t fit under my clothes very well, not because they don’t affirm my womanhood. Meanwhile, women’s underwear is designed for female anatomy (note the lack of a dick pocket), and therefore a dickhaver is not going to wear them for comfort or functionality.

    1. True that. My AGP STBX wore women’s underwear and his balls were always hanging out. He wore them because he was titillated by them. Creepy fetishist freak.

  15. Have you read about the “nasa intern fired” for vulgar tweets?
    If not, please search those terms.
    The fired intern is listed as a woman. Upon further research, the fired intern is actually bio male who identifies as a woman.
    Imagine if the white, male intern identified as black rather than female. People would be *outraged* at the appropriation & misrepresentation, rather than patting themselves on the back for being so “progressive” & “virtuous.”

    1. Didn’t he LITERALLY tell another NASA employee to suck his dick on Twitter? Yeah, like that’s totally something a “woman” would say to shut down an argument.

      1. Let’s call this what it is: the privilege exhibited by another Dumb Ass White Guy or ‘DAWG’ . This is sickening…..
        And @spacepnearth1 you are right: If this creep has identified as ‘black’ then the person would have gotten shit on from now til doomsday, for pulling a Rachel Dolezal. But no….this shit and it’s 4chan minions and other persons of questionable mental repute can get away with it, when it comes to basically molding the planet, to their warped designs. Enabled by brain-dead handmaidens and the media. Damn….

      2. @rheapdx1 – I have noticed that when these trans-identified males become the slightest bit frustrated, their unsavory male behavior kicks in immediately. They can’t – or won’t – even try keep up the “feminine” pearl-clutching response they’ve been practicing, it’s instant dick-waving EVERY SINGLE TIME.
        Most normal men, when they mature and become more cognitively aware, at least try to temper this simian scare tactic to make themselves less conspicuous. If they don’t they’ll be labeled anti-social.

      3. Exactly. They destroy the stupid TW DON’T HAVE MALE SOCIALIZATION claim whenever they’re under the least bit of duress/”disrespect.”
        I also think it’s hilarious that this genius who finally got his dream job at NASA didn’t know who Homer Hickam is. If he were an actual female, he’d be mocked and likely driven off social media while the usual suspects crow about how our lady brains aren’t suitable for STEM.

      4. @Riffraff–I had the same reaction to his having no clue who Homer Hickam was. How is it so many young people literally have a world of knowledge at their fingertips, yet seem to be aware of almost nothing outside their social media feeds? All this guy had to do was take a moment to Google before he tweeted something more like, “Sorry, Mr. Hickam–I was just so excited to be working at NASA.”
        Also, Hickam gave him a gentle rebuke but didn’t turn him in. The TIM and his furry friends tagged #nasa in their outraged tweetstorm, and that’s how NASA found out and withdraw the internship offer. So not only do they not know anything outside their little bubbles, they think what they do on line is invisible to everybody else–even those they’ve tagged! It wasn’t his language but his sheer stupidity and lack of impulse control that cost him the opportunity.
        Moreover, Homer Hickam offered to help find the guy another position in the aerospace industry–would that ever happen for a woman who behaved badly?–but was still attacked by the trans crowd.

  16. With that much blood loss and that much trauma his victim is lucky to be alive. I wonder how long she was in the hospital. His victim will live with the physical and psychological scars her entire life. People never get over these types of vicious attacks.
    “ROCKFORD (WIFR) — She was stabbed more than thirty times but miraculously survived and now her family says they’re happy she back at home.
    24 year old Caley Patrick’s roommate tried killing her according to Fort
    Myers Florida police last month. Doctors told her father, who left from Rockford the moment he heard she was fighting for her life, that Caley was two minutes away from losing her life, but they were just able to save her.

    “I’m glad to be here,” said Patrick. “When you come close to losing your life something as little as sight, like what you can see around you becomes very precious and very valuable. It’s really opened my eyes. I’m just grateful to be alive.”–229517461.html
    I read the horrid, illogical, clearly biased order from the judge that is posted on the ACLU’s website. The judge says,
    “Out of respect for Ms. Keohane, this Court uses female pronouns when referring to her—a courtesy not all of Defendant’s agents have extended, though Defendant is endeavoring to remedy this slight (among others). “
    Out of respect for whom? Not out of respect for common sense, and not out of respect for the victim. As she was fighting for her life, being repeatedly stabbed by a violent deranged man, I’m sure the last thing that the victim thought was, “Gee, what pronoun should I use in this situation”. And, “I don’t want to hurt his precious feelings by using the wrong pronoun”. Look at his photo after he was arrested. By looking at his photo after he was arrested, any rational person could easily tell that the attacker was a man. This is a man, and the victim surely knows that it was a man who almost took her life.
    Any man who is convicted of inflicting serious bodily injury on a female does not deserve the honor of being called women or “she”. He is in a men’s prison for nearly taking a woman’s life. No one believes that this man is “she”, and it’s insulting and offensive to the victim who came close to death.
    Why not ask the victim if a man or woman attacked her. Why not ask the victim if the person repeatedly stabbing her was “she”. Please stop insulting our intelligence, making a mockery out of plain common sense, and disrespecting the victim.

  17. The judge describes a vicious attack in which a woman was stabbed 30 times, almost taking her life as,
    “This case involves an individual immersed in the process of transitioning gender roles when she found herself in jail after a violent argument with her roommate. “
    How can any rational judge describe a vicious attack that nearly cost a woman her life the result of a “violent argument with her roommate”. How many times was Caley Patrick stabbed? She was stabbed 30 times. Who ended up in the hospital with life threatening injuries? It was not Keohane. Was there even a scratch on Keohane? It wasn’t a violent argument. It was a vicious knife attack. I don’t know if it was premeditated, but we know who used the knife, and we know who was stabbed 30 times. When he was arrested, he had 2 knives on him and an AR15 clip.
    Everything about this order screams bias, and it’s coming from a judge who seems obsessed with pursuing a particular political agenda at the cost of common sense and the human dignity of the real victim.
    The same biased judge who describes a violent knife attack that almost cost a woman her life just a “violent argument with a roommate” makes statements that cannot be proven, either scientifically, or by using logic and reason. A judge who is supposed to respect clarity, reason, and facts states,
    “Reiyn Keohane was born anatomically male, but she began identifying as female around age eight. She says she’s always had an “internal sense” of being female. Since age fourteen, Ms. Keohane has worn women’s clothing, makeup, and hair styles, adopted a feminine name, and used female pronouns at school and with family and friends. In short, she’s lived as a woman in all aspects of her life since her early teens. “
    First of all, we know he was born anatomically male because he is male. That can be proven scientifically whereas “gender identity” is, for all practical purposes, subjective, and cannot be proven one way or another.
    Second, the judge sounds sexist, and obviously believes that sexist stereotypes are based on objective reason and logic. What exactly does “identifying as a female” mean, and how did an 8 year old male know that he was a girl at age eight?
    No one knows what an “internal sense” of being female means. This is an entirely subjective experience that is largely culturally driven. Do female truck drivers have an “internal sense of being female”?
    Not only is this statement purely subjective, it’s sexist on its face.
    “Since age fourteen, Ms. Keohane has worn women’s clothing, makeup, and hair styles, adopted a feminine name, and used female pronouns at school and with family and friends. In short, she’s lived as a woman in all aspects of her life since her early teens. “
    What exactly is “women’s clothing”? Is the judge saying that females who don’t dress in stereotypical feminine attire aren’t women? Females who wear pants aren’t women. How exactly does this work? The last sentence in this paragraph is so subjective that it’s laughable and terrifying at the same time.
    The judge says,
    “In short, she’s lived as a woman in all aspects of her life since her early teens.”
    Rational people are supposed to believe that a human male who is serving time for nearly stabbing a woman to death, “lived as a woman in all aspects of her life since her early teens.”
    So, at no time since his early teens did he engage in behavior that is stereotypically associated with men? How is this possible? At no time since his early teens did he engage in behavior that is usually associated with men. What about time before his early teens? Why doesn’t this time count? I didn’t know that a fascination with knives and guns was considered a feminine trait. When he was arrested, he had 2 knives on him and a AR15 clip. Do girls and women normally carry around multiple knives and AR15 clips?
    If a judge is going to say “In short, she’s lived as a woman in all aspects of her life since her early teens.”, then he or she is going to have to define what this means. There is simply no way of making this statement without sounding like a blatant sexist. And, if we are going by what society says is “feminine”, then it’s impossible for any human to be 100% “feminine” all the time. Even the most “feminine” women engage in some behavior that is considered non-traditional. Moreover, different cultures have different criteria as to masculinity and femininity.

    1. All of this, plus…”found herself” in jail? It’s not a mystery. This man was in jail because he tried to murder his roommate. The judge is talking like he’s Dorothy waking up in oz.

  18. On page 10 the judge finally admits what really happened. On the first few pages, the attack was described as a scuffle between Keohane and his roommate. Keohane was on hormones for only six weeks before he was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder.
    “Around September 22, 2013, Ms. Keohane was charged with attempted second-degree murder and was taken into custody at the Lee County Jail. Only about six weeks earlier, she had started hormone therapy under the care of her pediatric endocrinologist to treat her gender dysphoria. But when she was taken into custody in September, the jail refused her request to continue treatment. Ultimately, in July 2014, she pled no contest to the charge and was sentenced to fifteen years in Defendant’s custody. “
    “This denial of care—premised on the notion that Ms. Keohane would not receive hormone therapy because she wasn’t already receiving hormone therapy when she arrived in Defendant’s custody—flows from the legally untenable “freezeframe policy” in place at the time. See ECF No. 3-15 at 6. The policy provided in part that “[i]nmates who have undergone treatment for [gender dysphoria] will be maintained only at the level of change that existed at the time they were received by the Department.” Id. Ultimately, Defendant did not permit Ms. Keohane to resume hormone therapy until September 2016, more than two years after she was committed to Defendant’s custody and, notably, shortly after she filed her complaint and preliminary-injunction motion in this case.
    A psychiatrist on contract with the prison had an entirely different opinion.
    “For purposes of this litigation, Defendant’s medical vendor, Wexford, arranged for an evaluation of Ms. Keohane’s need for access to female clothing and grooming standards after she filed her complaint. Wexford’s regional psychiatrist, Dr. Jose Santeiro, evaluated Ms. Keohane on September 27, 2016, specifically to determine whether she had a medical need to socially transition in prison. He concluded that Ms. Keohane had no medical need for access to female clothing and grooming standards. But this Court finds Dr. Santeiro’s conclusions suspect for several reasons, including his admitted lack of experience treating gender dysphoria in prison, his lack of knowledge about the standards of care, and the limited information upon which he based his conclusion.
    Dr. Santeiro’s opinion helps Defendant not one bit, for his testimony is offered neither as an expert nor as a treating physician. Moreover, like all of Defendant’s witnesses, Dr. Santeiro’s testimony focuses on the infeasibility of transitioning in prison based on security concerns instead of articulating any medical opinion as to whether social transitioning should be part of Ms. Keohane’s treatment plan in addition to hormone therapy and counseling. “
    They didn’t like Dr. Jose Santerio, the prison psychiatrist, so who is their “authority”? It’s a biased transgender source WPATH. The judge has the audacity to refer to WPATH as an “authority”, and acts as if WPATH has the full support of the AMA. It does not. WPATH stands for “World Professional Association of Transgender Health”. There is no actual medical specialty called “transgender health”. WPATH is not an actual medical society. It’s main purpose is political activism, and they make it clear on their web page, and by their actions, that it’s primarily a political organization.
    “Goals and Tasks
    As an international interdisciplinary, professional organization, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) will work to further the understanding and treatment of gender dysphoria by professionals in medicine, psychology, law, social work, counseling, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, and other related fields.”
    Read again the part about law, social work, sociology, etc. Does this sound like a strictly medical society? No, it’s mainly politics. This is the judge’s authoritative source.
    “Accordingly, this Court finds the WPATH Standards authoritative in the treatment of gender dysphoria.”
    Yes, the judge called a biased transgender source, “authoritative”.
    Question: Why is Keohane in prison in the first place? It’s his violent behavior, and the fact that he almost killed a woman by repeatedly stabbing her.
    Instead of indulging his fantasies, letting him wear pink panties, grow his hair, and whatever else he wants, why not focus on what put him in prison in the first place. Work on the anger and other mental health issues.
    Reality Check:
    (1.) All drugs for medical “transitioning” are off label uses not approved by the FDA for something called specifically called “gender dysphoria”. This includes the GnRH analogues for “gender dysphoric “ kids and estrogen for males who think they are “women”, and testosterone for females who think they are “men”. Yes, doctors can legally write prescriptions for off label use, but “Off-label” means the medication is being used in a manner not specified in the FDA’s approved packaging label, or insert. Every prescription drug marketed in the U.S. carries an individual, FDA-approved label.
    Think about it. There have been no long term studies, and what happens if a person detransitions. It happens. Detransition means they revert to identifying with the sex they were born into. Some changes from hormone can be permanent.
    Drugs for actual medical conditions treat the human disease. It’s based on science not politics or culture. Psychiatric drugs are also based on science to a certain extent. We know that these drugs can change the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. What is “gender dysphoria”? No one really knows for sure. How do we explain detransitioners? If “gender dysphoria” were an actual medical condition, how can it undo itself?
    There are no FDA approved drugs for “gender dysphoria”. There are only off label drugs that are used. Why should states be forced to pay for off label drugs for what essentially amounts to a questionable psychological diagnosis, especially for a male convicted of a violent crime?
    (2.) There is research that shows MTFs still retain a male pattern of criminality even after they “transition”. If, for whatever reason, a male has a history of violence, “transitioning” won’t automatically change his behavior and give him a special “lady brain”. We see this in long term studies, and we know this from actual, real life, events.
    Moreover, people who “transition” often have other mental health disorders. Even after medically transitioning, they had higher levels of morbidity and mortality.
    This was a 30 year study that compared transgender individuals who transitioned to controls in the general population.
    Notice how this 30 year study says that even after SRS, they still had higher rates of morbidity and mortality. I’m assuming that people who had sex reassignment surgery also got hormones. Why would they do SRS without hormones. And, notice that there wasn’t a decrease in criminal behavior.
    This is another study.
    In 38% of the individuals with gender identity disorder a current DSM-IV-TR Axis I diagnosis was found, mainly affective disorders and anxiety disorders. Furthermore, almost 70% had a current and lifetime diagnosis. All four countries showed a similar prevalence, except for affective and anxiety disorders, and no difference was found between individuals with early-onset and late-onset disorder. An Axis II diagnosis was found in 15% of all individuals with gender identity disorder, which is comparable to the general population.
    People with gender identity disorder show more psychiatric problems than the general population; mostly affective and anxiety problems are found.
    Do people really believe that males socialized as males for twenty or thirty years, with histories of mental health issues and violence magically get special “lady brains” by taking estrogen? It doesn’t work this way.
    We know that hormones, and even SRS, doesn’t always mellow them out, making them “lady like”. If they are violent to begin with, or have some other mental disorder, the hormones won’t magically change them.
    *If people can stomach it, watch the video of the axe carrying transwoman who walked into a convenience store and started swinging an axe to the head of two people. The video is online, and it’s brutal as heck. Before this axe attack, he had sex reassignment surgery and was on hormones.
    Hormones didn’t work for this transwoman. Unless people think swinging an axe to the heads of people means the hormones are working to cure the “gender dysphoria”. This was in 2018.

    *Hormones didn’t work for convicted transwoman serial killer Douglas, “Donna”, Perry. It’s true that the murders of three women happened before he underwent SRS in Thailand. After the SRS in Thailand, he was arrested once again on weapons charges. Dainty Donna loves weapons, lots of them. So, his criminal activity still continued after the “transitioning”. Gendertrender covered this case. Google it. The conviction was in 2016.
    *If convicted of slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house in 2016, transwoman Dana Rivers is further proof that hormones don’t always work to reduce violent behavior. Rivers had sex reassignment surgery years before he was arrested for the bloody triple homicide. I’m assuming he was on hormones, at least for some time after the surgery. It’s unlikely that he got SRS and not hormones.
    1. This Court declares that Defendant’s “freeze-frame” policy, Former Procedure 602.053, ECF No. 3-15, is unconstitutional. Defendant is permanently enjoined from reenacting and enforcing this policy.
    (*This biased judge says it’s “unconstitutional”, but this doesn’t mean it really is unconstitutional. It’s his interpretation of the law.)
    2. Defendant must provide Ms. Keohane with hormone therapy so long as it is not medically contraindicated while she remains in Defendant’s custody.
    (*All drugs for medical “transition” are off label use drugs. There are no FDA approved drugs specifically for “gender dysphoria”. The state (taxpayers) must pay for female hormones for violent males, even though there is no way of knowing that these drugs will reduce violent behavior for this particular male inmate.)
    3. To treat Ms. Keohane’s gender dysphoria, Defendant must permit Ms. Keohane to socially transition by allowing her access to female clothing and grooming standards consistent with Defendant’s security policies governing female inmates’ hair length, possession and purchase of makeup, and possession of female undergarments including bras, sports bras, and panties.
    (*It’s a scientific fact that Keohane is a human male. Humans can’t really change their sex. Referring to him as “she” or “female” won’t change this fact. In this case, one male inmate convicted of nearly killing a woman has special privileges not granted to other males.)
    I hope the state appeals before this violent man starts demanding facial feminization, trach shave, laser hair removal, etc. Eventually, their goal probably is to send him to a women’s prison. I imagine a feminized male would cause a disturbance in a men’s prison. That is, if they keep him in the general population. What are they going to do with him? Sending a violent male who almost stabbed a woman to death to a women’s prison is not acceptable. And, since he still has his male genitalia, how could they send him to a women’s prison. If he still has his penis, he doesn’t belong in a women’s prison. What is the state going to do? Is the state going to have to pay for the SRS too? What about the “dilation”? After SRS, they have to be dilated basically for life. He has to have a special place and privacy to “dilate”. There is so much about “transitioning” that the politically correct morons don’t know. It’s one expense after another, and more special treatment. It never ends.
    It’s just more and more expense and trouble for the state (taxpayers), and trans activists never stop demanding more. Sometimes people have to nip things in the bud before it gets out of hand. Just say no to the nonsense.
    The judge is wrong, and people with common sense can see the insanity.

    1. That Evie Amati CCTV video is horrifying. Even though the video is blurry – thank God for small favors – it’s obvious from his posture and walking pattern that “Evie” is a dude. No amount of hormones or surgery would ever make him passable, and deep down inside, he probably knows this. Wasn’t he rejected by a lesbian tinder date shortly after his violent rampage with the axe?

    2. I have an few ideas on how the American penal system can deal with their transgender inmates.
      The most reasonable thing to do is to give them their own wing of an building, since hardly anyone but the politicians likes them in there. But since some prisons and jails are already doing this, the point is kind of moot. They should stop their hormone therapy since prison is supposed to be an punishment, not an paradise. They should also stop giving them what they want, since hardly any of the that stuff is necessary to live. It might make them angry, but I’m pretty sure that you can live without makeup and perfume if you’re going to spend most of the day in an cell to yourself. And the staff should be focused on rehabilitating them, not giving into their vanity.
      But too bad this will all fall on deaf ears, since society cares more about giving these people what they ask for instead of trying to negotiate or criticise them.

    1. Apparently the dude involved is a carnie who travels all over Texas and the south east, so who knows how many victims he’s had. His faceb00k is public, and a bunch of mtfs have left him nasty messages about him making trans people look bad, which is truly the real crime here.

      1. Carny, eh? Makes me again ponder the link between meth and deviant sexual behaviours. I’ve never seen a study on it but after exposure to the subculture on multiple occasions I can say that alcohol may soften inhibition but meth blasts it wide open with dynamite.

      2. It’s ridiculous that at a time when these type crimes are escalating due to our pornsick culture we have people agitating to remove the few barriers we have available to protect us from the fuckery.

      1. looks sort of exactly like Miss Anne Elk propounding her theory of brontosauruses (from Monty Python in the 70s)

      2. No academic woman who dressed that way would be taken seriously–more proof his colleagues see him as male–but maybe he thinks wearing smart girl glasses makes him look professional.
        One comment on the article reads: ‘Trans women aren’t silencing you. They’re asking you to look beyond the very minuscule scope of how you define “womanhood”.’
        So a definition that is biologically accurate for half the people on the planet is of “miniscule scope” because it excludes men. They really do tend to see anything that isn’t all about them as either trivial or unfair.

  19. Ever seen the underwear issued to women prisoners? I doubt very much this porn sick sociopathic narcissist wants or will receive THOSE. Big old full coverage plain cotton undies. Don’t even get colours. No autogynephile is getting “affirmed” by those. Guess it’ll be special “medically neccesary” regular deliveries from Agent Provocateur.

  20. You know that photo you’re using to show Reiyn as a man is a result of her not receiving treatment she was promised right?
    Also what’s your point? That a convicted person continues to get free legal representation while the victim who doesn’t need any doesn’t get any? There was no trial because Reiyn plead guilty so I’m confused where your outrage is based?

    1. HE committed a heinous attack upon a female who had trusted him enough to permit him to live in her residence. He forfeited the right to special treatment.
      Public defender services do not extend to civil litigation. Free legal counsel in this case exists because certain males want to cater to other males. Rare is the instance that you see actual females getting high-profile representation on the very legitimate issues that some have related to the terms of their incarceration.
      This dude wants special treatment. The court is bending over backwards. If he wanted ‘female’ attire, then he SHOULD be content to receive the same boxers given to female offenders (along with the sports bra that most agencies provide to the same female offender). And guess what, most States don’t provide access to a lot of make-up in prison. But this guy wants special treatment.
      The sad thing is that he will get out and commit more acts of violence. And we may reasonably presume that the targets of his violent actions will again be actual females.
      I can only hope he enjoys the solitary housing that will come through the balance of his incarceration since, if permitted to remain in the general population, he will be the victim of sexual assault and beatdowns since a majority of the prison population does not take kindly to violent males who abuse actual females.

    2. Any and all photos of Reiyn are photos showing him as a man. “Treatment” can’t make a person change sex. Why are you defending a homicidal maniac?

  21. Hey, if the lowlife wants to wear panties, then let him wear panties! As long as be somewhere where he can’t hurt or maim anybody, I’m cool with it. He did the crime, and now he’ll do the time!
    I honestly don’t know why you women’s-equality types are so shocked by this. What did you THINK would eventually happen when 5,000-year old gender roles got eliminated?
    Live by the sword…

    1. It’s not because a gender role got eliminated. It’s because he’s a man with a sexual fetish. Nice try though.

    2. When did gender roles get eliminated…?
      In truth, “gender” has eliminated “bio sex”.
      T ideology only serves to *strengthen* very rigid gender roles. It does not “expand” them, but enforces them.
      Feminism is about valuing women, not erasing us. That’s why I don’t consider “lib fems” feminist. They can identify as feminist all they want, just like a man can identify as a woman all he wants. But anyone who supports T ideology is not feminist, & a man in womanface is still a man.

    3. I have no problem.with a male prisoner wearing panties. The problem comes about when he eventually demands to be housed with female prisoners, because he “is a woman”. Also, I don’t want to see the prisons spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for medically unnecessary surgeries. But, sure, dude: grow.your hair out and wear panties instead of boxers. Just don’t pretend it makes you a woman.

  22. It’s obvious why transactivists would focus on children to make transgenderism more palatable, but I’ve sometimes wondered why they also put so much money and effort into supporting egregious offenders like this one, Kosilek, etc., since you’d think that would hurt their cause. This case has made me see what’s actually going on. If no matter what horrific crimes a man has committed, he’s entitled to call himself a woman, have his transition paid for, and be moved to a women’s prison, it sets a precedent that no man can be refused whatever he wants in the way of transition help or access to women’s spaces.
    In other words, if gender identity is established as such a fundamental right that it can’t even be denied to murderers and attempted murderers, we’ll have no legal basis for keeping men out of anything designated for women. That’s their endgame.

    1. Oak and Ash, bingo, you hit on the strategy. Brilliant, I couldn’t figure the whole focus on the creeps strategy. Even a big shot TIM who supported a man called China Blast—TIM in prison for killing a black girl, the TIM “actress” was supporting China in the media, and then when it all came out, he backed off. But it seems that in England there is much more push to allow the most horrifying male criminals special treatment….

    1. He’s a man, so his unstable lady feelings are valid ! His second sex change will surely help him reconnect with his estranged now adult children. He is surely being some sort of “authentic” self. Yay for full time cosplay, sigh.
      His poor ex-wife, for having ever met this turdly kook.

    2. And there goes my dinner, as well as my spore theory. Damn….and these folks are enabled by a society that, quite frankly is learning less and less about science and more about ‘what feels right is science and needs to be corrected.
      Also….something says that in the brigade version of the tabloid bullshit press, that this one will be lionized. Even though the remade body parts STILL WILL NOT WORK.

  23. Madness. I despair.
    The ACLU is dead to me. It has been for a while actually, along with virtually every other (formerly) gay (now lgbt….) organization.
    The takeover is complete. I’ve stopped contributing to my workplace charitable campaign (United Way) for the same reason – they support the local lgbt org which has been trans-usurped. Even my union is now heavily promoting the trans Kool-Aid.

  24. Read about a trans UK serial predator being removed from the women’s prison.
    Stephen Wood aka “Karen White” or David Thompson,

  25. I’ve been to other websites where I feel verbally abused by the pro-trans crowd in the comments section. I get the standard line about how transgenders are the most oppressed people ever. I tell them stories about the trans criminals I learn about here, and still get abuse. Are people out there ever going to realize that transpeople are not as innocent as the translobby wants us to believe? And what is it with the translobby which will automatically label me as a bigot, transphobe… pick the term, just because I don’t agree with them?

    1. @MayLoo You are encountering bullies. Jerks, morons…..the brigade is laced with them.
      As for ‘the most oppressed people ever’ bullshit…it is that …..BULLSHIT. If the brigade were as oppressed as they say, then
      – they would not have the media eating out of their hands and enabling the delusions
      – many in the medical community, as well as mental health specialists would not be supporting the false science that is being served up by the ‘cerebral deprived’ [or ‘depraved’].
      – they would not be as racist or sexist as they are in their own literature or media
      – these folks would understand it is never EVER correct to emulate the work of Mengele, as far as children are concerned, especially those who are disabled otherwise.
      – they would be fighting to reign in the rather large criminal element that does exist within their ranks. GenderTrender has mentioned all of this in rather graphic detail. So much so, if all of the police reports, court transcripts, etc were to be printed out, there would be enough of those to paper every seat in the lower bowl of Wembley Stadium [post last retrofit].
      The above and other items are what you and others are seeing and witnessing. Sadder still, the last time any group did this much damage to a society….the end result were people in camps and mass executions of those, who were not considered to be worthy of life. These punks are following in those footsteps, en masse.

  26. I’m not a lesbian, but I am a feminist. I have cancelled my membership to the ACLU. They should have stuck to free speech issues.

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