Merseyside Police launch investigation into #StickerWoman

#StickerWoman 2018. Original work.

UK- Merseyside Police launched an investigation into the activities of #StickerWoman after tip-offs* by women with penises.

#StickerWoman is an anonymous artist (like Banksy, without the establishment acclaim and institutional support) who travels throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the western and central United States (Chicago, Seattle, Portland) placing stickers in public spaces.

#StickerWoman is rumored to be an unsexy, misandrist hag, (possibly lesbian), and is either a washed-up old crone or a young woman who hasn’t yet learned the lessons of life, according to reports. She may have a visible wart or mole on her person.
#StickerWoman drew the ire of authorities after posting stickers stating “Women Don’t Have Penises”. This was deemed a hate crime against people with penises, who reserve the sole legal right to define what women are. Previous controversial campaigns by #StickerWoman insinuated that prostitution is not a rewarding career trajectory for people with vaginas**.
Smithfield Meat Market. London.

Baby changing station. Worcestershire.

British Transport. UK.

ATM. Scotland.

TopShop window. UK.

Stonewall UK Headquarters. London.

EnGender Headquarters. Edinburgh.

Weston beach, UK

International skies. Location unknown.

#StickerWoman or suspected copycat? London.

Will #StickerWoman evade the manhunt? GenderTrender will follow her story closely.
Template reportedly used by #stickerwoman to print stickers.

[*no pun intended]
[**formerly referred to as women and girls]

112 thoughts on “Merseyside Police launch investigation into #StickerWoman

  1. How in the hell is this a hate crime????Really…..HOW? It goes to show another example of a very very strong disconnect among the brigade.
    If this is a hate crime, then with that logic applied….most of those organizations that have been colonized by the creeps with no brains, who aspire to have non OEM body parts, should be, banned, arrested. Placed under the jail. Given a one-way trip to see the ocean floor [as to be among other bottom feeders]….one gets the idea.

    1. The UK has lost their cajones an while ago.
      But seriously, they have laws that protect the oppressed minorities from anything that might harm them. And that includes criticism and that Nazi Pug guy, unfortunately.

    2. Yes…how is THIS a hate crime, but the murder of two lesbians & their son by a straight man is not?
      Because the killer, Dana Rivers, is a special straight man: he identifies as a lesbian.
      So it was a lesbian-on-lesbian crime…a “domestic” situation. Not a hate crime.

      1. @spaceonearth1
        Dana Rivers (David Warfield) is not a lesbian. He is a straight man who has a history of protesting lesbian run events. He also writes creepy “age play” books. Politics is the only reason this wasn’t investigated as a hate crime.

      2. Well, the last that I’ve heard of David Warfield (or better known as Dana Rivers) is that he keeps pleading not guilty in court, but this was back in May, 2018.
        As for how pointing out the obvious about trannies constitutes as an hate crime; the law (and social media to varying degrees) takes their ideology at face value and aims to protect them. So, basically any form of criticism or hostility is akin to calling someone an whore and threatening to rape them…Or whatever insults you can think of.

    1. How typical that the trannys go after the wife rather than the social media using husband. They’d rather the school lose a hard to find specialist teacher, which would disadvantage the deaf students. It’s so obvious that their hate is reserved for woman and they think they can get away with anything.

      1. Disgusting. Threatening to kill deaf children. Just when I think they can’t sink any lower, they pull this shit. Most of us can’t keep up mentally because even in our worst moments something like this would never be in our mind.

  2. The sticker campaign is delightfully annoying as well as brilliant, because the average person probably considers the message plain common sense, so the stickers will help coalesce resistance to the GRA. Those people claiming it’s a hate crime have lost their minds along with their sense of humor.
    If I’m keeping up with current trans logic, stating biological reality is a hate crime, complaining about male fantasies of rape and violence is kinkshaming, but threatening to kill or rape women is just free speech? Interesting interpretation of the law.

    1. Your second paragraph sums it all up very neatly. Stating biological reality is a hate crime, but threatening to rape and kill women is free speech. I’d like that on a sticker!

      1. Unbelievable this brave new world isn’t it? Saying the truth about transsexuals is a hate crime, but threatening to kill multiple deaf children and their teachers (let alone going through with it) isn’t??!! In whose universe? What cowards–threatening to kill children. But then most MTFs ARE cowards because they attack women. They wouldn’t dare attack some of my gay male friends, because said friends would wipe the floor with them as would many straight men I know.

  3. Love the tip off to police, particularly the bit where the tranny says says that the stickers are indecent. Following on with that logic would mean that actual male penises in women’s toilets, change rooms etc., would be even more indecent and should be removed forthwith.

    Is it now a crime to say “women don’t have penises”? A police force and a City mayor seem to think it might be. They are promising to investigate women who say so. That question arises because some women are putting up stickers in public places bearing those words. Some of those stickers are pink and shaped like penises. The point being made is that some people believe that if you have a penis, you’re not a woman. Other people believe that some women have penises. It is perfectly possible to be recognised in law as a trans woman while retaining fully-functional male genitals, and some estimates suggest the majority of those describe themselves as trans women still have their male anatomy intact. This is the bedrock of the dispute between trans rights advocates and feminists. To the latter, biology trumps language: it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or what you think you are, if you have a penis, you are a potential threat to women.
    For some, the basic question posed here is: Do women have a legal right to say No to being in an enclosed private space with a person who has a penis? And the current law, as it is applied, does not say an unqualified Yes to that question. Proposals to allow people to change gender on the basis of their own self-declaration (without, for instance, a medical diagnosis) leave some women even more concerned that they will have no meaningful legal right to exclude people with penises from their spaces.
    Hence the stickers. Women in several parts of the U.K. are printing and distributing stickers saying “women don’t have penises”, in order to bring to wider public attention what they see as the basic facts of the transgender issue. To others, these stickers are hurtful and offensive, a position captured in this report from Pink News.
    Others would argue that penis-shaped stickers are unlikely to promote more measured debate of a complex, emotive subject. One group of women backing the sticker campaign is Liverpool ReSisters, which recently posted this tweet showing a batch of new stickers.
    Aw, baby stickers! #StickerWoman
    — @LiverpoolReSisters (@LiverpoolReSis1) August 17, 2018
    Reactions have been striking, to say the least. At least one Twitter user has asked Merseyside Police to investigate a potential crime. Others have asked local politicians to act. Just the usual Twitter nonsense, right? No one is actually going to treat stickers saying “women don’t have penises” as a crime, are they?
    Well guess what Merseyside Police said when people sent them tweets asking them to investigate those sticker?
    Hi, thanks for the tag, I can confirm we are aware of this matter and enquiries are being made.
    — MerPolCC (@MerPolCC) August 17, 2018
    And here’s Joe Anderson, elected mayor of Liverpool:
    “We will remove stickers and work with the Police to identify those responsible.”
    It’s traditional to end columns like this by making an argument or a point, but in this case, I think the most eloquent comment I can make about Britain today and the state of the transgender debate is just to restate the facts and let readers draw their own conclusions: A feminist group is today facing the prospect of investigation by a police force and a City mayor for saying “women don’t have penises”.

  5. So glitter-bombing people you disagree with, vandalizing womens’ spaces and “die cis scum” = totally legit political protest
    Stickers = hate crime

    1. Really?????? Are they kidding us??? Are they fucking kidding???????
      Worse than ironic……this is just plain sick and strange. If this one is ‘female’, then the bus I rode home from the market on, self-identifies as a Prius. My cat can self-identify as an incarnation of Rachel Carson.
      If the person was deeply considering suicide for all these years, something was really wrong and it has nothing to do with identity. Perhaps playing soccer caused one too many hits to the old melon, which has been known to cause a selw of different issues, including CTE. Oooops I had better not give any ideas, to the same folks who claim a bee sting jump-started their transition.

    2. “Lucy” here reminds me of another infamous “Lucy” from the TLC show “Lost in Transition”:

      Some “glamour shot” that was!

    3. Despite her wannabe-Elvira “look” (in the black dress, she doesn’t look feminine to me. I’ve known transsexuals who look way more feminine (and interestingly, they do not want to intrude where they are not wanted). Sorry, Nick, you look like a drag queen and not a particularly good one at that.

  6. There must be more than one Sticker Woman because some have hairy balls and some don’t. Oh, and I can’t see how a child could faint in shock because the stickers are caricatures and don’t even look vulgar.

    1. isn’t their usual answer to ‘children should not have to see penis in the female bathroom or changing space’, ‘children should be comfortable seeing body parts, there’s nothing shameful or scary about body parts unless you make it scary’? tit for tat boys! so to speak

    2. They want to wave their actual dicks around the women’s and girl’s locker room, but a cartoony representation of that dick is “offensive”.
      From reddit:
      r/asktransgender•Posted byu/always-autumn
      8 hours ago
      Finally let myself be completely naked in the women’s locker room, and it was so incredibly liberating.
      So, I’ve been super open about my transition – I am openly trans at work, I talk about being trans with strangers, and I share a lot online – but the women’s locker room has been the one place where I have hidden my identity, that is, until today.
      I spend a lot of time at the gym – I’m there every day – but I have always either gone back to my apartment to shower or wrapped myself in a towel and changed quickly in the corner.
      It is so not like me to behave this way; I love my body and I am very comfortable with it, and while countless girls walk around the locker room naked, I felt like I couldn’t, even though I wanted to, because I have a penis.
      Well, today, I finally said, “fuck it,” took off my clothes after my workout, and walked naked to the showers. After I was done, I got ready in front of the mirror naked as well. I definitely received a couple of disapproving looks, but no one said anything.
      It was so incredible to not feel ashamed of my body and just go about my business as I normally would at home.
      I live in Manhattan and work out at a gym in Soho, so I figured that this is as safe a place as any to push the envelope. I’m not sure how this will play out, but I am tired of behaving like I don’t deserve to be comfortable in the locker room that I pay for just like everyone else.

      Finally let myself be completely naked in the women’s locker room, and it was so incredibly liberating. from asktransgender

      1. Yes, and all the -transgender- people who called out that post and the OP were transphobic and their comments deleted.

        1. All the transgender people? According to Ceddit, only 3-4 trans posters objected, largely because it “makes us look odd”, “raises questions” and “makes it harder for the rest of us”.
          Only sixteen comments out of 54 were removed. 15 were critical, the other was a transwoman requesting photographs of the exhibitionism incident.
          That leaves 39 positive responses, a 72% positive response.

      2. RE: naked man showing off his penis in changing room—that is terrifying for women. It’s getting to be time to start calling these men terrorists. I can’t imagine buying a gym membership these days. There’s no guarantee that you won’t get flashed, and if you do, you can’t kick the dude out.

      3. @RealTiffTalks is one of the trans women obsessed with Blaire White. I have reported them several times for calling Blaire a man… no ban. Never a ban. Only if its a feminist saying that–‘Tiff’ has total permission to do whatever he wants and harass whoever he wants.
        @RealTiffTalks ongoing abuse of BW is my absolute proof that twitter’s definition of “transphobia” is not about transphobia at all, but about political agendas instead.

      4. @Gallus,
        That is sick. He is actually proud of himself for exposing himself in a women’s locker room. He calls it “liberating”. And, after his shower, notice how he says he stood in front of the mirror just to admire himself. What a sick *uck…
        I feel so sorry for the women. Make no mistake. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how women feel. Heck, if a ten year old girl were in the women’s locker room, he probably would have done the same thing. Some men actually get a sexual thrill from exposing themselves to girls and women.
        Women had better wake the hell up because it’s only going to get worse. If we know anything about history, men tend to take advantage of any situation unless they are told no. Many men have no sense of boundaries unless they are taught to respect others.
        He should have been arrested.

      5. “I definitely received a couple of disapproving looks, but no one said anything.”
        Who would dare?! You’ve got all these other people cowed so they won’t speak up. And Waaah Waaah. Big brave transsexual can’t handle being called out on his nonsense, so finally locks thread comments.

    3. It’s all a matter of context, right? When attached to a male body, a penis is harmless and should be welcome anywhere, but if it’s attached to a feminist opinion, it’s offensive and perhaps even traumatizing. And in what post-modern hellscape has “women don’t have penises” become controversial radfem ideology? Seriously, some people have lost their damned minds.
      Men once believed that witches could steal penises and keep them in boxes of twenty or thirty, where they would wriggle around eating oats and corn. Since TERF is the new witch, perhaps the stickers are triggering some twenty-first century version of that delusion.

  7. TransCrime2
    Police: Man in Dress Groped Woman in Brookline
    By Caroline Connolly, Published at 8:09 PM EDT on Aug 13, 2018
    Police in Brookline, Massachusetts, are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who they believe groped a woman Sunday morning. The alleged attack happened just before 6 a.m. as the woman, in her 20s, walked to work near the intersection of Washington Street and Beacon Street.
    “It’s obviously a very upsetting incident,” said Michael Gropman, deputy superintendent of the Brookline Police Department. The male, according to the police report, was wearing a black dress with a garter belt. As soon as he walked by the woman, she said he suddenly grabbed her from behind.
    “Within several steps, the assault occurred,” Gropman said. “She screamed and then she started to run.” The woman ran nearly a mile to her workplace, where she called police. Since then, authorities have been going through traffic camera footage and surveillance video from local businesses to try to identify the man.
    “With the school being right here, I’ve never honestly heard of anything like this happening in this area,” said resident, Alicia Ruth Jackson. The woman did not sustain any serious injuries. Anyone with information is asked to contact Brookline Police.
    Get the latest from necn anywhere, anytime

    1. Wow. Just wow. That poor woman! And the transsexuals think that real women should put up with their BS. This should be taken to court if/when the perpetrator is found.

  8. It’s great that the police are doing their utmost to deal with such horrible crimes. I mean, this is the kind of thing that kills and worse. I can’t think of anything more deserving of the full and undivided attention of the police.
    But seriously: Go Sticker Woman!

  9. Am I the ony woman who supports the message but does not want to see penis images everywhere?
    There are already too many ractual penises in public places.

      1. And another image bites the dust. No results on google (or at least no sticker type results) for “real women have vaginas”.

  10. This is common sense. Most people know this. It’s only the trans and their handmaidens who are trying to erase females as a biological sex who are clueless that this is not a hate crime. Heaven forbid a poor trans is faced with the biological proof that they claim to be something they can never be.

  11. ToiletBathrooms
    Arizona Dad ‘Killed Man Who Tried to Enter Daughter’s Bathroom Stall’: Police Report
    Jonathan Bachman / Reuters
    An Arizona father is accused of killing a man who shook his daughter’s bathroom stall in an attempt to get to her. A police report says the incident happened on Aug. 2, 2018 in Phoenix, when suspect Melvin Harris, 40, drove to a convenience store to pick up his daughter, who told him that a man had tried to enter her bathroom stall at the shop. Harris had reportedly met the man earlier in the night when he asked Harris for money. After his daughter identified the man, Harris approached him and allegedly punched him in the face before beating and kicking the victim as he lay on the ground moaning. Harris told police that the victim had struck him first and that he didn’t remember beating the victim after he’d fallen to the ground. The victim was hospitalized with a broken nose and brain injuries and died Aug. 7. Harris is accused of second-degree murder. His fiancée told KPHO/KTVK that she believes he was protecting the girl: “I’m not mad at him, I don’t feel like he did anything wrong. I love him. He did what he was supposed to do for our kid. You cannot tell someone they’re wrong for protecting their children,” said Diana Jackson. (The male intruder was mentally ill and probably only wanted to use the bathroom, but with transcismen claiming male rights to use female bathrooms parents are bound to try to protect their children any way they can and innocent people get hurt in the process.)

  12. How can stating a biological fact be a hate crime? Will saying women give birth be next? It’s a hate crime to say females give birth. Don’t say women have a uterus and
    ovaries either because it could be a hate crime. What about anatomy books? People can’t look at photos of male and female reproductive systems because it’s “transphobic”. See the prostate gland, testicles, etc…Don’t look because it’s transphobic. All anatomy books are transphobic. Damn bigots! Trans activists are in the process of forcing medical doctors, nurses, etc. to toss out those anatomy books and get with the trans agenda, pronouns, trans approved special words for anatomy such as “front hole” instead of just saying vagina, “lady stick”, etc.
    They constantly have to turn reality itself upside down in a feeble attempt to stop people from looking clearly at the way the world really works.
    Most transwomen (males) are fully intact males. In fact, according to this article, transwomen (biological males), rarely get surgery on their genitals. They might get boob jobs, facial feminization, hair removal, and everything else under the sun, but they very much like their genitals just the way they are.
    “But less than 0.5 percent of those procedures involved the genitals, according to the survey of 703 doctors released on Monday by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. ..
    Among transgender women, 92 percent of the procedures were breast or chest operations, and 7 percent were facial.
    Only 15 operations, or 0.9 percent, were on the genitals.”
    Isn’t it strange that males getting fake breasts makes them “women”, but having a penis and tesicles doesn’t mean they are men. They aren’t about to give up their most male organs. It’s strange. Actually, we do know what is happening. Their penis is usually the very last thing any male would ever give up. Tranaswomen are no different in this respect.
    They don’t want people to know that most tranwomen (males) are fully intact males.
    And, they don’t want people to be reminded that it’s not just about bathrooms. It’s women’s locker rooms (Colleen Francis and “her legs open and her male genitalia showing “- Evergreen State College campus police report) women’s homeless shelters, women’s prisons, changing rooms, women’s sports teams, etc.
    Under California’s SB 219, males don’t have to have anything done to claim “gender identity”, and they could end up sharing a patient room in a long term care facility with female patients. No hormones, no surgery, nothing. So, granny could be sharing a patient room with an intact biological male for months or years at a time. This is a clear violation of the human rights of female patients.
    If the majority of transwomen (males) wanted so-called “bottom surgery”, then why do trans activists keep pushing through laws that let any male claim “gender identity” without the SRS (sex reassignment surgery)?
    Yes, transwomen (biological males) sure as heck love their penis just like other males. They just don’t like to be reminded.
    This is the problem. Women don’t want to see a tallywacker in the women’s locker room. And, don’t tell me it’s not going to happen again. Males claiming trans/gender identity have already exposed themselves to women.
    @oak and ashe,
    “It’s all a matter of context, right? When attached to a male body, a penis is harmless and should be welcome anywhere, but if it’s attached to a feminist opinion, it’s offensive and perhaps even traumatizing. ”
    It’s insane.

    1. You know, I’m kind of worried on how things will turn out within the next the decade or two.
      Like, I have to ask everyone that I meet about what their personal pronouns are and hope that it’s something pronounceable instead of just going by their appearances. That it’s perfectly normal for an woman to have an fully grown beard or some easily noticeable facial stubble. Or that my so-called “wife” has the same bits as I do and insists that “she” can get pregnant. And the worst part of it all is that it’s wrong to say “no” to them.
      Seriously, I feel that I’ve seen something like this before in an few movies. But I’m not sure if the transgendered prostitute joke qualifies.

    2. I read a recent article about reproductive rights written by a biological woman (as far as I can tell) and throughout, she used the term “pregnant person”. As if any person can be pregnant. Not just women.

    1. Feminine penises have little wreaths of flowers on them? But trans identity has nothing to do with gender stereotypes–at least, that’s what they keep telling us.
      If TIMs spread those stickers around, it will be like giving people lift passes to peak trans.

      1. I saw a photo of this guy’s adult “daughter” who was described as a rising star in the Green Party and thought something was off about the facial proportions, so I did a search on “Aimee Challenor” and found out that he’s actually a TIM.
        So the son of a man who dressed as a little girl to torture and sexually assault a child identifies as a woman.

        Full text from Times article:
        A young politician and transgender activist who is running for deputy leadership of the Green Party was fighting for her political life last night after it emerged that she had used her father as her election agent even though he faced charges of raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl.
        Aimee Challenor, the party’s equality spokeswoman and a former parliamentary candidate, insisted last night she would not withdraw from the leadership contest after her father, David, was sentenced to 22 years for the “depraved” crimes. Aimee lived with him in a small two-up, two-down house.
        A jury at Warwick crown court last week convicted David Challenor of holding the child captive in the attic of the terraced house, where he tied her to a beam, whipped her and attached clips to her body to give her electric shocks.
        Dressed in a nappy and an adult-sized baby costume, the 50-year-old raped the girl and forced her to perform sex acts on him. As well as the rape he was found guilty of false imprisonment, gross indecency, assault by penetration, indecent assault, assault causing actual bodily harm, making indecent images of children by downloading them and possessing prohibited images.
        This weekend Aimee Challenor offered no comment but a party spokeswoman said the candidate had been unaware of the crimes and would not step aside. “We are offering her our support at this challenging time,” she said.
        Challenor, a high-profile transgender campaigner, stood as a Green candidate in St Michael’s ward, Coventry, at May’s local elections and as the party’s parliamentary candidate for Coventry South at the general election last year.
        On both occasions she appointed her father as her election agent, legally responsible for running her campaign, even though he had been accused of or charged with the crimes, which were reported to police in late 2015. By the time of May’s elections he had a trial date.
        Candidates’ election campaign leaflets are legally required to include the name of their agent or promoter. Challenor’s leaflets for both campaigns, seen by The Sunday Times, did not show her father’s correct name, instead giving it as “Baloo Challenor”.
        Baloo, a character from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, was a nickname used by Challenor’s father in his work as an assistant Scout leader and volunteer with children’s gymnastics. He used his proper first name on the election nomination forms as Challenor’s agent.
        Challenor’s father, who used the Twitter name An Old Arch Devil, also carried out design work for the Green Party’s national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender campaign.
        Challenor, 20, who was born a boy, transitioned at 16, around the time the rape took place, after a turbulent childhood that included being taken into care in about 2013 with two of her siblings after social services expressed concern about her parents. They set up a successful public Facebook campaign to win the children back.
        Challenor became involved in politics towards the end of the 2010 to 2015 coalition government. “That threw out the Conservatives and the Lib Dems for me because of tuition fees, austerity and a lack of action on climate change,” she said in an interview in June.
        The Green Party was also “miles ahead of the competition” on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues at the time, she said.
        She has become a mainstay of the transgender activist community, criticising feminists who have concerns about potential reforms to gender recognition laws as “transphobic” and demanding that the organisers of last month’s Pride in London event resign for allowing one such group to lead the parade.
        The Green Party said it was “shocked and horrified” by the offences but was “not aware of any of these allegations until the case concluded and Mr Challenor had been sentenced”.

      3. Aimee Challenor’s statement- which appears to cite multiple survivors and female victims of his father:
        A statement on my father’s actions and sentencing.
        This week, my father was sentenced to 22 years in prison for a series of serious sexual offences including rape and gross indecency. I am horrified, I am saddened, I am disgusted and I am devastated by these events. I am still coming to terms with what has happened and have taken some time away from social media before commenting publicly.
        His crimes are abhorrent. Of that there is no uncertainty. In light of the revelations about my father’s despicable behaviour, and because of the impact my role has on my family and the survivors of my father’s criminal behaviour I have decided to step aside in the Green Party Deputy Leadership race. I do not want the Deputy leadership election to be dominated by what my father has done. I do not want my relationship with him to damage the Green Party, and I want to ensure the focus stays firmly on the good work that the Party is doing.
        I did not know about the full details of the crimes my father has been found guilty of until very recently. It is also very difficult to believe that a parent can be guilty of such abhorrent acts. That might be hard for you to understand, or to believe, but it is the truth. I was taken into care a few years ago and have also lived in independent supported housing. There were sustained periods where I did not live in the family home.
        But I cannot be held responsible for the actions of my father. I am not to blame for his behavior. Yes, he was my election agent. This was one of a number of ways I was seeking to reconcile my relationship with my father after coming out of care. On reflection, I can understand that it was unacceptable for me to appoint my dad as my election agent when he had been arrested. I can now understand the potential risks of that decision. For that I am sorry.
        There are claims that I lied about my father’s name on my election materials. That is not true. You can see here my official registration with Coventry City Council. I was advised externally to use his legal name in official documents (which I did) and his nickname – the name he is known by in the community – on public materials. It is my understanding that the official registration would have been cross referenced with the electoral roll.
        The offences committed by my father took place in the attic of our family home. I did not go into the attic during my adult life – it was considered ‘dad’s space’. That didn’t seem unusual for me at the time.
        I am incredibly sad and angry that my own very personal decision to transition is being linked to my father’s behavior. I made a decision to transition at a young age, while I was in care. This is a deeply personal journey for me and one which I I have made independently from my relationship with my dad. I was not influenced to do so, told to do so, asked to do so. I am a trans woman and this is my own journey.
        While I piece my own feelings back together, I want to underscore that my thoughts are firmly with the survivors of my father’s abhorrent behavior including young women whose lives will be impacted forever. I ask for privacy while I rebuild myself and while I look after my mum who is also coming to terms with this, I am currently on a break from my Green Party roles to allow me the space to do this. I want to ensure I stand in solidarity with all survivors of my father’s actions, including cooperating with the authorities where that is appropriate.

      4. OMG. I had no idea that he was Aimee Challenor’s father. I feel really sick. I’m sorry, but that excuse about the loft being “dad’s space” is just that, an excuse. My ex kept his dresses, wigs and shoes in our loft. I never went up there. I just didn’t want to see or confront it. I should have thrown them all in the trash. I thought I was keeping the family together by ignoring it. Families with secrets are dysfunctional. As much as I dislike Aimee, and everything he stands for, I hope he gets some real therapy, not just affirmation of his delusional state.

      5. Challenor Sr was also a Scout leader and a volunteer in children’s gymnastics. Parents put their trust in him, which he used and abused. He should never be allowed access to children ever again.

      6. This whole thing is deep, sick and twisted. David and Aimee were also:
        -involved in the creation/dissemination of at least one of the terfblocker thingies on twitter.
        -Their house (where the rape and torture took place) was, until just a day or two ago, still listed as the contact address for the local Greens party in Coventry.
        -Aimee is a spokesperson for Stonewall, a position he apparently still holds(??)
        -Aimee has been heavily involved in attempting to bring in the self-ID legislation in the UK, which women have already been flagging as ignoring established safeguarding policies & procedures & creating potential situations in which predatory men could very easily access vulnerable women and children (and then it turns out Aimee’s father is a child rapist and torturer actively volunteering in orgs like Scouts who are amongst those leading the charge on bringing in Self-ID policies. Hmm)
        -David (the child rapist father with obvious cross-dressing fetish) also had a conviction for animal abuse. (Should have been a huge fucking red flag for any org this guy was working with/for, especially involving children or anyone vulnerable)
        -The wife/mother was the local Greens secretary, which means that records and personal details of local Greens members would have been held at the rape/torture house. And both David and Aimee would have been able to access that info as much as they wanted, potentially crosschecking names, details etc. with their Terfblocker lists.
        -Terfblocker list targeted gender critical women, including politicians, lesbians, activists etc. who were, amongst other things, questioning the safety aspects of Self-ID proposals. Hmmm.
        -Aimee targeted another Greens member (last year? earlier this year?) a male member, I believe, who was questioning self-id and various aspects of trans ideology, effectively got that person banned from attending Greens conferences where this stuff was getting discussed.
        -Greens were very slow to respond in any sort of appropriate way once the horrendous story started coming to light, took days before they even said Aimee should temporarily step down from held positions & not be eligible for the deputy position he’d been running for when this story broke.
        -the only reason any of these connections started coming to light was because of women who started stirring it up – it is highly likely the Greens & Aimee thought this could all be swept under the rug & they’d all continue as normal. Reporting has been suspiciously desultory from many sources.
        -apparently one of Aimee’s trans friends/supporters (likely in the US) outed the rape victim on twitter
        The scope of this is staggering. There’s multiple threads on mumsnet covering all the various aspects with links to articles, tweets, facebook accounts etc. Of course a lot of stuff is being scrubbed and disappearing. Luckily those women are good at documenting this stuff before it disappears.

      7. @weirdward
        Between child abuse, cross dressing, animal abuse, et al, Aimee and daddy meet most of the profiles for serial rapists and serial killer available. Perhaps police should do some digging out back. Son has apologized for multiple victims when daddums was only convicted of one.

      8. Just calling Aimee Challenor a man is what got Miranda Yardley permanently from Twitter, but the Green Party and transactivist community doesn’t seem to think Aimee is culpable for naming a man arrested for child sexual assault and torture as his election agent. In light of what’s happened, it’s even more suspicous that Challenor senior and junior created a terfblocker tool to silence women while campaigning to allow men in women’s spaces.
        Given that the Challenor children were taken into care for a while despite having white, middle-class, heterosexual parents who were still married to each other, something pretty terrible must have been going on in that house. It seems likely the son was damaged by some kind of abuse, but I’ve met too many men like him–in whom the combination of mistreatment and entitlement fuels narcissistic rage they direct at women and children–to feel much sympathy for the guy. That he stayed so connected to his father is a huge red flag. And does he really expect anyone not born this morning to believe he had no idea his father had been arrested?

    1. Julia Long totally nailed this. The guy–Vicki just tried red herring stew and avoidance, he had no valid arguments at all. Julia did a brilliant job making the issue very clear for the average person to understand.

  13. Have to laugh because Janice Raymond and Mary Daly said decades ago that ultimately men would have fake boobs and their penises. They would want everything that projects. These 2 rad fems are the devil to the transgender community but they sure knew what they were talking about.

  14. Stick ’em Up?
    “…The space for reasonable discussion has been strategically closed down by a coalition of LGBT groups following Stonewall’s lead. First Stonewall adopts a definition of transphobia which is designed to demonise anyone who questions the catechisms trans women are women / trans men are men. The LGBT media demonises women who won’t acquiesce to this ideology. LGBT organisations nationwide adopt the Stonewall definition and transmit it locally and regionally. All of this then licenses misogynistic trans activists to enforce the demonisation of women by monstering them on social media, targeting the funders and trustees of women’s organisations, and seeking to prevent women gathering to discuss these issues.
    The result of all of this is a culture of fear in which women are effectively silenced. What else are they supposed to do? Every avenue is blocked. The only remaining option is guerrilla activism…”
    Sticker woman didn’t say that there was anything wrong with having a penis. Women don’t have a penis is a biological fact. Unlike years of TERF death threats, this is harmless.

    1. Why can’t the trans community grow an brain and make everyone’s lives easier instead of forcing society to bend over them?
      How hard can it be to say,”I’m an biological male, but I mentally feel, think, and act like an female” (I’m not saying that the second part is actually possible, but still).

  15. So I’ve been cruising 4chan out of boredom today and I found this:
    Sticker Woman and TERFs are Nazis for stating biological facts, apparently.

  16. Yup Oak and Ash, I noticed the odd facial expressions on the face of the “woman.” Sure enough, TIM, they can’t hide that dead eyed look. What a screwed up family. Why are they getting leadership positions in the green party anyway? Oh right, the party of non-men.

    1. @Medi There is an answer as to why the Greens in the UK and the DNC here in the US are getting the ‘Duper’s Delight’ crowd. This has to do with the rather ugly and sad notion of ‘fairness’ …the idea or concept that they need to represent those groups that are [SIC] ‘severely marginalized’, although if these are melanin-deprived brigade members, they are not marginalized. Not as other groups have been for eons. They are doing that and have done so to others and with some having a criminal or questionable background, this is just another scam to be pulled.

  17. I would like to follow up on Aimee Chancellor’s father.
    Aimee Challenor’s statement- which appears to cite multiple survivors and female victims of his father:
    “A statement on my father’s actions and sentencing.
    This week, my father was sentenced to 22 years in prison for a series of serious sexual offences including rape and gross indecency. I am horrified, I am saddened, I am disgusted and I am devastated by these events. I am still coming to terms with what has happened and have taken some time away from social media before commenting publicly.
    His crimes are abhorrent. Of that there is no uncertainty. In light of the revelations about my father’s despicable behaviour, and because of the impact my role has on my family and the survivors of my father’s criminal behaviour I have decided to step aside in the Green Party Deputy Leadership race. I do not want the Deputy leadership election to be dominated by what my father has done. I do not want my relationship with him to damage the Green Party, and I want to ensure the focus stays firmly on the good work that the Party is doing.”
    He says his father’s actions were despicable. Well, duh, what can he say after this was revealed. Despicable doesn’t even come close to describing his dad’s behavior. No, he isn’t responsible for his dad’s behavior. This is how he is just about as bad as his convicted sex offender father. For years, he has been pushing for laws that would let any sick sexual predator into the same women’s restroom that little girls use. It’s like, “Yes, my dad is a sick, sadistic, sexual predator who tortured and traumatized a little girl for life, but heck, he should be allowed in women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, or women’s homeless shelters.” And, since his dad likes to wear little girl clothes while he tortures and sexually abuses actual female kids, he could claim “gender identity”, and then the sick bastard could be sent to a women’s prison.
    Do I believe Aimee is really outraged and sad? Not really. I think it’s all show, and it sounds hollow and not the least bit authentic.
    Reality Check: Aimee doesn’t mind if sick, sadistic sex offenders like his dad use the same women’s restroom as little girls. Little girls and women who have been sexually abused are “transphobic” bigots for feeling uncomfortable sharing a restroom or locker room with a male.
    Okay, Green Party, I want to hear it directly from you. How many of you more politically correct than thou, trans, gender queer friendly people really want a man like Aimee’s father in the same restroom as your five year old girl? Now, be honest. Do you believe sexual predators like Aimee’s father should be in women’s prisons? Do you want them in a women’s locker room with teenage girls?
    Finally, I admit that I voted for Ralph Nader and Jill Stein. Yes, I’m ashamed of it now.
    I feel like a fool. I’m hanging my head in shame. In fact, I feel kind of creepy admitting I voted for Greens. I feel dirty like I need to take a shower. Greens are right on the environment, climate change, etc., but they let “gender identity” bullshit get out of hand. It’s not harmless bullshit. It negatively impacts the female sex. And, I won’t even get into the sterilization of kids with GnRH analogues and hormones. Or, the years of TERF death threats, and the fact that trans and queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF are burying a hate crime. Dana Rivers was a hate crime. In 2018, transwomen can murder lesbians, and not one word from trans/queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF media. Greens have a lot of explaining to do.

    1. He kept his dad on while Diaper Daddy was already under arrest. He either 1) Didn’t care or, 2) Doesn’t believe little girls when they said they were tortured.
      How are either of those options acceptable?
      I am amazed this person was involved with a “terfblocker” app and that was OK with the useless destructive Green Party. What kind of rabbit hole is this? What a bunch of fuckheads that party is.

    2. The Green Party have firmly nailed the pink and white flag to their mast and are busy saluting it. Caroline Lucas has said that Aimee Challenor being transgender doesn’t matter……
      She says “For example, I personally still find it very challenging that there is often so much focus on body parts, when a fundamental tenet of my feminism has been that gender is a construct independent of vagina and ovaries.” Too much focus on body parts? Gender independent of vagina and ovaries? Gender is constructed precisely because those who are born with them are female (sex) and expected to conform to certain stereotypes (gender).
      She says “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.” WTF. Self-identification will take away women’s rights to object to male-bodied individuals in their spaces; locker-rooms, bathrooms, tents on girl-guide camping trips, dormitories in refuges, prison cells…..
      About time Caroline Lucas read something other than the Guardian. I suggest the excellent Julie Bindel in Feminist Current…..
      Julie asks……
      “Why would the Greens, supposedly the party of principle, suspend a woman for telling the truth (however unpalatable it is for transwomen to be reminded that they are men), but not suspend a person for a litany of bullying and slurs against feminists on social media? And that is before we even get into the issue of appointing a man arrested for rape and torture of a child as your election agent? Again, trans activists and their allies have the biggest voices, the largest wallets, and dominate social media and public discourse at the moment.”
      I believe Julie has the right answer.

      1. ‘She says “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.” WTF. Self-identification will take away women’s rights to object to male-bodied individuals in their spaces; locker-rooms, bathrooms, tents on girl-guide camping trips, dormitories in refuges, prison cells…..’
        Exactly this. Just before reading your comment, I left one on GM’s most recent post suggesting the reason transactivists in the U.S. spend so much money to support transition and/or transfer to female prison for the worst male offenders is that it establishes gender identity as such a fundamental right it can’t be denied to anyone for any reason and will leave women legally unable to keep men out of their spaces.
        Those who think this won’t result in abuse and sexual assault can’t be trusted–they’re either blind to reality or trying to gaslight everyone.

      2. And another thing–“there’s no evidence” is weasel language, since no one can provide real evidence about the future short of time travel. Unless a blue box materializes and someone steps out of it to show me otherwise, I’m going to judge by past patterns of behavior.

      3. It turns out that her willingness to risk the safety of women and girls didn’t keep Caroline Lucas from being accused of heresy–I mean, transphobia– (just for being willing to talk to Women’s Place U.K.!) by Challenor fils as he resigned from the party. There’s also some disagreement as to whether he did or did not inform the party of the accusations against his father and, therefore, whether the party did or did not handle them in the proper way–although officials who said they knew about the accusations have claimed they had no idea his father was a member. (“It was on fire when I lay down it!”)

        EXCLUSIVE: Green Party figures knew Equality Spokesperson’s father had been charged with sexual offences

        And Tina Challenor seems just as charming as her husband and son. She defended her husband by calling the victim a “lying little slut.”

  18. It’s not uncommon for male children on some level to “inherit” the sexual abuse patterns/proclivities of their fathers. In fact, many seem to start abusing together, in the same way that other father-sons might play golf together. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that “Aimee” is more like dear old Dad in more ways than one.

  19. Green Party = Men’s Rights movement, men who torture and rape girls WELCOME, men who wear diapers and fetish objects and kidnap and torture girls welcome, all TIM males welcome to the party, and welcome to be leaders because the TIMS ARE women, so open the doors for the rapists, the fettish diaper men, yeah, that is who Green party leftist men and the handmaidens really are all about. No big surprise, now why don’t TIM protest the catholic church for refusing to make them priests so they can sexually violate more kids….

      1. Yep…otherwise known as the last refuge of the scoundrel. Or a brigade member who wants religious cover for being a creep, cretin, thug, molester…and other items on the long litany of sins.

  20. Gallus, I hope you don’t mind me telling the Green Party what I think. I spent decades of my life supporting Greens, and I should have the right to call out their bullshit.
    The Greens are in damage control. They only have themselves to blame.
    Caroline Lucas has said that Aimee Challenor being transgender doesn’t matter.
    It sure as hell does matter because while Aimee was a Green Party official he harassed tens of thousands of women with his ‘terf tracker’ because these women wanted to discuss proposed changes in laws in the UK related to gender identity and “self-identification”. In essence, he went out of his way to silence, intimidate, and bully women, and to deny them the right to speak. These are laws that directly impact the lives of women. The silencing of women by transgender activists like Aimee have been going on for years. We are talking about years of online TERF death threats, etc., and even silencing women who speak in public. It’s long standing and systematic, and everyone knows it. And, it sure as hell does matter because Aimee lived in the same house with his convicted sex offender father, and still had him as campaign manager after he was arrested. It sure as hell does matter because with “self-identification” men like his father could be sharing a locker room or restroom with girls.
    I voted for Ralph Nader way back in the day, and I voted for Jill Stein. I had a low carbon footprint before it was even cool. I’ve protested against Monsanto, and I’ve sent hundreds of letters to my elected representatives because I’ve always been concerned about climate change. I can say with certainty that I’ve done more to support environmental issues (climate change, ocean pollution, ocean acidification, sustainable energy, clean rivers, etc.) than Aimee. Aimee doesn’t know jack shit other than how to harass women, support his sex offender dad, and hoodwink gullible women. All Aimee has done is harass thousands of women in an attempt to silence them for their political beliefs with his online terf blocker. He lived in the same house as his convicted sex predator dad. How could he live in the same house with his predator dad and not know what was happening upstairs. He even kept his dad on as campaign manager after he was arrested. This is how Aimee and most transwomen work. They threaten, intimidate, and silence women who disagree with them. The uppity “TERFs” receive death threats. They systematically bury violent crimes committed by transwwomen just like trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA buried the Dana Rivers case, a transwoman on trial for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. At the same time they are doing all this, they play the poor victim card with brainwashed, naive left leaning women. Women who know how their minds work know full well that, despite having a sweet “lady brain”, their male socialization kicks in the moment any woman questions them. Greens need to wake the hell up. The Green Party is full of shit if it thinks people are buying into “gender identity” politics and Aimee’s story. And, the Green Party needs to realize that this “gender identity” bullshit is only going to get crazier.
    Why do these spoiled, pampered men think they can get away with anything? Trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA have let them do as they please. They have no intention of reining in these men, even when they make online death threats to women, walk around with baseball bats (Degenderettes), beat up a 60 year old woman (Tara Wolf at Hyde Park London), and wear “I PUNCH TERFs” shirt at Pride Parades.
    Death threats against “TERFs” have been going on online for years.
    1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse
    It’s not just online anymore.

    Trans activism is excusing & advocating violence against women, and it’s time to speak up

    Trans-identified male, Tara Wolf, convicted of assault after Hyde Park attack

    “My party has long recognised that trans women are women and trans men are men. ”
    No, this is not true. Greens have been around since the mid-70’s and 1980’s. Old Greens who grew the party know full well that “gender identity” wasn’t even discussed. The focus was on environmental issues. Greens also supported civil rights for minorities, universal health care, but “gender identity” wasn’t even mentioned. Ralph Nader supported gay rights, but back then “gay” meant homosexual not transgender. Trans and queer took control of the LGBT (now LGBTQIA+++) later, starting around 2006 – 2007, and have been systematically silencing lesbians, and even gay men who don’t follow the trans agenda.
    “My party has long recognised that trans women are women and trans men are men. ”
    Humans can’t change their sex, and women really don’t have a penis. Greens understand the science behind climate change (it’s real), but they aren’t sure if sexual reproduction exists in all mammals and primates. No primate, human or non-human, can change its sex.
    Why are humans the only mammal and primate that has a “gender identity”? The Greens know there has been an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (just look at the Keeling Curve and listen to James Hanson), and this is damaging to the environment. The Green Party isn’t sure if male primates have a penis. Does the Green Party believe that seals, whales, mountain lions, wolves, etc. can change their sex? Male wolves, horses, etc., have special gender identities and can identify as the opposite sex too. Maybe, just maybe, gender identity is nothing more than political nonsense.
    “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.”
    The problem is not “trans people”. No one is that concerned about FTMs (female to male). People know that transwomen are still male, and if people weren’t so brainwashed they would know that most transwomen are heterosexual or bisexual, and most still have their male genitalia. The issue is male violence and biological males in women’s intimate spaces such as women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, and women’s prisons. Based on thousands of years of history and crime statistics, there are logical reasons why females feel vulnerable when their most intimate spaces are occupied by strange males.
    “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.”
    “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.”
    The poor brainwashed Greens are really sad.
    This is not true because we have already seen examples. Google “Christopher Jessica Hambrook”. He is a sexual predator who got into two different women’s homeless shelters in Canada by calling himself “Jessica” and saying he was transgender. He sexually assaulted homeless women in a place where they should have felt safe. After he was arrested, he was evaluated by a psychologist who said he wasn’t transgender after all. How did he get into women’s homeless shelters?
    “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.”
    What do we know about crime in general?
    *Criminologists have known for decades that most violent crime is committed by males.
    * Paraphilias are more common in males. They can occur in females, but voyeurism, panty fetish, etc. are mostly male. If the Green Party isn’t sure what paraphilias are, these are some examples.
    This convicted cross dressing killer of women broke into women’s houses, stole their panties and bras, and photographed himself wearing the women’s panties.
    In the case of the cross dressing man who terrorized a woman in a Big Lots women’s restroom while wearing a pink Barbie outfit, the defense attorney actually used transvestic fetish as part of the defense. Scroll down and look at this stolen pink Barbie outfit

    Barbie-Dressed Attacker Convicted in Big Lots Case, Faces Prison

    Man who wore Barbie costume in bathroom assault sentenced

    There have been numerous cases of cross dressing men wearing skirts, makeup, wigs, etc. entering women’s restrooms and secretly taking photographs. Transgender activists always weasel their way out of everything. They say that these cross dressing men dressed in wigs, skirts, etc. caught taking photographs of girls women in women’s restrooms “really aren’t transgender”. This is the problem. Cross dressers are under the so-called “Trans Umbrella”, and there is no such thing as an official transwoman. If they are both wearing a skirt and wig, how are women supposed to tell the difference between a cross dressing pervert taking photos of women and a transwoman. And, it’s moot anyway because with “self-identification”, any man can claim trans/gender identity status.
    * And, there are more male sex offenders than female sex offenders. Green Party, it’s a FACT that there are transwomen registered sex offenders who served time for molesting girls. There is a lot of them, and some of them have been caught in women’s restrooms. Google Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon.
    It’s probability and statistics. The more that males are granted access to women’s spaces (women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc.), the more likely that sooner or later one of these males will do something inappropriate, or commit a crime.
    “there’s no evidence that allowing trans people to self-declare will open doors for predators intent on abusing or attacking women and girls.”
    Watch the videos and decide for yourselves. There is hella evidence in the videos, and it’s based on court records.
    I know people on this blog and other websites have seen these videos, so I don’t want to bore them. This is especially for the Green Party.
    It’s just not about male violence, crime, and safety. There is the issue of basic human privacy rights. Why on earth should girls and women have to see a 45 year old man’s old white penis in the women’s locker room? Under “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. Most transwoman still have their penis and testicles. Then, some transwomen have the gall to say that denying them the right to parade their old white penis around the women’s locker room is tantamount to Jim Crow.
    Colleen Francis, the transwoman in the Evergreen State College incident, was interviewed by, and this is one of the things he said.
    “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”
    This is the campus police report. Read it.
    There we have it. A divorced, heterosexual male being denied the right to parade his white penis around the women’s locker room is just like Jim Crow.

    1. Gallus, I have just a few more things to say about Aimee Challenor and the Green Party UK.
      David Challenor was charged in November 2016, West Midlands Police. Challenor, of Charterhouse Road, Coventry, was found guilty on August 20, 2018 at Warwick Crown Court of 20 offences including sexual assault, taking indecent photographs of a child, rape of a girl aged 10 and false imprisonment.
      David, the convicted child rapist, was never an elected Green Party official, but he was very active in the Green Party, and was Aimee’s election campaign manager in both the General Election in 2017 and local election in May 2018. This was AFTER he was charged in November 2016. This is suspicious as hell.
      Aimee lived in the family home, but says he never knew what was going on in the attic, the site of the torture den.
      The house/crime scene where the rape and torture of the 10 year old girl took place was at an address that until recently was listed on the Green Party’s own website as the address for the Green Party’s HQ for Coventry.
      “The Green party has announced an inquiry into how the father of a candidate for the party’s deputy leadership was allowed to remain her election agent 18 months after he was charged with raping and torturing a child, offences that led to him being jailed”
      “…Several Green members have expressed alarm after it emerged that officials took no action to suspend David Challenor or restrict his activities in the party until he was jailed for 22 years for torturing and raping a 10-year-old girl in the attic of the family home in Coventry.
      David Challenor’s first court appearance over the allegations took place in November 2016. But ahead of his trial, which began this month, he acted twice as his daughter’s election agent, at the 2017 general election, and in May’s local polls.
      During this period he was allowed to remain active in the party, even though the Coventry Pride group, for whom he had volunteered, barred him following the first court appearance.
      Aimee kept his dad on as election manager 18 months after he was charged with torturing and raping a 10 year old girl. He must really be close to his dad, or he knew about it and didn’t say anything.
      *This is what the court records show.
      These are a few photos of the sex dungeon. (*Although living in the same house as his dad, Aimee says he didn’t know about the sex dungeon in the attic)
      “Twisted David Challenor, 50, subjected the girl to a horrific catalogue of abuse, which included tying her from a beam, whipping her and giving her electric shock.
      The court heard Challenor would dress up as a small girl in adult-sized baby dresses and nappies before carrying out the sickening attacks at his Coventry home.
      When arrested, he accused the girl of being a liar and a fantasist – but police found the gruesome attic kitted out just as she had described.
      Police searched his property and found bondage gear including sex aids, gaffer tape, dummies, a stun gun and ropes hanging from the beam in his sex dungeon-style attic.
      He even took sick photographs of the abuse carried out on the victim, which included attaching clips to give her electric shocks and putting pegs on her body.”
      The court heard how, when the victim was at his home, he pretended to be a little girl called Lucy and took her to his attic where he asked her “to do things to him”, including performing oral sex.
      Aimee’s dad liked to put on a diaper and pretend he was a little girl while torturing an actual 10 year old girl. Gee, where have we seen age play, diaper fetish before in men claiming gender identity? Under self-identification, Aimee’s dad could put on a diaper, pick out his favorite little girl dress, and take his fetish to any women’s restroom or women’s locker room. Women and girls are unwilling participants in a man’s sexual fetish. Any woman complaining is a transphobic bigot. Don’t tell me that men with sexual fetishes won’t abuse transgender status. Just google Stefonknee Wolscht, and look at the photos. For some men, dressing as a little girl is a sexual fetish. Yes, it’s true that a sexual fetish in and of itself is not a crime. Having said this, a sexual fetish should not be enshrined into law as some sort of civil right. I’m not saying all transwomen have a sexual fetish, but we know darn well that some do, and they have already claimed trans status. I’m not saying that all transwomen with an age play or diaper fetish are convicted predators. Under “self-identification”, men like Aimee’s dad could whine about their gender identity, put on their best little girl dress, and stroll into the women’s restroom or changing area.. He could demand access to women’s homeless shelters. After being convicted of raping and torturing girls, he could claim gender identity and demand to be sent to a women’s prison. We already know that lots of transwomen convicted of horrendous crimes against girls and women have discovered that they are “women” while serving time for raping or torturing actual women. The State of California sent Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch to a women’s prison. He tortured women with electrical wires before raping them.
      Aimee believes men like his father should have access to women’s spaces, women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc.
      Not only should they have access to women’s private spaces, if they are ever convicted of sexually abusing girls, they should be housed in women’s prison. It is happening now. Males claiming gender identity who have been convicted of raping and murdering girls and women are demanding to be housed in women’s prisons. Housing men like Aimee’s dad in women’s prisons is not acceptable. And, when they get out of prison, they can access women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s shelters, etc.
      Half of all transgender prisoners are sex offenders or dangerous category A inmates (England and Wales)
      A few links on transgender prisoners.
      What happens when they get out of prison?
      Probation hostels: GRA reform raises safety concerns for women residents and local communities (England and Wales)
      Proposed changes to the UK 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA) could allow people to change their legal gender by self-declaration, replacing the current system, which demands that a series of criteria are met, including a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.
      Logic tells us that girls who have experienced severe sexual abuse and torture are scarred for life. They have PTSD, and are never the same. I want the Green Party to prove to me why a male’s gender identity is more important than a little girl’s PTSD. And, make no mistake. Most PTSD in females is caused one way or another by male violence or male predators. Are tortured little girls and traumatized women transphobic bigots for expecting some privacy and dignity, and being uncomfortable sharing intimate spaces with male bodied persons?
      Although only 20 years old, Aime, Aimee Challenor joined the Green Party in 2015 and became equalities spokeswoman a year later. Why was there such a rise to power for someone so young?

      1. Update on Caroline Lucas,
        Poor Caroline Lucas just learned the hard way that no matter how much women kiss their ass, it’s never good enough. Trans activists demand complete capitulation, total blind obedience, and Big Brother like loyalty. Caroline recently tweeted that she would meet with Woman’s Place UK which is a group of people critical of gender identity politics, particularly “self identification” (any man can claim gender identity – no hormones, no surgery, no actual gender dysphoria diagnosis). Even discussing how gender identity laws negatively impact the female sex is a thought crime.

        WPUK Meeting with Green Party

        Just by saying she would meet with WomansPlaceUK, Pink News started screeching that WomansPlaceUK is a ‘hate group’. Anything and everyone who isn’t trans approved is a ‘hate group’. In reality, it’s just men telling women who they can and cannot meet, and what they can and cannot discuss, even on matters that directly impact the female sex.

        The Spectator: How Caroline Lucas fell foul of the transgender thought police from GenderCritical

        September 4, 2018, Lucas is out of power, and Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry win Green party leadership race.
        What has Aimee Challenor done as Equalities Spokesperson for the Green Party?
        For the most part, his activities focused on harassing and silencing women for questioning proposed “self-identification” changes to the GRA as well as promoting a partisan transgender agenda at the expense of the rights of biological females. Despite what some poor brainwashed Greens might think, the female sex really exists. As to LGBTQIA+, everyone knows that trans and queer control the LGBTQIA+, so when trans activists say LGBTQIA+ they really mean transgender and queer. Lesbians are only useful to trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA+ if they never stray from transgender dogma, otherwise they will be hounded and treated like lepers. A transwoman is on trial in Oakland, California for the cold blooded slaughter of an interracial lesbian couple and their son who were killed in their own home in the middle of the night. Trans/queer controlled media sources in the U.S. buried the crime as if it never happened. Rivers was part of Camp Trans that protested outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, a lesbian run event. Nothing but silence from the LGBTQIA+.
        The Green Party UK justifiably wants answers as to why Aimee still kept his dad on as campaign manager 18 months after he was arrested for the sadistic abuse and rape of a 10 year old girl. And, it’s suspicious that he lived in the same house as his dad while the abuse in the sex den was happening in the attic.
        The Green Party UK will not investigate Aimee’s terf tracking activities intentionally designed to silence and bully women on matters that directly impact their lives.
        Below is Filia’s statement.
        Statement on the Green Party
        “David Challenor was convicted on Monday 20th August of the rape and torture of a 10-year-old girl, and was sentenced to 22 years in prison. He is the father of Aimee Challenor, a transwoman who was, until this was revealed running for deputy leadership of the Green Party, and who had appointed David Challenor as election agent for the General Election in 2017 and local election in May 2018.
        FiLiA infers no connection between the father’s crime and Aimee Challenor’s self-identification as a woman, nor does it suggest Aimee Challenor is responsible for David Challenor’s actions.
        It holds Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas, co-leaders of the Party, accountable for promoting Aimee Challenor to Equality Spokesperson, of embedding gender identity rather than sex discrimination in their equality policies, and thus of failing to name male violence. Aimee Challenor’s manifesto for LGBTIQA+ human rights is partisan with regard to rights, amplifying transgender and gay rights, ignoring lesbian rights i.e. biological women’s rights to same-sex attraction. The Party’s LGBTIQA+ twitter account, until earlier this year, was promoting a list of 28,503 blocked twitter accounts in order to stifle women’s (and some men’s) criticism. Challenor assembled, maintained and tweeted the list of twitter accounts to block, and continuously used the offensive, demeaning and inaccurate term ‘TERF’.
        Clearly the Green Party has two completely different approaches to what can be said in the name of ‘standing up to what matters’. Challenor has not been suspended for a clear misjudgement in appointing a man accused of child rape as election agent. In contrast the Party jumped with alacrity to suspend a gender critical woman party member for asserting the fact that a transwoman is biologically male and that he is misogynistic if he claims that the female reproductive system is irrelevant to being a woman.
        The case of Aimee Challenor highlights more than a problem deep at the heart of the Green Party, but of ALL UK political parties. All Parties vehemently defend the transactivist claim that transwomen are women; unreservedly support the proposed reforms to the GRA (2004) in favour of sex self-identification; and, in the name of alleged progressivism, diversity and inclusion, impugn as reactionary those women who do not believe male bodied human beings are female or who warn of the dangers of law reform.
        If the law is reformed David Challenor’s victim will have no recourse as a traumatized girl other than to share all intimate public spaces with male-bodied human beings, further violating her right to body boundaries. Nevertheless, women who point out such examples, and/or find it distressing to share personal space with men who are strangers, not only risk being tarred as transphobic, or accused of hate speech, but their claim to rights violation may soon be overridden by a law that ratifies as fact human beings with penises are female if their owners say so. The Green Party does not ‘stand up for democracy’, but on the contrary, in permitting a 20-year-old Equalities Spokesperson to propel a misogynistic agenda and to insult women with impunity if they dare question queer ideology, the Party has spectacularly failed to implement its own declared aims, namely dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. “
        Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans
        FiLiA Spokeswoman
        The Government is currently running a consultation on Reform of the Gender Recognition Act (2004) which can be found HERE (deadline 11pm on the 19th October 2018)
        I hope the Green Party UK isn’t foolish enough to think that getting new leaders will silence people. It will not.
        If the Green Party UK supports proposed “self-identification” changes to the GRA, it has sold out the female sex, and it doesn’t deserve anyone’s vote.
        If the Green Party UK continues to place transgender activists in power who routinely silence women’s (and some men) voices, it doesn’t deserve support.
        The Green Party must support gender critical Greens.

    1. I’ve been contacted by a Nigerian Prince who has millions of dollars stuck in a bank account that he cannot access unless I send him five hundred dollars. What about that?

    2. In the last few years there have been reports of razor blades behind neo-nazi (Germany) or racist/supremacist posters and stickers (U.S., Canada), although I couldn’t find any of these confirmed as true by authorities. Given that transactivists have tried for a while to portray radical feminists as nazis, these accusations may be aimed at supporting that association while also serving as a bid for sympathy from those who don’t find the message on the stickers to be in the least controversial.

  21. Wow, it’s getting to be Halloween time again, and just when the old razor blade in the apple trope seemed to have died down, NOW the trope is being reactivated RAZOR blades behind the penis stickers LOL — if the TIMs are into BDSM they might get into ripping the stickers down and getting blood on their hands, which they can later claim is menstrual blood so they can get free sanitary products, could bankrupt England LOL

  22. P.S. Could you have the Nigerian prince contact me about that fortune he could send me for sending $500 first? Or if he is a TIM, he might accept $500 worth of sanitary products ya think???? Bong bong bong LOL

  23. If there are razor blades underneath the stickers, how could they stick on a wall? Wouldn’t they fall off? And, if there are razor blades underneath some of the stickers, how do we know that someone else took the stickers down, and put razor blades underneath them.
    I wouldn’t put it past trans to peel the stickers off themselves, and try to put razors underneath them just to blame the TERFs. If they would beat up a 60 year old woman, they would try anything.
    Women who are putting these stickers up need someone else to go with them to act as a witness. And/or take photos.

    1. No one actually believes feminists are doing this. Men who identify as transwomen are just lashing out wildly as their movement crumbles before their eyes. I mean, christ, there are like three different high profile transwoman serial rapists in the UK news this week, just as the movement lobbies for “self-id” of legal sex. They are desperate to create a diversion, anything, no matter how absurd.

      1. “Men who identify as transwomen are just lashing out wildly as their movement crumbles before their eyes.” This is so true.
        The evidence is not just out there with every Tim who is convicted of rape or child abuse but also with the Trans community’s response to the Lisa Littman study of ROGD which was withdrawn by Brown university and the publishers, PLOS ONE.

      2. PLSOne has not withdrawn the study, it can be viewed in full here (no paywall):
        Nonetheless, I agree that the Littman study is a HUGE development, particularly in the U.S.
        The outcry from transgender activists (thanks!) has propelled the Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) controversy into the mainstream media. This is arguably the largest fissure of the transgender narrative ever seen in the mainstream US press up to this point and I credit the incredible, peerless, brilliant and relentless work of blogger 4thWaveNow for this development.
        The “establishment feminists” (?!) and mainstream leftist media in the US have yet to respond appropriately to the misogynist excesses of the transgenderist movement for various reasons (vast geography, fear of aiding the powerful religious rightwing, extraordinarily well-funded pharma/medical lobby, millionaire/billionaire heterosexual white male crossdresser- mostly closeted- funding of former LGBT orgs, etc.) but when the US cracks, it is going to be huuuuge. A huge restructuring of the way we think of those who currently identify as “transgender” (and the way they think of themselves) but more importantly will result in massive social change regarding “gender” social norms for women and men, for girls and boys, in every aspect of society, not the least of which the reckoning of the plague of male violence and sexual violence against women.

  24. The TIM who assaulted four female inmates after being placed in a female prison in the U.K. has admitted guilt for two of the attacks as well as for four rapes committed outside prison and had previously been jailed in 2001 for assault and gross indeceny with a child. He’s now in a men’s jail awaiting sentencing.
    According to friends of his, he was never treated or diagnosed as trans. What were prison officials thinking when they locked this guy up with women without even an official diagnosis? This is inexcusable–and just the beginning of what could happen with self-ID.

  25. Tranzy dorks are claiming #StickerWoman is putting razor blades behind her stickers. That sounds like the kind of malicious shit only the tormented mind of a tranzy would think up. Keep up the good work, #StickerWoman!

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