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  1. Why does it always feel like Welcome to Amaetur Hour with these people? The workmanship in the garments and accessories is appalling.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I don’t make many garments I mainly make crafts, but everything he posted looked like a Pinterest failure. What on earth is easier to make than a tote bag? Dude managed to even ruin those. I really hope this is part of a comedy shitck. Because nobody would ever mistake that Jay Leno chinned dude for anything but a dude.

    1. LOL. I love how he clearly thought the bad video quality would hide the fact that he’s a grown dude and not a teenage girl.

  2. Just watched the video clip and I’m still not sure if *that’s* “Lenore” himselfbor if it’s a drag queen clowning on him.
    Honey. Everybody knows you’re a dude. Ev-or-ee-bud-ee

      1. OH FFS YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE, DUDE! I’m sure there are just dozens of pathetic “allies” that have been feeding his delusion of how he tooootally super duper passes, too 🙄🙄🙄

      2. Someone needs to sit that dude in the pink shorts down and tell him:
        “Hey Buddy. If your belly looks like a set of hairy ass-cheeks; maybe crop tops and bare midriffs aren’t for you. If you were a woman, you would already know this.”

    1. I wasn’t sure either.
      It’s telling when you cannot tell the difference between these troons and some male comedian mocking said troons

    1. Canada as depicted by monty python: I cut down trees, I wear high heels, suspenders and a ….bra?
      Mebbe they were onto something.

    2. It’s the damn Bill C-16 that was quickly passed with little or no consultation. I had no idea the transmadness was so insane here cuz I was only hanging around with women! No idea the act was even being discussed until it was a done deal because of the ‘goodwill and sentiment’ of other men. Men pitying other men they have no intention of doing any about but foisting them off on women.
      Then suddenly everyone started acting like ‘gender identity’ (the only non-material protected characteristic without a definition in material reality) was the ONLY important one and overrode all the other rights entirely, acting as though menindresses were the not only the only ones protected but the ones all others must bow down to in validation of their womanhood!
      I work in a ‘social enterprise’ (lie) charity and our contract was changed to reflect the Bill and our language is being policed for any infractions… by other women – our so-called managers, who don’t feel the contract applies to them too. One even had the nerve to comment loudly on my non-white skin colour even though I’m of mixed race (I look ‘white’) and she has no clue about me.
      This rot had been working for a lot longer than we imagined for such a nonsensical bill to be passed without almost any discussion or publication.
      What do we do now?
      Can we really trust men to follow all the other laws protecting women?

      When is it OK for social justice groups to exclude people?

      1. Also the vast majority of Canadians are completely against the transcult with plenty of them commenting in the CBC Twit thread saying so.
        Other countries all over the world are subject to this insanity. Please don’t blame average thinking Canadians. All the people I know irl are against it.
        It’s the transcult and fracking faux liberal governments that serve only capitalism that are really to blame and that’s worldwide.

      2. Obviously, we can’t trust men. What exactly was said about your skin color? Did she accuse you of Rachel Dolezaling?

  3. I actually am alarmed by this. Our public safety on airlines depends on knowing who the passengers are. What if known terrorists change their sex and name to disguise themselves? We’ve got to have birth sex and name correlated with any gender ID change….the more I think about it, the less safe I feel with these lumberjacks in lippy opening up the ID change subject to abuse by all males…
    This WestJet incident isn’t funny, the more I think about it.
    This airline was correct in trying to ascertain identity of passenger.
    One more example of how self ID endangers all of us.
    I’m pissed. Endangered due to man feelings. Piss on their sexay identitays.

    1. What WestJet did was not wrong in the least. If there is a question about the behavior at the gate or something that appears to not look right, not only do they have the right to question, but ‘out’ if need be. The safety of those on the flight and the crew means more than the sad disillusionment exhibited by a sizeable portion of the brigade.
      Put another way: who in God’s Gray Earth wants to be the one to make the phone calls to the passenger’s families, if that poor excuse of cells had built a weapon and then under the guise of an aspired to status, boarded and then proceeded to explode said bomb, at altitude? Who wants to explain his warped sense of being is more important, than the safety of the passengers?
      Sorry but not sorry if there are additional measures that need to be taken. Seeing that there is a rather large predisposition in the community towards acting out, this is necessary, especially if something does not look kosher at the gate.

      1. Exactly! Birth sex should always be retained on record for life and a preferred gender ID can be added. That’d help us track criminality of trans ID males, whose crimes are now cataloged as having been committed by a woman.
        This callous disregard for public safety is very telling. Trans radicals have stepped over the line. They’re not only endangering women and children, the men on that flight may also share concerns about sex liars assuming they’re above the procedures in place for the safety of all.

      2. Richard Russell, a Horizon Air ground-crew member, underwent criminal background checks to get hired and was fully credentialed to be in the area where he stole the plane, but his heist raises questions about airport-security controls, even as investigators seek to unravel how and why he did it.
        (If you need to disable the url,do so. Not sure how to format this. Thank you,Gallus Mag)
        Here is a good example of why this is so important. The dude who pulled this stunt appears to be as looney as far too many trans can be.
        If you’ve never flown into Seattle, a huge percentage of flights make their landing approach from the north,flying directly over the heart of Seattle and its downtown with dozens of high rises. If he had wanted to he might have caused a high death toll. And he had a clearance to be on the plane in the cockpit.

      3. Apart from the dubious assumption that TIMs pose no danger, if we allow anyone with male ID who’s trying to appear female to get away with less scrutiny than other passengers because he might be trans and it would be hurtful to question him, that opens the door to men with hostile intent disguising themselves as trans women to evade screening procedures.

    2. I totally agree with radfemisphere. The airline shouldn’t have to apologize for doing its job. It’s their job to check IDs, and make sure people who are boarding are who they say they are.
      “What if known terrorists change their sex and name to disguise themselves? ”
      Good question.

  4. Trans Poe’s Law gets stronger everyday.
    Shilling the whole outing mythology is partially how they got to this point and it’s astounding (and embarrassing) so many people fall for it. I used to do that whole hand-wringing schtick before it finally clicked that a quarter horse in lipstick would pass better than 99% of the clowns.

    1. It’s a joke when they say someone “outed” them. They post creepy photos and videos of themselves all over the internet, and by looking at these photos and videos a blind person could tell that they are male. They whine, “They outed me” when there is half a dozen videos of the dude in drag, and people can clearly see he is a man. People can see the beard and chest hair, and the voice is male. It’s a joke….”They outed me”.

  5. This could also be related to flying in that part of Western Canada where someone is most definitely going to notice and point out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes. No one is going to play pretend to coddle someone’s feelings in Canada’s “Flyover Country”.

    1. Western Canada? Actually, just as on the American West Coast, there is far more of this stuff on Canada’s West Coast, than there is in “flyover country” aka the Midwest. Midwesterners tend to be practical, straight-forward, and more reality-based. We go from CA up to BC just to gawk at the freak show — literally. I am sure there are exceptions though because there always are.

    2. I live here. Believe me, of the transwomen i’ve seen, most of them don’t pass. There is usually a giveaway. With this person, it is the face. No way is that a female face. He is so deluded. No one has to ‘out’ him. Can anyone see his picture and think he was a woman? LOL.

  6. “Herrem’s gender presentation is female, but her gender on her Quebec health care card is marked as male. The accompanying five-year-old photo on the ID card is also presented as male.“
    So the gate agent thought he was a woman with a man’s ID- was she not supposed to say anything?

  7. We should be starting a petition to the gov to ensure they keep following Canada Transport laws instead of prioritizing troons’ feelz over public safety.
    Anyone with experience in starting petitions?
    They’ve got to learn that Bill C-16 doesn’t trump all other Canadian laws.
    What else can we do besides complaining online? Any ideas?

    1. Have you tried writing letters to your elected representatives, requesting a response? Apply political pressure. Vote. Write letters to the editor. The more of us who are visible against trans lunacy, yet generally progressive, the better.

  8. What really strikes me is that this guy, like virtually all others of his kind, of course has a web page to beg for money, and not just attention.

  9. It was such an awful attempt at passing that I actually thought it was a spoof 😱. I didn’t watch the video due to hearing difficulties so I had a good laugh at all the photos lower down, especially those on the telephone. Only realised once the comments continued. Numpty alert. 🏃

  10. lol @ his intonation in the gofundme video… is Frank’n’Furter his role model / spirit animal?

  11. I’m just wondering how the people running this website and all of you commenting here justify your level of cruelty? Are you actual monsters? Do you know you’re talking about real people? Do you know that there’s a good chance they will read your comments? Do you actually want trans people to die?
    I have many trans women in my life whom I love dearly, who are the most brilliant, beautiful, and inspiring people, and who bring a joy into the lives of others that you could never imagine. Fuck all of you pathetic trolls who have decided that it’s fun to spout off this disgusting hate.
    Some statistics (from https://policyfix.ca/2017/01/30/violence-against-trans-people-in-canada-a-primer/):
    * 45% of trans people have attempted suicide in Ontario, and 77% have seriously considered it (CMHA n.d.: n.p.).
    * With strong family support, this figure above decreases by 93% (Bauer and Scheim 2015: 8).
    * There are at least 2,115 reported killings of trans and gender diverse people in 65 countries worldwide between the 1st of January 2008 and the 30th of April 2016 (Transgender Europe 2016: n.p.).
    * As of 2013, 71 killings of trans people had been reported in North America, two of which were reported in Canada and 69 of which were reported in the United States (Ibid. 2013: n.p.).
    * In Ontario, 50% of trans people live off of less than $15,000 a year (Bauer and Scheim 2015: 6).
    * Women’s shelters in many places across Canada can legally outright deny trans women help, and do. In some cases, shelters will deny help to trans women unless they can prove they have had genital surgery (Banks 2015: n.p.).
    * 6% of participants in a survey on trans experiences in Ontario had been in prison or jail, and one-third reported experiencing violence due to their gender (above and beyond violence they may have encountered for other reasons) (Bauer and Scheim 2015: 4).
    * Trans women largely go to prisons because of survival crimes like sex work and petty theft (Banks 2015: n.p.).
    * In Ontario, 20% of trans people experience physical or sexual assault due to their identity, and 34% are subjected to verbal threats or harassment (Bauer and Scheim 2015: 4).
    * Many do not report assaults to the police; in fact, 24% of trans Ontarians reported having been harassed by police (Ibid.).
    * Trans people in both Canada and the US report high levels of violence, harassment, and discrimination when seeking stable housing, employment, health or social services (CMHA n.d.: n.p.).
    * There are higher rates of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and phobic disorders, suicidality, self-harm, and substance use among LGBTQ* people (Ibid.).
    * LGBT people are at double the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than heterosexual people (Ibid.).
    * LGBTQ youth face approximately 14 times the risk of suicide and substance abuse than heterosexual peers, and trans youth and those who had experienced physical or sexual assault were found to be at greatest risk (Ibid.).
    * Trans Ontarians nearly universally report that they have experienced some type of “everyday transphobia.” 96% had heard that trans people were not normal, 73% had been made fun of for being trans, and 78% reported their family had been hurt or embarrassed (Bauer and Scheim 2015: 3).
    * 77% of trans people in Ontario worried about growing old as a trans person, and 67% feared they would die young (Ibid.).
    * Among trans Ontarians, 13% had been fired for being trans (another 15% were fired, and believed it might be because they were trans). Because they were trans, 18% were turned down for a job; another 32% suspected this was why they were turned down. Additionally, 17% declined a job they had applied for and were actually offered, because of the lack of a trans-positive and safe work environment (Ibid.)

    1. “I’m just wondering how the people running this website and all of you commenting here justify your level of cruelty?”
      I don’t think it’s cruel to laugh at a ridiculous media hoax.

    2. You forgot to include the sources from which you cite your ‘statistics’. Perhaps, in addition to learning what a peer-reviewed source is, you could also look up the definition of ‘statistic’. I’ve included the sources here, below, so people can enjoy the highly reputable ‘statistic’ suppliers you base your position upon, including but not limited to, Huffington Post, personal correspondence, transvestite activist press releases, and government funded reports.
      There is no “cruelty” here. It says a lot about you if that is what you see here.
      Here, in this place, are some of the bravest, most intelligent women I have ever read. The high-level of articulation regarding complex social issues is astounding, not to mention the generosity of the women who think deeply and share their thoughts.
      The fact that you bring your base-form of profane expression here (i.e. “Fuck all of you pathetic trolls …” etc.) puts you in stark contrast with the level and tone of this site.
      And, if I had a dollar for every time a man told me I needed to “justify” myself I’d be a very rich and fabulous woman.
      But, hey, thanks for sharing.
      Banks, Sophia. 2015. “Canada’s Failure to Protect Trans Women Should Be an Election Issue.” .
      Bauer, Greta and Ayden Scheim, for the Trans PULSE Project Team. 2015. “Transgender People in Ontario, Canada.” London, ON. pp. 3-8.
      CMHA. N.d. “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer Identified People and Mental Health.” .
      Houdini, Erin. 2013, “Erin’s Trans Glossary.” .
      O’Doherty, for SACOMSS. 2016. “Trans 101 Workshop.” Obtained through personal correspondence.
      Transgender Europe. 2016. “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia ( (IDAHOT) Press Release: Already 100 Reported Murders of Trans People in 2016.” .
      —. 2013. “TMM 2013 Update.” .

    3. MTTs are less likely to be the victims of violence than other men.
      MTTs commit suicide for the same reasons that other men do, because they’re men, and using suicide to screw over women is a male abusers’ tactic. Why do you support male abusers?
      You know what other male population has high rates of suicide? Cops. Are cops oppressed?
      MTTs are imprisoned at high rates because they’re men. Most are not in prison for prostitution. They’re in prison for the same reasons other men are, because MTTs are men.
      MTTs are whiter and wealthier than the public at large because crossdressing and screwing over women is a wealthy white male prerogative.
      Virtually all your statistics are lies. The trans movement is based on lies because it’s run and promoted by lying men. Why do disseminate lies? Why do you support lying men? Why do you support destroying women’s rights for the benefit of lying men?

    4. You realize threatening suicide / making others feel responsible for suicide is a classic tactic of emotional abusers, correct?
      And most of those murder victims were racial minorities. White trans “women” are barely a blip in those statistics. But white men do love to climb on everyone else’s backs to get their way.

    5. You know, under the most lenient descriptions of whatever qualifies as “transphobia,” “harassment,” and “discrimination” some of this shit is true…In the sense that you can only handle an positive environment instead of learning how to ignore or deal with the harsh realities of life.
      What I see here, is that society isn’t giving them what they want or that someone is criticising the trans movement (seriously, this actually happened to me, once), or that nobody wants to hang out with them.

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