Gender Odyssey Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kate O'Hanlan

Dr. Kate O’Hanlan explains her theories. lol, can’t make this shit up.


Origin of Diversity of Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity

Dr. Kate O’Hanlan is a Gynecologic Oncologist and surgeon, with 62 peer-reviewed journal articles in her field shares the fascinating "Origin of Diversity of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity." She is past President of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, author of "Homophobia As a Health Hazard: Report of the GLMA", "Anti-Gay Discrimination in Medicine: Results of a National Survey of LGB Physicians", "Lesbian Health Perspectives for the Treating Obstetrician/Gynecologist," and the first chapters on lesbian health in a gynecologic textbook, and the first published evidence of HPV transmission by lesbian sexual activity. #genderodyssey #genderodyssey2018

Posted by Gender Odyssey on Saturday, August 11, 2018

From their website:
Gender Odyssey Seattle is an international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender diverse children of all ages, their families and supporters, and the professionals who serve them.
Our conference is packed with thought-provoking workshops, including medical information and consultation opportunities, professional education, discussion groups, networking, children and youth programming, and social events. This annual gathering attracts people from all over the world for an uplifting weekend of connection, support, and community at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, USA.”
The conference is sponsored by plastic surgeons: La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgeons (largest sponsor), Brownstein Crane Surgical Services, etc.

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  1. This is interesting. Dr. Kate O’Hanlan wrote a paper in 2007 which cited the surgical removal (by her, presumably) of a fifteen year old girl’s reproductive system based on a diagnosis of “gender”. The girl had been placed on testosterone in 2004-5 at the age of thirteen.
    “The youngest transsexual patient in this series was 15 years old and postpubertal and had been taking testosterone for 2 years. He had the appearance and carriage of a teenage male and was accompanied by both of his supportive parents for his intake examination and throughout his surgery. His school counselor and his personal therapist each wrote letters of support for his surgery.”

    1. I noticed that their logo is a crossed out female symbol. Kind of a slip that they basically castrate children for an uncertain sex life they may or may not want later.

    2. Surgically removing the healthy uterus of a 15 year old female is a human rights abuse. Children can’t consent to being sterilized. It’s freaking ghastly. And, all surgery comes with risks. A 25 year old transman, Rowan Feldhaus, died from complications following a hysterectomy. Feldhaus suffered septic shock after a hysterectomy and lost oxygen to his brain, according to WRDW. This was in May 2017.
      Of course, trans sources praised Feldhaus for being such a brave trans advocate. The death of this 25 year old person is truly sad. The death of any 25 year old is a tragedy. Why can’t people have the courage to say what needs to be said? We don’t need to be pumping young females full of GnRH analogues, testosterone, etc. And, they don’t elective surgery on their healthy reproductive systems. It’s freaking mutilation, and it’s potentially deadly.
      Mutilating females is not brave. It’s not liberating. It’s just sad.

      1. I agree! Business is $$$ business I suppose, guaranteed income just like the millions of wombs hysterectomised around the world every year! Cash flow! It’s women’s bodies the medicos make profits from. So trans people are next… Where are the morals? Plastic surgery anyone? Voluntary multilation supported by the whole family, school counsellors, everyone cheering this on? Leaves me speechless….

  2. We need to start picketing these child abuse conventions.
    Placard them, “transing kids is child abuse”.
    “Why are intact adult men and women sterilizing and castrating our children”
    “no research done on safety of blockers for kids”
    “Keep your gender pincers off children”.
    But, wouldn’t want to smear/upset the poor child attendees?
    Maybe just go undercover, document the mess, reveal all their corporate sponsors and shills?

    1. It’s interesting that mansgender/transgender activists in the UK don masks and block the entrances to venues hosting feminist meetings. And police let them do it!

    2. Good sign slogans. I’d be up for it, but I would like to bring some dependable XY males along as I don’t trust the Seattle Police to protect me. I am also a realist about MTTs’ ability to pulverize me with my average XX physical strength.

    1. Crossing something or combining male and female symbols is clear scientific proof of the need for transition, right? The pose reminds me of Pat Kelly’s TED talk parody, in which he steeples his fingers and says that’s how you know he’s a thought leader. They’re equally empty, manipulative gestures that substitute for hard evidence and complex argument.
      Conversely, the trans crowd tries to ban women’s use of the Venus symbol, XX, and representations of the female reproductive system precisely because they stand for something real.
      (Off-topic: Anyone interested in seeing the parody can search for “Pat Kelly” and “thought leader” on Youtube. If you want companion reading, the amazing Julie Bindel wrote a piece for the Guardian in July on why she hates TED talks. I’d wondered if it was just me.)

  3. Also sponsoring is Planned Parenthood, which has jumped into child sterilization, drugging, and mutilation in a big way.

      1. Just go to the Planned Parenthood website. They have a big section on how parents can diagnose their pre-school children as trans and they have been going into k – 12 public schools with their sex ed program which, I am told by a parent who saw their curriculum is more than 2/3 gender identity stuff plus how awesome anal sex is and the minority is facts about biology and reproduction. Also, if you look around on the Internet you can see that individual locations of PP offer puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, blood tests, and surgical referrals. A recent news story reported that trans patients will spend about $500/yr. I recently received a solicitation call from PP and told the young man who called that I no longer give money to PP because of the way they push the trans agenda and the drugging and sterilization of children. The caller told me I was the victim of a hoax website set up to discredit PP. He made me go to the “real” website and was quite troubled when I showed him that I was not using a hoax site.

        1. I know about Planned Parenthood. They are the second largest US provider of cross-sex hormone treatments (The Veteran’s Administration is the largest). I was asking for evidence that they were financial sponsors of the Gender Odyssey conference.

      2. It’s in an slideshow on the main page of their website.
        Speaking of which, is there anyone out there who regrets being transgender? Because the only one that I know came from an botched circumcision, an surgeon who was trying to popularize (read: make some easy money) removed the rest and told the parents that they have an daughter. And the patient eventually committed suicide.

        1. There are many people who regret transitioning. You can find some of their stories on and some on YouTube. Try searching “detransition”.

      3. Yeah, just saw on the website that “InClued by Planned Parenthood” was an official sponsor. Also noted that KUOW, my local NPR station, was a sponsor. And that means last spring is the last time I ever give them a dime in the fundraising. Can’t wait for them to call!
        So, between PP and an NPR affiliate, we should all be happy that federal tax dollars are promoting this conference.

  4. “You’re all natural. You’re all perfect.”
    … so inject hormones and chop off bits of yourself..?

    1. lol. You’re all perfect just as you are.” So, um, why is a surgeon addressing this conference and why is it being sponsored by drug companies?

  5. lololol! In the Q&A (which is a separate 9 minute video), she “misgenders” one of the conference attendees about 20 seconds in. She says, “Forgive me! I can’t read your badge from here!”
    Because you don’t know who is a woman unless you can read their badge!

  6. Interesting… Michelle Enfield, the other keynote speaker, is trans-identified male to female. Michelle’s FB page has a post stating, “Penis envy. Some cis women will just not like me.”
    Um, no. Not envious. Please keep your penis away from me and my children.

    1. Actually, “Michelle”, I want nothing to do with your penis–or anyone’s penis. That is why I am known as a lesbian

  7. One of the Gender Odd-esy sponsors is the Biden Foundation.
    Joe Biden widely considered a Pedo – although he’s not been charged and convicted – but, his foundation support for transing kids duly noted there.

    1. In the autobiography/manifesto Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality, Sarah mcBride explains how she came to know Jo Biden’s son while working on his campaign and he then introduced sarach to the rest of the biden class and she became part of the family. The suggestion seems to be that this was a primary inspiration behind Biden’s vocal proactive support in this area– as is so often the case we should not be surprised that trans identity not gay or lesbian is the one that has such a strong and sympathetic appeal to a family that is known for struggling with traditional catholic family commitments

  8. This is incredibly upsetting because Lesbian Kate O’Hanlan is or was one of the best gynecological oncologists in the US. She used to give free advice to Lesbians who were worried they had gynecological cancer because she understood we often did not get good or fair treatment from doctors and medical system. (She talked with me by phone for free and if I’d trusted what she told me, I would have avoided surgery. Instead, I went to UCSF to remove an ovary and cyst by another doctor who did a terrible job and who said “I thought that would happen” when one of the incisions infected.)
    In comparison, when I did go to Kate years later, again worried about cancer, (which I didn’t have, but did have a lot of pain and the MRI was inconclusive), she did a complete hysterectomy that was so well done that soon after I woke from anesthesia, I put on my clothes, started walking around the hospital and went home. I was taking walks the next day. She was kind, caring, and conscientious. (The only worrying thing was that afterward she gave me bio-identical estrogen, which should never be given without bio-identical and natural progesterone, since unopposed estrogens cause cancer. A safer version would be 2 mgs of two kinds of estrogens and 120 mgs. progesterone. So that was odd for a gynecological oncologist who knows about hormones.)
    Women from all over the US went to her for surgery for cancer, and I’m guessing she has a long waiting list. So it’s even more upsetting that she is supporting this horrific trans industry.
    It makes me wonder again if something has been put into the water or food or brain parasites to make women become this deranged.
    This is so terrible….
    Thank you for letting us know….

    1. FTTs seem to have high rates of cancer, which isn’t surprising since women with naturally high rates of testosterone have higher rates of cancer. Maybe she’s trying to profit off of women poisoning themselves.

      1. I don’t think she would need to. She sure doesn’t need the money. She seemed to have far more women needing her help than she had time for. She was a well-established gynecological oncologist at Stanford long before the trans cult spread so much to women. I’m also seeing massive increases in cancer among women not playing with testosterone. So much exposure to toxicity, including radioactive medical scans, including mammograms. (CT scans now account for 20% of US cancers.
        I think it’s a combination of self-hatred and being a “do-gooder.” Lesbians trying to rescue our oppressors is destroying us.

  9. Wow. This people really don’t see how darkly humorous it is for a transgender conference to be sponsored by plastic surgery offices. I would laugh if it wasn’t for the fact that these monsters are advocating for the mutilation of gender non-conforming children.
    Sadly, I have no doubt that we will be proven right 10-20 years from now when a wave of children who were transitioned/castrated at a young age grow up and realize what was stolen from them. These kids will either launch a mass of lawsuits and/or end up committing suicide because they realized that they were never fully informed about what they were sacrificing when they transitioned before puberty (and that they didn’t have the capacity to consent to it even if they were).
    And these kids will likely be ignored or aggressively silenced by the rich men in the transgender lobby who want to maintain the lie that medical transition is a magical fix with no negative repercussions.
    In numerous US states, a minor is not allowed to consent to using a tanning bed because they’re not mature enough to consider how those things will damage their skin and/or give them cancer 30 years down the line. And minors aren’t allowed to get tattoos because adult society knows that a fourteen year old is likely to permanently ink something onto their body that they will regret when they grow up. But now we’re supposed to swallow the idea that a goddam TODDLER can make an informed choice to change their legal gender!? And that an eleven year old is mature enough to decide to castrate themselves with hormone drugs (which will destroy their fertility, sexual function, retard their bone/brain/body development, impact their ability to find romantic partners in adulthood, etc)?

      1. And kids can change their legal gender even earlier than that. Coy Mathis was diagnosed as trans by his stupid hippie parents at the age of eighteen MONTHS old (and they were able to change his medical/legal records to “female” when he was still a toddler)! And his parents went to the Colorado Supreme Court to bully his kindergarten into letting him use the girls’ toilet when he was six years old (and, sadly, they won).
        That’s right. We now live in a world where an obviously crazy parent can waltz into a doctors office, say “my one year old baby identifies as transgender! please change his/her/zyr medical records to reflect that!”, and the doctor will do it without question because questioning this madness is now a hate crime.
        If I brought a baby into the doctors office and said “he has schizophrenia! Give him lithium!” or “She has cancer! Give her chemo!” they wouldn’t just take my (or the baby’s) word for it and medicate the kid. But basic medical ethics go right out the window whenever a kid or parent claims a transgender diagnosis. This is legitimately scary.

      2. And with what happened in Vermont this evening, these Nazis, these fascists will be even more emboldened to have more events like this, where they will put a friendly face on the work of Dr. Mengele.
        @B-Dala…I am tempted to make a very serious bet that, in 20-30 years, the numbers of those who will be culpable in this, will be the same as those who denied that what went on in Auschwitz or Dachau. As well as if being paraded in the media, they will have the same looks on the face of ‘we did not know this was going on, they all seemed to be doing what was the right and fair thing’. But they did know what was going on, just that the rank and file were to goddamned stupid and hoodwinked to stop this shit, before it got worse.

  10. My guess is people like O’Hanlan are getting big grants to speak about this stuff. The amount of money rolling into the trans industry is staggering, as is the contributions to trans in all LGBT orgs now. And the lure of being able to do experimental medicine on desparate patients, think big pharma testing out every AIDS drug back in the day on thousands of people with an illness that had no cure — 80s and early 90s….. medicine, from the very beginning is filled with doctors who want to experiment on the general public…. what a lot of people forget, is that they always want to do this, and trans is a big ticket item these days.

    1. Many of the current transgender medical programs were or are funded by money from HIV grants. For example, Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy’s clinic for “transgender children” was initially funded by public health money intended for HIV care.

  11. Gallus, thanks for the article. Just when I think it can’t get more ghoulish, I read about 15 year old girls getting hysterectomies because of “gender dysphoria”. When will this experiment on children end.
    Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Female-to-Male Transsexuals Katherine A. O’Hanlan, MD, Suzanne L. Dibble, DNSc, RN, and Mindy Young-Spint, MD
    OBJECTIVE: To compare the results of laparoscopic hysterectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy, and incidental appendectomy for female-to-male transsexuals with those of female patients.
    * This is a peculiar sounding objective. It kind of sounds like she isn’t sure if FTMs are female. Someone needs to tell the doctor that females who are pumped full of testosterone are still human females.
    In this paragraph, the doctor basically says they don’t know the risks of uterine cancer, etc. from long term testosterone use. Doesn’t it make more sense not to drug females with high doses of testosterone for years instead of removing their reproductive organs?
    “The prevalence of these cancers has not been studied in this population, but there are reports that raise the concern that testosterone use may increase cancer risk and that cancer screening use may be low. Androgen therapy has been reported to cause polycystic changes in the ovaries, increased uterine weight and endometrial thickness, adenomyosis, stimulation of the endometrium,10 and mucometra,10,11 mediated by upregulation and stimulation of both androgen and estrogen receptors.12 In this series, the uteri were significantly smaller in the transsexuals taking testosterone. Androgen receptors have also been identified in increasing concentrations in endometrial hyperplasias and cancers in comparison with normal endometrium.13 In one report, ovarian cancer cells harvested from a transsexual taking long-term testosterone contained a rich concentration of androgen receptors, leading to a recommendation that transsexuals undergoing genital reconstruction surgery always have a hysterectomy and oophorectomy.14 The World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care confirms the usefulness of hysterectomy with oophorectomy in patients who are transitioning under counseling with an experienced psychotherapist. Transsexual patients should have fertility counseling from the gynecologist as well. At any time during the reproductive years, testosterone can be discontinued with likely resumption of ovulation for potential fertility. However, before hysterectomy and oophorectomy, all transsexuals should be counseled about permanent loss of fertility.”
    Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Female-to-Male Transsexuals Katherine A. O’Hanlan, MD, Suzanne L. Dibble, DNSc, RN, and Mindy Young-Spint, MD
    We don’t need Dr. O’Hanlan to tell us this. All we have to do is read an “Informed Consent” form. See, it goes like this. All these drugs (GnRH analogues for “gender dysphoric kids”, testosterone for FTMs, estrogen for MTFs) are all off label uses for these drugs. That is why adults are asked to be human guinea pigs and sign a form that lets the doctor cover his or her ass.
    I have a lot of questions for the doctor. Has she read an “Informed Consent” form for testosterone? Read again where she says, “The prevalence of these cancers has not been studied in this population, but there are reports that raise the concern that testosterone use may increase cancer risk and that cancer screening use may be low.” Why do perfectly healthy females need to take high doses of testosterone for years? Their logic seems rather strange, in a ghoulish kind of way. We don’t know about cancer risk of years of testosterone, so let’s take out the healthy uterus of teenage girls just in case. Is this their way of thinking? This is coming from gynecologists.
    One paragraph says,
    “Young age is a relative contraindication for hysterectomy and oophorectomy. However, youth are identifying their gender identity at earlier ages than in the past.15 The World Professional Association for Transgender Health allows for hormonal and surgical therapy for postpubertal candidates who are following the guidelines. Transsexuals who were diagnosed with gender identity disorder in their early teens were reported to “pass” undetected much more easily as members of the opposite sex if their secondary sex characteristics were reversibly suppressed until their diagnosis was firmly established in their later teens.16.”
    * The doctor doesn’t tell people that the cost of “passing” involves pumping kids full of GnRH analogues and hormones, rendering these kids infertile. There could be problems with bone and brain development. No one really knows. We are just discovering that males who are medically “transitioned” at an early age have no sexual functioning. And, as for males, because they never mature physically, they don’t have the tissue for the most common SRS procedure.
    ”The youngest transsexual patient in this series was 15 years old and postpubertal and had been taking testosterone for 2 years. He had the appearance and carriage of a teenage male and was accompanied by both of his supportive parents for his intake examination and throughout his surgery. His school counselor and his personal therapist each wrote letters of support for his surgery.”
    Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Female-to-Male Transsexuals Katherine A. O’Hanlan, MD, Suzanne L. Dibble, DNSc, RN, and Mindy Young-Spint, MD
    We know children are being chemically sterilized with GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones. If teenage girls are getting their healthy uterus and ovaries removed, they sure as hell are going to be permanently infertile. These are my questions for the doctor.
    * Who did the surgery on the 15 year old girl? Was it her, or another surgeon?
    * How can 15 year old teenage girls give consent to have their ovaries and uterus removed and be permanently sterilized?

    In one paragraph she says, “Transsexual patients should have fertility counseling from the gynecologist as well. At any time during the reproductive years, testosterone can be discontinued with likely resumption of ovulation for potential fertility. However, before hysterectomy and oophorectomy, all transsexuals should be counseled about permanent loss of fertility.”
    *Who did the “fertility counseling” with the 15 year old girl? Was it the surgeon? What exactly did the surgeon say to the 15 year old girl? This assumes that the girl had the mental capacity and maturity to give informed consent.
    Sterilizing children is universally recognized as a human rights abuse. And, we know damn well that they will be permanently infertile if they get their reproductive organs surgically removed. Children lack judgment and maturity. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain isn’t fully developed until the early twenties. There is a scientific reason why we don’t let children engage in risky behavior such as drinking, smoking, driving, etc.
    This is a very interesting last paragraph.
    ”From this review, it can be concluded that total laparoscopic hysterectomy/bilateral salpingoophorectomy has a role in the gynecologic care of female to-male transsexuals, even those at a very young age, if they are following the established Standards of Care.8 These procedures may facilitate their progress to a more satisfying and healthy life.”
    I have some more questions for the doctor. Notice in the very last paragraph she says, “…even those at a very young age.” Dr., how young are we talking about? If 15 year old girls are getting hysterectomies to remove their healthy uterus and ovaries, why not 14 year old girls? What is the age limit? Also, notice how she says, “if they are following the established Standards of Care.8” What are the “established Standards of Care”? Just follow the footnote. This is a politically biased “standard of care”. 8. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health. WPATH standards of care for gender identity disorders. Sixth Version. 2001.
    This is coming from a gynecologist, a doctor of medicine who is supposed to care about the female reproductive system. We really don’t care how young we start to cut out a healthy uterus because trans sources say it’s all good.
    How in the hell did she go from being a gynecologist treating female patients to saying, “even those at a very young age” need their uterus removed because biased trans sources say it’s no problem.

    1. Maybe this is where the trans”women” who fetishize motherhood hope to eventually get their donor uterii.

  12. We really know how credible a medical doctor’s speech is when the first five or ten minutes includes someone giving away raffle drawings for free skin care products from plastic surgeons, makers of skin care products, etc. And, notice how right off the bat they made sure to thank their sponsors, the people making money from medically transitioning kids and adults. No, not one bit of conflict of interest. It’s just pure science.
    Was Dr. O’Hanlan paid for this speech? Or, is she getting some kind of kickback from all the commercial interests clearly on display at the conference?
    Dr. O’Hanlan sure sounds like a loon when she says things like, “Lesbians throw more accurately than hetero women”, and “Lesbians hear low pitch like men”. This speech does get strange. Notice how she never says lesbian, except at the end when she says peculiar things like lesbians throw better than straight women. Maybe it’s a touch of senility. She is sixty years old. I really don’t know.
    This video starts out rather strange with Dr. saying she felt like a “pervert” growing up gay in the South. This is the first thing she says. I always felt different too, but I never felt like a pervert. She might have felt like a “pervert” sixty years ago, but lesbians today are told that they are “transphobic bigots” for not wanting penis on a transwoman. I wonder what the good doctor thinks of the “Cotton Ceiling” theory first proposed by a trans porn star.
    There is nothing special about this horrid video. It’s typical transgender tactics intended to intentionally conflate gender identity, sexual orientation, and disorders of sexual development. Throughout this video, gender identity, sexual orientation, and intersex seem to blur together. It’s a totally blurring of transgender, sexual orientation, and intersex. How can anyone trust a physician who acts as if sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex are the same thing? They are not. At about 12:57 into the video, she says she did some research on PubMed, etc., and says she discovered more or less, “What is the story on us gay people, and transgender people, bi people, and intersex people.” Someone needs to tell the doctor that there is no “us” because sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity. And, despite the fact that trans activists colonize and co-opt the heck out of intersex, disorders of sexual development are NOT the same as transgender. Here we have a medical doctor who seems to think that actual disorders of sexual development which can be verified with genetic tests, medical tests, etc, and transgender, which for all practical purposes is culturally based, are one and the same. How can a medical doctor not know that intersex is not the same as transgender? Either she is ignorant, or she decided to follow the trans narrative.
    She gives us a quick overview of sexual differentiation, SRY gene, etc. We can get this from a biology textbook. What was the purpose of spending thirty minutes doing this? The vast majority of transgender identified people have no genetic or anatomical abnormalities. Before they “transition”, physically, they are no different than other people. Most intersex people are infertile whereas many transgender identified people are biological parents. I’m sure she knows this, so why does she parrot the same tired old transgender narrative? Trans activists co-opting intersex has been discussed at great length on this blog and other websites. Every mainstream intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender.
    The doctor says something that cannot be proven scientifically. She says, “Our transgender brothers and sisters brain functions like the gender they identify with”. We can verify physical changes, but behavior is more complicated. Most people know that the SRY gene kicks the fetus into producing a bit of testosterone that eventually creates male genitalia. Old research has shown that this can prime the male brain for certain behaviors like rough and tumble play, risk taking etc. This is true to a certain extent, but no one can say that there is such a thing as a “male brain” and a “female brain”. We can see physical changes in a fetus brought about through an interplay of genes and hormones, but we can’t say how the child will behave as it ages. Recent research by people like Dr. Cordellia Fine tell us that what we thought was some kind of hard wired difference in male brains versus female brains is largely cultural. When it comes to behavior, we can’t completely separate culture. If what we thought about male brains versus female brains is wrong, and doesn’t take into consideration cultural factors, what does this tell us about the transgender brain? Keep in mind that transgender and gender identity aren’t medical or scientific terms.
    At any rate, if there are slight differences in the brains of people who identify as transgender, how do we know that these differences don’t exist in people who don’t identify as transgender? And, how do people explain detransition? A lot of trans identified people revert back to identifying with their biological sex. If as she says, “Our transgender brothers and sisters brain functions like the gender they identify with”, how can it undo itself when they detransition?
    At the end of this video, she gets really strange by saying things like lesbians throw better than straight women, etc. And, lesbians prefer certain smells. What is the purpose of this nonsense? What is she trying to prove? We don’t need this tottering aging loon to tell us what we already know. Before children started being medically “transitioned” with GnRH analogues, hormones, etc., researchers knew that most gender non-conforming children grew up to be gay men or lesbians. Not all, but most. This is old research. There are profound and logical reasons why more people are starting to call the medical transitioning of children gay and lesbian eugenics, particularly lesbian eugenics. These links are just a small sample.

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    Research evidence: most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian

    Do Youth Transgender Diagnoses Put Would Be Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adults at Risk for Unnecessary Medical Intervention?

    The surgical suite: Modern-day closet for today’s teen lesbian

    Children are being medically transitioned before they have time to fully explore their sexuality. We know this is happening. Just as disturbing as this, the number of girls being transitioned outnumbers the number of boys. We are talking about radically altering young female bodies through drugs and surgery, and logic tells us that the huge spike in females is largely cultural. In essence, female bodies are being radically altered based wholly, or partially, on cultural factors. Despite what trans sources tell us, there is no way to completely separate “gender dysphoria” from cultural and parental influences. For example, kids can spend hours on thousands of trans websites, blogs, etc. Hell, yes, something cultural is happening.
    Finally, gynecologists of all people should know how horrific female genital mutilation is. If FTM “bottom surgery” is botched, we are talking about mutilation. This is about Dr. Curtis Crane. Why wasn’t this covered in mainstream news?
    Update: Top San Francisco phalloplasty surgeon now with 8 malpractice suits

    Update: Top San Francisco phalloplasty surgeon now with 8 malpractice suits

    Check out their sponsors, and scroll down to see a photo of Dr. Curtis Crane from Brownstein and Crane.

  13. Kate’s been in the SF Bay Area for decades, but I guess growing up as a Never-het Lesbian (which she says she is) in the South would be traumatizing. (I’m 67 and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the Kentucky border, but was moved to the Bay Area when I was 15.) Still the girl I was in love with at five, and was almost five years older than me, came out in Cincinnati in about 1964. Nothing supportive for young Lesbians existed then and doctors assumed we were mentally ill. No books, and the only films were horrifically Lesbian-hating.
    But still, Kate being seven years younger than me meant she would have been exposed to the massive changes with Lesbian Feminist books, newspapers, and growing communities. Plus, it IS a choice to be Lesbian or celibate or bisexual or het, as all Lesbian Feminists knew and said in the Seventies. So she did make that choice, yet, all these decades later is afraid to say “Lesbian?”
    I agree that her saying she felt like a “pervert” is very odd. I’m a Lifelong Lesbian, in love with girls from my earliest memories, but I never felt like a pervert.
    I had a sense that she had some cultish religious ideas when talking with her. And perhaps trying to stop women from dying for decades takes a toll and believing in a non-existent god helps, but one cult can lead to another….
    What a shame.
    By the way, I think we can comfortably believe there are very clear differences in female versus male brains, which seems to have been proven, including that females have more access across brain hemispheres. The problem, like with so much else, is that the transcult tried to steal and use that truth for their own lies, with the men pretending to have “lady brains.” The fact that our brains are different from theirs just proves they are not and can never be women.

    1. @BevJo,
      “By the way, I think we can comfortably believe there are very clear differences in female versus male brains, which seems to have been proven, including that females have more access across brain hemispheres. ”
      That is true to a certain extent. Yes, there are differences, but the idea that there is a “girl brain” and a boy brain seems sexist. We can’t completely separate cultural influences from individual behavior.

      1. But we can recognize an overwhelming correlation between males and violence, throughout all human history and culture, as well as in primates in general.

      2. I so agree, Gallus Mag.
        Truth isn’t “sexist,” SkyLark. And brain differences are scientific fact, which is separate from socialization theories that I disagree with anyway.
        I never say there is a “girl brain” or “boy brain.” I say that there are massive differences in females and males that go beyond socialization.
        We have to be careful to separate strategies from truth. Early feminism promoted the idea of no brain differences as a way to say women deserved equal treatment. Then the TiMs used the idea of different brains to say they had “lady” brains, but they make no sense, as always, because knowing our brains are different means they can’t even have female brains any more than extensive surgery gives them female bodies.

    2. Why should any lesbian say that she feels like a pervert. being gay, lesbian or bi is a perfectly normal variation of human sexuality.

  14. @ Gallus,
    “But we can recognize an overwhelming correlation between males and violence, throughout all human history and culture, as well as in primates in general.”
    On a different note, RIP Aretha…..Queen of Soul

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