First elected NUS Trans Officer Jess Bradley suspended under investigation for alleged public flashing, indecent exposure

popular Jess Bradley meme. Photo/Quotes: Sky News

Jess Bradley, the first elected Trans Officer in the UK National Union of Students, has been suspended from his paid, full-time, funded position after it was alleged that he maintained a tumblr blog called ‘Exhibitionizm’ where he allegedly posted photos of himself exposing his erect penis and/or masturbating in various public spaces including trains, bus stops, parks, and in his shared office at Manchester University. Other posts include themes of rape, pedophilia, and incest.
The charges seem to have originated on July 22, from an individual on Twitter named @xNoMoreSilencex who identifies as a “transwoman”. They posted several screen caps of the ‘Exhibitionizm’ blog, accusing Jess Bradley of sexual harassment, flashing, indecent exposure, and incitement (several of the posts involved “dares” where the blogger and his followers egged each other on to perform sexual acts in front of non-consenting bystanders and/or targets). The blog, attributed to Bradley, was deleted within hours of the public Twitter accusations.
View the unrolled Twitter thread here:
You can view screencaps of the now deleted ‘Exhibitionizm’ blog here:
The Twitter account accusing Bradley posted the following statement on July 23:

“Statement on Public Disclosures, By a Trans Woman & Survivor

We take no joy in making survivors testimony public. We have no desire for witch hunts or mob justice, and we oppose the reactionary forces in our society who will see this as an opportunity to collectively punish all trans women for the abuses perpetrated by one of us.

However, we refuse to silence survivors under the mantra of “keep it in the family”. We reject the idea that survivors are bringing shame on their own communities by coming forward. We recognise, and indeed we experience, the hyper-violence of transmisogyny.

We have to examine why the concerns raised about the amplifying effect that transmisogyny will have in calling out Jess is in focus, while the reality of the amplifying effect that the transmisogny experienced by survivors of her abuse is disregarded.

As someone who experiences transmisogny, Jess is certainly more vulnerable to our allegations, but as a popular and well connected trans organiser she also has greater access to other, more vulnerable trans people than most.

We also ask how we can credibly defend ourselves against the accusations by reactionaries, and in particular TERFs, that all trans women are rapists, if we cannot take it seriously and believe survivors when they come forward and tell us that one of our own is an abuser.

Every trans organisation that has been notified of these matters and continues to shelter an abuser is doing far more harm to trans women, in particular trans survivors but also to trans communities collectively, than any survivor coming forward ever could.

We seek restorative justice, and have no interest in punative or carceral approaches. But restorative justice must start with a genuine admission of wrongdoing, a proper engagement with accountability processes, and a meaningful surrendering of institutional power.”

Besides serving as the first Trans Officer of the NUS, Jess Bradley founded the controversial ‘Action for Trans Health’ organization, which demanded free sex-change drugs and surgeries (and reversal surgeries) for people of all ages, and the release of all incarcerated prisoners who identify as transgender, among other things.
Jess Bradley was selected to give testimony in Parliament to Maria Miller’s Women and Equalities Commission, and his testimony was cited seven times in her final report.
Jess Bradley, age 30, “identifies as” a bisexual “Non-Binary Woman” and does not appear to have undergone any type of transgender medical process, although he does frequently wear blue nail polish.
You can view Jess Bradley in his role as public spokesperson, being interviewed for Sky News on July 19, here:

Prior to his career in transactivism, Jess was an activist for public nudity, having organized The Manchester “Naked Tea Party”, an attempted public “mass nudity event” in 2011. Bradley also ran a website called “Naked Vegan Cooking” where himself and guests would expose themselves to viewers while preparing food.
Jess Bradley has also mounted several protests against Gay Pride marches over the years, including (but not limited to) Berlin 2009, Manchester 2010, Sheffeld 2017, Glasgow 2017.
You can view Jess Bradley in action before his arrest at Glasgow Pride 2017 here: (Warning- this is very funny. May laugh out loud. Watch the guy (Bradley) in the purple backpack)

Jess Bradley has posted a statement yesterday on his blog:

“statement on recent events

I have currently been suspended from my role at NUS pending an investigation. Due to my contractual obligations to keep the nature and details of the investigation confidential, there are a number of things I would like to say but am currently not able to talk about without risking my job. I appreciate at this time there is a lot of speculation about my conduct and I am able to tell you that I am confident that none of my behaviour has been unlawful, and that I have not engaged in sexual activity with anyone, or in the view of anyone, without their consent. I intend to engage cooperatively with NUS’ investigation, and hope I should be in a position to talk about the situation in full to the communities that I am accountable to.

This statement is all I am going to say on this matter until the NUS investigation is completed.”
In a final (?) twist to this story, Jess Bradley has reportedly retained the expensive celebrity law firm Carter Ruck to protect his interests in this matter. The UK tabloid The Sun reported that they were prevented from naming Bradley in their report. From the Sun: 

GAGGING FOR THE SUN The Sun barred from exposing union official over flashing claims after person uses Sir Cliff Richard privacy ruling

A top union official suspended over claims of flashing and posting vile solo sex act images online has used a privacy ruling to keep it secret


By Gary O’Shea and Ben Lazarus

27th July 2018, 11:03 pmUpdated: 28th July 2018, 2:08 am

A TOP union official suspended over claims of flashing has used the Sir Cliff Richard privacy ruling to keep it secret.

A whistleblower saw vile internet blog pictures of the person allegedly performing solo sex acts at work and on public transport.

A top union official suspended over claims of flashing has used the Sir Cliff Richard privacy ruling to keep it secret

An internal investigation was launched but when The Sun made inquiries, the official hired expensive celebrity lawyers Carter Ruck in a bid to avoid being named.

They argued that, as a judge last week ruled the BBC invaded Sir Cliff’s privacy by reporting a police raid at his home, the internal investigation was also private.

One sickening image allegedly shows the official exposing private parts in a union office.

Another shows flashing on a train and more pics were taken at a bus stop and in a park.

Images show the union official flashing on a train with more vile pics taken at a bus stop and in a park

Approached by The Sun, the union confirmed the name of the person suspended. After we went to the individual for comment, lawyers insisted their client was not a public figure despite appearing regularly at public rallies and on TV news.

A union source said of the photos: “It is absolutely appalling if true. Behaviour like this  simply has no place here.”

Gavin Millar QC, who headed the BBC’s legal team in the Sir Cliff case, warned the judgment would strike a serious blow against the media

The Sun Says

THE Sun warned that the privacy ruling in the Sir Cliff Richard case would have a chilling impact on Press freedom and harm the pursuit of justice.

Mr Justice Mann set a very dangerous precedent by suggesting those under police investigation should not be named in normal circumstances.

Surprise, surprise! It took a week for us to get a legal letter citing the case to try to prevent publication of a story.

A union official has been suspended for allegedly pleasuring themselves in their office and in public and uploading pictures of their activity online.

The lawyers objected to us revealing the official’s name because they claimed an internal investigation was “private”.

The judge’s ruling is a dangerous slide towards Press censorship, at the expense of YOUR right to know.

Of course, the winners are the rich and powerful who can afford top lawyers to stop any scrutiny, regardless of the public interest.

This terrible judgment must be appealed – and quickly.

A union spokesperson said: “As a result of allegations, we can confirm ‘X’ has been suspended pending an investigation.

“Matters pertaining to the investigation are confidential to allow a fair and impartial process.”

From the Daily Mail:

“Britain’s first official ‘transgender students’ officer’ has been suspended over allegations that she posted explicit photographs on an online blog.

Jess Bradley, who was born male but refers to herself as a ‘nonbinary trans woman’, was the first person to be elected to the full-time paid role by the National Union of Students (NUS).

But she was suspended from her post last week while the NUS carries out an internal investigation into claims that she published pictures of male genitalia under the headline Exhibitionizm on her personal blog.

Shocking images on the site show an individual flashing while sitting in a train carriage, in a public park and at a bus stop.

Another photograph shows male genitals being exposed in an office close to a curved wooden desk that is strikingly similar to a picture of a work desk that Ms Bradley posted on her Facebook page.

When The Mail on Sunday set out the allegations in detail to the NUS, a spokesman confirmed Ms Bradley, 29, had been suspended from her post ‘pending an investigation’, adding: ‘The matters pertaining to the investigation are confidential to allow for a fair and impartial process. NUS will continue to support Jess, full time officers, staff and volunteers during this time.’

Ms Bradley declined to comment, but has instructed libel lawyers Carter Ruck.

The law firm sought to prevent the publication of the story on privacy grounds.

As part of its argument, it cited last week’s High Court ruling that the BBC had infringed on the privacy of Sir Cliff Richard by reporting a police raid on his home. Carter Ruck argued that, based on the judgment, a report on Ms Bradley’s suspension and the NUS investigation relating to it would be an infringement of her privacy.”

Read more at the link: 
It remains to be seen how the politically powerful and monied transgender lobby and their well-heeled celebrity attorneys believe they will bury this emerging story in the internet age of #MeToo. Have they never heard of The Streisand Effect? And what will they do about all the hilarious memes?

Hilarious internet meme. (H/T LogicalMarcus)


81 thoughts on “First elected NUS Trans Officer Jess Bradley suspended under investigation for alleged public flashing, indecent exposure

  1. Thanks for this excellent summary of recent events involving this man we all knew had big secrets and was probably decompensating.

    1. When it said the pictures were censored, I thought it was safe to have look. Let’s just say they are not very well done and don’t view after eating.
      On a happier note, I was at Manchester Pride 2010 and I am going this year. Just going to book a brass band to start the parade.😏

  2. Naked Vegan Cooking! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 A total trend bunny and a pervert. What an unedifying mixture. He’s the perfect illustration, during the consultations for Britain’s new Gender Recognition Act, of the fact that the trans movement is so ill defined and unprofessional that pretty much random perverts funnel them selves into it. And then boom 💥 have positions of authority. From what I’m seeing this guy seems to just be some plain old exhibitionist. 🙄 Good on the trans person who outed this.

      1. Never mind Ms Apple, I think I have you confused with… well… about *5 different feminists* who have been banned from twitter this week. I don’t know what other names they might post under. Dysphoria Joe was banned, possibly Penny White too? If anyone knows who-all they got this time, please drop a note here if you are no longer able to log in to twitter.
        The gay man I quoted in an earlier thread, who said he was ‘daily’ called transphobe for not wanting to date trans men, was also banned. I hope the fact that I quoted him here was not a contributing factor in that, but I know it probably was.
        They are determined to wipe all critical-gender feminists and gays off FB and twitter. Meanwhile, they will claim this Jess pervert is just an outlier.

  3. If the trans lobby is paying for this expensive law firm, they’re being betrayed. When the details about the perpetrator are squelched, this person becomes an every-trans-woman, not an accountable individual. I suppose the next step is for Jess to get off through the machinations of his lawyers and triumphantly declare his exoneration (with his package covered), but by then the damage is done.

    1. Horrendous as all of this sexual abuse is, I take comfort in the ability of these abusers and enablers to trip over themselves at every junction.

      1. The union probably are paying. I have temped for this law firm and they aren’t cheap. However, I have a horrible suspicion that in keeping with Liberal STFU Britain, they are now right on pro trans and see it as an attack on yuman rites. Also, this guy seems to be gay judging by the porn he watches. Why aren’t the gay community up in arms about this and the fodder it gives homophobes? No, just women complaining as usual because we’re always whinging about something aren’t we?

      2. From the linked sources, it seems like innately Bradley’s a gay male with multiple paraphilias (attraction to late adolescent males, exhibitionism, submissiveness), with a “cultural overlay” of edgy counterculture (kink, identifying as nonbinary and trans and bi, veganism).
        I’m basing this guess off of random reading that I’ve done in sexology…
        As opposed to women, innately bi men are extremely rare, though for different social reasons men with gay or straight orientations do engage in unexpected sexual acts (e.g. married closeted gays, straight male hookups like in prison):

        Like @Hogwash notes, Bradley’s porn consumption is very gay.
        Within that porn can also be seen a cluster of paraphilias like exhibitionism and submissiveness (paraphilias are typically male, and tend to co-occur).
        As can be seen in all of the teen and school porn stuff, Bradley seems to prefer late adolescent males, in terms of age gradient:
        Since Bradley runs in edgy counterculture circles (e.g. the veganism), he’s probably self-declaring as trans and nonbinary and bi because it’s hip.
        Specifically, maybe it’s a sophistication thing in the circles that he runs in? Like that he’s truly enlightened, and that truly enlightened people don’t care about gender or genitals, and will be attracted to anyone.
        A friend who teaches in art school has heard queer kids nowadays saying stuff like this, and he heard about a young gay guy going a step further and trying to force himself to enjoy oral sex with women because “you’re supposed to” (! – this gay college student’s doing this not to be straight, but to be sexually sophisticated, since sexually sophisticated people enjoy all sex, he thinks).
        In any case, this whole blow-up really goes to show what a grab-bag of stuff can surface with someone identifying as a trans woman.

      3. He’s almost definitely identifying as a “woman” so he can get away with being a pervert. Trans is a get-out-of-jail-free card for many MTTs. Even if they can’t fully escape prosecution, they’ll get more leniency than they would as regular men, and, of course, they’ll have the prison system bending over backwards to give them anything they want. And, social censure effectively doesn’t exist when an MTT is outed as a pervert and predator. I honestly was shocked that he was removed from his NUS position over this. MTTs are just so oppressed, they can’t be held responsible for abuse of others.
        Looking at him, he screams incel transbian, but I guess a pedophile slapping on lipstick and a skirt would look the same as his straight womanhood-larping bros.

      4. “And, social censure effectively doesn’t exist…”
        Very true, this example makes that crystal clear.
        If Bradley was a run-of-the-mill nerdish gay guy who was found out to have a teen porn fetish & be exposing himself at work and in public, perhaps while watching unaware people, it definitely seems like he’d become an organizational untouchable and everyone would throw him under the bus. They’d be afraid he would prey on children and maybe be on the peeping tom/serial killer trajectory like another Jeffrey Dahmer.
        If he was somewhat involved in gay kink like the leather scene, maybe people would censure his involvement of people non-consensually, and call him out for not channeling his desires consensually through groups with their own spaces?
        Just some random thoughts on how this scenario might pan out, if he was part of other gay male identities and subcultures.

  4. I find it next to impossible to see that this perverted human being was ever held in any positive regard. It sickens me. People who allow these creatures to have any kind of power are delusional.

  5. OT: Interesting, the BBC puts out a video about gender stereotyping of children, not realizing if they go too far down this line of gender critical thinking, it is ultimately “transphobic” –

    Most of the angry comments, however, unfortunately, support gender stereotyping.

    1. The horseshoe effect is strong in those comments.
      The one that stood out to me was the person talking about their son bashing a doll into the wall (that’s the kind of hellspawn behavior I got into as a girl). Of course that’s “evidence” that boys must be inherently rowdy and violent and asocial but if he was a gentle and enjoyed his “girly” things how quickly would he be at the gender clinic or verbally shat on until he picked up masculine interests? So delightful having it come from both ends.

  6. I find annoying and dishonest the statement that TERFs are about saying all transpeople are perverts. No, that is not what gender critical feminist are saying. We are saying that TIMs are violent, abusive and sexually perverted in roughly the same numbers as men since they are biologically men. And that if the laws are so loose as to allow any man who says so is a woman then men who are misogynists and perverts may use it to easily gain access to private women’s spaces and abuse them. This case shows that one can rise high in the trans activist hierarchy and be exactly the kind of man women do not want in their spaces.

    1. Actually I would correct the last sentence to say this is why we do not want any men including TIMs in our private spaces.

    2. The whole “TERFs are saying all transwomen are perverts!” is indistinguishable from the classic “Not All Men!”. It’s amazing they are allowed to obfuscate that by calling themselves non-men.

  7. And what is the LGBT media reporting about this issue… crickets
    Also, Bradley fucked up issuing a statement. TRAs on Twitter we’re going with the “it wasn’t her!!!” defense, until he basically admitted it.

    1. They really cannot shut up about “TERFs” or “transmisogyny” long enough to even play at being decent human beings.

    2. Guess why “Finn” and all the POS who support him/her/it are so hysterical about “TERFs,” going so far as to claim we’re “in the minority,” even though the opposite is true? Because these losers know damn well that they’re losing, as losers tend to do. And they’re losing despite having seemingly *everything* in their corner—1) billions of dollars in funding, 2) politicians, officials, and business “tycoons” at the highest echelons of their respective trades, 3) the braying, obnoxious backing of nearly every MSM outlet across both North America and Great Britain, and last but surely not least, 4) the majority of Western colleges, universities, and K-12 public schools.
      It’s a sick burn to have all that and more championing their right to force their autogynephiliac perversions on every woman and child on Earth, at taxpayer expense, no less (!!!) yet women, female humans, us Totally Excellent Real Females, are NOT buying their sh*t for one measly second! And we never will!
      Who is ACTUALLY in the minority, “despite their ability to misdirect and dominate the public narrative”? The pro-Troon faction, of course! Ask the typical Jenn Q. Public or John Doe on the street—and as long as it’s made clear they won’t be penalized for daring to oppose the P.C. party line, you find out quickly that people aren’t buying the trans crap these autogynephiles and their cheerleaders are peddling. In fact, the likeliest response from all those Jenn Q. Publics and John Does, by a freakin’ LANDSLIDE, is this: “Yeah yeah, transpeople should have the right to live, and the right not to be killed like anyone else, fine, sure, OK…but sh!t am I goddam SICK TO DEATH of having to HEAR ABOUT ALL THEIR ISSUES!!!”
      People have eyes. People can see. And they have noses and can smell, etc. And all is NOT well in Troon-Land, not well at ALL. Something, in fact, is very, VERY rotten in Denmark!

  8. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. I can’t believe how the men and their women followers keep telling us “this never happens.” Well, when doesn’t it? I have yet to see a man pretending to be a woman who isn’t clearly perving on women and Lesbians. Even the ones trying very hard to hide it, still end up showing it.
    By definition, men saying they are women (and even more insulting, “Lesbians”) are our enemies and are harming us. How could they not be when they are NOT women? They are all participating in the female-hating cult. If they care as a few pretend to be, they should stop playing the game and stop trying to get feminists to showcase them as the “exceptional” man/trannie. Almost all women still value males over females, and the trans cult uses this endlessly.

    1. Yes, women do. Even lesbians—their betrayal hurts the most. Yet even in this day and age, with so many of our rights under attack or all but gone, far too many “fellow” women put males on a pedestal and sh!t all over females. If not sh!tting double hard on fellow lesbians. I’m sure all of you know who I mean. The ones who will spend days, months, even YEARS itemizing all that is wrong with other women, all of it petty and juvenile. Yet Nigel? Oh noes, not Nigel! Nigel can do no wrong! And if Nigel transes himself? Welp! There’s his “get out of jail free” card FOR LIFE!
      Our “crimes” are many and, frankly, painfully trivial in the grand scheme—unless the judge and jury are female-hating females…in that case, they are Top Serious Business. Crap like having the wrong look, to working at the wrong job, to living in the wrong sort of neighborhood, to something as stupid as buying the wrong detergent. Yet when a man comes along, hijacking these women’s time and space, just like patriarchy says he’s “entitled” to do, they’re as sweet and coy as kittens. Commence them falling ALLLLL over themselves to make sure he feels cosseted and comfy. Also just like patriarchy says!
      This two-timing behavior is why, after several decades of soul-searching and several crises of confidence, I used the occasion of turning 40 to make a decision. Going forward, I decided, I shall introduce myself to ALL people as a female homosexual. Not only is it wonderfully blunt, and pulls no punches about who I am—it’s also PERFECT for sorting out the wheat from the chaff, if you will. Women, especially het women (but obv. some lesbians as well), may be afraid of the word “lesbian”…but if they hate women, guess what? That *magic phrase* “female homosexual” spikes a whole ‘NOTHER level of fear in their hearts!!!
      The woman who claims to put women first, yet she’s always crapping on “sisters” with lips that are perma-welded to the closest male’s posterior? That sorta bull-schitt has been trashing feminist communities since the First Wave, if not the Industrial Revolution! And make no mistake, males LOOOOOOVE it. They love it because they don’t have to lift a goddam FINGER to destroy female life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not when sisters are doing it for themselves!

  9. It will be very interesting to see how Jess’s genitalia are described in any NUS report or in any litigation. Will Jess petition the court to require that it be referred to as a vagina?

  10. “The Twitter account accusing Bradley posted the following statement on June 23:”
    I think this should read “July 23”
    I have to laugh imagining the civil servants working overtime in the last 48 hours to redact #JessBradley quotes out of all the official government documents where his denials of risks and conflicts of interests have been dutifully transcribed regarding GRA reform safety issues.

  11. So good to see an MtTs habit of “going public” has gone so public.
    Now that he’s getting all this additional exposure, I wonder if he’s still enjoying it as much, what with suspension from his post and facing possible jail time.

  12. That is a fetching photo of him in the Daily Mail.
    Researchers have known for decades that paraphilias are more common in males.
    This looks like classic exhibitionism. This creepy pervert likes to take out his wanker in all sorts of public places (parks, trains, bus stops, etc.). Eventually, he would have been caught. Exhibitionism is not a victim less crime. Even if he doesn’t get caught exposing himself, females, and possibly children, are unknowing props in his sexual fetish. The possibility of getting caught must be some kind of freaky thrill for him.
    The photo of him sitting at a desk holding his wanker sure looks a lot like the desk he had at work. Pulling out his wanker, and then touching the desk at work, keyboard, etc – disgusting! Before I would touch the desk he used at work, I would spray it down with Lysol from top to bottom. Better yet, burn the desk, and get a new one. He pulls out his wanker, and then uses the keyboard, pencil sharpener, etc. Ewww.
    This guy is not unique at all. Males with all sorts of sexual fetishes (age play, BDSM, diaper fetish, whatever) have claimed special gender identity/trans status. And, they have demanded access to women’s intimate spaces. This is just a quick review. Gendertrender did an excellent job of covering the Stefonknee story,
    Age play sexual fetish:
    After his wife, and mother of his 7 kids, kicked him out, didn’t Stefonknee stay at a women’s homeless shelter?
    BDSM fetish:
    Male slut in training on a leash (the way he describes himself),
    A woman lost her gym membership because she complained about a man in the women’s locker room.
    Diaper Fetish:
    These men do not belong in women’s spaces (women’s restrooms, women’s homeless shelters, women’s locker rooms, etc.)
    “Besides serving as the first Trans Officer of the NUS, Jess Bradley founded the controversial ‘Action for Trans Health’ organization, which demanded free sex-change drugs and surgeries (and reversal surgeries) for people of all ages, and the release of all incarcerated prisoners who identify as transgender, among other things.
    Jess Bradley was selected to give testimony in Parliament to Maria Miller’s Women and Equalities Commission, and his testimony was cited seven times in her final report.
    Jess Bradley, age 30, “identifies as” a bisexual “Non-Binary Woman” and does not appear to have undergone any type of transgender medical process, although he does frequently wear blue nail polish.”
    Jess Bradley, age 30, “identifies as” a bisexual “Non-Binary Woman”.
    I know what bisexual means, but why does he think he is a “non-binary woman”? He isn’t a woman, and “non-binary” is just a B.S. term that could mean anything. Look at him. People can tell he is a dude a mile away.
    Most of these guys are heterosexual or bisexual, or they say they are “pansexual” which is just another word for bisexual. They have no intention of getting surgery. They love their wankers way too much. Imagine all the sick, perverted thrills Jess could get inside a women’s locker room, or women’s homeless shelter. He could make online “dares” with all his online creepy buddies, and post all kinds of photos online.
    “Jess Bradley was selected to give testimony in Parliament to Maria Miller’s Women and Equalities Commission, and his testimony was cited seven times in her final report.”
    A man who likes to flash his wanker for a sick. twisted, sexual thrill, and then go online to post photos and brag about it, is calling women ignorant, transphobic bigots for not wanting men like him in the women’s locker room or women’s shelter.
    He is the perfect example of why “gender identity” is nonsense, and is harmful to the female sex. Jess is just one example of why all gender identity laws should be abolished.

  13. These are links from mumsnet UK. Trans went after mumsnet, but mumsnet would be silenced.
    Feminist Current covered this story.

    What’s Current: UK NUS officer under investigation over allegations of public indecency

    Good video from Peachyoghurt.

    Here is Jess speaking about his paid job at NUS. Check out his outfit.

  14. Trans and queer have never had any problems with kink and whatever fetish rocks their boat.
    The name of Jess Bradley’s exhibitionist tumbler,, made me think of this gendertrender post.
    Trans/queer/non-binary really do want to add more letters to the LGBTQIAWTF alphabet soup. In the video on this link, “E” is for exhibitionist. There we have it. Add the “E” for exhibitionist.
    When they say, “Six Letters Will Never Be Enough” they mean it. LGBTQA, and add “E” for exhibitionist, and “S” for S&M (the B is already taken by bisexuals).
    Keep adding letters until every freaky fetish under the sun is covered, and then go out and invents some more. Any person who speaks out is guilty of “kink shaming”.
    Women who don’t want to share intimate spaces with these freaks are bigots.

    1. The horrific thing about this alphabet soup phenomenon is that it is a vandalism of the very way in which we identify ourselves. Every single sentence we utter in regard to ourselves is affected by these initialisms. The whole point of words is to specify and classify. You want to talk about X and to exclude everything that isn’t X, so you use a word meant to only refer to X.
      Similarly, when a minority group names itself, it is because its members want to identify themselves in a coherent manner and communicate about themselves, not about anyone else. These initialisms make it impossible for LGB people to talk about ourselves, our needs, our priorities, and our interests – without also referencing everything from transsexuals to cross-dressers to hermaphrodites. It’s like trying to have a conversation about cars but being forced to include references to aircraft, lawn furniture, coffee, and meteors in every sentence.
      The addition of “queer” – a term with no fixed meaning – and the completely open-ended “+” guarantees that no one can ever know who or what we are referring to when we attempt to talk about LGB people. I can’t think of any other group which allows itself to be abolished in this way.

    2. What strikes me as truly offensive is the attempt to fold every fetish into the ‘queer” label, as if to imply that being gay or lesbian is merely a kink of some sort rather than a fundamental orientation (which, of course, is the assumption TIMs rely on when they accuse lesbians of being “genital fetishists”).
      I find it telling that some of the straight kweerios are now claiming the refusal of same-sex attracted people to call themselves “queer” is a form of bigotry . . . against everybody else? The young people who believe blue hair and piercings make them queer rely on gay and lesbian history for their sense of oppression and consequent entitlement. If gay men and lesbian women were to choose another umbrella term and go off on their own, most of those remaining would look like just the current generation’s bunch of over-privileged misfits.

      1. “…the attempt to fold every fetish into the ‘queer” label, as if to imply that being gay or lesbian is merely a kink of some sort rather than a fundamental orientation..”
        Some people really do think that. Especially in the past. When I was 14 a mortician confessed to me that he was a necrophile, in response to me coming out as a lesbian. He considered it equivalent. I’ve heard scores of creepy unwanted “confessions” over the years, but especially back then.

      2. I fully encourage heterosexuals – fetishists and non-fetishists – to use “queer” to describe themselves, and I hope that the term continues to be used to describe everything under the sun. If you peruse the academic literature, you already can see “queer” used to describe almost anything, including: English, library science, history, urban planning, agriculture, law, sports, teaching, physics, time, food, fat people, and geography – to name a few.
        Let “queer” be used so often and in so many disparate contexts that it loses its toxic connection to LGB people. Let it be – to quote Shakespeare – “like a circle in the water, which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, till by broad spreading, it disperses to naught.”

      3. @Gallus Mag–Because women and dead bodies are basically the same thing? What the hell goes on in men’s heads?

  15. In Canadian news today —
    “Jeremy Melvin Carlson was charged in 2016 with sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under age 16. Carlson, who is now in the process of transitioning to become a woman, subsequently pleaded guilty to sexual interference of a minor.”
    It’s not in the news because of the trans angle, of course. It’s because the judge in his case cried listening to a victim impact statement and his defense lawyer is trying to use that to argue she can’t deliver a fair sentence (I know this is the defense attorney’s job — but imagine what might make an experienced judge cry in court, given the kinds of things they hear about on a regular basis)

    1. I have signed the petition re Anne Lister being acknowledged as a lesbian. Since then I have come across other instances were women are being labelled as trans when their not. I don’t know if you remember the character ‘anybodys’ from ‘West Side Story’, but there is no doubting she was a lesbian character. Recently the straight actress who played her in the film died, and trans activists have claimed both the character and the actress as transgender men. It seems they are trawling the internet for people they can convert.

  16. Before I comment on Mr Bradley I must say that I watched the two BBC programs about gender stereotyping children, mentioned above. They are called “Can our kids go gender free?” And feature Dr David Abdelmoneim basically proving that children can be deprogrammed from stereotypical roles if you start at age 7 or younger. There is a female psychiatrist (can’t remember her name) in the film who says that there is NO DIFFERENCE in the brains of children. The show was buried late at night on our public broadcaster in Aus, but was an excellent educational resource.
    Re Mr Bradley, I particularly liked how ‘Rose’ had sussed him out even before ‘penis gate’ occurred. He is a disgusting individual and a danger to the young people he is supposed to represent, and the info you have about him would do damage to Maria Millar’s endeavours to allow predaters to change sex on a whim. That is, If the general public gets to hear about it. Surely conservative, Sky news would pick the story up?

  17. On the topic of bad trans women, Evie Amati the axe weilding assailant who tried to murder 3 people has been found guilty of attempted murder x 3. Sentencing next month. No coverage at all
    In Aus gay press. Since Karl, his real name, committed the attacks on people he chose at random, he is a danger to the entire community, so should, logically, get a long sentence.

      “From a life of privilege to triple attempted axe murderer: How highly intelligent transgender woman, 26, spiralled into depression before bludgeoning strangers in a 7-Eleven while high on drugs”
      Of course it was a “life of privilege”–most of them seem filled with a type of male entitlement that goes *far beyond the average*.
      I think most of the AGPs were raised as indulged, spoiled brats.

      1. I have come to believe most men are spoiled brats. I lately have a lot of contact with a assisted living facility. The men are picky eaters and controlling drama queens who will regularly pull stunts like calling 911 if they don’t get their way. From what I can see, the only difficulty with female residents is the propensity for those with memory problems wandering off and getting lost in the neighborhood.
        And don’t get me started on the rapey shit some of the men have pulled with memory care women (told to me as warning by care staff). Scary stuff to think a female relative would be so vulnerable even in a relatively well supervised setting.
        After observing this I really wish there were women only care homes/ hospices. I think I’d rather die than put up with an old age like that.

      2. Thank you Daisy for putting up the links etc of the Amati story. I lacked the computer skills to do it myself and was hoping someone would help me out.
        The case is really interesting because the defence rested solely on the ‘transition made me mad’ angle while the prosecution just said Amati did it because the cotton ceiling pissed her/him off and she wanted revenge. The defence barrister spent half a day going over how hard it is for transgenders to dilate their fake vaginas twice daily, obviously in an attempt to get the sympathy vote. I hope the judge saw through it.
        One thing that has really angered me is that Sharon Hacker, the victim who Amati tried to behead, but was saved by her dreadlocks, was hounded on twitter by the trans brigade etc. as not a good mother, because she left her 21 year old Down’s syndrome child in bed while she went to buy milk at the servo. It’s always the women’s fault, it seems.

  18. I’m kind of hoping that Mr. Bradley gets convicted behind this.
    After all, if you’re an exhibitionist in the workplace and you’re intentionally leaving behind plenty of evidence; then you’ve lost every right to play the victim card, in my opinion.
    And how can one claim to be nonbinary and an woman at the same time? Because it’s times like these where I wonder if these new special labels hold any meaning at all.

  19. This man is a vile person. I don’t care if he claims to be trans. The translobby is always claiming that transgender is not a mental illness. Reading stories like this makes me wonder how the translobby ever convince medical authorities to declassify transgenderism as a mental illness.

    1. @Hogwash and yet women don’t have the same reproductive rights as men- the sperm and egg go where to be implanted?
      Where? A rented woman? They are depending on a faceless women’s labor and biology for future reproduction after they destroy themselves. This might not be the best candidates to produce children.
      The Dove commercial of the crossdressing man calling himself the mother [and father] and the actual woman that gave birth silently complying with his crazy sex fantasy and putting him first before her new baby was Orwellian. The men in these marriages have all the power and control. If the baby dies under this narcissistic control, only the woman would be ‘in trouble’ for allowing this,
      Women are put under a type of shiria law to participate in a male’s sex fantasy of what men want to pretend a woman is, I would like to see what happens when one flips out and punches a child for asking a question.

  20. So a man who seeks public attention and holds a public sort of position with the NUS photographed his genitalia in public places, posted the images to a publicly accessible website, and then, when he was caught, tried to claim press reporting constituted an unlawful invasion of his privacy! This is especially interesting in light of the NUS trans conference debacle in May, where the women’s room was made an all-gender restroom while the men’s room was left alone, for which Bradley blamed the venue. He seems to believe he has a right to privacy in public, while women don’t even have the right to privacy in a bathroom.
    This, however, does fit with the history of women not generally being seen as entitled to privacy. Even when kept out of public view by the men who had control over them, women had no real privacy from their male overlords. Until recently, a woman couldn’t refuse to have sex with her husband, while he had the right to hit her and otherwise control what happened in their home, which was considered his castle–his private space, not hers. I remember reading about a case a few decades ago where charges against a man accused of sexually abusing his young daughter were dismissed because the judge didn’t believe the law had the right to interfere with what a man did in the privacy of his own bedroom.
    And men still act as if women beome public property the moment they walk down the street or feel entitled to put cameras in women’s private places, in a way that would be considered unconscionable if women or gay men treated men the same way. Many men thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to approach and talk to women sitting in public places, invading their privacy while they think, read, or work. One phenomenon a lot of women have noticed is the tendency for a man to walk over and start listening when a group of women talk quietly together or sometimes even demand to know what they’re talking about, as if women are not allowed to hold a conversation out of the hearing of men.
    Now the TIMs are coming for what private spaces we’ve managed to carve out for ourselves ( while claiming an absolute right to their own privacy. I feel like we’re fighting a rearguard action to maintain the gains of previous generations of feminists.

  21. I’m a free speech absolutist, and Alex Jones and all of InfoWars was just banned by Facebook, Apple, and YouTube for “hate speech” today. Twitter is probably next.
    One of the reasons given by Facebook was that InfoWars was transphobic. Forget about the rest of it – that was one of the main reasons given.
    I hope this blog is backed up somewhere. We may have to go back to photocopied zines.

    1. I think I have typed the line, “first they came for Alex Jones” about 80 times…finally I realized very few people seem to get the reference.
      The leftists are cheering and applauding this move; dumb as dirt.
      Twitter employees (!) are said to be upset about the quality of tweets and are agitating to ban for (wait for it)…”off-platform behavior” and affirming trans identities is high on the list.
      “off-platform behavior” = banning based on who you ARE and what you believe/propagate off-platform in your own space, not simply banning based what you actually WROTE on twitter, as it is now.
      So that will be us.
      The major twitter crime is calling a transwoman a man, outright–unless it is a right wing trans woman like Blaire White or a gender critical trans woman like Jenn Smith (harassed continuously) or Miranda Yardley (banned). Any *other* instance of “you’re a man” is an instant ban.
      They continue to bait young feminists into doing this and they continue to fall for it. I tell them NOT TO and I think they believe I am trying to be polite (snort) rather than trying to save another feminist account.
      If you can start a twitter account for the purposes of just retweeting feminists, it would help–consider it. A few feminists have started these. They can’t ban someone who only follows and never posts. (yet! … I imagine that could be the next step)
      The hypocrisy: Trump can do as he pleases, of course… he certainly won’t be banned for “hate speech” even though he engages in it every single day.
      Although CEO Jack Dorsey tries hard to appear all social-justicey, the fact is twitter has been hyped to death and *globally sustained* by Trump’s constant use of the platform. As long as it is Trump’s preferred method of communication and Dorsey permits/encourages this… but bans his fans?
      It shows Jack Dorsey and twitter to be the craven, social justice frauds/dilettantes they really are.

      1. The whole appeal of Twitter is that any asshole can say anything. Twitter should have concentrated on designing various filtering options for users. Accounts that abuse the ‘report’ function should have been blocked from further access to that feature. Instead, they are going to try to moderate the entire site and turn it from a great social experiment into a social networking site for people who are too lazy to use Facebook.

      2. I was shadowbanned based on who I follow. When you search my name my tweets don’t show though they show people who respond to my tweets. I never engage with TRAs. I don’t argue. Have no interest in back and forth with them. But since I follow mostly gen-crit accounts I was shadowbanned. It makes no difference what you do if you’ll gen-crit they’re going to shut you down.

        1. It isn’t “Russians” who are using social media to suppress dissent and interfere with the democratic process, it’s the social media networks themselves.

      3. I’ve noticed a recent amusing trend of posting only highly sarcastic comments that can’t possibly be reported.
        Like this:
        And this:

        Very amusing tact! LOLOL.

      4. Update… Sunday night, I had in the neighborhood of 1070 twitter followers, woke up on Wednesday and had 1030… yes, over *one* night, that’s how many feminists they banned for talking about biology.
        This was the same night they banned Jones, so see there? Why *anyone* would believe it *wouldn’t* be mass bannings with Jones as cover, hasn’t been a radical very long.
        That’s how bad it is right now, the witches are being purged en masse: everyone be advised!
        Again, Gallus, much thanks for your your hard work.

  22. Please excuse me if I sound ignorant, but what on earth is “non-binary”? And no matter what you identify as, exposing your genitals when it is unsolicited and unwanted, should get you some time in gaol.

    1. It means absolutely nothing. There is no universally agreed-upon definition of a term like that, and that is exactly the problem. It’s pseudo-intellectual sophistry at its finest. People see it as a “trendy” label to colonize, and it’s popular in LBTQ+ crowds because it’s “non-cishet-normative” or some crap like that, and therefore grants them immediate oppression points. And it also gives male brigade members “legitimacy” to enter female or ‘trans’ only spaces without actually doing anything to change their bodies through surgery or even HRT.
      As a lesbian, I just roll my eyes at it.

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