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    1. Juno/James Dawson is a British transwoman who writes Young Adult fiction, and comments about trans issues eg. article titled ‘Call yourself a feminist?’ directed at, I think, Germaine Greer.

  1. “Mouthing off to” don’t men police women all the time for mouthing off to men, as in, telling men to get the hell out of our spaces?

    1. Yes and the brigade engages in policing speech on a constant basis. The Nazis did not exactly die, they just morphed into bad, malignantly narcissistic ‘science projects’, who want speech, science and religion to comply with their extremely narrow view[s] of the world.

    2. ‘Mouthing off to’? What is this garbage? Still in high-school mode Mr Juno?
      “Yes Mr Juno, sorry Sir. We’ll be careful. In fact, we are full of care and make sure we mouth off the truth about men like you every living day.”

  2. Oh yeah Juno? What are you gonna do about it?
    And there’s nothing sadder than a writer who loves censorship.

  3. Juno,
    Listen up, bub. You are going to be hearing a whale of a lot more from women about our sex-based protections we earned.
    The only thing I’ll mouth to you is fuke off, bub.

  4. “You might be careful who you are mouthing off too.” Sounds like a line out of Good Fellas. Juno just needs to say it in a kind of Italian Jersey accent.

    1. Not to do a derail on this one here, but something says someone may have said to the creep ‘YOU REALLY ARE A FUNNY GUY!!!’ [then again, that person’s statement sounds like something Tommy or ‘Jimmy The Gent’ would have said].
      Now with that said….yep the creepiness has taken on an even scarier level. It;s a good thing there are folks like @GallusMag et al to call them out on their shit and say ‘Ha Ha, Charade You Are!!!’.

    1. LMAO
      I’m not exactly Crowder’s #1 Fan but the schadenfreude is too delicious. Love how these little anarchist LARPers go right for the cops when the pressure’s on them. How privilegéd.

      1. Not impressed — so the trans activist this conservative dude goes after is a trans identified woman, much physically smaller than him. Sort of like all the trans identified men who constantly go after women and feminists and never, ever invite confrontation with men.

      2. Left wing or right wing, cowardice is a prominent feature of male “activism.”

      3. @Kathleen Lowrey – Crowder was shaming her for encouraging people to slash his tires. He may be obnoxious but he was 100% in the right on this. TiFs are (almost) as messed up as TiMs. I don’t know whether it is the testosterone poisoning or the mental illness, but they have real anger and impulse control issues. Remember that it was TiFs at the so-called “Camp Trans” who talked about committing arson against MichFest, a TiF who assaulted a lesbian in St. Louis 2 weeks ago and another TiF who then doxxed that assault victim.

    2. Do you see the irony here? Roe V Wade is on it’s last legs, and all you do instead is sing praises to the religious right that are delivering the fatal blows.
      All of the sex based protections women had gained last century are being destroyed, but by the religious right you collaborate with. The radfems who didn’t sell out are real mad. https://genderispoison.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/sheep-in-wolfs-clothing-womens-liberation-front-wolf-and-its-christian-theocrat-funders/
      What are you getting in exchange? The GOP moved on from bathroom bills after the referendums in Alaska and Montana failed. They see a chance for total victory on their big goals like abortion and that’s what they’re strangling now, and you still work with them. Why? On the hope they’ll get back to trans after they’ve finished off abortion?
      Title X is gutted, State level restrictions on abortion courtesy of your allies are at an all time high, and Roe is about to be gutted. Asides from the right to vote, you’ve sold out every gain females made for nothing. This was how Attwood said Gilead would come, you made her words true. BTW, Kavanaugh is a huge fan of abortion boards and mandatory psychiatrist letters before women are allowed an abortion. I hope you can find a way to help all the ones screwed over by the new onerous restrictions you’re letting in.

  5. I’m not a fan either, but he also had Lierre Keith on to discuss her book The Vegetarian Myth. The vid linked below is from February 2015, so I’m not sure whether this was before or after the trans thugs started getting her deplatformed everywhere. I think there are a couple of places where he wants to pull her off into some other political right-wing stuff (she agrees on 2nd Amendment rights LOL), but she stays mostly on topic.

  6. Of course the “be careful b—–, keep your mouths shut if you know what’s good for you” tone of the message is part of typical terrorizing male bs.
    But on the plus side, it’s great to hear that there are rumblings going on. There are dissenting discussions that are clearly making this pos nervous!!

  7. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the guy is abusive, reactionary, woke, dateless, or trans-identified, they all sing the same song, “I’d never harm women–except for the ones who won’t shut up and do what I tell them.”

      1. Amazing. The upper portion of that is just plain insane in the membrane. One has to wonder if the brigade knows, that there are quite a few women out there, who do carry CWP’s [concealed weapons permits] or live in places with open carry rules, for self defense. If only because…..well, a degenerate with a baseball bat, is no match for any person with a Colt 45 or other rapid fire weaponry.

    1. For all the SJW bullshit, none of them care what happens to women prisoners. They won’t even reply to these comments, the way they feverishly defend their ‘rights’ to the bathrooms and changing rooms…
      Prisons?? Who care about them???
      They intend to sneak their way in, the way they have the sports teams, when they think nobody is looking.
      In the South, the Christians have their backs… but of course I feel very sorry for the women in other areas who are forced to deal with convicted sex offenders right in their own cell.
      Largest state women’s prison in one of the largest states has grand total of… (wait for it) 2 serial killers. That’s IT. (And both of these middle-aged women were nurses poisoning patients, so nobody is especially nervous around them.)
      Imagine how dramatically these stats would change if you add males into this relatively-peaceful atmosphere?

    2. “. . . while her erect penis was sticking out from the top of her trousers.”
      I now totally believe political correctness is a thing and has gone too far. My apologies for snarky comments I may once have made about those who warned us of its potential dangers.
      More seriously, what were prison officials thinking? I mean, does anyone honestly believe facilities have been sex-segregated merely to cater to people’s feelings rather than to keep male people from sexually assaulting (and forcibly impregnating) female people? If self-declaration without the need for hormones or surgery becomes accepted, why wouldn’t a lot of men declare themselves female to serve their time in women’s prisons? Also, what are the odds that the guy in this story was convicted of a sex offense?
      The people who advocate for TIMs in female spaces are either indifferent to women’s safety or intolerably stupid–there’s no argument that can rescue both their moral intent and their intelligence.

      1. The people who advocate for TIMs in female spaces are either indifferent to women’s safety or intolerably stupid

        Or they are rapists by proxy who want to prevent women from developing beyond anything which men could ever do/be by keeping women in a never ending state of terrorization and defensive reaction to male rape and brutality.

      2. Just wanted to chime in and say that your first point is far more correct than you’re giving yourself credit for. Even though lib fems are quite offended when it’s pointed out to them, I’ve always maintained that being technically correct is worth more than being politically correct. Not allowing people with dicks into women’s prisons may hurt some people’s feelings, but it is simply correct that someone born with a penis is also born with muscle structure that facilitates abuse. Allowing people born with a penis into a women’s prison is precisely like allowing men to bring in knives freely into their prisons. You’re just simply asking, no, BEGGING for trouble. For anyone thinking otherwise, consider how many MtF criminals volunteer to be imprisoned in a men’s prison.
        Being sympathetic to radical feminism seems to be paying dividends, frankly.
        Unfortunately, these people seem well on track to achieve political power so this kinda thing will likely become the norm.

      3. The first incarcerated woman that gets pregnant by a male inmate needs to sue sue sue sue sue their asses off.
        I will gladly chip in and I know others will.

      4. Embrace the healing power of “and!”
        Many are indifferent to women’s safety AND intolerably stupid. The sad part is that in many cases the stupidity was deliberately chosen, in order to be politically correct,

  8. I just read that a judge ruled that transgenders in Puerto Rico can now have their birth certificates to match their desired gender. I guess now only four states don’t allow this? What the ever living @%)(*^?
    Then I started thinking about the Supreme Court pick. I think this issue of what defines “male” and “female” will eventually make it up to the Supreme Court.
    So…would you rather risk losing Roe v. Wade, or have a conservative judge in there who would likely define male and female based on science and not feelings? Granted, I think the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being completely overturned is small, even with a conservative court, but still…
    Do we need to lose Roe v. Wade before women wake up about all their rights being taken away by trans “women”?

    1. I live in Canada. If I was an American woman, I wouldn’t know which to support first. In Canada, we don’t have a federal abortion law. We have Bill C-16 which has made discrimination against transgender people illegal. In Ontario, the just defeated provincial government had a law to take children away from parents who didn’t support their transition. With the new Conservative government, who knows?

    2. The trouble is that Kavanaugh would be terrible when it comes to things like unions, climate change, health care, voter rights, etc All of which strongly impact women.
      So, he may be good on this one point, but I would be hard pressed to wonder what other handed-down opinion of his might be helpful to women.

    3. We would only lose the right to our own bodies to the right wing. A “wake up call” makes about as much sense as voting for Trump to “wake up” Americans.

      1. Agreed. It would be like putting a fox in the henhouse to keep out the weasels.

  9. Unsure how to contact you but am eager for you to read this, Gallus:
    Please note that the (in my mind) RAPIST (because heterosexual sex was consented to but not homosexual) is called a “cross-dresser” and not a “transwoman” nor “woman”.
    Love your blog…you belong in lesbian & gay history as far I’m concerned. You are a brave & smart pioneer. Thank you for all your hard work.

  10. Just got censored by Facebook for posting this: lesbianvoices.wordpress.com Resisting Cistopia: women and lesbians are speaking up. Excellent article.

  11. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-entertainment-news-updates-2018-alyssa-milano-defends-insatiable-1532134484-htmlstory.html
    The LA Times, in its attempt to take down Alyssa Milano (whose new series doesn’t look very inspired, I have to admit), cited Avery Edison whose only claim to fame (besides airport freak-outs) seems to be instructing lesbians to have sex with males:
    It’s amazing how much signal boosting various personalities seem to get at the national level by the Fourth Estate. Of course a skinny dude is the right person to track down for a quote on the fat-shaming of women! It’s a natural for a journalism major!

    1. See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39870.htm
      to understand how “journalism” works. If various surveillance agencies are willing to pay for “journalism,” I am absolutely positive that these well-heeled, powerful, creepy trans-identified males are doing the same thing. One need only turn on the television to realize what masquerades as “journalism.”

  12. Riley J. Dennis is at it again–this time claiming that “compulsory heterosexuality” made him think he had to be interested in men until he accepted that he was a lesbian. Irony alert: He also says it makes him sad that so many other lesbians are subjected to similar expectations.
    This is clearly appropriating the history of lesbians to bolster his own claim to womanhood, and I find it even more horrifying than all those idiot TIMs sharing stories of their “periods.” (What’s the betting we’ll now hear a barrage of similar comp het stories from other straight men who call themselves women?)
    Male entitlement must be a powerful hallucinogen.

  13. The extreme arrogance and aggression of these men will be their undoing, along with the fact that the agenda they are peddling is such obvious and complete bullshit.
    I suspect that’s it’s only a thin veneer of the powerful middle class who are on board with the tranny spiel. It’s just unfortunate that this includes most of the self-appointed “leaders” of the LGBTQIAWTF mafia, which has been widely infiltrated by these heterosexual fetishists.
    But growing cracks are forming even amongst that fraternity. And the voices who have been brave enough to speak out all along are just the tip of a huge iceberg.
    Speak to ordinary people everywhere and you’ll find that very few accept these men as “women”, and there’s a growing resentment that we are all being expected to.
    As the criticism grows, we can expect the trans movement to become even more shrill and uncompromising, thus speeding up their own demise.

    1. I fear that they will take down L,G and B with them. If by not respecting sex-based rights, the T tears down the good fences that make good neighbors, the damage will extend beyond the T. Those fences were meticulously built by the mainstream gay movement by emphasizing born-this-way and rejecting NAMBLA (we won’t “recruit” your kids) and gay marriage and other legal protections (we want what you want) . I really fear the T is handing the right its next great culture war.

      1. That’s a little illusory, because the trans movement is itself a fundamentally conservative re-assertion of straight male dominance, in dress-up form.
        The only way in which it diverges from traditional heterosexism is that these particular straight men are full-on sexual fetishists, who are publicly very exhibitionistic with their kinks.
        I would be happy to align myself with the traditional Right against that aspect of transgenderism, while rejecting transgender politics as a particularly aggressive form of male, heterosexist intrusion into the lives of women, children, lesbians and homosexual men (I use the term “homosexual men” because being one myself, I think we need to rediscover that term – it emphasises that sexual orientation is about sex, not “gender”).
        The best way to make sure that homosexual people aren’t carried along by the transgender train wreck is to disassociate ourselves from them as much as possible, and to make it clear to our “dear leaders” in all the “official” LGB bodies that we reject their support of transgender, genderqueer and all its associated misogynistic, anti-homosexual bullshit.

      2. I’ve had a suspicion that, as being gay becomes less of a big deal among conservatives, gay men might find themselves voting Republican more often. Gay men are still men, and, as a class, they have a substantial amount of wealth they may wish to protect from taxation and wealth redistribution.
        What would be even more interesting, though, is if gay men align with conservatives in opposition to the T. I’ve been bewildered over the past few years seeing more conservatives than liberals taking exception to the cotton ceiling. At best, most liberals simply refuse to believe that heterosexual MTTs are out to harass and correctively rape lesbians. Liberals are extremely invested in pretending that MTTs aren’t just men doing what men do. Conservatives, in contrast, recognize that there’s no logical reason for a man in a dress to behave differently from a man not in a dress, and so conservatives who aren’t actively hostile to gay rights have no reason to reject the reality of trans corrective rape advocacy.
        The reassertion of straight male dominance coming from *within* the so-called left is turning everything upside down.

    1. Why are none of those who are engaged in this not in jail? Let alone, have their names publicized, for engaging in this obscene level of child abuse???
      More proof positive that the brigade are not just criminally insane, but are monsters…in the same way the German government was, during the run-up and during WWII. Other countries, including the US have done vicious, rotten despicable things like this as well [see: the Tuskegee Syphilis Study] to their populations and one would THINK this current vintage of creeps would know better. Well, shit……looks like they do not.

  14. This piece of dihonest tripe from Pink News supplied my RDA of anger:
    There are some outright falsehoods, including the often-repeated one that the Equality Act of 2010 gives trans people the right to access opposite sex spaces, sports teams, etc., frequently claimed by the trans lobby. In fact, it reinforces women’s legal right to have single sex facilities.
    And, of course, the article trots out the usual straw man that feminists claim men will declare themselves women under self-ID to access female spaces–which is easily shown to be ridiculous–rather than the more nuanced argument most of us offer that if male-bodied people can ID as women, men will be able to enter women’s spaces without being questioned. (In fact, I think it’s even more of a risk that some young men may declare themselves non-binary in order to choose male or female facilities, according to their preference in any given situation.)
    The article also claims the Degenderettes display at the SFPL was taken out of context and mischaracterized. Can it be a coincidence that these same words are frequently used in defense of men who harass, abuse or assault women? Interesting how many men offer the same excuses as if we’ve never heard them before.

    1. Interesting. I actually liked the poem — it was the first one printed there in ages I didn’t find more or less baffling. But being all-in on the trans bandwagon might be one of the reasons _The Nation_ has become completely unreadable lately. I cancelled my subscription earlier this summer (before the poem kerfuffle, which did not bother me).

  15. The transgender medium spoken about does look a tad unhinged in his wedding photo. It really amazes me how deluded and supported in their delusion these people are, as if being born male gives whatever dribble they come out with legitimacy.

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