Lesbians Protest London Pride- #GetTheLOut

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  1. What was the response to the lesbian erasure protest by the incredibly misogynist and anti-gay Buzzfeed News?

    1. It’s ridiculous isn’t it. Our local gay paper the Star Observer, did publish my email saying that lesbians asserting their identity is not transphobic. They also had an article which suggested that women complaining of lost rights and sporting places were whining and alarmist. I wrote back that the fact that a then 60year old mtf cricketer, who hadn’t played for 30years, was chosen over teenage and twenty-something women for a spot in the team was a clear example of the inequality between trans and natal women. They published that too. The only thing they are not covering is the Karl/Evie Amati axe attack trial. Probably because Amati is claiming his transitioning gave him a mental illness which caused him to attack people with an axe. Buzzard feed, however, are publishing every detail they can get their hands on. I think we should make Amati the poster trans for extreme male violence after transitioning.

      1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-11/7-eleven-axe-attack-evie-amati-called-tinder-date-sociopath/9980654
        According to this article, transwoman Evie Amati was rejected by a lesbian Tinder date hours before the axe attack. The reason for the rejection is not mentioned, but may we assume it was *GASP* an example of the “cotton ceiling”?
        Also quoting the article:
        “Ms Jahnsen told the court the messages then escalated and Ms Amati called her a “sociopath” and said “people like you is what’s wrong with the world”.
        “One day I’m going to kill a lot of people and it will be your fault,” Ms Jahnsen said was in one of the messages.”
        This is some straight up Elliot Rodger shit right here.
        Of course Amati’s trans status is not mentioned anywhere in the article. For a casual reader, it’s going to seem like “a woman” did it.

      2. Amati’s transgender cotton ceiling Tinder attack does look like a typical (horrible that there is such a thing) incel mass murder trajectory. In this case the aggrieved heterosexual male killer identified as “a transwoman”. From Buzzfeed:
        “Mickila Jahnsen, 27, gave evidence on Wednesday morning via video link from the United States.
        She told the court she had matched with Amati on Tinder and the pair started talking on January 6 on the app and then over Facebook Messenger. That night, Amati went over to Jahnsen’s house where, along with Jahnsen’s housemate, they drank vodka and took a drug they believed was MDMA, or ecstasy.
        The trio then got in a car with the woman who sold them the MDMA and her partner, and they all headed to the Burdekin Hotel in Surry Hills.
        On the way, Amati asked them to stop the car so she could get out and go home, which came as a surprise, Jahnsen said.
        “We were all kind of worried … I messaged her to see if she was alright. She said no. She seemed kind of mad, angry, and I was confused why,” she told the court.
        The pair entered into a heated conversation on Facebook Messenger, in which Amati said she didn’t feel any positive chemistry with Jahnsen and had gotten the impression Jahnsen thought she was “ugly”, the court heard.
        “She said ‘People like you are what’s wrong with the world’ or something along those lines,” Jahnsen said. “She called me a psychopath and then she said ‘One day I’m going to kill a lot of people.’”
        “Then I blocked her on Facebook. It scared me, I was freaking out. I blocked her and then she messaged me on the Tinder app saying ‘I know where you live.’ And then I blocked her on that.”
        Jahnsen also said she had not seen media reports and had no idea what had happened at the 7-Eleven shortly after this message exchange until detectives knocked on her door three weeks later.”
        “A second woman who met Amati on Tinder, 24-year-old Hannah Robinson, also gave evidence Wednesday.
        She told the court she and Amati had exchanged romantic messages after matching on the app in late 2016, but had never met in person.
        In early December, Robinson started dating a man and changed her Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship” on January 6, the day before Amati went to the 7-Eleven with an axe.
        “I noticed that she had unfriended me a couple of days later,” Robinson told the court.
        Robinson also received a message from Amati on December 3, 2016, saying “OMG I just destroyed an old couch with a new axe. It was incredibly satisfying but gives me ideas haha,” the court heard earlier this week.”
        [end Buzzfeed excerpts]
        Buzzfeed opted not to report that the violent male did not make it clear to his Tinder dates that he was transgender and not a real woman:
        “Crown Prosecutor Jot Mehta, who opposed bail, told the court that following the failed date, Amati had said on Facebook Messenger that she was worried the woman had found her ugly, did not make eye contact and may not have known she was transgender.”
        It’s a miracle his victims survived- although they are disabled for life. He should never ever see the outside of prison walls. In a male facility.

  2. Just say lesbian who want to date lesbian. There are no lesbians with dicks.

  3. Great things are coming out of the Action at London Pride. A lot of my friends never even knew all this GRA and genderist stuff was hating on lesbians and women’s rights. Now they’re reading biased articles in the GBT press, but I’m pointing out alternative lesbian information. There still is massive ignorance out there among lesbians who haven’t been keeping up with the law lately. In that sense, this huge success of Julia Long and her gang was much needed.

    1. That’s lovely to read, and I’m absolutely tickled that so much I’ve seen has been boosted by TRAs’ own hyperbole. Most “normies” aren’t going to buy that these tamely worded signs are acts of violence or fascist or wanting to destroy communities. And the more TRAs try to spin that notion or essentially call everyone ignorant for not buying it, the more they alienate everyday people who are just out there living and know the goose from the gander.

  4. I’m not sure how to post gifs (embarrassing) but that one from Naked Gun (nothing to see here, move along!) comes to mind 🙂

    1. Thanks — I had meant to reply to Gallus’s comment about comments being scrubbed from Buzzfeed. Frantic damage control.

  5. Roz Kaveney is on the case:
    Last night, FB group of trans critical women was outed on twitter with screenshots of names, locations, life-details, etc… apparently “in response” to the lesbians-at-Pride action; even though *most* of the FB women are in the USA and obviously were not part of that, duh. (Wrongthink makes you guilty by association anyway.)
    They are targeting young mothers and specifically used photos of their kids… this has been reported to twitter by me and others since last night, tweets are still up.
    I don’t want to link and out these attacked-women any further, but this is how low they will go… even biker gangs and the mafia does not go after people’s CHILDREN.
    This Stalinist harassment is incredible.

    1. Let me make it clear: this is a private FB group and these women pointedly *do not post about trans issues publicly* and never have. Its. private.
      So its just about *belonging* to this woman-only feminist group.
      They are *policing women’s associations* now, as they do in Saudi. If they disapprove of who we talk to, they will punish us for disobedience.
      Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    2. The person doing this is @manicsquirrel aka Carla Lewis

    3. So-called “LGBT activist” Melanie Nathan, who is perhaps best known for their involvement in the fake lesbian blog LezGetReal:
      [ http://archive.fo/v4QMT ]
      is now tag-teaming with a man named Chad from Fort Hood Texas in posting the legal names of women on twitter linked to the legal names of male domestic violence perpetrators – ones whom they have obtained restraining orders against for their own protection. Men who they may very likely be hiding from.
      This is a new form of targeted terrorism by trans activists seeking to harm women who speak critically about aspects of the transgender movement. In this case, the woman’s “crime” was making a critical comment about a Huffington Post article by loony-toon Brynne Tannehill.
      Two weeks ago Melanie Nathan was in the national news complaining about Trump era censorship.
      These guys couldn’t be more deranged.

      1. I can’t find any evidence that Melanie Nathan has done any of the things they claim to have done. I see various wordpress blogs, various e-begging campaigns of minimal success, an apparently unregistered mediation business in california, lots of name dropping, but no substantiated evidence of any actual activism conducted. Very strange indeed. Could this person be a giant fake?
        [not an exhaustive list]

      2. I keep thinking these dudes couldn’t go any lower, but they keep surprising me. Doxing someone’s DV restraining order over misgenderung is all kinds of fucked up.
        It’s also ironic how TRAs are constantly saying that hurting their feelings is “literally violence”, but actual violence against women is no big deal.

        1. It hasn’t hit these guys yet that the golden age of their subcultural fantasy world is already over. The rest of the trans community will eventually adapt and mature into a more reality based movement, which will be better for everyone (including them!) in the long run. But for AGPs the dream is truly over -and a lot of these guys are violent abusive misogynists with grave mental health issues. The only thing these men know how to do is double down and try to batter through women like ham-fisted brutes on a military offensive.

  6. I’m British and the national media coverage of the protest has been uniformly negative. Kinda proves just how effective the protest was. All that beard stroking and calls for a police investigation into a peaceful protest by 8 middle aged women just shows that Pride London was shocked to its misogynistic core. Naughty, disobedient women, thinking for themselves .
    Because however much they frame it as “anti trans”, the one thing the ordinary person in the street knows about lesbians is that no dicks are involved. If you ask them if lesbians sleep with men, they’ll give you the side eye. And publicizing the simple facts about lesbian erasure to a sympathetic audience has won those 8 women a huge victory.
    They may have started something. Hope it’s an avalanche.
    It’s certainly triggered transactivist circles. I’m involved in feminism on the Mumsnet forum. Feminism Chat, where I spend a lot of time, has been inundated with trolls in the last few dsys. Interesting times, eh?

  7. Feminist activist Brianna Wu just got hit with a sexual harassment accusation. What are your thoughts? from AskFeminists

    “Gamergate” pseudo-celeb Brianna Wu got accused of being a creeper; the allegations seem weak by any standard (Wu “liked” some photos on social media over a period of years without ever communicating otherwise with the person posting them), but it’s strange and notable that the accusation is of being a “SWERF” of some sort.

    1. Strange and notable as in:
      1. it was proffered without evidence and even the “feminist judges[TM]” at reddit couldn’t track down anything
      2. it’s evidently the most damning thing you can say about a troon because you obviously can’t call him a TERF. So SWERF is the next best thing if you want to kill his reputation.

    2. I should also not overstate whether the accusations are weak (I don’t know these people), only that seems to be the consensus from across the political spectrum — and also note that the most interesting part is that an evidently female person is claiming male-threat on the part of a transwoman while her own community is leaning on the “male” side of her own “ENBY” aspirations, meaning that the accused is seen as more fragile than the accuser, who is some “crazy guy” according to the feminist judges[tm].

      1. Wu is now trying to ‘deny’ (downplay?) they are trans and has scrubbed their wikipedia page (and similar sources) for ANY mentions of this fact.
        This has infuriated Trans Nation.
        Sounds like Wu could be ‘ashamed’ (or just wants that part of their life private?) and *you are not allowed to do that*.
        I try to explain to the Stalinists: Joe was everybody’s friend, until he wasn’t. Just like Trump. Stalinists will use you until they need to shit on you and the Stalinist Left was created in his image.
        There is no way to appease Leviathan. Wu is finding out.
        (This is also intended as an object lesson to any other trans who decide to strike out on their own and are perceived as dissing the old neighborhood.)

      2. In my experience, the trans cult is extremely invested in pretending that Wu is not trans and claims that anyone who posts evidence that he is trans is alt-right by definition. At least I’ve been attacked by TRAs for mentioning that Wu is trans. It fits with long-standing trans dogma that MTTs are “real women”, should never have to disclose their trans status, and should never suffer the unprecedented indignity of being reminded of reality, up to and including their many years of living as normal men.

      3. @kesher that is fascinating, since many of the hyper-political trans do go after Wu (the way they do Blaire White) for trying to “blend in” –which is what I thought they wanted?
        I think some consider “blending in” the goal, while the transtrenders/tumblrites want to be like the Degenderettes and get all in your face… this is leading to a split, as Gallus said upthread about the AGPs. (I think it might actually be an age-related split; the youngsters wanna be ‘most radical’.)
        It is interesting to see who will be in what faction; many of them are beside themselves since BW got engaged and *got an engagement ring* (they should live so long!).. and, well… is doing the things most young hetero women dream of doing. For some reason, the fact that Blaire is doing exactly what Blaire has repeatedly said they’ve always wanted to do? Drives them batshit.
        You are *supposed* to be an edgelord trans revolutionary with a baseball bat, but at the same time, totally indistinguishable from a cis woman!
        And btw, hundreds of trans women swarm all of BW’s threads calling BW a man, and they get reported over and over, but *they are fully permitted to do that* … Miranda Yardley and many feminists got banned for the exact same thing.
        Transphobia my ass.

  8. Trying to follow all of this. So Nathan had no mediation license in the state of CA, and got “catfished” as a blog contributor by a man posing as a woman? No 501 C3 corp?? I found the whole thing confusing. I knew the Gay Girl from Syria stuff was fake–just the use of the term “gay girl” would have been unlikely if the woman really was in Syria. The wikipedia doxxing stuff seem like it might be someone making up stuff about nathan, although she is totally in the trans camp and hated radical feminists — opportunists and CEOist profiteers in the LGBT corporate “movement” these days, which has nothing to do with the rights of lesbians.

    1. Melanie Nathan appears to be a very questionable individual doing very questionable “activism” that involves a continual stream of non-tax deductible non-501c3 e-begging campaigns on various fundraising sites, as well as on her own many, many questionable websites. Very peculiar indeed. She also has a history of entanglement with several publicly exposed fake LGBT web-based grifters.

      1. Saw an episode of “American Greed” where this guy’s whole successful millionaire-schtick was exposed all because he kept acquiring expensive vehicles and the neighbors got furious that he parked them all over the neighborhood and finally reported him.
        CARS–such a simple thing! But a little digging about the cars exposed his whole tax-evading racket.
        And this might be similar … we should keep digging. It might make another “American Greed” episode.
        “… NEXT!… a blogger was suspicious of Nathan’s constant online attempts to make money… and that signaled the beginning of the end for Melanie Nathan! Stay tuned for more of American Greed!”

  9. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing in LGBT land these days. Thanks for the reports, so that we know who NOT to give money to, as well as those deserving lesbian activist that we can support because they have our backs!

  10. There are so many frauds out there doing fundraising in LGBT land, what once was a vibrant wonderful community, has turned into a nightmare of constant fundraising —- so maybe we need a lesbian Woodward and Bernstein team to find the truth about who all these people are and their non-non-profit scams out there. The Lesbians Consumer Protection Agency!

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