114 thoughts on “A Message to TERF and Other Transphobes

  1. a man mansplains being a woman to women, then mansplains why men have the right to control women and become violent if they fall out of line of what the men want..

  2. Cliff’s Notes version of the pasty-skinned, sedentary basement-dweller (Dad shuffling by in the background):
    “We are women because we are. We aren’t invading your spaces because we aren’t.”

  3. Just wanna help? Help what?
    I sure hope he gets that Yorkshire terrier on his head brushed out and returned to his mother’s house before she notices it’s missing.

    1. I had a similar reaction, wondering what breed of dog he’d put on his head. Your suggestion that he took his mother’s Yorkie is better than anything I thought of.

  4. Pardon my language here, but….WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT??????
    Another case of someone who had too much loco weed in their feed. And just for the record, one can have a debate with anyone, if both can bring actual facts to their argument. But the brigade, which is known for having actual [and encouraged] science and logic deficits is incapable of this. If only because when faced with science, biology, etc……as in real facts….they will retreat to their usual, static talking points and rancid mantras.
    Anyone can identify as anything they damn well please, but along with that goes that said same person needs to understand that there are limits to this, no matter how many surgeries, implants, appliances are applied. Also, that identity does not in any way mean, someone can go in and usurp/colonize/corrupt laws that were meant to correct societal inequities, that were enacted against others, based on race, gender, religion, etc. Simply put: one who is white, can have their hair styled like an Afro, adopt the idioms and nuances of the common parlance…heck even be crazed enough to darken the skin via the usage of chemicals…..BUT, they know and their associates will know that the person never was nor will they ever be black. With claims to any protections due to this, being a farce.
    At least give the poor excuse for a collection of cells in the video, a little credit: they were that short on the gray matter, but not on copious free time….to post this garbage.

    1. When you wrote “race, gender, religion” did you mean sex, rather than gender? It’s easy to fall into this, and I know I do it too, because “gender” has been stealthily replacing “sex” everywhere. In the UK, where I’m from, even government departments continually break the law by writing “gender” instead of “sex” in their anti-discrimination policies. They’re breaking the law because sex-based protections are included in the Equality Act 2010 but this is blatantly ignored all over the country, and I believe it’s deliberate.

      1. A very fine comment. I think it is so important that we fight the conflation of sex and gender, and that means raising the issue every time it comes up.

  5. I would like to see what this man sees when he looks in the mirror. Whatever his fantasy, he is simply another man telling women what to do.

    1. Ok, the gloves are just garden-sized out of pink fabric. Fooled me. Not rubber, just shiny like it, and fitting hands like some. Size Gianteen gloves whatevs.

      1. Still weird af. He’s referencing the 1950s, the decade when women were forced back into their straight jacketed roles and hideous restrictive clothing that they’d temporarily partially escaped during the war. Without stereotypes and fetishised femininity TiMs have got nothing.
        They all think they look like Betty Page or Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn.

    1. @James Even Freud would have thrown this one out of therapy and designated the person for a rubber room. Which would go with the gloves, no matter how the person in question [again being kind in saying that] is calling them.
      With so many in the brigade…..logic, like Elvis has left the building. Except Elvis did something with his life that mattered and these folks are or have made sure that science and politics will never forget Hitler and fiends.

  6. Ok, watched it a third time. Got beyond bewigged lectures pr*ck mansplaining in rubber gloves.
    Twisted piece of serious gas lighting shite.
    Now I’m guessing a half-way house for ex-cons basement.

    1. It does look a lot like some sort of basement computer lab in a state-run institution.

  7. Even the guy’s dog calendar is sad for him. I couldn’t begin to make up how pathetic and disturbing this video is just on the optics.
    A middle-aged man, in a tragic wig with a slash of lipstick, a halter top and elbow-length pink gloves, in some ramshackle basement whisper-lecturing on the reality of gender and his Twitter battles as if anyone looks at him, ever, and thinks he’s a woman.
    I couldn’t watch past the invocation of Nazis. I only have a limited amount of time on earth and this guy is not getting any more of it.

  8. “What did you think would happen?” What did you think would happen if you shouted at AN ADULT MALE?! That’s…not the point you really meant to make, is it?
    I think it’s probably difficult for you to “debate TERFS” because you present no argument and no evidence, not because feminists are stupider than toddlers.
    If you want to fight the patriarchy, *you go right ahead!* We’re not stopping you. But if you really want to help women (or anyone else), the first thing you do is ask whether or not they need or want your help. Then you ask how you can help. You don’t kick down doors, thrust yourself in where you’re not wanted, suck up all the resources meant for others, and then claim you were just trying to hellllllp when you are rightly ejected from a space into which nobody invited you.
    Did you record this at work? Because it looks like you recorded this at work. I wouldn’t dare! Because I’m an adult human female, and I’d be fired, not coddled, for what you’re doing.
    You’re not fooling anyone, you’re not the Debate Queen, and feminists aren’t hurting you. We simply want to be left alone, and we have a perfect right to be left alone.

  9. “What did you think was going to happen?”
    Interesting question. Normally, one would assume that observing or speaking to demonstrators would result in being observed or spoken back to (or ignored, even), not attacked physically. Even the average man is capable of not attacking when observed, filmed, spoken to, or protested against. So are we now supposed to assume that any observation of transwomen in public is likely to result in an unfortunate attack? Is this what we’re supposed to think is going to happen?
    Well, ok.

    1. “I’m just another woman like you. I’m not dangerous. All I want is acceptance. Also, if you use the wrong pronoun, I will fly into a rage and pound your head into the pavement.”
      Tell me again why we should want to be around these people?

  10. This is disturbing on so many levels. I have to conclude that these guys are visually impaired in some way. Trans-goggles. Like beer-goggles but not nearly as sane. That this man could look at himself (on video no less!) and not realize how absurd he looks is just incomprehensible. And this isn’t some teenager dude is middle aged. How do you get to be so old and be totally lacks no in self awareness?
    And even worse than that is the fact that so many of these people are patently operating under mental disorders of one type or another. I find it hard to believe that they interact with medical professionals on a regular basis and no one has noticed this. It’s obvious just a few minutes into this tape! The level of malpractice or really NO PRACTICE going on here is just absurd.
    I read another one’s posts the other day and they read like someone having a manic episode while on an acid trip. If he writes that crazy you know talking to him is nearly impossible. Yet, from the posted photos you can tell he’s had facial surgery and claims to be on hormones.
    If they weren’t a bunch of obnoxious misogynists I would feel sorry for them.

    1. I too wonder what it is about autogynephiles that makes them aesthetically tone-deaf. Say what you want about gay (i.e. male-attracted) transwomen, but at least they *usually* know how to style.
      It’s strange on so many levels, because quite a few autogynophiles were actually pretty attractive when they presented as men.

      1. This has been a revelation for me. The trans I knew back in the 80s/90s were gay men and they a great deal of effort in their appearance. These het dudes are just bizarre. The gay guys could blend in more or less. Unless you were paying attention you probably wouldn’t notice. And of course they weren’t claiming to be women.
        These AGPs stand out in such a way I’m starting to think maybe it’s deliberate. They cannot be this blind. Maybe they do it to distance themselves from the gay trans. They want us to know they’re dudes. After all forcing their unwanted presence on us is part of the thrill. They get a boner by forcing us.
        And you’re right some of them were reasonably attractive men.

    2. I’m convinced that most MTTs have some sort of reverse body dysmorphia. Where everyone else sees an ugly old man in drag, they look in the mirror and somehow see a hot teen girl. It would be hilarious if they weren’t destroying women’s and LGB rights.

    3. NEVER feel sorry for them. That is the trap that has snared what seems to be the majority of women into not only letting them, but supporting them to threaten and doxx us and do library exhibits advocating killing women who say no to them, and to take over our very last Lesbians spaces (and then parasitize them, like NCLR, to work against us.)
      Please feel sorry for us instead, and help us.

      1. You’re right. I think this is what happened to a lot of my friends. Driven by pity they’re holding this viper to all our bosoms. They’re pornsick and pathetic but it’s a self inflicted wound not wprthy of pity. Especially since they’re determined to drag us into this filth with them.

  11. The Entitled Penis who claims to be a woman mansplains feminism, and real, actual women are supposed to just shut up and listen to him. The dirty autogynephile needs to fuck off. His sick, narcissistic sexual fetishes belong in the gutter, just like he does.
    If I’m allowed to post a video response, this “I’m a Lady” comedy sketch from Little Britain seems relevant: https://youtu.be/INj6HPuKJnk

    1. I thought of Little Britain too, but this guy was just so without personality and sense of humour that the comparison fell down.
      In the end it seemed like a bizarre Star Trek TV series episode where the alien comes on the monitor to try and convince Captain Kirk that they come in peace and have no intention of assimilating the puny humans, just as long as they comply. Don’t need to be Spock to see through this guy!

      1. Haha, your Star Trek comparison is spot on! That man was just so creepy and disgusting, I couldn’t bear to watch all of it. The Little Britain sketch was really just put there as the next best thing to brain bleach. I wanted to remove all traces of him from my brain, lol.

  12. Everyone knows he’s a big fat ugly man in a dress and bad wig. Amazing that he imagines that anyone would think any different. This level of delusion is frightening.
    What’s that weird grunting, growling sound, is he making it in his windpipe?

  13. What a creep. A male creep. I could only watch a few seconds. Maybe I will watch this video, or just listen to it, when I feel braver. My god, the entitlement by this man. Born females have been oppressed for centuries because of the body parts they were born with. Gender identity means anything only to those who have been forced to or feel like they have to conform to the gender norms of their sex. It is not true. Meanwhile, we have doctors diagnosing transgenderism to mean non-compliance to these ‘norms’. This is so wrong. Non-compliance doesn’t make you trans, queer, nonbinary, gender non-conforming or any of the unnecessary labels many people, especially younger people, have adopted. What is also wrong is trying to trans children. What will happen when these trans children grow up, and realize real life is not like when they were in their little trans-bubbles?

  14. By the way, Happy Canada Day to anyone living in Canada, and Canadians abroad! And it is a bit too early, but also Happy July 4th to Americans in and outside of the US.

  15. He seems to have a ‘vintage housewife’ and an apron fetish, judging by the titles of some of his videos. Can’t quite bring myself to watch them, as his creepy voice made this one hard to sit through.

    1. I think you’re right. This is his blurb from the “about” section of his YouTube profile- “I am Michelle, I am a sweet and kind woman who loves people, art, fashion and homemaking. Stop by and say hi you-all!”

  16. I took one look at that guy and said enough, I can’t listen to one word of that video! What an entitled oaf!

  17. Finally listened to the video. I found it hilarious. This guy is totally off his rocker!

    1. Didn’t you love the part where he said transwomen are visually “identical” to “cis” women?! I was glad I watched from a reclined position, or I would have fallen out of my chair!

    2. I keep watching a bit at a time, but he is SO BORING! I love to laugh at idiots, but still haven’t found the funny bits. (I know, keep watching.)

      1. What I find funny about it is how much he looks like Chris Farley wearing an accent pillow made of hair on his head.
        He’s so male, and using the classic abuser’s angle – “you made [me] do it.” (I don’t find his tactics funny, just the visuals and the grunting)

  18. https://eu.pnj.com/story/news/2018/06/19/transgender-pensacola-woman-loses-discrimination-suit/711052002/
    Here’s a recent case where a group of male strippers (“for ladies only”) refused to perform their act if there were any males in the audience, and of course a (non-passing) transwoman got upset about that and filed a discrimination lawsuit against the event, which he consequently lost.
    Isn’t it funny that when het dudes complain about the possibility of another man feeling them up, they’re taken seriously?

    1. “The dancers purportedly “expressed objections to performing their show, which involved some degree of disrobing and mingling with the patrons, if a person they considered to be male was to be in the audience,” the order said.”
      The sanctity of male heterosexuality affirmed in court. Have the dancers, venue and judge been picketed and harassed as TERFs? Probably not.
      The other funny thing is, some straight women use going to (female performer) strip clubs to demonstrate how hip and “sex positive” they are. Nobody would expect a female stripper to refuse to perform for them, everyone knows she’s just acting anyway, regardless of her sexual orientation. Yet male dancers performing for females is still all about the male gaze.

    2. The funny thing is I’ve always assumed male strippers were gay! I was shocked when I read about the case.

      1. The group performing was the Black Chippendale Male Revue- although the ACLU’s target was the woman who organized the event.
        I don’t know if they’re less gay than the regular Chippendales but they seem very interactive.

        Gay or not, the men are marketing a fantasy to heterosexual (black) women. One where women, surrounded by their peers, can safely objectify men without unwanted consequences. Men like the complainant can do that any time they like, Christ there’s a whole brick and mortar culture built up around it.
        It’s interesting that the men’s rights organization the ACLU targeted the woman who organized this event- as being discriminatory against a male who would not only like to participate in a female-only event, but defend his “right” to be centered (by being seated up front). He was never asked to leave, only being told to allow women to take the front seats at a female-only event. Rather than do so, he left the event (unlike the women he attended with, who all stayed and enjoyed the show). Then he contacted a men’s rights org (the ACLU) who would sue a woman on his behalf.
        The ACLU brought the full legal and institutional power of the white male left down on this black woman and tried to financially ruin her. Probably did ruin her for the cost of her defense. This is what the modern ACLU does. Antagonize and destroy women who de-prioritize the wants of entitled men.

      2. Ah, I get it. Should have done more research myself. Thank you GM. And yes I can see from a purely business standpoint that even if the strippers were gay having a man there in the front row would ruin the fantasy and be bad for business. Chippendales isn’t cheap. I’d be pissed if I paid to attend an ‘all
        female’ event and some big dude was in the first row.
        It is interesting how these trans always go after women. As for the ACLU—they’ve sold their souls for trans bucks. A choice they’re liable to regret. I guess that’s the impetus behind their recent announcement that they now consider the impact on marginalized populations before taking a free speech case. Given that they do that before fighting for the KKK and literal Nazis in Skokie I have to assume that those looking for their help against trans will be drilling a dry well. They don’t get it though no matter how much you acquiesce to these people it will never be enough.
        I wonder what happened to that former ACLU lawyer who quit over trans? She made a decent splash then nothing. I signed up for her newsletter but haven’t heard anything in quite a while. Off to investigate.

      3. Well that’s disturbing…I can’t find anything on Maya Dillard Smith since early 2017. Her social media is inactive. There are no articles or tv appearances. I had signed up for her newsletter but haven’t heard anything from her. I do hope she’s okay but knowing the track record of Trans, Inc. it’s troubling.

      4. It’s hilarious and unsurprising that the ACLU has now given up on free speech. That was just about the only civil liberty they were still fighting for.

    3. It’s interesting how the quotes from the judge cite sex & the performers’ perceptions of gender, with an emphasis on the latter:
      “The dancers purportedly ‘expressed objections to performing their show, which involved some degree of disrobing and mingling with the patrons, if a person they considered to be male was to be in the audience,’ the order said.
      “‘In some circumstances … the physical attributes, male or female, of a person’s body simply can make a difference,’ the judge wrote.”
      In other words, men can be present, if they pass (with physical attributes, and presumably also gender performance).
      It’s like how many restrooms have been in practice, before the gender identity push: technically separated by sex, but in practice passing men & women could enter opposite sex restrooms.
      Maybe for all practical purposes, most sex segregated spaces nationwide aren’t about segregation by sex, but rather mostly sex, with some “squish room” for those who pass.

  19. When ever there is a fight between LGBTQ people I suspect that the anti-gay Christians are making trouble between people to get the to fight each other and that way destroy them. After all anti-gay Christians have been destroyinG LGBTQ people for a long time, any way they can

    1. Could anyone have the entire picture so utterly wrong! I suspect you are not any member of any LGB (though you may be the new hetero “queer”) to make such a preposterous comment. As a gay activist from the 70s I can yell you that your comment is 100% WRONG!

    2. There are no fights between LGBTQ people because there is no such thing as “LGBTQ people.” “LGBTQ people” is a false construct which is intended to destroy gay identity, to prevent LGB people from talking about ourselves and organizing around and prioritizing our interests, and to expropriate LGB money and labor for the benefit of trans activism. It’s a colonization and looting of LGB people. Now you know.

  20. Drive it into the sea with sticks.
    This is classic TG Poufbunny. (warning: do not read this site with food in your mouth.)
    ps. to the astute comment about using the word “sex” not “gender”:
    Shannon Minter (trans”man” ruler of U.S. Transness) was key 10 years ago to changing all official government, media, non-profit, academic and legal language from “sex” to “gender”. And she accomplished her goal. Ironically, before the 21st century’s politically invented word meanings, “gender” was an abstract adjective used to refer to male or female designations of anything that is not a person, i.e., language, grammar, clothing, etc. “Sex” was a noun, used to refer to a person, a real live human being with the literal “sex” part visible in the loin region of the body (male or female being 99.999 percent of the human population across millions of years with intersex hermaphroditism less than .00005 per cent of humans, which is similar in number to those unfortunate persons with nothing between the legs because of accident/disease/amputation, although her or his sex was there before the incident removed or plastic surgeoned it).
    “Gender” is an adjective, an abstraction referring to a person’s sex, but is not the person herself or himself; a symbol and an abstraction representing an aspect of a person is not a person but merely a simulacra of a person. Trans have replaced the fight for real persons’ immutable characteristics with a fight for abstract and relativised symbols of those characteristics, demanding “human rights” for these abstractions! And any Nazi who is not down with this is gonna get stabbed in the fucking eyes or beaten to the ground by a Queered mob at Pride or Speakers Corner. Human rights are now open to representations, symbols and simulacra masquerading as persons (en travesti?) because what’s not to love about an oppressed PoufBunny, hmm, fascists? That’s the new “progressive” logic. Anyone against genderTrans is a fash and as the Antifa signs say, “we bash fash in this country”. Don’t “we”?
    So anyone who considers herself or himself “we” had better get with the progressive program or remain on the wrong side of history with the other right wing genital obsessed sewer rats. Free transvestite Poufbunnies from Nazi fash! Free adjectives from the tyranny of nouns! Free frilly men in fluffy wigs! Now we are all finally Free To Be (a simulacra of) You and (an abstraction of) Me. Gender-free is the ultimate anti-fash! Get with the program or it’s the Gulag for you, anti-gender “alt right” TERF Fash! Poufbunny Invictus! The Wig is dead! Long live the Wig!
    Be careful what you wish for or you might just get it. Right between the eyes. Isn’t 21st century liberation wonderful?

  21. I think that was me, although others may also have commented on sex and gender and I somehow missed it. Thank you for the information regarding the US history and Shannon Minter – I didn’t know about that at all. I believe something similar must’ve happened in the UK, perhaps brought about by the combined efforts of that old vampire Soros and his trans lobby minions.
    I particularly liked what you wrote here: ‘“Gender” is an adjective, an abstraction referring to a person’s sex, but is not the person herself or himself; a symbol and an abstraction representing an aspect of a person is not a person but merely a simulacra of a person.’
    I know this is said a lot but with every new trans story, I keep thinking that the dystopian future I’d only read about in books is already here. Your penultimate paragraph was positively Orwellian. ‘Free adjectives from the tyranny of nouns! Free frilly men in fluffy wigs!’ (Now is probably a good time to mention that although I’m also frilly, I’m not a man, I originally began using this avatar just as a joke. :))
    ‘Drive it into the sea with sticks. ‘ Lol, I couldn’t agree more.

    1. I’m with Kathleen Lowrey: THROW HIM INTO THE VOLCANO! And we handily have one available in Hawaii.

      1. Hey Susan — Just wanted to clarify, my volcano-throwing advocacy was in response to a piece over at Feminist Current about the men who kidnapped and gang-raped a little girl for days in India, and I was not kidding. Just in case that sounds too white feminist, I’d pitch in the white doctor recently arrested in Alberta for attempting to arrange the rape of a 5 year old girl right behind them.
        I don’t want anything bad to happen to trans identified men. I don’t object to their wearing halter dresses, beehives, and shiny pink gloves. I don’t even advocate the abolition of mansplaining (the ridiculing of it, I’m all for). I just object to trans assertions being treated as holy writ, like some combination of deep wisdom and unheralded courage that everyone has to respond to so reverentially that anything less counts as “hate speech” (or hate-sighing, hate-eyerolling, hate-head-shaking, and hate-chuckling).
        This guy’s… pauses… every few phrases… in which he was clearly imagining…. a stunned and docile audience…. of hers-getting-told… is exactly a product of the sort of fatuous script-writing attitude of trans activism (here is ME being HEROIC like in movies I’VE WATCHED about the French resistance, the Holocaust, civil rights, and Stonewall: all borrowed finery, again).

  22. Men like this are destroying what little Lesbians have left. On our local “Lesbian” events list with over a thousand members, we could not discuss the attacks at the Dyke March or the effects of young children being given hormone blockers, etc. with men like this dominating the discussion or women supporting men like this to dominate us.

    1. Our old friend “Jane Fee” LOL — I guess he can’t knit standing up!
      Also, it appears that the interviewer is a “pregnant person.” Oh, the irony …

    1. Anything “woman” attracts them like zombies 🧟‍♀️ to the smell of live humans. They’ll be converging from every direction with their bad wigs, nasty shades of lipstick & lady willies.

      1. “Woman Fest will become Britain’s first all-female festival to celebrate the ‘power and magic’ of womanhood” tickets 220 pound.
        Nearly trans zombie porn except trans zombies only converge on places where they are not invited.
        Magic womanhood laydee space. Trans friendly: nothin.
        Lesbian only support group for trauma survivors. No men: Swarm.

      2. They still show up when it’s for women + special men (and they expect the red carpet to be rolled out for the special men), but it’s definitely not a swarm. It makes sense that MTTs can’t be arsed to show up when they’re officially invited. Most neckbeards are shut-ins after all.

    2. I wonder what its like when they swarm the “lesbian events” like flies on shit… and they only meet *each other* there?
      I bet it really pisses them off!

      1. Makes me want to set up a faux event, with ad headlines screaming “Lesbian Biological Females Only!”
        And watch in hiding as just MtTs show up.

    1. Is trousers gendered? I didn’t think they were. I thought this sorta thing was the radfem end game?
      I’m not trying to be a douche with a ‘gotcha’. I’m sincerely curious.

      1. Hi James, I obviously can’t speak for Hogwash but it’s not that anyone’s saying trousers are gendered, I think the point is that banning skirts is clearly going to affect the girls, not the boys. Why single out the girls for punishment, because a minuscule number of boys in schools potentially might “identify” as trans? And I do mean it when I call it punishment. Girls are being punished for being female. One of the justifications given for banning skirts is the short length of girls’ skirts. So…for the protection of male teachers who can’t help but lust after girls aged 11 plus?? (UK secondary school starts at age 11, in case you’re from a different country).
        I’ve written about this elsewhere but periods are much easier to handle when wearing a skirt, i.e. washing out period stains, just stand at the basin, hike up skirt, twist skirt around to the front, wash with soap and water, dry under hand dryer. Unpredictable and heavy periods are common throughout adolescence so leakages are a frequent nuisance for schoolgirls. In a skirt, it’s easy to change underwear without removing clothing as well, so you can see how wearing trousers would make things even harder for girls who are menstruating. In the UK, schools are increasingly making all toilets unisex now, causing further difficulties for girls, especially when on their periods. Imagine how distressing and embarrassing it would be for a girl trying to deal with having her period or washing out period stains in a unisex toilet full of boys.
        Finally, when I was in school, I just liked wearing a skirt. It’s what I was used to and preferred, and I would’ve hated being forced to wear trousers. Girls nowadays are having all their choices taken away from them, purely in order to benefit males.

      2. -Frilly Prosecutor.
        Thanks for taking the time! I agree, pedophiles have no business anyway teaching any children ever. If any teacher is ‘tempted’ by a child in a skirt, they just need to…go away. If I ran a school, I’d really be concerned with are the children decent. Top, bottoms, shoes. However, when I was at school, we had a handbook with two pages about how girls may be dressed while boys was “Have clothing on and don’t dress like a girl”.
        I didn’t think about periods and yeah, I can see how a skirt can be really helpful. I had a health condition when I was in middle school that, without revealing it’s nature to everyone here, would require I change. When I wore pants, I would basically have to get naked in a stall with HUUGGEEE cracks between the door and walls. I hated it and it was awful, and I only had to do it maybe five times before I got the treatment I needed. So I’ll never get a period but yeah I can imagine having to deal with a hygiene issue in a public place. It really sucks.
        So that alone, I think I’m convinced that skirts ought to be always allowed everywhere all the time. Not that they need to be justified in the first place but you gave a very good affirmative reason regardless.
        But yeah, gendered dress codes just need to go away.

  23. 2nd twitter ban, yall… meanwhile, legions of them are allowed to call Blaire White a man, while Miranda Yardley was banned for the same.
    For supposedly “oppressed” people, their power is enormous. On twitter, the n-word and the c-word (they routinely call ‘terfs’ cunts) and every other word remains… but *no acknowledging biology.*
    They have *incredible* power; they are utterly invincible and regarded as totally blameless in all they do …I have never seen anything like this.

    1. Like AIDS activists they learned from, before them, they are organized.
      They appear to activist lists. Every time one of them takes issue with something, they post it to the list, with the contact information of whoever they want to receive their wrath, and a thousand TRAs contact their target, with a short, angry message.
      It’s very effective. We should have been doing this year’s ago. Still need to.

      1. While banned, they started a major dogpile and I couldn’t reply…and this is *exactly* what they did!
        I got hundreds of them clogging my mentions with insanity.
        Several of my leftist male followers told me outright on twitter (not even in private messages!) that they never have to worry about being dogpiled… these men make as many so-called “anti-trans” comments as feminists do (maybe more), but the trans activists don’t even notice them.
        About six guys told me it always amazes them, since its so brazenly obvious. They have even TRIED to distract them (several did, during my dogpile)… but the trans activists simply. do. not. care. what. men. say.
        If they can’t even confront guys on twitter, I think its safe to say they are too afraid to confront the white men who hold all the real power. (we don’t)
        Its all about attacking women.

        1. Daisy, I’m so sorry they did this to you. I’ve been compiled once on another platform, and it was awful. The people who do this are cowards and lemmings who don’t think for themselves, and are solely about PC image. The abuse men do to women, especially feminist women, in general, online is evident in your story.
          Your story highlights what you said: it’s all about attacking women. Its more evidence that transgenderism is misogyny.
          Would you please consider writing this up as a blog post, and linking me to it? I’d like to forward it online. The general public needs to see the growing pile of examples of the many forms which transmisogyny takes.

      2. Maybe as an experiment, during the next march, bring some dudes to march on the flanks of the real lesbians. Only, only, only to see if these trans women have the conviction to pick on people their own size.

      3. TRAs are after full obedience from women. That’s why they don’t care what men say. TRAs also know that men aren’t a real threat to them, despite their weaponization of how weak and vulnerable they supposedly are. It’s probably the biggest single fiction in our post-truth era. Plenty of people know Trump is a crap businessman, for example, but you won’t find anyone, except the most dyed-in-the-wool terf, question TRAs’ fake suicide and violence statistics. M2Ts are less likely to be victims of homicide than most other demographics, certainly much less likely than other men.

      4. Here is an interesting thread by a man asking other men if they have ever been called a terf?
        Can you guess the answers? (A few had been–gay men in particular, but mostly no.)
        “I’ve had it twice. On each occasion I replied that I’m a man and that was the end of the exchange. Transcultists don’t challenge men in any serious sense. They keep their misogyny pure.”
        “I do the terf’iest things I can do, say the terf’iest things I can think of and still i’m never called a terf.
        It must be because Im a bloke, I could have TERF tattooed on my forehead and they would still ignore me.”

        1. Daisy, thank you. Great question to ask men. Such revealing answers. It’s so blatant, they dont dare challenge men, or even have issue with men. Because it’s fine to question what women do.or say. Not men.

      5. @fmnst –thank you for your concern! It was pretty bad at one point, just like tumblr–nasty messages every time I signed on.
        I blocked a whole bunch of them and to write a blog post, I would need to go back and look at the tweets… and lots are *really gross* if you know what I mean. (Also do not want to unblock since a LOT of what they write is very sicko and do not want to subject myself to it.)
        This is the one that got them started:

        Closest to a blog post, is my follow up thread, “Lessons of the dogpile”:

        thank you again! <3

  24. “We just want to help” activated my fight-or-flight instinct. And does he not realize how creepy it looks to film himself at that distance? He reminds me of the sort of guys who lean in to close.
    On the subject of scary TIMs, I really wanted to believe this was some kind of self-aware parody:
    but another essay by the same guy just went up today:
    (So you know what you’re, getting into, the first one pretty much starts out claiming exogenous hormones make a penis softer and-I wish I were making this up–more feminine.)
    According to the second essay, apparently radical feminism is dying like a cornered animal and lacks philosphical nuance because it isn’t open to other definitions of “man” or “male.” Philosophers! We can just redefine words to mean something different, so problem solved, right? They seem not to recognize the existence of any reality outside of their abstractions. (If we redefine “up” and “down,” can we change the laws of gravity to let us levitate?)

    1. What is girldick? It’s surprisingly hard to define…
      A penis. It’s a penis. And regular penis skin is the softest skin on the male body…unless they mean they can’t get it up when they say “soft,” which isn’t revolutionary either. So, to recap: ‘girldick’ is just dick, and these dudes in their fantasy worlds have figured out a way to pretend their regular-ass penis is special.

  25. We aren’t blind. Michael Tackett is a man with mental health issues, and probably was a closet autogynephile until about two years ago. This is Michael Tackett in 2016. Notice how he isn’t wearing his long pink gloves, hideous wigs, pink Hello Kitty shirt, apron, etc. in any of these videos. In two years he went from an unshaven, rambling strange man dressed in tacky black tee shirts to full blown autogynephile. Either he was a closet autogynephile, or it developed over a period of about two years. I doubt it’s the latter. Autogyenphiles are easy to spot. They are the typical straight dude who seems just like another guy. They might be bisexual, but most are straight. To get a sexual thrill, they secretly wear women’s underwear, etc. For some reason, they always dress in the most extreme “feminine” dress. It’s an exaggerated caricature of their view of “womanhood”. Either high heels hooker look, or some go for ‘sissification’, and dress in little girl’s clothes. Michael Tackett’s long pink gloves, aprons, etc. is rather strange, sort of like he is obsessed with his mother, or obsessed with some 1950s starlet.
    Michael’s thing seems to be aprons and “vintage dresses”. Sure enough, I googled, “cross dressers” and “vintage dresses”, and there were some photos. Then, again, he likes to wear pink “Hello Kitty” at times, so it’s hard to tell.
    Make no mistake. It’s a sexual fetish for a lot of men. Google, “crossdressers and videos”, and there are 9 million hits, all of it porn.
    They don’t care whether or not they look like real women, or even how they look. Whether or not they “pass” is of no significance. It’s all about an exaggerated caricature of womanhood. They fixate on something, panties, little girl dresses, maid’s apron, etc. This is how they get off. It’s a sexual fetish.
    In this sick video when he was just creepy unshaven Michael, he compares TERFs to the KKK. The KKK used to lynch black people. In fact, they lynched a lot of black people. No female has ever killed a transwoman. Transwomen (biological males) are killed by males, or other transwomen (males). Transwomen have been convicted of killing a lot of women. In fact, in 2017, a transwoman in Washington State was convicted of killing three women (two white women and a black woman) in cold blood. Gendertrender covered the Perry trial. A transwoman is on trial in Oakland for killing an interracial lesbian couple and their black son. They were shot and stabbed to death in their home. Rivers was part of Camp Trans that protested outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Gendertrender is covering the Dana Rivers triple homicide. Transwoman Synthia China Blast is serving a life sentence for helping to kill a 13 year old black girl, stuffing her body into a box, and setting the box on fire. Gendertrender has several posts about Synthia China Blast.
    TERF is a Hate Group

    A white male is telling women that they are just like the KKK for knowing that women really don’t have a penis. And, notice how he brings up “misandry”. Men who bash feminists always toss out the word “misandry”. So, saying women don’t have a penis means a woman is like the KKK., and white males get to define feminism.
    No woman on gendertrender, or any gender critical blog or website I’ve been reading for the last five years, has ever made death threats to transgender people. Transwomen routinely make death threats to women. And, they also like to carry baseball bats and wear “I Punch Terfs” shirts to intimidate women. Despite the fact that transwomen are killed by males, Degenderettes, TransDykes, transwomen, etc. never threaten males.
    No one that I know is opposed to basic human rights (housing, health care, education, etc.) for all people including trans people. No one wants trans people harmed. This is the problem that will not go away. Biological males have no business in women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc. And, they are lying like hell when they say no transwoman (male) would harm a woman. Transwomen (males) kill women, and when they do kill or rape women, trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA bury the crimes, or say a “woman” did the crime.
    Michael isn’t playing with a full deck. He is just a strange man with some fetishes. We can see it with our own eyes. Granted, he isn’t as strange as Stefonknee Wolscht, but it’s terrifying to know that all men like Michael have to do is whine about their “gender identity”, and they have access to women’s intimate spaces.
    What woman would want her five year old girl in the same restroom with this man?

    1. Interesting how despite all this affinity for the 50s housewife aesthetic I don’t see any of these dudes doing any actual you know housewifely work like CLEANING. That basement he’s in looks like it hasn’t been dusted since the Johnson administration.

      1. You mean Andrew Johnson?????
        Speaking of that weird affinity….one would be amazed, how many one will see here in town, during that month [around here, the little one and I were more attentive to the Capitals, the Warriors and ‘Justify’ winning the Belmont] when there is an inordinate amount of pride among those who are that creepy. So creepy, that they make the Addams Family look ‘normal’.
        It does not surprise that there is a love for that era among many of the brigade. After all, it is that one where it was monochromatic, where women in the burbs or a lot who were of means via the family…were seen as accessories. No different than those crazy-ass gloves and the hairstyle.

      2. I remember reading once about a woman married to one of these dudes. Before he decided he was trans, he wouldn’t help her with the dishes because he was too busy watching the game on TV. Or something. Afterwards, he couldn’t do the dishes because it would ruin his manicure.

    2. Not me, that’s for sure. I don’t care what the law is, I would give him a verbal serve, complain to management or authorities and put his photo as a warning on all the local FB blogs. If it was the father of my 5 year old twin daughters who saw him in the ladies at the time they were in the bathroom though….. Seriously, these guys are so repulsive and entitled it simply beggars belief.

  26. Oh Skylark, that last sentence says it all. I so wish we could turn all the women collaborators, who are in the Degenderettes and who attacked the disabled Lesbians at the Dyke March and everywhere else, into small and helpless little girls to have to deal with this and other dangerous males. I so want them to be the victims of the men posing as women who have preyed on and harmed girls and women, until they really get it. And then to escape.

    1. Not that I defend these women, but I imagine that a lot of them have been traumatized by these men. The craziness, the deferrals–this is what you often see in women who have been ripped apart by long-term relationships with batterers.

  27. He seems very keen on getting people reported to their employers so if anyone is interested, on his Facebook page he claims to be employed by Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Sauce for the goose.

  28. “What do you expect?” he asked.
    He should pose that question to himself.
    “What do you expect when an obvious man tries to use the women’s room?”
    For females to remain silent, never speak up, never scream at him, just put up with the enormous risk to our privacy, dignity, safety, and the violation of our rights to each of these? What do you expect?
    What do you expect when a woman who goes to enormous lengths to pass as male tries to the women’s room? Silence again? To never speak up for our rights and safety?
    It may or may not be legal to shout at someone, but it is most definitely illegal to lay a hand on someone for merely shouting.
    Self-defense laws are clear: one can only use physical force sufficient to protect oneself.
    Hitting goes beyond a person merely shouting at you. Getting physical with someone merely shouting is illegal.
    Bro, walk away, suck it up, and use the men’s room.
    If you feel foolish in there in that outfit, either be brave and change the culture, one trip to the john at a time; change your outfit; or speak out about male intolerance, sex roles, and homophobic violence.

    1. Simple answer: HELL NO!!!
      This is nothing more than child abuse by adults who are nothing short of pedophiles. It is that simple. And those adults deserve to be in prison, Not a county jail, no bail….prison. Even a ‘supermax’. OR…..after sentencing, release them to the general population and then let them fend for themselves.

  29. I could literally only watch this narcissist for one and a half minutes before I had to turn it off.
    Tootsie, if you’re reading this: you’re just a man…a cross-dressing man…and an ugly, untalented one at that.
    We can tell “experts” they’re wrong. The only reason they’re agreeing with your gender identity bullshit is because they want your money.

  30. “Trans-male” and “trans-female”? Give me a break. It’s trans-man and trans-woman because just because you identify as a woman does not make you a female. Gender=\=Sex. Why can’t they understand this?

  31. This guy on Twitter recently in response to the UK sticker campaign:

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