Lesbians Attacked By Trans Activists At San Francisco Dyke March


Reports are coming in of a series of violent attacks on lesbian marchers at yesterday’s San Francisco Dyke March 2018. The women were targeted on the basis of their signs which referenced lesbianism as a female-specific orientation. These signs offended the heterosexual transgender marchers who believe males should have the prerogative to “identify as” lesbian and that women who reject this premise should be targeted for violence.
The following are testimonies from various attendees who were attacked:

“I was the one. Knocked down, tripped, purse ripped away from me, glasses knocked to ground and my sign snatched and taken once and then retrieved by a badass stranger first, then again a second time it was forcefully grabbed and taken and later we found remnant blocks away ripped up. [Redacted] was surrounded, pushed down three times, sign grabbed. It was ripped up and she grabbed it back and held up torn pieces of it defiantly until the end of the march.

I kept yelling that we didn’t hate anyone, this was dyke march, we are dykes and that we were NOT transphobic. We aren’t AFRAID of trans people, we were not going to be silenced, we were not going to leave or put our signs down. Over and over again I said “we are not being violent, don’t touch us, we center women-safe spaces, we are fighting lesbian and female erasure, we care about the welfare of children who are being supported and even pushed to chemically and physically alter themselves without advocates for their future health, we are being peaceful, we belong here, this is our right and our space. We are not violent.”

We played an important role in being visible, even if we were knowingly outnumbered and villified. We looked directly into the eyes of those accusing US of hate. They yelled terfs go home, transphobia’s got to go, bullhorns in our ears, a woman stepped on the back of my shoes deliberately repeatedly and when I told her don’t fucking touch me she said “come on, hit me bitch!” I said we were not going away and we were not violent to which she said they would be.

There is so much more to say…. I’m still collecting my thoughts. I’m sore. I will say though, we did exactly what we said we were going to do. We held our signs high. We stared into a mob of anger and did not back down. We were there to show that there IS a contingency of us-RADICAL FEMINISTS- who will fight for lesbian visibility and for female biology and safe spaces. We were small and mighty and older and wiser. We were fierce and powerful. We were the better people. I don’t regret one minute of it because sometimes you just have to walk the walk…. literally.”

Various sources claim to have video of these attacks, they will be added to this post when available.
Men who identify as transgender lesbians were widely represented at the march, including the Anti-Lesbian ANTIFA group Degenderettes, who left their barbed-wire wrapped baseball bats at home, instead marching with tone deaf banners such as “Be Gay Do Crimes” and the female erasing “We stand with women AND cis women” (“Cis” is a modifier used by trans activists to reduce actual women to a subset of a new category of “women” dominated by males.)

More coverage will be added to this post as it becomes available.
Added: Spin from the San Francisco Dyke March organizers – blaming the lesbians for being attacked by men:

Every block there was “TERF Noise” which “needed to be shut down”.

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  1. I thought that the LGBT community was free of infighting? With the “acceptance by society” and stuff like that.

    1. I hope you’re joking. We Lesbians never agreed to be added to our oppressors, het and gay men and bisexual women.

      1. That comment was never intended as an joke. I’m saying that I find it to be kind of weird to resort to violence if someone challenges your opinion, especially if your community has been chronically been the victims. I know that hundreds of transgendered people have been murdered out of hate, but what’s wrong with being reasonable?
        It’s not like women pointing out the technical definition of what an lesbian is was intended as an threat on your life.

    2. First, Lesbians did not agree to be part of “LGBT” etc. That is not our “community.”
      Their community has not been victims. They are the attackers. One of them killed an interracial Lesbian couple and their son in Oakland in 2016. They are working with and leading fascist/nazi groups, like the one that marched in Berkeley last year. Most of them were living as extremely privileged white het men until they got bored with their wives and kids and obsessed with Lesbians and autogynephilia. Sorry to be so upset, but imagine another oppressed people who has to constant read and hear that our community is also those who most oppress and hate us.
      Second, what “hundreds of transgendered people have been murdered out of hate”? All I’m seeing is men demanding we accept them as Lesbians threatening and attacking Lesbians and other women, and then women posing as men with other collaborators also attacking us.

  2. Disgusting. Years and years of fighting the image of homosexuals as degenerates and daytripping trash runs around with their manarchist asses on full display. So glad the LG will still be cleaning up BE GAY DO CRIMES when these bougie little shits head to the next cause or get a white collar day job.
    Good on the women who marched through that. You girls are an inspiration.

    1. Hi everyone! I’m the author of the @gendercritical Twitter account (started in October 2016). I made that account so I could follow all the blogs&vlogs I found to be critical against the transgender trend. The account usually automatically posts blogs I already listed as one’s worth to follow, but sometimes I do some tweeting myself. I also can be found at Twitter by the @cyberwanderlust handle (survived Twitter since 2006 with that one).
      I live in Serbia, not USA or UK or Australia as most of the women writing about this.
      I’ve looked into 3 prominent people in the #begaydocrime #degenderettes San Francisco community: Dan Tax (goes by many names on the Internet), Yolkai LeFierce (she claims authorship of “I PUNCH TERFS”), Mya Byrne (the huge dude posing with the bat and threatening to those who mis-gender).
      Here are some findings in a Twitter thread for you to look at:
      + most popular tweets in the last 10 days:

  3. Wow! I’ll bet the San Francisco Library is super proud! Did they sponsor these guys? And who runs the Dyke March exactly? I suppose the reality-based lesbians should have educated the SF police in advance about the violent trans element, but it’s shameful that they need to.

  4. Just horrifying and astonishing. “Be Gay Do Crimes“? What is wrong with these people? Also these particular assholes may love crime, but they ain’t even gay!
    HURRAH! For the strong sisters who went there with their signs and took a beating. Oh my God, I love them so much! They are standing up for ALL women! And it’s disgusting that this is necessary in 2018.

    1. I found an account on Twitter that posted a pic of that sign and another that said THESE F*GGOTS KILL FASCISTS, complete with an anarchy symbol and the pink triangle. Naturally #TransMarch was one of two tags.
      Like if that isn’t the perfect example of watered down, appropriated “activism” I don’t know what is. I highly doubt any of them would go after an ICE agent or a dirty cop or even the most homebrewed neo-Nazi. Misgendering supposedly sends them into a suicidal spiral but they’re going to face off with armed men. As they say, pick one.
      Luckily we all know “fascist” in their speak means “person who says something we don’t like and must be silenced because our thought policing and sexism is totally different 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈.”

      1. I know right–the entire world is *frantic* over the border crisis, but they don’t care if some moms lose their children, they are lowly cis women after all. Maybe if they thought some of the kids were trans? Statistically, some are.
        Oh wait, too dark, don’t speak English, never mind. “trans youth” = white suburban kids under their spell.
        We need you trans rowdies at the border! If skinny cis ladies like Elizabeth Warren and Evan Rachel Wood can do this, where are all of you?
        Why aren’t you dangerous anarchist badasses facing down the United States Border Patrol and ICE?
        Hahaha, I kill me.

  5. Thank you SO much for this, Gallus Mag. I was there, but arrived right after the attack. We had planned to have a strong Dyke presence, but there were so few of us. We had to keep arguing with Lesbians doing their usual harassing and insulting us on behalf of their precious men/female impersonators.
    Wonderful to meet the courageous Lesbians who were attacked. (Who knew this would be how Dykes now make new friends?) We kept marching and then visited afterwards. Today, they had to deal with insults and harassment when they posted on facebook.
    I hope so much this will get into the mainstream media, but our local news basically censored the march, though they did massive reporting of the annual pink triangle put on a hill and the coming gay parade and even the trannie march.
    As they say, “this never happens.”

  6. The incident is appalling. I wish I could say I was shocked, but this is where the trans movement has been heading, and it was only a matter of time before things got to this point. Whether their target is Maria MacLachalan in London, Taelor Furry in St. Louis, or these women in San Francisco, trans activists seem to tell the same misogynistic story–the women’s failure to be quiet and go along makes them the aggressors, justifying violence in return. Violence has been redefined from actual assaults on trans people to misgendering and now to simple disagreement.

    1. It’s classic male abuser rhetoric: “She made me do it. If only she’d been quiet and known her place then I wouldn’t have had to hit her.” Wearing high heels and dresses won’t change the fact that these are misogynistic, violent men to the core.

  7. The SF “Dyke March” organizers’ response is disgusting. I wrote to them months ago asking how they would deal with the men who groped and grabbed at us last year, and got a long lecture about how those are “cis” men and we “cis” Lesbians should be ashamed to not acknowledge how the “transwomen” were in the forefront of our movement and helped us come out. (I posted here about that after it happened.)
    I answered (to what became increasingly obvious was a man) that no fucking man helped me come out, as a Lifelong Lesbian, and they did not help our Lesbian Feminist movement either. Men harassed and stalked us, but trannies did not yet exist in our community in the Sixties. They are a recent fiction.
    This re-writing of our lives and history is evil. So no surprise that they keep lying.

    1. Just in the last week I came across an exchange between TIMs in which they claimed transwomen started feminism–at Stonewall! Obviously those of us who have a few decades of memory and longer knowledge of history recognize the lies they tell, but the generation who grew up with the internet at their fingertips seems more naive and ignorant than previous generations.
      We know men have always stolen the creative and intellectual work of women close to them and claimed it as their own, but TIMs seem bent on erasing all women’s achievements, including the political history of both lesbians and the general feminist movement. These men would never have declared themselves women back when women lacked political and economic rights, so, if anything, they owe lesbians and straight feminists rather than the other way around.

      1. I keep trying to support the Lesbians who were attacked in their threads on fb, but Sherri has bravely let the trans rant insults and history re-writing endlessly to show everyone how bad it is. (I hope women who care will stop saying ridiculous things like “the ‘transwomen’ and ‘transmen’ are fine if they stay in their own lane” when trans is completely a false category and doesn’t exist, and the main focus is to destroy us and our culture and take it for themselves, ala “Silence of the Lambs.”)
        Sorry to go on, but the history re-write is what is the most infuriating in a way (I mean not more than who they have already attacked and killed, but as a killing of our entire culture.)

  8. Wait, I thought that we, lesbians, were the violent ones with our deadly and murderous language. So why are transactivists, who are after all moral paragons of pacifism, suddenly attacking women? Oh. I see. They’re carrying dangerous and violent signs. I guess. I can’t really follow what passes for logic for them anymore.

  9. I am so mad and really upset that my sister were/ are assaulted, heckled , threatened badgered disrespected called named yelled at in the close range of their ears by a Fucking megaphone, (bullhorn)Which would/could cause serious damage to the inner ear resulting in loss of hearing whether it is minimal or not !
    What a disgusting display of hatred and bullying …
    I Just can’t believe these lesbians who are trans allies, treating women, radical feminists lesbians in such an abhorrent, brutal, disgusting, and hatred way .. this is the result of brainwashing emotional blackmail manipulation and FEAR , These women are gutless and center males in society
    Their sexuality, of lesbianism is not political, but more like an extension only in a physical sense // These are not friends of radical feminists, 2nd wave feminists these, sadly are enemies, these are now our combatants, nasty and blatant violent criminals as to assault a woman is a criminal offense. to egg another woman to hit them for the expressed motive of trouble that they can lie and complain , to authorities about , is despicable, it a manipulative and cunning act, by such revolting creatures… I’m so Livid by this !!
    I am also deeply saddened, horrified and upset, as I’m from down south in the southern hemisphere an have been seeing this all unfold over the last 3 years … It was just 3 years ago that I travelled to SF to march and join in the festivities spend my many hundreds of tourist dollars as i watched and listened and heard that this would unfold and hoped that it just may not … then further see this online in Canada the UK NZ And Now slow but surely on the east coast of Australia ! I am Mortified beyond belief that radical feminists women i know have been set upon by these filthy examples of human beings.
    Absolutely Guttered ! But So Proud To Know of these women who carried the signs from being online.

      1. Wow. I can’t believe they used the bloody “I punch TERFS” shirt openly as a public photo booth opportunity and the public watched as though that was ok.

      2. That’s Putrid & Revolting , and clearly virtual signalling to get on side as many scared and fearful women, who haven’t reached peak trans yet .. to try and sway their thoughts, Brainwashing Bullying that’s what it’s all about .. I just hope their are not as many sheep out there as i think there are…

  10. Good on the women representing actual lesbians. Solidarity in Vancouver from an ancient bi.

  11. Women do seem to make all the compromises in privacy, safety and opportunity here.
    It is one thing to be sympathetic to a bunch of people, mostly men, who are depressed, confused and often suicidal. It is another to ask the whole world to reorder itself at great cost and risk to safety because of these troubled people.

  12. Thank you for covering this so well. We’re compiling the relevant video clips, although the actual physical attacks sadly were not covered. We do have clear audio where we repeatedly told them what was said above, that we are not violent, womyn protecting womyn spaces, dykes that belong there. There are many lies being told about us being the aggressors, even one about my partner’s cane being used as a weapon, which is ludicrous to say the least. She needed that cane as she has metal plates in her knee. The “metal” rabbit head they’re referring to wasn’t even metal and was broken by TRAs. I’m so grateful for your support in covering this violence toward natal womyn and getting the REAL misogynistic agenda out there for all to see.

    1. Thank you again for standing up to them and the gross culture they bring 💕
      And I saw some screencaps about the cane. TRAs really have no shame.

    2. Sherri, it’s so impressive that you both kept marching! And then spent time with the group of us afterward. Thank you for being our champions and so courageous since you knew the risks after the trans cult SF Library exhibit was advocating women who say no to them being beaten to death.
      I’m so sorry I got there too late to help, but I saw your lover’s beautiful wooden cane they broke and it’s horrifying that these women supporting men against women would attack two Lesbians, but especially one using a cane! This would have been unbelievable in the past but not now.
      I keep hoping that this will shame women collaborators into coming to their senses. One Lesbian has posted about this on our local Lesbian lists. I’m spreading the word also, and hopefully others will too. But it’s shocking how men on your thread keep pushing obvious re-writes/lies about our history.
      I hope you both aren’t in too much pain still. Know how much we love and appreciate you. xoxox

  13. “Anti trans signs, speaking words of hate and doing violence…this display of transmisogyny.’
    These are very serious allegations SF Dyke March are making against women. They need to think carefully: provide grounds for making them which would stand if challenged. Because at some point they will be challenged on them. And it may not look well for them.
    Meanwhile all solidarity to hugely brave SF sisters. What you did was amazing.

      1. Ah. As the good professor Peterson is forever saying: Another Humanities graduate.
        He is right that the Humanities now mostly specialize in SJW activism; its the place they learn all the dogma… I have checked these “leaders” out and it’s true in virtually every case.
        Activists used to learn activism “in the streets” but now they learn it for credit from openly-capitalist, racist, patriarchal academic institutions, and they don’t seem to see *any contradiction* in that.
        They are doing what they were taught to do.

      2. Something is off about that, if she was actually running it for the last several years since things changed dramatically from last year. This year for the first time, the “Dyke March” specifically invited everyone but Lesbians. (I’ve been going since the beginning and this was much smaller and very different. Almost no one I knew would go.)
        When I wrote to them on fb a few months ago about their posting about not allowing men in the march and I asked if they had a plan for dealing with the men who were groping and grabbing us, I got a long lecture from “Haley” who I figured out must be a man, by his cold patronizing lecture that it was “cis” men grabbing us and how we should be “ashamed” to not recognize it was trans in the forefront of our Lesbian movement who helped us come out of the closet. I hadn’t dealt with being told men helped me as a Lifelong Lesbian come out. Of course he didn’t answer my enraged response.
        So she may be theoretically in charge, but it looks like the men have taken over. Not surprised by NCLR of course who betrayed Lesbians long ago, as you’ve helped let us know.

      3. @Bev Jo-
        The Dyke March is part of San Francisco Pride but is ostensibly controlled by a separate anonymous “committee”. From what I can see Elizabeth Lanyon pretty much runs this. She’s their only public spokesperson. She also largely organized, fundraised for, and MC’ed the San Francisco Women’s March. Some articles said she “identifies as” a “high femme” so she is super into gender. Probably pressured a few butches into taking T.

      4. That all makes sense. But something did change between this year and last. It always seemed flakey, but the call out this year to everyone but Lesbians was something new.
        It could be she got emboldened by the library exhibit. Horrifying to think the effect she’s had on Butches, but yes, Hard Fems have so much power.

    1. Apparently everything is violence, except for actual violence against women. The double speak is terrifying.

    2. I’m not familiar with US human/civil rights law. Can lesbians sue SF Dyke March for not providing a safe space for them to participate? Can they sue for defamation?

  14. Appalling and disgusting. I am no longer a member of the LGB community. Attacking or allowing to be attacked Lesbians at a Dyke March. The misogyny cannot be tolerated. Wake TF up gay men.

      1. I never agreed to be added with my oppressors, which is gay men and women choosing men. I remember when gay men, with all their massive resources wanted nothing to do with us. Hasn’t really changed if they aren’t using us.

  15. I wish I was surprised at this, but unfortunately I was expecting it, and expecting it in San Francisco. I lived in SF for 3 years, back when it was America’s favorite city. This is what you are now, San Francisco. This is what you are now, gay liberation movement. I marched throughout the 80s but I would never go to a “Pride” march now because I have no pride in the travesty this movement has become. Only shame and horror.

  16. To the woman who sent me a not for publication message(s).
    The photos and videos you sent were not in a format that can be opened outside of your own computer.
    Can you post them online somewhere and send me a link to them?
    If you post the video on YouTube anonymously I can embed the video here.
    Ask a knowledgable friend to help you do this.
    I very much appreciate whatever you can send me.

  17. Thank you, sisters in SF, for standing up for lesbians, and for all women. The March is supposed to be about Dyke Pride, and they have turned it into a space for heterosexual fetishists and their enablers. It’s shameful that you would be physically attacked. I hope you’re ok, and you know how much love and solidarity we send, from all over the globe

  18. I’m especially interested in more information about the woman who repeatedly stepped on the back of one of the marcher’s shoes, as relayed in the testimony above. Photos and/or identification.

      1. Oh, dang. If you’re gonna paint your eyebrows on, for the love of Maybelline, do it in natural light. She looks like one of those “when you leave the baby alone with dad” pictures where they draw dramatic eyebrows on a baby’s face.

      2. Terrible eyebrows are a thing. She didn’t accidentally draw them on badly. Looking like that is the point.
        And, for my money, that’s a straight woman, albeit one who might larping bisexuality, or even lesbianism.

      3. “And, for my money, that’s a straight woman, albeit one who might larping bisexuality, or even lesbianism.”
        I’ve met a surprising number of women calling themselves bi or non-binary (or some other glitter gender) who looked a lot like her. At this point, I tend to be wary of those who make a big deal of “identifying” in those ways, since so many of the ones I’ve encountered turned out to be bullies.
        And, seriously, stepping on the back of someone’s shoes? That’s what my chief tormentor in seventh grade used to do, along with knocking things out of my hand. These people seem stunted, as if their social and emotional development stalled somewhere in middle school.

      4. She kind of looks like the chubby girl in high school who used to tease me, calling me “Lez”, “Bull Dyke”, etc. I can spot a bully. Chubby with a smart attitude. Yea, looks like a bully.

  19. I just want to say how much I admire and respect these brave women. What on earth is a Dyke March, if not for lesbians? Men just stay out of it, FFS. My own personal struggles with a man who wants to claim my identity as a woman and as a mother are part of your struggles too. Who are these women standing with the TIMs? I feel so sorry for their naivety.
    TRAs have a big thing about violence. My ex claimed that he was he was scared of me during our divorce proceedings. It’s nothing but narcissism and psychological projection. Keep fighting. Thank you for your bravery. x

    1. @atranswidow,
      Thank you very much. Lesbians could use the support of other women. Lesbians have been under assault for years, and we put our physical safety on the line. It would be awesome if thousands of straight women walked with us at Dyke Marches. What would these violent transwomen and gender queers do if thousands of straight women marched with us? We outnumber them.
      I don’t need to tell you that gender identity harms all women.
      *Transwomen have been convicted of killing women of different races, and one is on trial for slaughtering a lesbian family. So, things like race and sexual orientation doesn’t matter to them. Since most transwomen are heterosexual, they hate lesbians with a vengeance. Lesbians won’t worship their dicks. As to violence, transwomen have been convicted of killing a lot of straight women, so it’s not just lesbians who are the receiving end of their violence. June 2017 a transwoman in Washington State was convicted of killing three women. Gendertrender covered the Perry story. Transwoman serial killer of women, Douglas, “Donna”, Perry isn’t the only transwoman convicted of killing women. This blog has example after example of violent transwomen who are convicted of harming girls and women.
      *Gender identity is destroying women’s sports.
      *Gender identity is shredding the human privacy rights of the female sex.
      I could go on and on, but I’m sure you are very familiar with the way trans abuse women.
      Again, thanks transwidow.

      1. I would be proud to march in solidarity together with dykes if it would be of any help. Just bulking up the numbers might help, I’d guess. I’m near London.

      2. I would be honoured and proud to stand by my sisters who are fighting for women.
        It took me a long time to understand what was happening in the lesbian community. When I first started looking for answers on the internet and kept coming back, more and more, to radical feminism and lesbian blogs and writers I remember thinking, and please forgive me,…. they can go back home to their girlfriends and partners at the end of the day.They are safe, they don’t have to share their intimate space with a man who wants to use them as a role-model for his idea of what a woman should be, don’t have to pander to weird ideas about how women should behave and look.
        How wrong I was. I can think of nothing worse than having some man try to infiltrate your space. For me it was my own home, for you it is the places you socialise. For both of us places where we want to be ourselves, not pandering to some male fetish.
        I have a lot to thank the rad fem and lesbian community for.

      3. If lesbian women want us to march with them, I’d be glad to do it. I’m reluctant to invade the space of others without being invited–that’s men’s work!–but if the women taking part in the nearest Dyke March asked for the support of straight women, I’d do whatever I could.
        In fact, the sort of women who would march in solidarity with our lesbian sisters are probably the same ones who are careful not to impose ourselves on events in which we aren’t expliciitly included, unlike Mx. Shoe Stomper 2018 and the other handmaidens. Please let us know when you want our support, and some of us will show up.

  20. Thank you Gallus and BIG love and support for you and your pals, Sherri.
    This. Your bearing witness for real lesbians is what’s brave.
    For ALL women. As lapsed het I salute this act of resistance.
    No more pride in Pride.

  21. TERFs aren’t welcome at pride. If you show up again next year we’ll chase your hateful ass off again. Trans women are women – “biology” doesn’t begin and end with the shape of someone’s genitals.

    1. Actually it does. And if you didn’t live in a plastic-and-concrete human-created environment, you’d find yourself smack up against biology every day and in every way.

    2. “The shape of someone’s genitals” LOL
      You’re an idiot.
      You couldn’t even work out the acronym.
      “C U Next Time” – that’s all it would have took. What a moron.

    3. You’re right that it’s not just genitals. The differences in male and female biology run through every cell, to the point men and women can not only have different symptoms to the same disease but different reactions to certain meds. There’s also musculoskeletal differences including the tuck of the tailbone and the shape of our spines (to name a couple less obvious ones).
      Though I have a feeling you’re thinking more along the lines of high heels and lipstick and talking like you have a kazoo stuck in your nose because “ladybrain.”

    4. Yea, next year there’ll be more of us standing up for our same-sex sisters.
      The male sex rights movement is being exposed by this typical male violence.
      Go hang with the other fancy men and handmaids.

    5. You’re threatening? Sign me up for next year unless Pride gets boycotted for supporting trans cult hate and the colonization of lesbian identity by males.

    6. You didn’t chase them off. Didn’t you read the article that you’re commenting on? They stayed and persisted, even after you had yelled at them, harassed them, torn up their signs, pushed them to the ground.
      You can’t scare me, or my sisters.

    7. Careful with the idle threats, cupcake. You wouldn’t want to get a run in your pantyhose, now would you? teehee!

    1. Gee…..again Orwell was right. As in, how the language is being sullied and usurped to aid in erasing those who do not agree with the brigade.
      There is also a level of embarrassment here in that, the person who said that is a POC. It is bad enough that there are those in the US and otherwise, who think POC’s are not well educated, let alone get the basics of biology. Seeing the person admitted she works with the dudebros in the valley, it can be safe to assume that, the blob of societal ignorance has enveloped her as well. And if this is the case, I will bet the cost of a lifetime ride pass on BART [or the PSL fee at Levi’s Stadium, whichever is cheaper *S*], that something says she also sees nothing wrong done in the name of her twisted ideology, such as the violence done by those serial killers in training, like the ones in the banner pic above.

      1. I always ask myself what the class status is of anyone, including people of color, indigenous people, whomever. The young women in Portland, Maine (undoubtedly trans supporters), who participated in a BLM action for absolutely no purpose, wanted the police “to acknowledge their feelings.” What world did they grow up in? Certainly not one where they had to worry about money, jobs, rent, car insurance — they were glaringly bourgeois. Who among the commenters here thinks it’s anyone’s public duty to “acknowledge their feelings”?

    2. That crap makes my blood boil. “Dyke” isn’t just a blank word that anyone can colonize, dyke is a female homosexual. Pride festivals have been taken over by the homophobes, and what makes it worse, tons of people don’t even have a problem with it.

      1. You’re such a wise woman, purplesage. Do you think that homophobia is at the root of liberal support of trans? (I do.) All this supposed societal change toward gay men and lesbians seemingly took place overnight (I know it involved a lot of hard work, demonstrations, etc), but I don’t think liberals actually dealt with their homophobia, they just changed their position. Seemingly changed their position.

    3. So does this mean it’s ok for straight women to participate (as supporters of lesbians)? If we identify as dykes for the day? I mean, I don’t shave so obviously I’m queer, right? 😉
      More seriously, I’d go to these things in solidarity if I thought lesbians would be ok with it. (I’m in Edmonton and missed it for this year but would like to know for next year.)

  22. @lovetruthcourage,
    I bet the SF Public Library is super proud too! Make no mistake. If a transwoman pulled another Dana Rivers at a Dyke March, trans/queer would pretend it never happened. Or, blame it on TERFs.
    Trans and queer colonize and co-opt every thing they come into contact with.
    Males are not “dykes” and they aren’t lesbian. Let people wear whatever they want to wear, but lesbians don’t have a penis. Males aren’t even women.
    Trans and queer are the most homophobic people on the planet. The Cotton Ceiling was lesbian hatred on steroids. Redefining homosexuality is the ultimate form of homophobia. Homosexuality is based on same sex sexual attraction not “gender identity”.
    I would have proudly stood with these courageous women.
    I bet the mayor of San Francisco and the SF Public Library are proud of the Degenderettes/trans dykes. Do women have to die before people wake the hell up. Or, should I say, do more women have to die.
    * In Oakland, a transwoman is on trial for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. Rivers was protesting outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, a lesbian run event.
    * Former UC Berkeley student and queer activist, Pablo Gomez Jr., is also on trial in the bay area for murder of one woman and attempted murder of another woman.
    That is one transwoman and a queer activists on trial for murder of women, both in the bay area.
    * The riots at UC Berkeley resulted in at least $100,000 worth of damage. There is a lawsuit against UC Berkeley because people say they were injured. The distinctive “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure” shields were at this protest that turned violent. We aren’t talking about a few trash cans kicked over. I despise Milo, but I do not support violence.
    * About a week ago In Philadelphia, a pink haired transwoman was caught trying to burn a flag at a Pride. He had a can of paint thinner and flares. Why have a big can of paint thinner and flairs? Fortunately, he was wrestled to the ground before he could set something on fire. He definitely planned on setting something on fire. He was dressed in all black, and he had a bandana covering his face.
    Back in the day, the only thing that gay men and lesbians had to worry about at Pride were a few crazy homophobes lurking about.
    Now, gay men and lesbians have to deal with violent pink haired transwomen setting some thing or someone on fire. Now, lesbians have to do deal with violent Degenderettes/trans dykes and thuggish genderqueer at Dyke Marches.
    Trans and queer are a freaking curse upon the LGB.

      1. Having had–unfortunately!–a fair bit of experience with conservative religious types, I’d say that, although they are usually ignorant and intolerant, at the moment they don’t have quite the same level of entitlement as these narcissistic know-it-alls. It’s the difference between refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple and attending Pride events to attack lesbians. One group is bigoted and offensive, the other is all of that and dangerous, as well.
        I’m sorry the Dyke March is no longer safe for lesbians. Since I’m a straight woman, it wasn’t my space, but I was glad women had it, just as I was glad women had the chance to compete in sports, run for high office, or go to Michfest, whether or not I ever did any of those things. The events of the last year or so feel like the beginning of a dystopian novel in which women lose their right to all boundaries.

      2. I feel the same way Oak and Ash. Your sentence ‘Dyke March is no longer safe for lesbians,’ enraged me, baffles me and breaks my heart at the same time. How in the all living hell did we get here and how do we go back? It’s funny to look back at coming of age in the 80s as an almost halcyon time. There were still lesbian bars and lesbian clubs on campus. Gay activism in response to the plague was picking up steam. Being het this was never my lane though I participated in marches as part of Act Up! And because I could cook and worked in a restaurant, I made gallons of soup for sick gay men.
        I remember that time as terrifying and being so heartsick, but I never envisioned lesbian women being maligned and attacked this way. Indeed, they were the heroines, cooking, cleaning literally giving the blood out their veins to their gay brethren. I never thought I would feel worse than I did then. I guess you should never say never.
        This is a travesty.

      3. No, the religious/right wing are not less scary. They also want us dead. The only difference is that we outnumbered them and now the cocksucker/trannie supporters outnumber us.
        I was there almost every year and saw it all. It’s way worse now, but again, it’s because it’s women betraying women, and Lesbians.

  23. Gallus, I had my friend try to send you the videos, although neither of us are that tech savvy. Another friend earlier this morning did send me a 48 second clip via FB Messenger that’s circulating, which I posted on my FB timeline. If needed I can make it a public post, however the OP about the march which I posted has now pretty much gone viral and the TRA trolling is intense, so I’d rather not if I can help it. You’re more than welcome to use my name if you post again about this once the video footage is properly compiled. I’ve got an interview with Meghan Murphy at 4pm today, so I’m really hoping that we resolve these issues sooner versus later. The video which is on my timeline shows me talking to a cop after the 2nd time (there were 3) I was pushed or tripped down to the ground. It also clearly shows me holding up my ripped sign, which said, “You Can’t Silence Us With Violence ~Resist Lesbian Erasure~. The womon in a white tank top with tiny rainbows all over it is one of the main aggressors, who shoved me down and was repeatedly stepping on my partner’s heels for a long period as she was trying to protect me from behind.

    1. Your friend sent me a list of file names on her computer. I can’t access her computer. Materials need to be uploaded onto the internet in order to be shared with others.
      I can’t see your private Facebook account.

      1. We’re working on it slowly but surely and she said she would tey to upload them to YouTube this evening. The post itself is a public post, so if you look up Sherri Golden it should be the most recent public post. Most of my posts are friends only, although I made this one public for a reason. You’re also welcome to friend request me, of course.

    2. That’s great that you’re doing an interview with Meghan Murphy! I will look forward to it on Feminist Current.

  24. This is extraordinarily upsetting. After the shameful violence of males and their handmaidens, I am very upset that in what qualifies in my world as a large city there weren’t any radical feminists willing to march with their lesbian sisters in order to stand with and protect them. If something like this happened in Maine, I would go to the march, walker and all, in order to resist this obscene behavior.

  25. Good on these women. Born females, whether straight or gay, deserve our own spaces from the wannabes. It is sad to see gay and lesbian gatherings hijacked by the transactivists.

  26. Meanwhile, three of us posted on 3 of our local Lesbian information lists and our getting the predicted chastizing and lectures, comparing the attackers and trannies to the most oppressed people and the attacked Lesbians as oppressors.
    In 1984, at the National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights in SF, a group of us marched with our huge Lesbians for Lesbians banner with no problem. We also marched at the Dyke March for years with that banner and our Dyke Separatists banner with no problem.
    But now, anything a real Lesbian says warrants being attacked for killed. How do we take back our community?

  27. it seems to me that dykes who want to march, need to gather in a secure location, and prepare to march in a very LARGE group together holding signs, and maybe garbage can shields. The shouting needs to be aggressive, radical and massive— say groups of 50 dykes marching together guarded by as many women in uniform as possible. Chanting “men aren’t dykes, penis is not a dyke, only women born women who love women are dykes, get the hell off our lands, get out of our way, violent men in dresses will not intimidate us, attack us or mess with us. If you could get maybe 300 dykes assembled in 6 groups of 50– it would be a very powerful statement at these events. There is no such thing as a “transdyke,only men who are rapists, aggressors and woman haters” stuff like this. Bring loads of video cameras to pan the crowd, and to gather evidence….. it is not a safe thing for lesbians to have small groups or a few signs, there has to be much more needed.

    1. We don’t have the numbers. Most are too afraid. We tried to organize. Some Lesbians said they agreed with us, but clearly were terrified to be with us.

  28. The transwhactivists are making up a story that the lesbian feminist marchers strangled a transwoman. These people just invent whatever shit they want.

  29. So proud of these warrior lesbians and so disgusted with men in dresses and their effing handmaidens. You are not alone sisters! There are thousands upon thousands, maybe even millions behind you. Thank you for putting your safety at risk for us all and so sorry it has come to this.

  30. This short clip is sideways, but the audio is clear. You can hear my partner say loudly, “We’re not violent!” Then you hear the same womon who continuously stepped on her heels for a long period of time, and who also knocked me to the ground on at least one occassion say, “We WILL be, bitch!”

  31. Very disturbing and enraging. I was in San Francisco in 1987 for the American Library Association Annual Conference, which coincided with the weekend of the Pride Parade. I blew off an afternoon of what should have been attending conference programs and watched the whole parade! This was one of the years when it was led off by Dykes on Bikes. That is, ACTUAL lesbians, on motorcycles. It was awesome, the whole thing. Kind of life-changing, in fact, for a 30-something, still semi-closeted gay man from the Midwest. What a far cry from what things have become.
    There was something else I remember from 1987, if memory serves; it was the late 80s anyway. And this might get a bit long, but there is a point relevant to the post. That year, the gay and lesbian community in Dubuque decided to organize a Pride March. It was probably the first ever. Dubuque is a city of around 80,000 and was very conservative and Catholic. Still is, and it just wasn’t the kind of thing that happened there. They only got maybe a couple of dozen people to march, and there were maybe hundreds of angry townspeople harassing and yelling at them along the parade route, threatening, throwing things, etc. It actually kind of broke down toward the end, with the marchers having to kind of flee for safety in a bunch, with a few police half-heartedly covering them from the mob.
    This disaster got a lot of coverage from the gay media, the “bar rags” and such. It might have been nationwide to some extent, but certainly throughout the middle of the country. I don’t know who came up with the, but a plan emerged to have another Pride march in Dubuque the following year. It was like, “Hey Dubuque, you didn’t like our little Pride Parade? We’ll show you a Pride Parade you won’t forget.”
    It was a smashing success. Groups of people from all over the Midwest — Twin Cities, Chicago, St. Louis, and more — chartered buses to bring people in. I was at another library conference that week, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and I decided to stop and participate. There were hundreds of marchers, and a whole bunch of police officers who quite professionally and admirably kept the peace and order, allowing a joyful and boisterous march and rally. They stepped into some ugly near-incidents and capably and fairly sorted them out and stopped them from escalating.
    So my point is, and I know the situations are not perfectly analogous, but it seems like this calls for something similar. I don’t know what it would be, and it’s obviously not for me to say or to organize, even if I had the talent. I would certainly consider traveling to and participating in such an event, if maybe there were a men’s solidarity auxiliary contingent? Just throwing the idea out there.
    Thanks as always GM for this coverage.

    1. Perhaps we need a Gender-Critical Progressives march, during a different month than pride. With a lesbian womyn’s contingent out in front.

      1. All ten would show up. Seriously, we have hundreds here who agree, but are too afraid to go.
        I’d go, but then I always have….

    2. Both the SF Dyke March and the Gay Parade are still led by Dykes on Bikes, as they have been for decades, though for a while they were demoted to being called “The Women’s Motorcycle Contingent.”

    1. Does Kitty Stryker have some sort of brain damage? Serious question.
      ‘Lesbians who protest men larping as women are like incels, because they both feel aggrieved and they both want the behavior of others to change, also both groups communicate via the internet’. Hahaha!
      ‘Lesbians were thrown to the ground repeatedly at Dyke March because they kept accidentally tripping over their own feet’. Holy shit. Just like the 60 year old woman in the UK repeatedly assaulted an innocent transwoman’s fist with her face! LMAOOOOO. Completely deranged.

      1. Kitty Stryker’s husband was a trans activist calling himself “Jetta Rae” until a bunch of “AFAB non binary” women exposed his long career of sexual harassment and abuse:
        He’s been trying to scrub this stuff from the internet ever since. I think (?) he writes a wrestling blog now or something.

      2. Thanks for that info on Stryker’s husband (who conceivably took part in the attack?).
        This might shed some light on their mentality of the attackers:
        ‘”Jetta Rae Robertson, a 31-year-old copywriter and antifa activist from Oakland …
        “Liberals think that if you see a Nazi on the street, by letting him exist but disagreeing with him you are achieving some sort of moral and political victory,” Robertson said. “But the truth is that if you see a Nazi on the street and don’t do anything, the next day it’s two Nazis, and then it’s three Nazis.”’

      3. Gallus – I read the archived blog entry by the person who said they’d been sexually harassed by this Jetta Rae guy, and something leapt out at me, namely this:
        “One of her followers (though some suspect it was Jetta) doxxed me in response to me talking publicly about her abuse, at a when I was suicidal. The doxxing not only included me and my partners deadnames but also explicit sexual writing about me written by the harasser, this person also encoraged me to kill myself.”
        They mention “deadnames” so I’m assuming this means they’re trans. Transman? There are many cases where transwomen have sexually abused or even raped transmen (Cherno Biko anyone?). But the sexual predator transwomen (which this guy obviously is) also sometimes go after the vulnerable or mentally ill within their own ranks.

      4. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this is a woman who’s not only in her 30s but has been given some fairly large platforms. I’ve seen teenagers on tumblr with more coherent writing.

      5. Kitty Stryker? Jetta Rae? Sounds like fucking porn star names. Lmao! This trans circus never ceases to amaze (and repulse) me.

  32. Testimony from another marcher:
    “Our small group of womyn joined the march towards the front thinking there would be a group of older Dyke March veterans. We were not able to find them and later realized that indeed there were very few older lesbians at this Dyke March and possibly not that many younger ones either. In fact, it was painfully obvious that lesbian visibility was quite lacking and that this “Dyke” March did not center actual Dykes, but rather anyone willing to call themselves a dyke for the occasion, and so many others who have appropriated for themselves our spaces, words and culture. This March centered so many people who are blissfully unaware that only a marginalized group which has been traditionally denigrated with an epithet, gets to “reclaim” it for themselves. Other than ours, I only saw one sign that explicitly said the word Lesbian. It was held by a young Dyke who also got harassed for having the temerity to name her same-sex love.
    We were almost immediately beset by a small group of trans activists yelling slurs at us and threatening us with violence. They were angry at us for carrying signs stating simple truths like, “Biology is Not Bigotry” , “You Can’t Silence Us With Violence”, “Proud Lesbian”, “Lesbian Not Queer” and others. As we continued to march more people joined in to scream angry slurs at us. The yelling was punctuated by hysterical and accusatory outbursts and sporadic acts of violence, actual violence, not the other kind.
    I recall someone running past me, stealing and ripping up one of our signs. The sign was picked up again and again carried. This happened more than once. Apparently, publicly and truthfully stating facts about the dangers of experimentally medicalizing gender non-conforming children is for some, a cause for anger. The longer we marched the more threatening and volatile they became. One of us, who is still recovering from surgery and was for that reason walking with a cane, was physically assaulted and pushed to the ground, her cane taken from her and destroyed. She was assaulted repeatedly. We were all shoved, and screamed at by a mob that outnumbered us 5 to 1 at its smallest. The police intervened more than once, the second time in response to a fabricated complaint. Perhaps the absurdity of arresting a 60+ year old woman, surrounded by a throng of screaming 20-30 year olds, for “violence, was not lost on the arresting officers. This may be the first time in our LGB history that older, same-sex attracted females (or males) have been attacked by a mob of young people purporting to be part of the same movement.
    And just to be clear, what should not be lost on anyone is that none of us did anything to warrant such an extreme reaction and ill treatment at the hands of a mob. Let it be known that all we did was hold signs and walk with them. Peacefully and non-violently, we held space for ourselves at our own march. We did not provoke nor insult, nor in any way harass any trans people or their supporters. We exercised our right to free speech and expression and for it were met with a fascistic response seeking to silence us. These are not the principles upon which the LGB movement was founded nor the kind of “activism” that won us basic rights and liberties. The LGB movement, or what’s left of it, can no longer countenance this type of hooliganism from trans people and their supporters.”

  33. I shared this link with Mr. G Andersen, reporter for SF Examiner, after previusly writing to him with my concerns over the SF Public Library exhibit:
    I don’t expect response, but the more complaints of trans violence against LGB reach press desks the better?

    1. We need an org to start suing these news outlets for damages when they falsify reports of male crimes done by men in drag as being done by women. Women’s Anti Defamation League?

  34. This is kind of weird. For people outside the US- these are some of the blessed homos that show up to support lezbeans. These guys sing “God is a Dyke” to the NYC Dyke March protesters every year. Have a sense of humor, yo. These guys are the shit.

    1. People say there is no lesbian and gay community but there is. I slept on many the floor of old gay dudes (all dead from AIDS) as a 14 year old dyke looking for my people. Lesbians and gays were brothers and sisters. I would be dead without these guys. Show some respect.

      1. I respect your history and survival. Bindel won’t of course. This is one of the divides we wrote about in our book between the women who comfortably came out because those of us who had come out before feminism made it easier and safer for them. Then they looked down on us and pushed us Lifelong Lesbians and Butches and other Lesbians aside, and basically took over our community, making it more classist, racist, Butch-hating, and Lesbian-hating. https://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/chapter-three-heterosexism-among-lesbians-is-lesbian-hating/
        I luckily found Lesbian Feminists (not soon enough to help my lover from high school) and never felt welcome around most gay men, but I understand that gay men helped other isolated young Lesbians like you survive and that history needs to be remembered and respected. When I’ve gone on my own to marches for our rights, like against Proposition 8, I’ve met gay men who also came out alone with no support and appreciated that we shared that.

    2. I remember being in Episcopal church and the gay men behind me emphatically and quite loudly saying, “Our MOTHER who art in heaven …” I loved it.

    3. Bindel (UK based) took that picture out of the context from my thread: https://twitter.com/GenderCritical/status/1010937464058413061
      and because she “made it famous” by taking only one of the 4 examples of #greatestshits – I had to explain (ironically, I check my sources and research the people represented in the pictures BEFORE STATING anything about them):
      I hope older lesbians know who they are. They seem to echo the LG politics that are long gone and most of the people on those marches (not to mention people online!) don’t know how they came to be doing this. I’ve posted a link in the tweet that explains that part of NY LG history. Yet, they seem as out of context in 2018 – many people just conclude they’re trans heterosexuals.
      And yes, I don’t think they have any contact with what lesbians go trough in contemporary situation. If they did, the gay guys would stop that nonsense.

  35. “I was the one. Knocked down, tripped, purse ripped away from me, glasses knocked to ground and my sign snatched and taken once and then retrieved by a badass stranger…”
    I know who this was if anyone wants to thank her. Just not sure how to do this safely

  36. Not sure if this is appropriate here, but since lesbian groups are much smaller now and attempts to create public new groups / events keep being taken over by non binary, queer, trans people etc.
    When looking for local groups online. I came across a website of a lesbian who is a bisexual/lesbian matchmaker who also hosts speed dating events, and who now includes trans people in her speed dating events. Her name is Dr Frankie Bashan and the site is called ‘little gay book’.
    I think lesbians should socially and publicly exclude themselves from the lesbians who keep siding with and attaching themselves to trans people. We should create private lesbian groups like older lesbians did before the internet existed, while still publicly fighting for womens’ rights and private spaces.

  37. I’m sorry that this happened. Watching this infighting between people who should be on the same side at this time in history is troubling to me. Trans women and lesbians are going to be treated exactly the same in the possible negative future of this developing authoritarian state.
    That said, I’d refer you to Popper’s Paradox on Intolerance. What Popper says is that when a tolerant community tolerates intolerance, the tolerant community can be destroyed. Excluding trans people is intolerant. (Excluding anyone because of identity is intolerant.)
    Further don’ use 19th century science to justify a 21st century position. Do you know what 19th century science thought about lesbians? I’m sure you do. Just like there have been lesbians and gays, there have been trans women and men across history and in many societies. There is an increasing amount of new science about the complexity of gender as well as the trans experience.
    If someone identifies as a woman (or man) let them. Their anatomy is irrelevant. Calling trans women women, and believing that they can be dykes/lesbian/queer women too, doesn’t erase you. This is not pie. It not a zero sum game.
    I know what I say isn’t going to change any minds, unfortunately. But some of this needed to be said.

    1. Pulled from spam.
      Lesbians don’t need to include heterosexual men in the category of female homosexual. It’s not “intolerant” to recognize, and name, female homosexuality. It’s not “intolerant” to exclude males from lesbian gatherings, events, culture, and politics. Your position is outrageously homophobic.
      It’s not “intolerant” for oppressed individuals to organize around a shared experience or characteristic.
      Just to clarify your position: You believe Rachel Dolezal is a black woman. Is that correct?

      1. First, to clarify – I left being involved in Conscious Girlfriend once I transitioned.
        So as to my position. I am not saying it is intolerant to organize around a shared experience or characteristic. However, if your shared characteristic is “lesbian” it is intolerant to not include trans women who love women. If you want to create organizations for “people born with vaginas who identify as women who love women” go ahead – but don’t pretend that includes all lesbians.
        Second, don’t compare Rachel Dolezal with trans women. It’s totally different. Sex and gender have their own complexities, both biological and social, which are completely different than the social complexities of race (which have no biological basis.)

        1. Maxwell says: “First, to clarify – I left being involved in Conscious Girlfriend once I transitioned.”
          From your bio on the Conscious Girlfriend website linked above:
          “Michelle Murrain, Ph.D., was a co-founder of Conscious Girlfriend and the co-creator of many of our programs. Michelle has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, a 30+ year Buddhist meditation practice, and attended seminary. She brought a unique combination of scientific, spiritual and technical knowledge to Conscious Girlfriend, with particular passion for helping women, especially women of color, develop self-love and self-compassion. In 2017, after a lifetime of gender dysphoria, Michelle realized that the next step in her growth and healing was to transition gender and live as a man. The person formerly known as Michelle Murrain now continues his journey of consciousness under the name Maxwell Pearl. However, Michelle’s legacy lives on throughout this website and in the many Conscious Girlfriend materials she co-created (and Max continues to participate in CG behind the scenes.)”
          That is your own bio. So that kinda makes you seem like a liar, huh?
          Maxwell says: “if your shared characteristic is “lesbian” it is intolerant to not include trans women who love women. If you want to create organizations for “people born with vaginas who identify as women who love women” go ahead – but don’t pretend that includes all lesbians.”
          Huh? Lesbians don’t need to “identify as” anything to be described as lesbian. They need only be female human beings exclusively attracted sexually to other female human beings. Your insistence is that lesbians should be unnamed and undescribed. Why is that? All the words to describe us are now moot- because men want those words?
          Naw, we’ll keep our words and language, “sir” (snicker). Let your transbian male larper buddies invent their own. Despicable homophobia and woman-hatred expressed by you. Disgusting bigot.
          Maxwell says: “don’t compare Rachel Dolezal with trans women. It’s totally different. Sex and gender have their own complexities, both biological and social, which are completely different than the social complexities of race (which have no biological basis.)”
          So you didn’t answer the question. You weaseled. What a weasel. Do you disrespect the racial identity of Rachel Dolezal as ethnically and socially African American?

      2. “So as to my position. I am not saying it is intolerant to organize around a shared experience or characteristic. However, if your shared characteristic is “lesbian” it is intolerant to not include trans women who love women.”
        Shorter TRA: It’s not intolerant to organize around a shared characteristic, unless you’re a woman saying “no” to a man, then you’re a bitch who must be put in her place.
        You are a stupid fucking asshole, Michelle.

    2. Actually, no. The ancient Romans weren’t shy about writing about and recording everything under the sun, including homosexuality. They did not record trans. At times, in certain places, (not Roman) women and girls were forced to dress and assume male identities to work or join the military, but they knew they weren’t men, they were just trying to survive financially and stay safe from male predation.
      You just can’t be what you are not. It’s really that simple. Science matters. Chromosomes determine your sex.

    3. Gender is a social construct, and true “identity” should not require external validation or accommodation.

    4. @Maxwell Pearl,
      Apply this to race and see how it works.
      “If someone identifies as a woman (or man) let them. Their anatomy is irrelevant. Calling trans women women, and believing that they can be dykes/lesbian/queer women too, doesn’t erase you. This is not pie. It not a zero sum game.”
      If someone (white European person) identifies as a black person, let them. Their ancestry is irrelevant. Calling white people black, and believing that they can be black too, doesn’t erase black people. This is not pie. It not a zero sum game.
      Lily white blue eyed Europeans can be black by just saying they are black. Their anatomy is irrelevant, and no actual black ancestors is necessary.
      If someone (white European person) identifies as a Native American or First Nation person, let them. Their ancestry is irrelevant. Calling white people Native American, and believing that they can be Native too, doesn’t erase Native or First Nation people. This is not pie. It not a zero sum game.
      Why couldn’t white people identify as Native?
      If someone (white person) identifies as an Asian person, let them. Their ancestry is irrelevant. Calling white people Asian, and believing that they can be Asian too, doesn’t erase Asian people. This is not pie. It not a zero sum game.
      Who are the world’s biggest colonizers? The answer is white heterosexual males. Who runs trans controlled LGBTQIAWTF+? Who funds trans activists? The answer is rich white heterosexual men (George Soros, James, “Jennifer”, Pritzker, Martine Rothblatt, etc.)

      1. @Maxwell Pearl ,
        If Max really is sorry that women are being bullied, threated, and attacked, why not tell the bullies to stop attacking women? No, trans always go to feminist sites and places that women congregate to tell the uppity women that it’s their fault they have been brutalized for years. If only women would just shut their mouths everything would be fine. How long have online TERF death threats been going on? For years, and it’s all the fault of women. Now, they take their threats of violence to the street like we saw at Hyde Park in London. It’s still the fault of women. A transwoman who was part of Camp Trans is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family. Not one word from trans and trans/queer run LGBTQIAWTF+.
        I don’t care what people wear, and I really don’t care if men call themselves transgender. It’s okay for a man to wear a dress. I will NEVER call a male a woman, and I sure as hell will NEVER call a man “lesbian”. Let men wear whatever they please, but they aren’t “dykes” and aren’t lesbians.
        When males call themselves “dykes” and “lesbians”, it is a form of colonization and co-option. As a lesbian, it feels like a part of me has been stolen. It feels like a crass and vuglar form of appropriation. It’s difficult to put in words, but I feel as if a part of me has been stolen.
        The “Cotton Ceiling” felt like the rape of my lesbian soul. Trying to shame lesbians into accepting penis is lesbian hatred on steroids.
        “Their anatomy is irrelevant.”
        Trans logic:
        Telling lesbians that they are mean “terfy” bigots for not wanting penis means that something must be wrong with lesbians. It’s not homophobic when we tell lesbians to get used to dick. It’s only homophobic when the “cis” people tell lesbians to suck tallywacker.
        Despite what Maxwell says, anatomy really does matter to lesbians. I’m sure it matters to gay men too. I don’t care how much hormones he takes, or even if he get parts of his body lopped off, no male will ever experience sexual pleasure the same way as a female. And, I don’t care how much testosterone she takes, no female can experience sexual pleasure the same way as a male. No amount of “transitioning” can create an entire reproductive system of the opposite sex. The sexual response is different in males and females, and no amount of pansexual gender queer b.s. is going to change it.
        Homosexuality is based on same sex sexual attraction not “gender identity”. Redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia.

        1. “If Max really is sorry that women are being bullied, threated, and attacked, why not tell the bullies to stop attacking women? No, trans always go to feminist sites and places that women congregate to tell the uppity women that it’s their fault they have been brutalized for years.”
          THIS. THIS. THIS.
          Go fuck yourself “Maxwell” you lying disingenuous fake faking weasel.

      2. @Max who thinks lesbians have a dick
        “However, if your shared characteristic is “lesbian” it is intolerant to not include trans women who love women.”
        No, lesbians don’t have a penis. Males who are attracted to females are heterosexual. They aren’t lesbian. They are heterosexual males colonizing lesbian identity.
        Redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia.
        WTF does this mean?
        “If you want to create organizations for “people born with vaginas who identify as women who love women” go ahead – but don’t pretend that includes all lesbians.”
        Human females who are attracted to other females are called lesbian. Males are not lesbian.
        So, at this “lesbian dating site”, how many lesbians have a penis?

    5. “In 2017, after a lifetime of gender dysphoria, Michelle realized that the next step in her growth and healing was to transition gender and live as a man. The person formerly known as Michelle Murrain now continues his journey of consciousness under the name Maxwell Pearl. However, Michelle’s legacy lives on throughout this website and in the many Conscious Girlfriend materials she co-created (and Max continues to participate in CG behind the scenes.)”

      About Us – And About You, Too!

      A human female who calls herself a man is running a “lesbian dating” site. WTF is this all about? I’ve never known a FTM who hasn’t totally bought into the irrational belief that a man is a “woman” just because he says he is. It’s a sure bet that transwomen (men) will be all over that “lesbian dating” site.
      If Max is a “man” now, why not run a FTM or trans dating website? I’m totally okay with that. It makes more sense than telling lesbians that it’s cool, conscious raising, New Age trendy to get their breasts lopped off.
      FTM “transitioning” is a form of lesbian eugenics. We all know it. This poor confused woman is toxic to lesbians.

      1. I think part of the reason FTM are so desperate to believe MTF are ‘real women’ is because they think that it means the rest of the trans movement/society at large will reciprocate and respect them as ‘real men’. They’re delusional and can’t accept that they will always suffer from sex-based oppression, same as the rest of us lowly women.

    6. “If someone identifies as a woman (or man) let them. Their anatomy is irrelevant.”
      BS! Without anatomy, the only way to define “male” or “female” is through toxic, REGRESSIVE gender stereotypes.
      What exactly is your definition of female, anyway? Since you are a woman who is apparently a self-hating misogynist, I’d be curious to find out.
      Is it because girls can’t do math, or we are supposed to like pink, or some other utterly stupid, shallow reason?
      Because if it’s not basic biology, I’d like to know what your definition of “female” really is. Enlighten us.

    7. “Their anatomy is irrelevant.”
      Poppycock, hogwash, bullshit and cow dung.
      I remember a documentary from the 90’s about the conditions of Chinese orphanages and the children abandoned there. It was appropriately called The Dying Rooms.
      95% of the babies abandoned were girls. The remaining 5% were disabled boys. If anatomy is irrelevant, could these female newborns have escaped their horrific fate of abandonment and subsequent death from neglect if they had identified as boys?

    8. Race is *also* biological, not a social construct. Here in SC there is a big push to make everyone aware of how important it is for African-Americans (in particular) to join the bone marrow donor registry, because of BIOLOGICAL factors:
      African Americans have the most diverse genetics because their ancestors have been around the longest and because of intermixing with whites, Native Americans and Hispanics since Africans arrived in the Western Hemisphere. When all of humankind’s relevant genes are considered, there are 10 billion possible combinations. That means that “if your ancestors were on two or three continents,” Chell says, “it’s going to be harder to find a match.”
      Please stop with everything being a social construct. Black children dying of leukemia is not a social construct.

      1. Same thing with the issues in re: kidney failure and treatments of other issues. They are not social constructs, they are issues that are biological and scientific facts.
        The article from the Washington Post goes along with what has been stated about an effort to get more blacks to become organ donors. Again, using the renal failure/kidney transplant circumstance as an example, currently the number of those who are black and on the wait list, is just north of 32,000. Think in terms of what the old capacity of Fenway Park is [before recent expansions] and one gets the idea. And with the number of those POC’s in the brigade who have been crazed enough to do the cocktails, as well as have other illnesses connected to same, that wait list is only going to grow [and may get worse due to the bias that is present among those who decide which organs are acceptable for transplant].
        Yeah, the ones who do not have both oars in the water, will push the ‘social construct’ concept, because it is easier for those who are academically lazy to do so. Plus they are appealing to a public, that is more willing to think ‘reality television’ is ACTUAL REALITY.

    9. I’m kind of confused here. If anatomy didn’t matter when it comes to gender and sexuality, how come both men and women have different organs that do different stuff? And why do some of them favor one over the other?
      I know gender dysphoria exists, but I don’t think that you can claim that an male lesbian is real. Mainly because of biological reasons.
      Why do they insist on using confusing terminology anyways? Wouldn’t be easier to say,”I’m trans, born as an male, I identify as an woman, and I’m into women.”?

  38. Just thought about it. A thousand years after we all die, archeologists can look at our skeletons and determine our biological sex but not rather or not we were trans :^)

  39. OMG don’t get me going on the conscious girlfriend racketeers, who conduct “lesbian” workshops, charge bucks, and then “allow” TIM’s in because they “identify as lesbians.” They allow MEN into lesbian dating workshops. A friend dealt with them, then they went over the top with the bull shit even more. One of the “girlfriends” in the duo came out as “Max” a transman, they split up “painfully” and the game goes on. All lesbians should be warned that if you get involved with those workshops or online classes, you will not be warned that MEN are there listening and taking notes, so they get even more access to lesbians’ intimate lives. So sick of this stuff!

  40. I am so sick of the lesbian therapy industry! Didn’t that get wiped out as a gravy train of dollars after the 80s were over? Guess not.

      1. I love your posting about them since the other half was on our local Lesbian list supporting the tranny side with patronizing us about how the Lesbians with signs at the Dyke March deserved to be attacked. It’s been horrific locally, so it’s such a relief to see your comments and be able to relax here…. xoxox

      2. lol they took down their video promising lesbians there were no males on their crappy dating site after I called them out on it. Awful people.

  41. Straight women— it’s time to step up and let’s get massive numbers of dykes and straight women allies marching together, everyone holding signs. And when I saw lone lesbians bravely holding LESBIAN proud signs, where were all the straight women surrounding and protecting the dykes? Straight women, first men go after us, and next they will go after you, and your “reproductive health” clinics, and the wife battery shelters….. MASSIVE numbers of straight women are needed now, in the streets with us, if you have spaces, share them, if you have money and big houses, create lesbian events and keep the men out. We’ve busted our butts for decades on women’s liberation, and that benefited mostly white straight women. Now we need MASSIVE help and support, and yes, you will risk your lives if you side with us openly, you’ll lose all your libfem friends, you’ll get death threats and banning on the internet, but you will support lesbian nation. All the straight women out there who ask “What can I do to help lesbians now?” Well, if you have a house, open it up for lesbian gatherings and workshops, help plan joint events free of all men. DONATE money to radical lesbian feminists, make sure the women who are desparately poor and were the separatists of the early 70s get MONEY, they need money for food, they need HEALTH CARE, they need your support NOW.

  42. Dyke Marches are supposed to be for Dykes. This is the history of Dyke Marches. Lesbians have a history of our own. Do lesbians show up at the Trans Day of Remembrance to raise hell and stir up shit?
    Trans think they can even take over Pride. Where would a pink haired transwoman get the idea that he can take a can of paint thinner and flares to a Pride to set something on fire? He wanted to burn a pro police flag at Pride as some sort of political statement.
    Okay, go do it somewhere else. Don’t jeopardize the safety of others at Pride. Lighting fires at Pride could injure someone. Since he trans, he can do anything, and his behavior is excused. Trans have been steamrolling over the LGB for years, and they know they can get by with anything. Even if someone is injured, or killed, it’s trans, and they can do anything.
    At the Pride that I went to about two weeks ago, I saw several people draped in the light blue and pink trans flag. I didn’t say anything. I just let them do their thing.
    At the 2017 Pride that I went to, some transwomen were in the parade. I liked their dresses, so I clapped for them. It was all good.
    Lesbians can’t do anything, or say anything, but trans get to control everything. Not acceptable.
    Despite what they think trans and queer do not own Dyke Marches and Pride events. With trans it goes like this. What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine. They have their own special events like the Trans Day of Remembrance, and they think they own Dykes Marches and Pride too.
    Trans colonize and disrespect everything they come in contact with, and their violent behavior is always excused. Like all bullies, they don’t respect boundaries. With trans, there are no boundaries.
    And, I wish they would stop rewriting history. The catalytic moment at Stonewall that sparked the riot involved a butch lesbian standing up to a cop. Her name was Storme DeLarverie, and she was struck in the head and carted off to the paddy wagon.. Trans are claiming that Stonewall was all about them.

  43. Ah Gallus, I pride myself on my cynical follow the dollars philosophy of watergate guys, but HELL YEAH, Max is after the trans jack pot therapy dollar….. DAMN why didn’t I think of that? First she tried to make money off of lesbian dating workshops and online stuff, and also dollars off of “counseling” lesbians on how to find their ideal soul mate or whatever. Obviously, that financial empire might not have worked out so well— they role played the ideal “conscious girlfriends” lesbian couple online…. but then “Max’ decided, hey, I’m really not a lesbian at all, I am a very self hating lesbian…. and then it explained it all. But BINGO them’s big bucks in them thar trans cult groups these days, and if you help TIM males get access to lesbian dating workshops all the better…. LESBIANS WARNING— double check every group that “claims” to serve lesbians, and do massive fact checking for so called lesbian dating workshops. Make sure they are male to trans free. We need warning labels stuck on all this stuff now—

  44. James is right, skeletons don’t lie. You might not know if the skeleton was a black or white woman, or an Asian woman, but you will know if the skeleton is biologically male or female. And even then, male archaeologists when they come across warrior graves “assume” the skeleton is male, until well, women start fact checking more LOL. Viking warriors were women, probably lesbians just saying…

    1. Side note on Vikings: I read a new history of Vikings recently.
      Viking wives had equal status to husbands. If a Viking woman or kid was beaten the mob went after the male deviant and smited his arse.
      Slaves? Not so much 🙁

  45. Kei 2.0 your quote “I think lesbians should socially and publicly exclude themselves from the lesbians who keep siding with and attaching themselves to trans people. We should create private lesbian groups like older lesbians did before the internet existed, while still publicly fighting for womens’ rights and private spaces.
    That is exactly what lesbians have always done. We’ve always had private gatherings so we can get away from the male perving gaze– we gather in private homes, apartments, and celebrate lesbian sisterhood. Those of us who are fed up with having to deal with creepy TIMs who insist on invading our events at LGBT centers caused us to up the game even more. We have sought out straight women allies who are helping us keep men out! And I’ve put the word out to all lesbians, that we have always had our secret spaces, our special events, our own after parties at each other’s apartments, we had collective living spaces, that is how the lesbian movement survives and thrives era after era. We have vetted women at public events first, and when they proved trustworthy and actually really lesbian — then we’ve clued them in on the private events.

    1. Well hell yeah, In fact a whole bunch of us lesbians are getting ready for our annual private gathering at a lake somewhere. No TIM’s ever. Not a droning mansplain minute. Real women/lesbians swimming together, happy hours, camp fires, loud singing, setting up tents, kayaks, laughter, fun breakfasts, lunches, dinners, lots of affection and all our cool woman talks. Find us if you can TIM!!!

  46. Can we contact the consumer protection agency about unconscious lesbians trying to make bucks off of fake lesbian dating sites? “Behind the scenes” does the trans cult think we cannot read? And I’ve never trusted the lesbian therapy industry anyway. We used to call it therapism back in the day, and it prevents women from talking to each other, because they want to pay some woman to listen, or pay lesbians to do match making. All you need are massive amounts of lesbian only events, the best way to date lesbians, is to meet lots of them IRL, watch how they treat each other. All those dollars going to the trans enabling therapy industry….. More women met at Michigan, and more lesbians emerged because of radical lesbian feminism, that was the engine of women’s freedom, back to the basics sisters, back to the basics yet again!

    1. Bizarre. The emails don’t support the “author”‘s POV at all. Maybe the purpose of the post is more about warning journalists that their private discussions are being monitored by trans activists.

    2. Publishing long tracts written on a closed private forum without permission is really below the belt. Jezebel crossed a line. I could see it if this was exposing extreme political corruption or criminal activity, but all they exposed was Singal’s POV about the controversy. Jezebel writers will doubtless be kicked out of that forum now, and any sane person would recognize they got nothing for it.

      1. I am so sorry but I absolutely refuse to believe that little children have the idea that they are trans by themselves.

      2. Speaking of undue influence, did you see where Jennifer Finney Boylan’s son came out as trans?

    1. “Any straight man that wants to be in the bed with a curvy, estrogen filled, able to birth woman isn’t going to want your musclily ass”
      Can confirm. A cute male is not the same as a woman.

    2. Many thanks for posting the link. I absolutely adore Deborrah Cooper. For advice, readers should scroll down the comments and check out her replies. I particularly like hiring black guys just out of prison who would like to crack some white boys’ heads! I’m thinking that creep wearing the I Punch TERFS T-shirt — who wouldn’t like to see him get some of his own medicine?

  47. Off Topic: For transgender readers. I’m not going to do a post on this because it isn’t my lane, but for whatever reason the LGBT press has chosen not to report on this so I’m posting it here.

    Porch Explosion Tied To Possible Hate Crime Against Transgender People, Philly Police Say

    From the article, which features video of the explosion:
    Porch Explosion Tied To Possible Hate Crime Against Transgender People, Philly Police Say
    By David SpuntJune 28, 2018 at 11:01 pmFiled Under:Local TV, Philadelphia Police
    Follow CBSPHILLY Facebook | Twitter
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are investigating a possible hate crime following an explosion at a home where transgender people live last weekend.
    It happened on the 5000 block of Woodland Avenue around 9:45 p.m. on June 23.
    Surveillance video captured two men walking by a home. Police say one of the men set an object on fire, which then exploded once the suspect threw it onto the porch.
    Police say the explosion, which is being called a deliberate act, damaged the porch but the suspects continued to walk west on Woodland Avenue.
    explosion vandalism 5000 woodland ave dc 18 12 046194 Porch Explosion Tied To Possible Hate Crime Against Transgender People, Philly Police Say
    Credit: (CBS3)
    Authorities tell CBS3 that more than a dozen transgender people live inside the home. At the time of the blast, seven people were inside, but they were not injured.
    Philadelphia Police Department’s Lt. John Walker says this specific property was targeted before. Last summer someone shot paintballs at people sitting on the porch—making it clear to authorities that this home is a target.
    “We’ve been working with the human relations commission. We did move a city camera right to that location to try to catch some of these behaviors,” said Walker.
    One suspect is described as a black male, 20 years of age, thin build, facial hair, and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The other suspect is a black male, 20 years of age, heavy build, beard, wearing a long-sleeve shirt over a tank top-type shirt and long pants.
    Police ask anyone with information leading to the arrest of two suspects to contact authorities at 215-686-3183/3184.
    There have been other explosions that are still under investigation in the city. Police do not believe those incidents are connected to this attack.
    What isn’t being reported is that the site of the attack is the “Morris Home”, the first transgender residential treatment facility in the US for transgender males (“transwomen”) struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
    Looks like the explosion was caused by an M80. The Morris Home is targeted every summer with attacks by locals with fireworks and paintball guns.
    According to an ex employee it has a negative reputation in the neighborhood. From a comment last year here:

    Trans-affirming recovery sets a national standard in West Philadelphia

    May 13, 2017 at 1:19 am
    As a former staff member who identifies as a trans woman, I never witnessed any of upper management actually encourage the residents at Morris Home. I submitted my resignation on Thursday because I could not only stand by and witness the enabling and disservice to my community. Yes, Morris Home is the only trans specific recovery group in America. And yes, it has a model that could produce not even exemplary results such as what is fictitiously being described in this article. The residents find themselves returning to Morris Home because they were never receiving these services that would give them the tools to re-enter society. I worked there for 3 months and saw sex work being overlooked, where I as a staff member was placed in danger and propositioned by random strange men because of the reputation of Morris Home being a house full of trans women engaging in sex work. The groups and individual counseling sessions were not beneficial to the residents for several reasons. 1. They did arts and crafts as adult black and brown trans women, and nothing even remotely related to recovery. 2. Residents would not attend because it was not recovery-related and the counselor would knock on the resident’s bedroom door in order to collect said resident’s signature on the group roster for the sake of continued funding and job security. Yes, I’m making a claim of falsifying documents by full-time staff. I was privy to residents fighting and injuring each other and I as the recover specialist was left on my own by the executive director and the office manager. I never felt supported in my role as staff, nor as a Black trans woman.”
    I’m providing this information for transgender readers and/or bloggers who may want to cover this story in the transgender media. GenderTrender will always cover stories that the LGBT media ignores, as a public service, including those primarily of interest to the transgender community.

    1. Wow. Every rehab facility I know of kicks clients out for prostitution. Let alone trading AT the facility. That would explain why this attack is not being discussed in the LGBT press when generally even looking at trans wrong constitutes “violence”.

  48. So thrilled that some courageous lesbians marched in the SF Dyke March and exercised freedom of expression with their presence and their signs. In the age of Trump, with fake news and violence and bullying behavior at an all-time high, thankfully some are still bold enough and smart enough to live in reality and to tell the truth. Lesbian lives matter. We will never be erased, and we will never back down. Yay for the continued visibility of actual dykes in the SF dyke march, 2018!

  49. Gallus, so they took down their fake lesbian dating site when you exposed the fraud of TIMs being allowed on it? Finally some accountability here. I imagine that lesbian try to get involved in dating workshops never even knowing TIMs are allowed in, and especially if you have conference calls, lesbians have no way of knowing male to trans are “listening in” on lesbians being vulnerable. I think in other industries, this would be considered fraud and misrepresentation. Thanks for your total commitment to the truth and protecting lesbians from the trans cult.

    1. No they still run their fake lesbian dating rip-off site. They just took down the video promising lesbians that their information was shared with females only. Obviously that was fraud because they believe that female homosexuality is a form of unfair discrimination against heterosexual males who want access to lesbians. These are truly sick lesbian hating rip off artists trying to pimp lesbians out to male autogynephiles. I agree their actions are criminal.

  50. Gallus said: re lesbian dating site allowing TIMs into the “workshops” “They just took down the video promising lesbians that their information was shared with females only.” Guess that lie finally bit them and they removed that fake confidentiality clause, that means even those UNconscious “therapists” recognize that men can never be lesbians. I hope this warning gets out far and wide, so that this sort of let the trans in everywhere that lesbians want to meet other lesbians have….. no lesbian should be making money off of vulnerable lesbians —- why can’t male to trans just date each other?

  51. You terfs are the ones spewing hate. Your “views” are hateful and have no place in marches or indeed anywhere in our society. You are in a reprehensible tiny minority that will die out by attrition in another generation. Good job being on the wrong side of history.

  52. I am so disheartened to read the statement by the Dyke March people. It is NOT true. Why are they taking the side of the infiltrators? Dykes started this March. That’s lesbians, women, woman loving women. What would Mo Kalman say.
    I’m an old Dyke and you won’t find me at your march – too risky. So sad and infuriating!

  53. Right. And as we are increasingly finding out, the definition of “terf” doesn’t mean you are opposed to the civil rights of trans people (housing, jobs, medical care). It means you even dare to question a male-bodied person in a dressing or locker room, even when they are clearly acting in an exhibitionist or threatening way. It means you must be okay with men, without even the pretense of hormonal treatment, signing up for a women’s sport event and dominating, even if they are 20 years older than the other women. That we must embrace prostitution as a meaningful career choice for women. That we must agree any kid who even reports the vaguest dissatisfaction with a rigid gender role, must be trans, and must be drugged and operated on, regardless of how the parents feel about it. That we must fully embrace kids performing in drag on YouTube and in adult clubs, around alcohol and drugs, with little to no supervision. That we can’t even bring up the possible safety of “trans kids” in these venues, because that’s transphobic. That you can’t say to no to “trans kids” about seemingly anything (bedtime, curfew, drugs/alcohol) because that will make them “suicidal.” (Yes, I’m seeing a lot of this now). That lesbians must be willing to accommodate and defer to “trans women” in every way, including sexually. In other words, any woman with independent critical thinking skills who is capable of saying “no” to the demands of others (especially males), any woman who is not a doormat, is now a “TERF.”

  54. As Alix XX once sang, “Any woman can be a lesbian” seems these days anyone can be a lesbian but it takes a real woman to be a dyke. Leave us off of your LGBTQ banner, I know I don’t want any part of that grouping anymore, they’ve ruined it.

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