77 thoughts on “Deborrah Cooper: Transgenderism- The Male Battle To Erase Women

  1. Deborah’s been around a 20+ years and has a decent sized platform. They’ve for her before so they’re sure to come again. Fortunately she’s awesome and doesn’t GAF. I’m so glad she’s standing up for us.

  2. Excellent and comprehensive push back in defense of WOMENS RIGHTS ! Agree, Deborrah, we and all our sisters across all kinds of aisles need to unite to say NO to p-havers!
    Love how she describes the mentality of transgender telling women what to think and do, just like all the other men’s who feel entitled to get their way over women.
    Hip hip hooray!

  3. OMG, Gallus! This woman is gold! I had to stop at 25.00 when she started into autogynephilia as the “final frontier”. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I don’t know who she is but she absolutely gets it and says it like it is. I really needed to hear her voice today. I just love her.

    1. Really? Show us the female athletes dominating in men’s sports. Show us the females winning “Man of the year” awards. Show us the females celebrated as “First Male (anything that doesn’t involve child bearing)”.
      Show us the examples you claim exist of females who identify as men erasing men. Men don’t need sex-segregation in areas where they are vulnerable to female violence because females are largely non-violent to men. There is no equivalent vulnerability. Men are not oppressed by women on the basis of their reproductive capacity.

  4. Right on….and this goes hand in hand with further infringements, be it claiming that the needs of the brigade are greater than those born with the original equipment, or that Medicaid should cover this, as though it is an actual disability [as in the recent ruling in Iowa]. The latter being an insult to every person who has a disability related to their hearts, lungs, kidneys, mobility and dexterity, etc.
    Something does need to be brought up here too: how it it being phobic, when one brings up scientific fact[s] to state that the funny little hardwiring that is done via ATG&C, as well as all those other funny little biochemicals, is going to remain? I know some will say I am a heretic for saying that, but hell….if one does the research [even if they do not have a full medical background] and educate themselves [like some learn cheat codes for video games], they will find out that, the instruction codes do not allow for a complete overwrite of same. Barring the body does not rebel after, like what happens with a renal transplant, barring one is not on anti-rejection drugs.

  5. This Youtuber is right about one thing: I remember watching the India Willoughby debacle, and one of the things that struck me was how very male his behavior was. Particularly concerning sexual rejection. No woman, straight or lesbian, will try to force themselves sexually or physically on a non-consenting individual. Not being wanted by your object of desire is like the biggest turn-off there is to a female. I’m sure a lot of women here can attest to this.

  6. Wow. I listened to this whole 1.5 hour (almost) all the way through without a stop. It seems like a really good crash course on the issues. Blunt and crudely graphic in spots, but it’s what people need to hear. I laughed a lot, too. I hope that’s ok. “Teenage boys get a boner cuz the wind blew.” LOL that’s true, or because it didn’t.

    1. Why are you asking permission to laugh. This is the kind of programming we are subject to all the time. Trust your instincts, stay in your power. We need to respect each other, not cater to each other. You cannot demand that of another.
      This woman is fabulous, I love her telling it just like it is.

  7. I lost it at her comments on “genderfluid.”
    Her lack of give-a-damn is magical. Was feeling kind of under the weather today and this was the best medicine 💖

    1. It is the best medicine to hear someone speak the TRUTH, and to speak it forcefully and with no bullshit. Which is why we check out gendertrender, right?!?!?!?

    1. Huh? You just made the equivalence in your comment above:
      “Or is it the female battle to erase men? I mean we have both genders being trans.”
      Go troll somewhere else, dummy. Also- educate yourself on how nested comments work. Goodbye now.

  8. Deborrah Cooper is enough to make the boldest and hardest trans guy shake in his boots.
    Hey, it’s so great not to have to note the defensive sneaking in in an anti-trans proponent. She’s all about being on the offense and why to hell not be when the ground of all her points is solid below.
    Anyway, if I were a trans guy and heard this, I would drop my fraudulent identity project right on the spot, recognizing it as nothing but bad fiction at best, or more critically, for the outright colonization of women it truly effects.

    1. Nobody cares if men want to do the ladyface routine, just stop claiming that you are real women.

    1. “Claire then sat in her car in the parking lot, waiting for the police. That part of this story always chokes me up. She didn’t flee. She didn’t hide. She waited for what she surely knew would be swift consequences. Or maybe she didn’t realize that.”
      I never thought my eyes could roll that hard. Plenty of murderers hang around for the cops. It’s not a sign of virtue or not understanding consequences. Some just get that there’s really nowhere to run in a world of databases and modern forensics. But boo hoo misgendering and deadnaming and mean old normies.
      This is the same way the media treats most white males. It’s everyone’s and everything’s fault but theirs. “Sue” should send a resume to FOX.

    2. Shot him FOUR times in the back (article just mentions victim was shot and will make a “full recovery”) and talks about vague unspecified “harassment” as a mitigating factor. We know what extreme harassment counts for from the trans activist crowd. Probably referred to Claire to someone else as “he” or called Claire by a name used two weeks ago. Or maybe disagreed with trans philosophy/narrative. That’ll get you shot 4 times in the back, and called a “mitigating factor” in the LGBTQRST press. As far as “deadnaming” in the local press, Claire was prosecuted under legal name of Zachary McClimans.

      1. “McClimans made comments that showed “extreme premeditation,” according to the doctor’s report, Glexiner said.
        “In fact, Dr. Scott’s report outlines family disputes, including something her mother said,” Glexiner said. “‘She does not respond to punishment.’ It says she has a history of prior violence — she punched her mother … and choked her brother.”

      2. Seems the main “mitigating factor” the defense argued was that McClimans had serious mental health issues and that transition worsened them.

  9. I watched most of the video, and Deborrah Cooper tells it like she sees it. I like her no nonsense approach. She is right about transwomen (males) being just like other men, expecting women to cater to their needs.
    @Riffraff and silverside,
    “Claire then sat in her car in the parking lot, waiting for the police. That part of this story always chokes me up. She didn’t flee. She didn’t hide. She waited for what she surely knew would be swift consequences. Or maybe she didn’t realize that.”
    Jesus freaking Christ. He shot a co-worker in the back. He knew he was going to get caught eventually. They knew he was the shooter, and they knew how to find him. Maybe he sat in his car after the shooting texting a trans activist organization or the HRC to come and rescue him and give him legal advice. If the co-workers had just used the right pronouns, he wouldn’t have shot them several times. It’s the fault of the the mean transphobes.
    It makes my stomach turn when media refer to male killers as “she” and her. Zachary T. McClimans (aka Claire) shot a co-worker in the back, and he deserved the sentence he received. Thankfully, his victim wasn’t killed, but he could have been killed. He was shot four times, and underwent surgery to remove bullets. There is still numbness in his left arm.
    Every time one of these mentally unstable violent males commits a crime, trans supporters rush to his rescue. Expect more violence from delusional violent men who think they are “women”. Every damn time a transwoman (deranged man who thinks he is a woman) commits a crime (shooting, murder, rape, whatever) the media bends over backwards not to “mis-gender” them. After all, using the wrong pronoun is far worse than shooting a co-worker in the back.
    Here is a Facebook page to support this cowardly man.

  10. Love love love ms. Cooper! Glad to see she is catching on!! Her advise is sorely needed by hetero women putting up with men’s shit.

    1. Yeah, I wish I had had her book when I was young, the one about 24 Suckas to Avoid.

  11. The oppression comes with the title of WOMAN! My god, this woman is fantastic, and many thanks to GM for posting this!

  12. “McClimans had serious mental health issues and that transition worsened them.”
    Hearthrising quoted this above and I think it deserves a repost because…
    Can someone please quote that part of the tranny bible which states transition is the best treatment for mental issues?

  13. Wow what an amazing woman Deborrah Cooper is – intelligent, articulate, and tells it exactly as it is; a wonderful advocate for women. I’ve watched the first 20 minutes so far and she had me in stitches with her hypothetical situation of waking up one day and identifying as a white male and wanting to join the KKK. It’s incredible that people find the notion of a black woman identifying as a white male absurd, yet are willing not only to swallow the lie that a man is a woman simply because he “feels” he is but also force the world to participate in his delusions. I hope this video helps many, many people reach peak trans. Thank you for posting this!

    1. I saw this article earlier. Instead on focusing on Teena’s life and horrendous murder, it was like a Stalinist show trial testimony, in which the reporter-accused confesses all their incorrect political tendencies.

  14. How many women watched those two boys on ABC this morning, the two who won the girls’ track meet? Helen Keller would have known these were boys, and the parents disgusted me. It is way past time for major SHAMING of males: What kind of wimpy creep are you that you won’t compete against other boys?

      1. They sure didn’t give equal time to people opposing men competing as women. They wanted to make the piece seem balanced, but it wasn’t.

  15. She is brilliant… completely unapologetic, intolerant of bullshit. So refreshing to hear.

  16. I am impressed with D. Cooper’s willingness to tell it like it is. Even with all the swearing, it was right on. As a born female who has never really ascribed to the female stereotypes, I am disturbed by this gender trend. Biological sex means something. It allows me to be the person I am without being ‘feminine’ and still be accepted as a female. Transwomen are in serious denial if they think they can ever be considered the same as us born females.

  17. Great video! Off topic – if you have heard of that restaurant that kicked out Sarah Huckabee, the Red Hen. Before you send any money or support to them, you should know that the main reason the owner kicked her out was because some “gays” working in the back were upset about Trump’s transgenders in the military policy.
    That same owner would probably kick everyone out on this blog as well.
    Ironically, a picture has been floating around of her with her husband and son in pink pussy hats, which are now considered to be “transphobic.”
    What is going to take to wake mainstream “feminists” up from their trans haze?

  18. Gallus, not sure if you have heard about this, but a really insane trans activist named John Paul Neumann (aka “Chloe Sagal”) killed himself by setting himself on fire in a park in Portland, Oregon. Apparently, this person has a huge history, including major conflicts with trans activists “Zinnia Jones” and “Brianna Wu.” There was also a scandal involving a bogus crowdfunding effort, in which Neumann concocted an injury and sought money for medical expenses, with the intent to use the money for gender surgery. When a reporter uncovered the deception, trans activists managed to get him fired. A lot of history with this one:

    1. Self-immolation is a gruesome way to go. It’s typically used for political reasons- apparently Chloe was making a statement about mental health care and homelessness.

      1. Men self-immolate all the time for reasons that have nothing to do with politics. Just one example: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/former-custodian-idd-as-man-who-set-himself-on-fire-at-uw-last-week/
        Men, often having no regard for the basic welfare of other human beings, are much more likely to go out in a very public, very gruesome, very messy way. Although all the innocent bystanders who witness those spectacles probably should feel relieved that the suicidal males didn’t take them out as well.

      2. @ Kesher – I should have said “political reasons” in quotes- dudes acting like martyrs for what amounts to selfish reasons. Like Thomas Ball, the MRA father’s rights “hero” who immolated himself on the courthouse steps to protest biases against fathers in the court system, aka he didn’t get his way.

  19. I wish everyone who supports the trans cult would watch Deborrah’s video. I wish she was there at the SF Dyke March yesterday to deal with the fool women contingent chanting “stop transphobia” at us after some of them had just attacked two Lesbians, one of who was walking with a cane. I yelled back, “Stop hating Lesbians, stop erasing Lesbians,” but still had to deal with lectures from other Lesbians about how “right wing” we were to not believe that the men perving on us were Lesbians.
    If only Deborrah were there to deal with them. I would have loved to see their arrogant faces.
    All the white women supporting the trans cult need to think about why so few Black women do. When I just asked in our Radical Feminist group on fb about why Black women are so much more clear, articulate, and no-nonsense about the trans cult than many white women, the brilliant woman who posted Deborrah in our group said: “I think Black women have had to be that way given colonialism, white supremacy, and sexism. We’ve never been shielded from history’s brutalities and had to develop resiliency.” Or maybe they are just smarter? Misogyny Exposed on fb is a huge, primarily African-descent women’s group also against the cult. Who could believe such ridiculousness as what these men say to “prove” they are women?
    The divide on the trans issue is also class-based, with the middle and upper class women policing our language and thoughts, demanding we obey their class rules that we never agreed to in the first place.
    It’s Black women who voted over 90% for Hillary and if everyone had, that nazi now running the US would not be doing so much damage to so many. We need class-oppressed Black women with this kind of clarity and courage to be in charge of this country, now. There aren’t many men yet identifying as women, but the numbers of attacked girls and women will be increasing.
    Anyway, Gallus Mag, thank you SO much for being our champion and making it easy for me when I’m trying to reach women about the cult, to just say, go to GenderTrender and read the archives. Best way to de-program and be able to have common sense again.

    1. I think part of it (speaking as a white woman), from my observation of white suburban women, is that they:
      A) are completely clueless that radical feminism exists (they watch mainstream media and do not visit these blogs).
      B) need something to virtue signal about to make themselves feel like they are part of an activist movement, because they aren’t themselves oppressed. They actually benefit from gender stereotypes, because they have working husbands who allow them to be “WAHMs” or work jobs they love.
      So, they use their nonconforming child and parade it around as proof of how “woke” they are. Or, if they don’t have trans kids, they go on about how totally “comfortable” they would be with a “female penis” in a locker room, because it’s “no big deal” and they are just so enlightened.
      I was talking with a friend who was saying that on the Hillary Facebook group at least three or four women per day were “coming out” with their trans kids, so how could they possibly be making this up? It did not occur to her that they were doing this because it was trendy.
      There may also be women who are lying about their trans support for fear or losing their jobs and friends. I cannot speak about this publicly or I would be ostracized from the work I do. I don’t lie about my support, but I cannot speak publicly about my concerns. I wish I were independently wealthy or had a spouse supporting me so I could be more forthright.
      Black women may feel they have less to lose for being public. I don’t know, I cannot speak for them.

      1. White women are accorded the privilege of womanhood. If you’re white and a woman few question it (assuming you perform a minimal amount of femininity). Black women from the time we arrived here have had our womanhood denied us while others profited from the children our womanhood produced.
        As bell hooks puts it we’re ‘dicks in drag.’ Exposed to all the perils of womanhood at a significantly higher rate than white women, while gaining none of the perceived benefits or privileges.
        White women, especially those of a certain class, know come hell or high water they will be protected. It’s one of the foundations of white supremacy; white women are protected because they produce white people.
        They can take womanhood and protection for granted. I live amongst some of the most privileged white women in my state. Most are of a conservative bent but the liberal ones are even more ridiculous. But believe you me despite spouting this trans dogma most are not really onboard. They say what is expected of them.
        Black women don’t have any such expectations. We can’t take womanhood for granted. We have seen some of the most talented, gracious and accomplished black women in our country’s history demeaned, denigrated and compared to animals. And men.
        And this strikes at the core of black women’s resistance to transfuckery. Most of us have lived under the stigma of being compared to men. Michelle Obama was accused of being trans. They said her children weren’t hers. They claim we can’t patent our children when for centuries we not only patented our own children under the most deplorable, inhuman circumstances, we parented many generations of whites.
        Many white women live in a bubble because they can. Black women know we have no one but ourselves.

      2. I wondered what happened. Probably went in the spam filter because I was on my phone. Usually I post on my computer. Will send you some cash later in the week. I think I’ve skipped a couple of late, life has been insane but I’m trying to do it monthly.

        1. Not sure why. But on wordpress it seems like right after I spam a batch of serial abusers (in this case that fake intersex albino guy who keeps posting on and on and on like the abusive mentally ill person he is, and that loony toon guy with the radio controlled cars in the UK who runs an entire blog FOR YEARS in response to his ban here- I don’t even remember his name, lol- and a few other random trolls) some of my regular comments also get pulled into spam- which was why I was checking. I pulled someone out yesterday too. PROTIP for wordpress bloggers. Check your spam after banning trolls! If you have high volume you may not be able to check it all but try to do it. Anyway THANK YOU Carterabbie for your patience, your profoundly insightful comments and your support! <3

      3. @carterabbie – Great comment! I did not know that about black women being seen as men, though I have also seen the reverse, which is the fetishization of black women.
        After Obama was elected, I knew some white progressive guys who suddenly as a group all start dating black women at the same time, to show how “woke” they were, I guess.
        If it’s genuine love then great, but if you are a white person dating certain races/genders just to prove you are “progressive,” then you are not treating people as human beings but as accessories. Susan Sarandon and her “pansexuality” comes to mind – a rich white woman desperately trying to show she’s “woke.”

    2. I strongly agree with you about the class bias of white female trans supporters. I know that one of the people I tried to ask questions of regarding her support of trans is undoubtedly a trust-funder masquerading as a leftist. I think those of us who have had to grapple with life — struggling to pay rent, struggling to find employment, etc — are much less easily bullshitted than those who have been privileged to live in a bubble. Bubble life does not prepare one for clear thinking, critical analysis, or much of anything else.

  20. As a black female and lesbian this involves intersectionality of being black, female and lesbian. Most in the ‘black community’ are homophobic, which is why I personally only associate with people who are allies to both women and lesbians. I think black women and black lesbians are usually more clear about issues, including concerning trans is because we have always had to deal with racism and sexism, and homophobia if your a lesbian. We’re not shielded from it like hetero white women who have supportive males in their lives when they endure discrimination or abuse.
    Also having a black woman or lesbian as president would be great, but if you look back at the racism and sabotage work of Obama and his family endured that would be way too stressful. (google racist obama pics). The same with a lesbian president, the sexism and public outrage from most hetero and trans people would be furious.(google negative stereotypes/pornified lesbian media).
    It also seems that mainstream feminism and lesbian feminism has been watered down to bare minimum of its original content and whatever males like etc. Yes, I think most of the rich, upper class women, female celebrities, are mainly protected, clueless, or don’t care about this. Including the few lesbian celebrities who assimilate and stay quiet to keep their jobs in hetero society. We need to create our private spaces again.

    1. Hetero white women who endure discrimination and abuse are hardly “shielded” from anything, regardless of whether or not they have supportive men in their lives (whatever that means.) Discrimination and abuse is discrimination and abuse. There is no class of women who doesn’t suffer from it.

      1. All women are subjected to discrimination and abuse and use whatever means at their disposal to counter that oppression: financial, racial, gender conforming, influence on male power. Of course they do. Women who are supported by males have much better outcomes than those who are not. I can instantly tell by your comment that you are not lesbian. In the lesbian community women who come out later in life after partnering with men pretty consistently (but not always!) have better economic and social profiles than women who have never passed as straight. Support and defense of those in the underclass by those in the overclass (financial, racial, sex) has a disproportionate effect because rich, white, male people have power based on their superior position in the economic, racial, sex hierarchies. This doesn’t mean that any woman is less likely to be attacked in a darkened parking lot (or a sunny street!) by men. All women’s lives are arranged around trying to avoid continual and pervasive male violence against women regardless of their class, race, sexual orientation, etc.
        On the flip side, lesbians (and gays!) have lower murder rates than straights, because we are less likely to live in close proximity to heterosexual males.

  21. Outstanding! This is one funny lady! Her criticism is razor sharp and comedic timing is impeccable. I wish I could channel her when engaging with transactivists.

  22. Gallus you are perceptive and right. There is a huge economic difference between women who were married to men, but then came out as lesbians later in life, compared to women who never married men, and never ever conformed to het women’s norms. Obviously NOT ALL ex-het women have this superior attitude or economic advantage, but I have noticed that het women rely on male authority, and male privilege to get stuff. Case in point, if I hire a contractor to fix something, I have to deal with HIS homophobia and assumptions. “Where is my husband?” I have been asked. “Why don’t you let your husband fix it?” Lesbians who have super big homes, I discovered over the years were almost always ex-het women who got the big house in the divorce settlement. Now NOT ALL, but bear with me. Ex-het women have accumulated A LOT of privilege, they’ve have gotten A LOT of social approval, A LOT of praise for being het and being fawned over, and pampered if they obey those darling little subservient het woman rules. Lesbians who started the movement were often working class women, they were lifelong lesbians, and when THEY started radical feminism, guess what? They opened doors for ex-het women to walk through, and those women took over the movement. They also dissed and harassed working class lesbians, hated on lesbian separatists, and a lot of these women also sided with the trans and betrayed lesbian only space. Gee I wonder why? Do they own up to this? Do they actually honor and support all the lesbians who NEVER sided with men?

    1. I do want to point something out and I am not seeing a reply button under GM’s post, so I will put it here. In fairness to me, I never responded to a post comparing the financial situations of hetero versus homosexual women. While important, it is well beyond the scope of my comment, and what I actually responded to, which was simply a comment about hetero white women who endure abuse and discrimination supposedly being shielded by supportive men. Sorry, but if you’re experiencing discrimination and abuse, by definition, you’re not being “shielded.” No one is denying intersectional concerns, but being white and hetero isn’t a magical shield for women enduring male violence and bias, and the abuse and pain of such women should not be minimized because they’re fair skinned or hetero. We all need to stand up for each other and what’s right. Only be coming together can we change things for the better for all women, regardless of race or sexual orientation. That’s my ultimate goal.

      1. I agree. And there seems to be a discursive bead drawn lately on straight white women as acceptable kicking posts by the misogynist social justice warrior left. Something to watch out for.

        1. I agree. For some reason heterosexual, white women are increasingly being made to feel like this is something to apologize for. (Funny how heterosexual, white males haven’t suffered the same fate.) I have noticed many people qualifying their comments with bows to identity politics, saying stuff like, “Speaking as a white, heterosexual woman…” Identity politics won’t get us anywhere worth going. We need collective action and rights for all.
          Maybe I am a bit slow on the uptake, but I just recently realized that many people on this blog are from the SF Bay Area. I sometimes puzzle at the comments because my hometown, Chicago, doesn’t work like the Bay Area, nor does most of the rest of the country. It’s definitely a unique place politically and socially. I do visit periodically. I was in SF, Yosemite, Sequoia Kings, and LA in December, had a great time. Will come back to CA in January, probably SD and Death Valley.

      2. You’re arguing a point I never made. I didn’t mention abused white women at all. I said white women at least the ones who project femininity are elevated and protected. I don’t think anyone can object to this comment as we all see it on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean that all white women will be placed on a silk pillow and be carried by unicorns but compared to other women and especially black women they enjoy an elevated status as producers of the oppressor class. Because of this many of them can and do make decisions based on this because they know they will be sheltered from the consequences. Especially as it pertains to places such as shelters and prisons because they know they’ll never have to use them.
        As for het white women having a target on their backs these days. I agree but I also believe that at least some of it is blowback from the 53% thing with Trump. I know from personal experience that white women have been peculiarly isolated from being identified as white supremacist as racist (except when black men want to use it as a manipulative tactic for sex, natch). White women who have displayed blatantly racist behavior have even recently been white knighted by black men. Even some who work for Trump!
        So yes white are and expect to be protected by men. That’s not to say that they’re not also oppressed by men, we all are, but being oppressed doesn’t mean you can’t also oppress. Black men are oppressed and they sure as hell oppress black women.

        1. White women never have to use prisons or shelters? Who knew?
          Not sure what the rest of the comments are about — must be replying to someone or something else?

          1. @lovetruthcourage- If you don’t understand what her comments are responding to I suggest you re-read the thread. Unlike yourself, Carterabbie is responding in good faith, without snark or trolling behaviors. If you want to troll, go smear shit all over Facebook. Keep your shitty troll snark off of here. It’s incredibly rude. Thanks.

  23. Ex-het lesbians have bigger houses… do the research. When I was younger, I went to one of these lesbian mansions, the woman who hosted was very nice and very committed to lesbian feminism, no problem there. But I wondered how she was able to afford such a HUGE house, I’d never ever seen a lesbian home this big before. And over time, I found out that she had actually been married to a very high level executive man. THAT is where the money came from.

    1. On the flip side, many rich people (of every orientation) live in regular or smaller homes. I don’t think house size is an accurate indicator of wealth, as many with these homes are deeply indebted, and some with little homes have them completely paid-off; they actually have far more equity than the folks in mansions. I am not saying that this is the case with the specific woman Medi describes, as I don’t know her, have no idea, don’t care. It reminds me of the old commercial with the materialistic man mowing the grass. “How can he afford it?” Asks the announcer. “I am in debt up to my eyeballs!” says the materialistic man, or something like that. Some friends of ours happen to be very wealthy, own 5 large new car dealerships in the Chicago metro area. They live in a modest 3 bedroom home and ironically, they don’t buy new cars. I am not arguing that ex-het turned lesbian women aren’t wealthier than women who came out early. I haven’t seen stats, but anecdotally, they seem to be. I am just cautioning against basing assumptions about wealth level on appearances.

      1. lovetruth–if you are not a lesbian and don’t have a large friendship network within lesbian communities and don’t hang out at the big houses with the ex-het lesbians, then you don’t know what you are talking about. Troll alert.

  24. There are lot of solid feminist hetero women out there, well meaning, fine…. but they can be exhausting to deal with in their sense of entitlement and their complete dedication to the men in their lives, and it is clear, that they might not be there for lesbians if push comes to shove. I can never completely trust their “liberalism.”

  25. lovetruthcourage — women are subject to male control and violence, women don’t just exit this oppression by marrying men, but hetero women also tend to be very clueless about lesbian life,and they expect lesbians to serve THEIR causes, not ours. So defend lesbians, and support lesbian culture hetero women, stop expecting us to care about you if you can’t get that heterosexuality itself is propaganda, it is thrown in our faces everywhere, and the economic privilege of it is very evident to most lesbians out there. MEN make more money than women, so if a man and a woman is married, the income WILL be greater than for two women living together. Remember, lesbians were not even eligible for social security survivor benefits, or 401 k inheritance tax free, or for inheriting homes tax free— Read the Eddie Windsor case that made same sex marriage the law of the land. Straight women, you really need to step up now and get the basics. Heterosexuality is an institution that benefits hetero women— hetero women get a lot of perks out of this deal, not all mind you, and men can and do bash your brains in and terrorize you in marriage, naturally, but you willingly live with and marry men, then expect lesbians to clean up the mess after it all goes wrong. I’m done with that, so step up and get the economics of this, stop avoiding the issue of lesbian extreme oppression, now is not the time to opt out of the truth.
    White people make more money than black people, get with the economics here…stop the avoidance tactics it stinks.

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